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S3 Episode 69



People prepare for change tonight in Springfield...




Lillian is behind the front desk.

Ed walks over.

Lillian looks at him, "Do you have anymore news on Lorelei?"

He sighs, "She's still awake, still unresponsive. It could be a while before we know anything new."

She nods, "I know it's not Beth in there..... but it's still Beth. I'm so grateful that she survived. Because there is still a chance that she can battle her demons and come back to us."

Inside the hospital room.


Beth opens her eyes again.

She looks around.

Her memory is a little foggy.

All of Lorelei's memories are getting very hard to remember.

Suddenly all of Beth's memories become clear.

She looks around the hospital room which brings back memories of meeting Phillip and giving birth to all three of her children which all occurred in the hospital.

Beth sits up in her bed.

She burst into tears.

Finally she feels free in her own body.

Lillian walks in, "Lorelei? What's wrong?"

Beth is horrified to hear her own mother refer to her as "Lorelei".

A very excited Beth is ready to tell her the truth.

Beth looks at her and is prepared to explain everything.

Quickly she becomes frustrated as she can't get the words out.

Beth can't seem to utter a single word no matter how hard she tries.




Drew is in her room at Towers.

She stands by the door.


Jesse walks over to her.

He looks at her, "Okay. I organized the room just the way that you wanted. Now you should be able to navigate your way through it better."

Drew nods, "We'll see about that."

She holds her walking stick.

Drew points it in front of her and begins walking.

She takes baby steps at first in fears of tripping.

Drew can feel the clear path made for her.

She sticks out her hand and feels the chair pushed into the desk next to her.

She continues walking.

The sound of Jesse breathing comforts her.

It feels as if it is taking an eternity to make it to her destination.

Suddenly she feels her stick gently bump the bed.

Drew smiles, "I made it."

She sits down on the bed.

Jesse walks over, "I'm so proud of you."

She laughs, "I walked to the bed. Let's not start polishing any awards for me just yet."

He smiles at her.

She can feel him staring.

She sighs, "You can sit on the bed if you want."

He sits down next to her, "Okay."

She looks in his direction, "You know I really do appreciate everything that you have done for me."

Jesse nods, "No problem. I figured this weekend we could organize your closet so that way you can pick out your own outfits. I was reading some tips online about how to do it."

Drew stops him, "Just slow down. Jesse you've done more than enough for me already."

He sighs, "It's not a big deal."

She nods, "It is. I wouldn't be able to live on my own if I didn't have you. You've given me a lot."

He smiles and looks down, "You're doing wonders for my ego right now."

Drew reaches out her hand.

She rubs his face, "It's sad that it took losing my vision to see how incredible you are."

Drew smiles at him.


Museum Apartment:

All of the roommates are hanging out.

Everyone is drinking and playing around.



Coop and Rocky are playing pool.

Jason is sitting with Kevin while they watch.

Rocky laughs, "Battle of the brothers.

Coop nods, "You're going down little brother."

Kevin laughs, "Lucky for you Coop, my boy here sucks at pool. I beat him every time."

Rocky looks at him, "I let you beat me."

Jason laughs, "You'd have to. Kevin is a sore loser. He was the most competitive guy in our high school."

Kevin playfully shoves his brother.


Eden, Maureen and Vi come over with snacks.

Eden laughs, "Look at my sexy husband getting all of his fun out before school starts."

Coop nods, "Then I have to go back to being Mr. Bradshaw."

Vi smirks at him, "I remember Mr. Bradshaw from my days at Springfield High. Feels like ages ago huh?"

Coop just ignores her remarks.

Maureen and Eden sit on a couch.

Eden looks at her, "Have you told anyone about you and Mallet yet?"

Maureen shakes her head, "I'm waiting to tell Jason until we have our alone time."

Eden smiles at her, "If I were you I'd make a move soon."

Maureen sighs, "I'm not trying to jump into a relationship. I'm going to wait before I start things up with Jason."

Eden nods, "Well I'm sorry but waiting gets you no where. If you want something you have to go after it."

Maureen looks over at Jason.




Dalton and Ashlee walk into the club.

The music is blasting and there is a pretty big crowd.

Ashlee laughs, "I have not been dancing in a long time."

Dalton looks around, "Neither have I. And I'm going to warn you right now that I'm not much of a dancer."

She turns to him, "Then why did you take me here?"

He sighs, "Why not?"

She looks at him, "You always seem like one of those too cool for school kind of guys. I can't imagine you'd have fun making an ass out of yourself. You don't have it in you."

He laughs, "Oh really?"

She nods, "Believe me I know how to make an ass out of myself. This town has always seen me as the funny girl."

He sighs, "You come off as cute and funny. But there's a lot more to you than that Ashlee."

She grins, "You think?"

