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S3 Episode 70



People get themselves into the worst situations in Springfield...




Lillian sits on the hospital bed with Beth.

Beth has her hands on Lillian's face.

Lillian stares into her eyes, "Beth?"

Beth nods.

Lillian's eyes widen, "Oh Beth. Is it really you? Tell me that it's really you Baby."

Beth nods.

Lillian holds her, "Oh Beth! Oh my God! I was so afraid we had lost you for good this time."

Beth cries in her mother's arms.

Lillian looks at her, "You can never let Lorelei take over ever again? Do you understand me?"

Beth nods.

Lillian wipes her own tears, "Your children have been worried sick. I'm going to get Ed and then I'm calling the family. Everyone is going to be thrilled that you're back."

Lillian kisses Beth's forehead before she walks out.


Ed is walking in.

Lillian stops him on his way in, "It's Beth! Beth's back."

A confused Ed looks at her, "What?"

Lillian smiles, "Go in there."

Ed walks into Beth's room.

Lillian has a big smile on her face.

She walks over to the phone.


Just then, Phillip is getting off the elevator.

Lillian rushes to him, "Oh thank God you're here! I have the most wonderful news. Beth is back!"

Phillip stares, "What?"

Lillian nods, "Lorelei is gone and Beth is back! We got her back Phillip!"

A very calm and confused Phillip stares, "I'm sorry Lillian but how can you be sure?"

Lillian stares at Phillip.




Blake is walking through the dark cemetery.

She has flowers in her hand.

She stops at Remy's spot.

She lays the flowers down.

Blake shakes her head, "Remy Boudreau. I can't believe it has been about 3 months. And tomorrow... your first birthday that you won't be able to celebrate. Ironically on the same day of Alan's sentencing for Tammy Winslow's murder."

A cold wind blows through.

Blake has her arms crossed.

She slowly sits down.

Blake stares and she gets emotional, "I will never forgive myself for what happened to you Remy. You saved me. You picked me up when I thought I had nothing left. I never expected to fall in love with you. And I honestly miss you everyday. When I think of the men who I love most I think of Roger, Ross.... and you Remy."

Blake blows him a kiss.

Suddenly the sound of footsteps come from behind her.


Blake turns and is shocked to see Liz walking towards her.

Blake sighs, "Hi."

Liz nods, "Hello Blake."

Blake looks at her, "I can leave now if you want some time alone with Remy. I don't want to get in the way."

Liz sits by Blake, "You know Blake. Sometimes I forget about the bond you had with Remy. He really did care about you. But Remy was the love of my life, the father of my son, and now he's gone."

Blake cries, "I am so sorry Lizzie."

Liz shakes her head, "Don't. Just be grateful that Ross came back to you. Because Remy is never coming back. You're one of the lucky one's Blake."

Liz looks down at her hand.

She stares at the engagement ring Remy gave her the night before his car accident.


Spaulding Mansion:



In the study.

Amanda, Alexandra, Nick and Vicky all are having a small meeting.

Amanda sighs, "So tomorrow is a big day. Remy Boudreau's birthday. Alan's sentencing. And our big charity benefit at Towers."

Alexandra nods, "Yes. It will be a fine end to the summer if I do say so myself."

Nick looks at them, "I still feel like we're going to get criticized. I mean come on it's obvious this is a publicity stunt. And our excuse for not attending Alan's sentencing."

Vicky sighs, "If we go, then it will appear that we support Alan in his crimes. This may sound heartless but we can't let our company get dragged down by this. The benefit is a good excuse for us not to be there. And because the charity is somewhat related to Remy, we will have those bases covered too. It makes sense."

Alexandra walks around, "This summer has been nothing less than intense. Our family has taken a lot of hits."

Vicky nods, "At least we aren't the only one's suffering from scandals in Springfield."

Alexandra turns, "Phillip and Lillian said they were planning on attending. But due to Lorelei's condition, Liz's condition, and this childish picture scandal, I'm not so sure."

