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S3 Episode 71



All of the summer drama explodes...




Rafe, Clarissa and Natalia walk into the room Rafe has given Clarissa.

Natalia looks at her, "Thank you for having brunch with us. It was a really nice treat."

Clarissa smiles, "Thank you for having me. Rafe has done so much for me and I'm grateful that you raised someone as incredible as him. I'm glad I got to meet you."

Rafe laughs, "Enough of that."

Natalia grins, "You have a good girl here Rafe."

Rafe and Clarissa awkwardly look at each other.

Natalia looks at Rafe, "Well I am going to stop by the church one more time before I go to the sentencing. Don't be late please, because Alan really needs us there."

Rafe nods, "I know. I'm not going to miss it."

Natalia kisses him on the cheek, "I love you."

He looks at her, "You too Mom."

She waves at Clarissa, "Have a good day."

Natalia leaves.

Clarissa rubs her stomach, "I think I ate way to much. My stomach is bugging me."

Rafe looks at her, "Well soon you'll be eating for just you."

Clarissa looks at him, "Was that awkward earlier? When your Mom sort of acted like we were..."

He laughs, "Dating?"

She nods, "Yeah. I mean I know you just want to be friends. And I'm okay with that you know?"

Rafe nods, "I'm okay that you only want to be friends."

Clarissa looks in his eyes, "I never said that."

Rafe and Clarissa lean close.

The two kiss.

They pull away.

Rafe looks at her, "You're wet."

Clarissa's jaw drops, "What did you say to me?"

He looks down, "You're dress."

Clarissa looks down

Her dress is leaking.

She gasps, "Oh my God! Rafe! My water broke!"

He stares at her.

Her eyes go wide, "No, I'm not ready for this! I'm about to have the baby! I'm going to have this baby!"


Cross Creek:


Everyone at the house has already left for work.

Annie is dressed for work.

But she knows she has to make one stop first.

She is running low on time.

She is digging all over for her purse.

Annie has forgotten where she left it last night.

She goes running down the steps into the living room.


She is surprised to see Josh standing there.

He turns to her.

She sighs, "Josh. What are you still doing here? Did you forget something or what?"

He shakes his head, "No. You did."

To Annie's horror Josh holds up her purse.

He nods, "I tripped over this earlier. And to my surprise money came flying out. I didn't know what to think. I brought it with me to work to check the safe at the office."

Annie stares at him.

He looks at her, "Anything you want to tell me?"

She shakes her head, "I'm really confused right now. I only had less than a hundred in cash. I don't-"

Josh gets angry, "Stop it! Would you just stop it!"

She stares, "What do you want me to say?"

He scoffs, "You stole from the company? Annie you stole from our family! I trusted you with our money, my business, our security, and I trusted you with my heart."

She looks past him at the clock.

Her heart starts racing, "I needed that money. I still do."

He looks at her, "What for? Because I really think if you told me I could help you."

She shakes her head, "No. Just trust me."

He shouts, "Are you kidding? I am losing all trust in you! The only way to change my mind is to confess everything right now."

She takes a deep breath, "Or what?"

He scoffs, "Or it's over Annie. Everything."

Annie's nightmare is coming true.



The charity benefit being thrown by the Spauldings is taking place.

Alexandra is taking photos with Nick.

Nick looks at her, "So far this is going quite well. You've really thrown this together perfectly."

She grins, "Don't I always? Now if only we can keep Amanda away from the open bar for more than five minutes."

Alexandra and Nick work the room.

Over by the elevator.


Detective David Grant steps into the room.

Vicky walks over to him, "David? Hi I didn't know that you were attending this."

He nods, "Yeah. I'm not big on Spaulding events but I am big on good causes so..."

Vicky sighs, "I know this must be tough. Remy was your partner and I know it's his birthday."

David nods, "Yeah I'm going over to Company later. They're having a party for him. Family and friends."

Vicky grins, "That sounds nice."

David and Vicky smile at each other.


Quickly they notice a drunken Amanda strut past them.