He laughs, "I know. I've spent this whole summer getting to know you and... so far I really like you."

Ashlee nods, "I like you too."

The two kiss.

Dalton grins, "It's been a long time since I've let myself get close to someone."

She nods, "I'm glad you chose me. And I'm really glad that you can be honest with me this way."

Ashlee hugs Dalton.

Dalton looks at her, "Ashlee..."

She stares at him, "Is something wrong?"

He shakes his head, "I have to tell you something."

A very confused Ashlee stares at him.




Leah is getting some coffee on her way home.

She is walking when she sees kids from her school.

Leah goes and turns the other way.

One of the guys hollers, "Hey! It's Springfield's little playmate! I wanna see that picture in person."

A girl shouts, "Cheerleaders gone wild!"

Another girl hollers, "You probably should have ran a few blocks before you took the picture. Your thighs made me throw up."

Leah's eyes fill with tears.

But she keep walking.


She bumps into Belinda.

Belinda looks at her.

She's surprised to see Leah look so pitiful.

The guy stands up, "Look guys it must be a beauty contest. Are you too competing for the title of the next School Slut?"

Belinda gets ready to walk over there.

But Leah beats her to it.

Leah rushes towards them, "You think you're funny?"

Belinda follows her.

The guy laughs, "I think I'm very funny."

The girls smile as they see they are getting to Leah.

He chuckles, "I'm getting lectured by a whore."

The girls crack up.

An angry Leah looks at him, "What did you call me?"

He grins, "You and Belinda are whores. Everyone and their sister has seen your sext. And it's wide knowledge that Belinda is like the rope in the school gym that is always getting climbed on."

Leah grabs his drink and pops off the lid.

She screams, "I'm not a whore!"

She throws the drink all over the three of them.


Lewis Enterprises:


Annie gets off the elevator on the first floor.

She waves at the security guard.

He opens the door, "Have a good night Ms. Dutton."

She smiles, "You too Gavan."

Annie walks out to the parking lot.

She is exhausted after another late night at work.

As she gets closer to her car she notices papers on it.

She figures someone left fliers for her.

But as she gets closer she recognizes them.

All over her car is fliers for the missing Ava.

Annie picks up one.

She crumbles it and throws it on the ground.

She looks around.

No one appears to be around her.

She starts ripping them all off of her car.

Annie tears them all up.

She looks at each one of them with Ava's smiling face.

She rips them right down the middle, one after another.

Annie throws the papers on the ground and walks to her door.

A voice hollers, "Didn't like the decorations Ms. Dutton?"

Annie turns.

Standing across the parking lot is Boyd, the man she hired to get rid of Ava.


Museum Apartment:

Kevin sits with Jason.

Jason looks at Maureen across the room.

Kevin looks at him, "Give it up man."

Jason nods, "I know."

Kevin sighs, "We talked about this. Maureen is happy with Mallet, even if they seem like a weird couple."

Jason nods, "I just thought it was a matter of time before Mallet realized he loved Dinah or..."

Kevin nods, "Or Maureen realized she had feelings for you. I know man. But you need to move on."

Jason stares at Maureen.

Eden walks over to Coop.

She starts kissing him.

He laughs, "You're going to mess up my game."

She shakes her head, "I'm more important than any game."

Coop laughs, "She always gets like this when she drinks."

Coop kisses Eden.

Rocky hollers, "Boo! Let's focus on the game! Don't quit on me right when I'm about to win."

Kevin jumps up, "I think someone's jealous."

Kevin kisses Rocky.

Jason and Maureen stare at each other.

They realize everyone is starting to couple off.

Jason thinks about walking over to her.

Suddenly Vi walks over to him, "Want another beer?"

He looks at her, "Uh... sure."

She smiles at him.

Then Vi turns her head and looks at Maureen who is watching the two of them.


Dalton is standing with Ashlee.

The crowd is continuing their dancing around them.

Ashlee stares at him, "What's going on?"

He sighs, "I... I'm thinking about staying in Springfield for a while. At least longer than I had originally planned."

She smiles, "You mean it?"

He nods, "There's too much for me here now."

She looks at him, "Anyone in particular keeping you here?"

He puts his hand on her face, "Someone special."

She nods, "Amanda?"

His eye's widen, "Amanda? Why? Why would you say that?"

Ashlee laughs, "She is your mother."

He nods, "Right.... my mother."

Ashlee sighs, "Believe me I know about having a bad relationship with your mother. But I think the two of you will work it out. And maybe she'll start to like me eventually."

He shakes his head, "It doesn't matter. All that matters is that I like you. And you like me right?"

She nods, "Of course."

He sighs, "And if we ever had a big fight you wouldn't just walk out on me? You'd work at it."

Ashlee takes his hand, "I promise! Now let's dance!"

Ashlee takes Dalton out and the two start dancing.