Vicky looks around, "Natalia and Rafe will be at the sentencing. That is enough representation in my opinion. But I expect everyone in the family to be at the benefit."

Amanda looks at everyone, "And there will be no outburst, not crazy scenes, no confrontations. Just a nice calm charity benefit for Springfield. We don't have to have drama 24/7."

As Amanda finishes talking, she sees Dalton's car pulling up to the gates outside.


Bauer Home:


Ashlee is in the garage apartment.

She has just gotten back from her date with Dalton.

Ashlee is picking out her dress for tomorrow.

There is a knock at her door.

Ashlee is expecting Leah or Hope.

She opens the door.


Roxie is standing outside, "Hey."

Ashlee stares, "Hey Roxie. No offense but do you know what time it is? How did you know I'd be awake?"

Roxie sighs, "I just figured you'd still be up after your date with Dalton and everything."

Ashlee is confused, "Okay I don't remember telling you that I had a date with Dalton."

Roxie nods, "It's a small town Ashlee."

Ashlee looks at her, "Okay. Well what did you want?"

Roxie sighs, "Can I come in?"

Ashlee steps aside, "Sure."

Roxie walks in.

She looks around, "This place looks really nice Ashlee. You've really put your personal touch on it."

Ashlee turns to her, "It's a little late to be making small talk. So can we just get to the point?"

Roxie stares.

Ashlee sighs, "I'm sorry. I'm not trying to be mean but I'm tired and I have stuff going on tomorrow."

Roxie looks at her, "I know. I won't take up much of your time. But I couldn't sleep tonight if I didn't get this off my chest."

Ashlee nods, "Okay."

Roxie looks at her, "I think you're in danger. And I want to help you Ashlee. I really do."

Ashlee is confused, "Danger?"

Roxie looks at her, "You need to end this relationship with Dalton. I have a really bad feeling about Dalton and Amanda."

An annoyed Ashlee rolls her eyes.


Museum Apartment:



Coop, Rocky, Jason and Kevin are still hanging around the pool table.

Rocky is laughing, "I've lost track of who's winning."

Coop looks at him, "That's because you're losing."

Kevin walks over, "This game is lasting way too long."

Coop shakes his head, "Don't worry. I'm going to beat your boyfriend in a matter of minutes."

Kevin turns to look at Jason.

He notices that Jason is still looking at Maureen.

Kevin sighs, "Dude."

Jason looks at him, "Sorry."

Kevin sits by him, "We told you, it's a losing battle. You need to move on to bigger and better things."

Jason sighs, "Wish me luck on that."

Across the room.


Maureen is with Eden.

Eden laughs, "Tell me you've told Jason that you dumped Mallet."

Maureen shushes her, "No I haven't but I think you're going to if you don't quiet down."

Eden sighs, "I'm sorry. But you really should hurry."

Maureen nods, "I know. I just need to get him alone."

Eden smiles, "That's where I come in."

Eden walks over to the guys.

Behind Maureen sits Vi who is pretending to text while she listens to their conversation.



Lewis Enterprises:


A frustrated Annie is pacing in the parking lot.

Boyd wants his money tomorrow.

She gets a text message.

She opens her phone.

The message is from Josh asking where she is.

A frustrated Annie kicks her car.

After a moment she takes a deep breath.

Annie responds to Josh that she is getting ready to leave the office.

Annie quickly rushes back inside.

The guard looks at her as he opens the door, "Did you forget something Ms. Dutton?"

She nods, "Yes I left some very important files up in the office that I need to fetch."

He looks at her, "Do you want me to have someone escort you up there Ms. Dutton?"

She shakes her head, "No thanks."

She heads straight to the elevator.

Once the doors shut she slams her purse into the wall out of frustration.

Annie lets out a small scream.

She has tears in her eyes, "Screw you Boyd."

The doors open on her floor.

Annie walks to the main office.

She unlocks the door and walks in.

No one else is on her floor.

Annie walks to the back wall and stares at the safe.



Lillian stands outside of Beth's room with Phillip.

She backs away from him, "What are you talking about Phillip? Didn't you hear what I said?"