She looks across the room.


Dalton is standing with Ashlee.

Ashlee looks beautiful.

She smiles at him, "Thank you for inviting me. I feel like... I don't know. I feel like I'm your girlfriend or something."

Dalton grins, "I think at this point you are."

She looks at him, "Really?"

He nods, "Yeah. I really care about you Ashlee. I want to be completely honest and open with you."

Ashlee looks at him, "Good. Because I really think I'm falling for you pretty hard."

The two kiss.

A furious Amanda goes to get another drink at the bar.


Lewis Enterprises:


Susan is putting away some files.

Shayne walks up to her, "Hey."

She turns to him, "Hey Uncle Shayne. Are you okay? You're looking kind of ill right now."

He nods, "I'm fine. I just haven't gotten a lot of sleep you know? I feel like I'm going a little nuts sometimes."

Susan nods, "That's understandable. I know the family is worried about you but I think it's pretty amazing. I mean you love Ava a lot and you haven't given up hope."

Shayne smiles, "Thanks. I'm glad someone sees it that way."

Susan looks at him, "Yeah. Hey are you going to Company later? They are having a birthday party for Remy."

Shayne sighs, "Wow that is today isn't it? Uh... I'll try to make it if I can. I hope I can."

Susan pats him on the back, "It's going to be okay."

Susan gets a text message.

The message is from Stephanie: PLEASE COME NOW!

Susan puts her phone away, "I'm going a little earlier. I'll see you there okay?"

Shayne nods.

Susan leaves.

Shayne goes walking down the hall.

His phone goes off.

He doesn't recognize the number.

He answers, "Hello.... who is this..... what? hello?"

The phone hangs up.

Shayne's face goes pale.

He quickly turns and runs to catch the elevator.

But the doors close on him.

He makes a dash for the stairs.




Stephanie is walking into the diner.

She is carrying a small sack.

There is a party going on for Remy's birthday.


Matt stops her, "Hey are you okay?"

She is obviously upset, "I'm fine."

He looks at her, "I know Remy was your ex boyfriend. So this must be a tough day for you."

Stephanie sighs, "Yeah... I need to go."

Stephanie walks past him and goes upstairs to her room.

Over in the party area.

The room is decorated in Superman party theme.

Felicia sits with Clayton.


Mel walks over with the cake, "Remy's favorite. Red Velvet."

Felicia smiles, "He never got tired of this."

Clayton laughs, "Every year. We always tried to make other suggestions but he reminded us it was his birthday and his tradition."

Matt walks over, "Is everything going well? I gotta say I'm liking this Superman theme."

Mel laughs, "When Remy was a kid he wanted Superman as his theme for like 8 of his birthday parties."

Felicia nods, "That reminds me, let's get the photo albums out. You all have to see the similarities between Baby Clay and Baby Remy. It is amazing how much they look alike."

Across the room.


Liz is holding Baby Clay.

She looks at him, "We're going to get through today. Just like we get through everyday. Just like we will get through everyday."

Liz holds her son close.



Clarissa is being pushed in a wheel chair.

Rafe is running behind.

Clarissa turns, "What are you still doing here?"

Rafe sighs, "You're about to have a baby remember? That's kind of a big deal you know Kid?"

She sighs, "You can't call me Kid anymore. I'm about to have a baby. I'm going to have a kid."

He laughs.

She looks back at him, "No. You're Grandfather is about to be sentenced. You promised your mother that you would be there."

He nods, "Some things are more important. My mother will understand."

She sighs, "I don't know Rafe..."

He looks at her, "Did you tell your family?"

She nods, "I texted Kevin and Jason. Jason is trying to make it and I think Kevin's phone died. Belinda is supposed to be on her way with RJ."

Quickly the doors open.


Ross and Blake come rushing in.

Blake looks at her, "Oh my God! I can't believe it's finally time. The baby is coming!"

Clarissa is surprised to see them, "How did you even know I was in labor? I didn't call you."

Ross grins, "Jason called us."