Dalton feels a little more relaxed.


Drew and Jesse sit on the bed.

The two are facing each other.

Drew sighs, "This feels weird."

He shakes his head, "What?"

She sighs, "I can't see you but you can see me. I feel like we should be on the same level. See without your eyes."

He nods, "Okay."

She sighs, "Close your eyes."

Jesse does as she says.

Drew puts her hand on his face, "Now you do the same."

He reaches out and finds Drew's face.

The two scoot closer towards each other.

She feels his face.

Drew grins, "You're so handsome Jesse."

He smiles.

She leans closer and whispers, "Keep your eyes closed."

He feels Drew get closer until her lips are placed on his.

The two kiss.

He runs his hands down her face to her back.

She does the same.

The two are feeling each other's bodies.

He slowly unbuttons her shirt with his eyes closed.

She puts her hand at the top of his chest.

She slowly runs it down past his abs.

Jesse moans.

She kisses him again.

Jesse keeps his eyes closed as the two lay down.

Drew kisses his chest.

He runs his hands up her torso, "You are so beautiful."

The two kiss again.

They feel closer than ever even without seeing each other.


The three kids are soaked.

Leah stares at them, "You keep your mouths shut!"

One of the girls screams, "You bitch!"

Leah scoffs, "Screw you."

Belinda drags her away.

The two walk out.

Leah sighs, "I can't believe them."

Belinda smiles, "I can't believe you. That was bad ass Bauer! I didn't know you had it in you."

Leah shakes her head, "It was one thing when they were making fun of me but... I don't know. I know I used to say those things to you too. But it's sick. I don't deserve it and neither do you."

Belinda stares, "After everything we've done to each other, you would really defend me?"

Leah sighs, "It was always just words between us. You never actually did anything to me."

Belinda stares at her.

Leah sighs, "And surprisingly you haven't given me any crap for the whole sexting scandal. You seem to be better than that."

Belinda looks at her, "I... I don't know."

Leah sighs, "Whatever. I don't care about anything from the past. It's the past. I just want a fresh start."

Belinda stares, "I guess I figured the whole nice girl thing was just an act from you."

Leah shakes her head, "No one's perfect. I know I'm not all good just like I know you're not all bad."

Belinda looks away.

She sighs, "I'll see you around Belinda."

Leah walks away.

A confused Belinda suddenly is struck with guilt.

Lewis Enterprises:

Annie watches as Boyd starts walking toward her.

She backs up.

He laughs, "You look so scared."

She shakes her head, "I'm not scared of anything."

He laughs, "Typical feminist answer. Now you're going to tell me that you don't need help from anyone right?"

She sighs, "What the hell do you want?"

He nods, "When we first made the deal we agreed on the price in exchange for me helping you cover up your dirty work. But now you asked me to take it a step further. I need a raise."

She scoffs, "Here's a tip, demand more money before you perform the task. Why should I pay you now?"

He grins, "Because I need to get out of town. And you don't want me to get you into trouble."

She sighs, "You can't get me into trouble without getting yourself into even more trouble."

He nods, "Oh can't I? Trust me I can."

She sighs, "What do you want?"

He smiles, "Double."

She scoffs, "You're out of your mind!"

He shakes his head, "Nope. I'm giving you 12 hours to give me the money, then I'm out of here."

She scoffs, "12 hours? Where the hell am I going to get you that money in 12 freaking hours?"

He shakes his head, "I don't know? Surprise me."

Boyd walks back to his car.

A frustrated Annie turns and looks at the building she just came out of.


Beth is in tears now.

She sits in her bed and realizes her communication skills have been damaged once again.

Lillian walks back in, "Dr. Bauer is on his way. We are locating some specialist. I don't know if you're aware but Beth had these problems before when she was younger after a similar situation."

A frustrated Beth tries to explain to her mother.

Lillian looks at her, "Calm down Lorelei."

Beth cries as she hears her mother call her that.

Beth looks around for something to write on.

She points at a notebook across the room.

Lillian turns, "Oh I see."

Lillian walks over and grabs the notebook.

She looks around for a pen.

Lillian grabs one from her own pocket.

She sits them in front of Beth.

Beth picks up the pen.

She puts it down on the paper.

Her writing is coming out of scribbles.

She can't seem to remember how to write her words out.

Lillian looks at her, "Honey you need to be patient. These skills don't just come back on their own."

Beth drops the pen and paper and grabs Lillian's face.

Lillian pulls, "What are you doing?"

A tearful Beth stares into her mother's eyes.

Lillian stares back, "Beth?"

Beth nods.


Phillip has his doubts

Annie makes a shocking decision!

Amanda confronts Dalton

Blake and Liz remember Remy

Roxie warns Ashlee

Maureen gets an upsetting surprise


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