Phillip nods, "I did. And I'm not trying to sound cold-hearted. But how can you be sure? What did she say to you to make you believe that it's really Beth in there."

Lillian shakes her head, "No her aphasia problems have resurfaced. She isn't able to write and speak. But I looked into her eyes Phillip. I saw my little girl-"

Phillip nods, "It's not the outside. It's the inside. I know it's Beth's body, but if Lorelei is in control then it's not really Beth."

Lillian shakes her head, "But I asked her if she was Beth and she responded and why would she-"

He sighs, "We can't be fooled by Lorelei again. Lillian I'm sorry but I'm not going to get my kids excited if there is a chance that this is all just Lorelei messing with our heads again."

A tearful Lillian stares at him.

Ed walks out of Beth's room.

Lillian turns to him, "What do you know?"

Ed nods, "Not much. We're getting a specialist to look at her and confirm her aphasia problems. She's had a history with being mute before. There is a chance that she can over come it."

Phillip sighs, "Lillian believe's that Beth has conquered Lorelei. Do you have any idea if that's true."

Ed shakes his head, "That's not my area Phillip. And honestly until we get everything else figured out... it'll be a while before she can communicate and tell us."

A very worried Lillian looks at both of them.

Bauer Home:

Ashlee is in the garage apartment with Roxie.

Ashlee looks at her, "Wow now I'm really regretting apologizing to you for being rude."

Roxie sighs, "I know that this is the last thing you want to hear right now but you have to know that I wouldn't be doing this if I wasn't sure about those two."

Ashlee scoffs, "'Sure' you're 'sure'? What proof do you have with any of your theories?"

Roxie sighs, "You need to trust me on this."

Ashlee shakes her head, "You don't know Dalton. He resents his mother. He is nothing like Amanda or the rest of the Spauldings."

Roxie shakes her head, "I feel like there is something that they aren't telling us."

Ashlee nods, "You 'feel'. Feelings are not facts."

Roxie nods, "I know that. I know a liar when I see one. And those two are big liars."

Ashlee shakes her head, "Maybe Amanda but not Dalton. He is honest with me. You can't hold him responsible for Amanda's actions. Trust me, I would hate for people to compare me to you."

Roxie sighs, "I know."

Ashlee walks over and opens the door, "I have to get to bed. I have a charity event to go to tomorrow with Dalton."

Roxie looks at her, "Remember what I said."

Roxie walks out of the apartment.

Ashlee slams the door behind her.

Spaulding Mansion:

Amanda excuses herself from the small meeting.

Alexandra is alone with Nick and Vicky.

Nick looks at his mother, "Amanda seems to be very possessive of her son. Dalton can't walk through the doors without her questioning him about where he's been. It's like he's a kid or something."

Alexandra nods, "Oh Darling trust me, there is a lot more to Amanda and Dalton than they would like us to know."

Vicky looks at Alex, "How do you know?"

Alex smiles, "When you've lived in Springfield as long as I have you can just tell."

Over in Dalton's bedroom.


Dalton is getting undressed for bed.

Amanda walks in while he's in his boxers.

He turns to her, "Rude much?"

She shuts the doors behind her, "Nothing I haven't seen before. So where have you been?"

Dalton scoffs, "On a date with Ashlee."

Amanda laughs, "Wow you are still playing around with that girl? She's not worth crap."

Dalton sighs, "It's not about that. I actually like Ashlee."

Amanda stares, "You didn't actually like me?"

He turns to her, "Our relationship was different."

She walks towards him, "No better? No worse?"

He sighs, "Different."

Amanda puts her hands on his waist.

She tugs on his boxers.

He pulls away, "I need to go to bed."

She laughs, "Come on. It's been a while for both of us. And don't lie to me and say you've already slept with Ashlee."

He shakes his head, "I haven't slept with Ashlee and I'm not going to sleep with you."

Amanda puts her hands on his chest, "I've heard that one before."

She pushes her off, "Get out of my room."

She scoffs, "What's with you?"