Clarissa sighs, "Well... he shouldn't have."

Blake and Ross stare at her.

Clarissa scoffs, "No you don't get to do this. This is not about you. This is about me and my baby. I told you I didn't want you to be a part of it and I meant it."

Blake and Ross look at each other.


Cross Creek:

Annie is in the living room with Josh.

She looks at the clock.

It's far too late now.

Her heart is racing.

Josh looks at her, "What are you thinking about?"

She turns to him, "Us. I love you Josh. I know you love me too. We have been through so much together. We fought against everyone who said we were fools for trying to make this work again-"

Josh shakes his head, "No they said I was a fool. A fool for trusting you after the hell you put me through. But maybe they were right. Maybe I was a fool."

She sighs, "No you're not. You love me."

He turns away.

She has tears in her eyes, "You can't do this to me again."

He looks at her, "Excuse me?"

Annie shakes her head, "You can't find some reason to dump me again just so you can go running back to her!"

He scoffs, "Oh my God! You can't be serious. Are you serious?"

She nods, "I am dead serious. This is all about her isn't it? She will always have this power over you?"

He shakes his head, "This is about you."

She scoffs, "So what? You love her more than me? Maybe. But I know that I love you more than she does!"

Josh shouts, "For the love of God! This is not about Reva!"

Annie gets furious, "Yes it is about Reva! Everything is all about that disgusting trash Reva Shayne!"

Josh is horrified to see the Annie he used to know.

Annie's face is red.

He shakes his head, "I can't do this. Oh my God! I cannot do this again. Not again."

She looks at him, "No you can't. You can't hurt me again Josh. I won't let you hurt me again."

A very unhinged Annie stares at Josh.



Natalia looks around.

Not one Spaulding is present.

She tries to call Rafe again.

She notices her message she has recieved from him.

It explains that Clarissa went into labor.

Natalia fears the look on Alan's face when he sees no one is there besides her.

She knows it will be heartbreaking.


Alan is being brought out.

He looks upset until he sees her.

Alan shines a warm smile at Natalia.

A tearful Natalia smiles back.

Alan is brought close to her.

He looks at her, "They don't let you say goodbye. Trust me I know. So I'm going to do it now."

She cries, "No..."

He nods, "I will never understand why Remy Boudreau died and I lived or why God gave me his heart. But I do understand that you made me believe in God when I didn't think it was possible. Natalia you are the light of my life and the love of my life."

She cries, "You are the love of my life Alan. And I'm will wait a million years for you. I promise."

He smiles, "I believe you."

Alan is brought before the judge.

Natalia tries to pull herself together.

She prepares as Alan pleas guilty.


The party for Remy continues.

For the first time in a long time everyone seems happy.

People are laughing and sharing stories about Remy.

Liz has to walk outside of the party with Baby Clay.

She takes a deep breath.

Liz looks at her son, "I'm sorry. I'm sure you'd be good to hear stories about Daddy. But Mommy can't handle it. I don't want to bring everyone down. I wish I was as strong as everyone else."

A familiar voice approaches, "Are you kidding? You're one of the strongest human beings I've ever known."

Liz's jaw drops, "Colin?"

Liz turns.


Dr. Colin McCabe stands before her.

On the other side of the building.

Susan is going up the outside stairs to the boarding house.

She walks down the hall.

Susan hears crying.

She approaches the bathroom.

She knocks, "Stephanie? Are you in there?"

Stephanie continues crying.

Susan slowly opens the door.

Stephanie is crying on the floor.

Susan stares.

Then she looks at the sink.

A positive pregnancy test sits face up.

Susan's jaw drops.

She looks back at Stephanie.

Stephanie sobs, "Oh my God!!! What am I gonna do?!?!"

Susan realizes Stephanie is pregnant with Guillespie's baby.



Shayne parks his car.

He jumps out.

The caller told him that his key to find Ava was here.

But he was warned if he called the police that the deal was off.

Shayne is running up and down the docks.

He hollers, "Ava!!!"

Shayne notices some large bags.