He looks at her, "I'm done with your games. After the charity benefit I'm telling Ashlee the truth."

Amanda backs away, "You're pathetic. You are so pathetic."

Amanda storms out of Dalton's room and slams the door.


Blake and Liz sit by Remy's grave.

Blake looks at her, "How is Clay?"

Liz nods, "Good, he's looking more like Remy everyday."

Blake sighs, "And how are you? I heard some stuff."

Liz nods, "Like how I tried to drive my car into the lake with me and my baby inside? Yeah. Felicia has really helped me a lot and I'd like to think that I'm helping her too."

Blake nods, "Alan is being sentenced for Tammy's murder tomorrow. He's finally going to pay for what he did. I know that was haunting Remy for a long time. He cared deeply about Tammy."

Liz shakes her head, "Sometimes I feel like this was my karma. My jealousy caused Jonathan to lose Tammy. And now I've lost Remy. But... I don't know. I can't think like that because it drives me crazy."

Blake sighs, "You're a good person Liz. And so was Remy. And I'm glad I got to have as much time with him as I did."

Liz just keeps staring at his grave.

Blake looks at her watch, "I think it's time I head home and let you have some time alone. Are you going to make it back to the Boudreau house okay?"

Liz nods, "I'll be fine."

Blake blows another kiss to Remy before she gets up and leaves.

Liz reads Remy's name.

It's still hard to believe he is gone for good.

She takes a deep breath, "I miss you. There are a lot of days where I have no idea how I'm going to get out of bed. But your Mom has been a really big help for me. But it's still hard. You were the love of my life Remy and we never even got to get married..."

Liz begins to cry.

She takes a deep breath, "But I know it's never goodbye for us. Because in the end we'll be together. It's just going to take a little longer than we originally thought."

Liz kisses her hand and then places it on the stone.

She sighs, "I love you."

Museum Apartment:

All of the roommates are starting to wind down.

Most of them are in the kitchen cleaning up.

Rocky and Kevin walk off into their room for the night.

Coop has his arms around Eden.

He kisses her neck, "I think it's time we get to bed."

Eden smiles, "I think so too."

Maureen looks over, "I think I'm going to go make my move now. Thanks Eden for clearing everyone out."

Eden grins, "No problem."

Maureen walks off to the hang out room.

Coop looks at Eden, "What was that about?"

Eden sighs, "She is about to make Jason the happiest guy in the world by telling him she dumped Mallet. She's ready to start things up with Jason, finally."

Coop shakes his head, "We just spent all day telling Jason to move on from Maureen to get over her."

Eden stares, "What?"

Coop nods, "Yeah."

The two notice that Maureen has already left.

In the other room.

Maureen slowly opens the door.

She looks around.

Maureen's eyes widen.

Jason is making out with Vi on the pool table.

Maureen's stomach drops.

She slowly shuts the door.

Vi watches her leave.

Lewis Enterprises:

Annie is in the office.

She stares at the safe.

Annie knows how easily she can get in and out.

She slowly opens it.

A small part of her hopes it won't work.

But the safe opens.

Inside sits enough money for her to pay off Boyd.

Annie reaches in and takes it out.

Annie holds the money in her hands.

She turns and looks at the wall.

A picture of her standing with the Lewises last year is hanging up on the wall for everyone to see.

She has finally gained the family's trust.

Annie wants to put the money back.

Then she sees the picture of her with her arm around Marah.

Annie sighs.

She throws the money in her purse then slams the safe shut.

Annie quickly walks out of the office.

She heads straight to the elevator.

As it goes down her heart is racing.

She is waiting for something to stop her.

She gets off on the main floor.

The guard holds the door open for her again, "Did you find what you were looking for Ms. Dutton?"

Annie doesn't say a word.

She walks past him and heads to her car.


Summer drama hits an intense climax!!!

Josh confronts Annie

Liz gets a surprising visitor

Stephanie has devestating news

The Spaulding charity benefit is ruined

Alan Spaulding is sentenced

Shayne gets his wish

Clarissa goes into labor


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