He runs over and begins opening all of them.

All filled with junk.

Shayne is completely frustrated.

He looks out at the lake.

He screams at the top of lungs, "Ava!!!"

He looks around.

Shayne takes a deep breath.

He screams again, "AVA!!!!!!! AVA!!!!!"

He then hears muffled cries coming from the end of the dock.

He goes running.

Shayne sees a small boat sitting in the water unattended.

It is filled with blankets.

He jumps down.

Shayne begins pulling the blankets out.

After the second one he sees the face, Ava's face.

Shayne burst into tears, "Ava!"



Blake and Ross stand in front of Rafe and Clarissa.

Rafe looks at her, "Clarissa I know you're going through a lot at the moment. So you really need to think about your decision."

She nods, "I have. I thought this out a long time ago. They don't deserve this."

Ross sighs, "Please be reasonable Clarissa."

She shakes her head, "No! You haven't been there for me when I needed you! You don't get to ditch me and then show up when it benefits you!"

Blake looks at her, "We have been trying to help you through this entire pregnancy."

Clarissa nods, "But where were you when I had unprotected sex with Micky? Or when I got the idea that I needed to sleep with a guy to keep him around because I didn't want to be abandoned by yet another person in my life? You let me down."

Blake has tears in her eyes, "I know Honey and I am so sorry. But I promise you, if you cut us off now you will regret it later. Take it from probably one of the worst daughters of all time."

Ross sighs, "At least let your mother come in the delivery room."

Rafe looks at her, "You do need to have on person in there with you. Don't you think it should be your Mom?"

Clarissa shakes her head, "No. Rafe has been there for me more than either of you."

Ross is confused, "What are you saying Clarissa?"

She looks at Rafe, "Would you want to be there with me?"

Rafe stares at her.


Alexandra looks around at the party.

Nick and Vicky walk over.

Nick grins, "So far everyone is behaving. No big scenes or crazy outbursts. Congratulations."

Vicky nods, "Yeah Aunt Alex I think we may have made Springfield history with this one.

Alex shakes her head, "I don't think so Dear. I'm sorry to say this but I feel like there is one more summer surprise waiting to explode. And this is the perfect place for that."

Across the room.

Ashlee is standing with Dalton.

He looks at her, "I am so happy that you're here with me."

She smiles, "I'm happy you're staying in Springfield."

He nods, "I'm staying in Springfield because of you Ashlee. Nothing else is keeping me here."

Ashlee is confused, "What about Amanda?"

Dalton shakes his head, "Amanda is nothing."

Ashlee sighs, "She's your mother."

He sighs, "Nothing."

Amanda is listening in on them.

Dalton slowly kisses Ashlee.

Amanda runs over, "That is it!"

She pulls them a part.

Amanda drags Dalton away, "I told you to stay away from each other! I know what I am talking about!"

Ashlee stares, "No Amanda you don't! You don't even know your own son! Dalton can't stand you. He is happy with me. I know the real Dalton and I understand him."

Amanda shouts, "No you don't! I know him better than you! I know him better than anyone!"

Amanda grabs Dalton and plants a giant and intense kiss right on his lips.

The two are out of breath when Dalton finally gets her off of him.

Amanda looks around.

The entire party stares in shock and disgust.

An intoxicated Amanda realizes what she has done.

A completely shocked Ashlee stares.


Kevin stands outside of the courthouse.

He looks into the camera.

He reports, "I'm Kevin Marler filling in and reporting live from the sentencing of Alan Spaulding. It was believed that Mr. Spaulding would be given a lighter sentencing due to confessing guilty and showing huge remorse. However we have just been notified that Spaulding was sentenced to life in prison with no chance of parole."

A sobbing Natalia walks out of the building.

Reporters swarm her.

One report shouts, "Is this really the end of Alan Spaulding?"


The drama concludes!

Clarissa gives birth

Annie goes off the deep end

Shayne and Ava are reunited

Susan comforts Stephanie

Liz confides in Colin

Dalton confesses to Ashlee


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