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S3 Episode 45



People are ready for change in Springfield...


Springfield High:

The class of 2011 is having their graduation.


Clarissa is now in her gown.

She hears girls whispering behind her, "Looks like teen mom gets to graduate. And her baby gets to come with her."

Clarissa walks away.


RJ walks over to her, "Ignore them. Today you get to leave all the high school drama behind."

She turns to him, "If the past few weeks has taught us anything, it's that the drama doesn't end in high school."


Zach walks over, "You guys going to any parties afterwards?"

RJ shakes his head, "I'm running Grad Night."

Clarissa nods, "I'm pregnant."

Zach nods, "Right, right."

Out in the auditorium.


Cassie and Jeffrey walk in.

Cassie sighs, "This might be the last time I really get to do this. When Will graduates it's going to be a lot different. My last kid to graduate from Springfield High."

Jeffrey smiles, "You have some great kids Cassie."

She smiles, "And a great boyfriend."

The two kiss.


Harley and Phillip walk inside.

Harley turns to him, "Are you okay?"

He sighs, "Yeah. I mean I'm worried about Lizzie of course. But I'm happy to be here for Zach."

Harley hugs him, "I know. I'm worried about Lizzie too. And I am very glad to that Zach adjusted to Springfield so well again. I know he wasn't really fond of leaving Lincoln Prep."

Phillip and Harley walk over to Jeffrey and Cassie.

Belinda is walking into the auditorium.



Mallet's House:


Maureen walks downstairs.

Mallet is sitting on the couch.

She sighs, "Have you seen Belinda anywhere?"

He shakes his head, "No. She is supposed to be in her room right now she's grounded."

Maureen shakes her head.

Mallet jumps up, "Belinda."

Maureen looks around, "Belinda?"

They look around the house.

They both walk back into the living room.

Mallet is furious, "I cannot believe she would do this. She just ran off probably to go to the graduation."

Maureen nods, "We'll just call her phone."

The doorbell rings.

Mallet sighs, "That had better be her."

He opens the door.


Dinah is standing there.

Mallet looks at her, "Hey. Have you talked to Belinda."

Dinah walks past him, "Hello Maureen."

Maureen sighs, "Hey."

Mallet looks at Dinah, "Do you have any idea where Belinda might be at right now?"

Dinah turns to him, "Why do we have to keep tabs on her 100% of the time don't you trust her?"

He nods, "She is grounded Dinah?"

Dinah nods, "Right for telling your secret?"

Mallet shakes his head, "What the hell are you talking about?"

Dinah looks at him, "It was only a matter of time. Or did you think I would never find out you were sleeping with my little sister."

Mallet and Maureen's hearts race.


Spaulding Mansion:



The Spauldings are eating in the dining room.

Alexandra sits at the head of the table.

Nick sits directly across from her.

Dalton and Amanda sit on opposite sides of the table.

Alexandra smiles, "So how is everyone's morning starting out so far. Mine is going well."

Amanda laughs, "You sure love small talk Alexandra."

Alex nods, "Well yes sometimes it's necessary."

Dalton grins, "My morning is going great. Waking up and realizing this all wasn't a dream."

Alexandra grins, "Well then I'm happy that we could make your dreams come true Dalton."

He nods, "Thank you."

Amanda clears her throat, "This meal is very-"

Alexandra looks at Dalton, "You know I didn't get to raise my sons. So I can relate to your situation with Amanda."

Nick nods, "My mother and I have become very close over the years. I'm sure you two will too."

Dalton looks at Amanda.

Alexandra looks at Dalton, "So Dalton your adoptive parents what were they like?"

Amanda turns to her, "Alex."

Alex grins, "I'm just curious."

Dalton nods, "I don't talk about the very much."

Alex nods, "Oh why is that?"

Dalton sighs, "I just-"

Amanda turns to her sister, "Alexandra would you please stop interrogating my son?"

Everyone stares at Amanda.




Reva is sitting at a table.

She's still reflecting on everything that has happened with Shayne, Ava and Marah.

She feels like she let her family down by not seeing Ava for what she really was.


Ashlee walks over, "Reva."

Reva grins, "Ashlee. I'm glad you could make it."

Ashlee hugs her, "It's good to see you. I was so excited when you invited me here."

Reva sighs, "Well I felt like you should get to know more about your other side of the family."

Ashlee smiles, "So is it weird that I'm your niece and everything? I'm half Shayne."

Reva nods, "Well I think I always thought you you reminded me of some of my relatives. You certainly have the look."

Ashlee grins, "Thank you."

Reva sighs, "Have you talked to your mother?"

Ashlee nods, "Doris?"

Reva stares.

Ashlee shakes her head.

Reva nods, "Roxie is your biological mother. I know you two have had your differences."

Ashlee sighs, "She made my life hell."

Reva sighs, "Maybe a part of Roxie knew she was your mother and that was what was driving her crazy about you."

Ashlee shakes her head, "She threw me down a flight of stairs. I was in a coma for weeks."

Reva shakes her head, "Ashlee..."

Ashlee sighs, "No. I want nothing to do with Roxie Shayne."

Reva is really hoping to get through to her.




Drew is carrying some bottles to the bar.

Michelle walks inside.

Drew turns to her, "Hey. Let me guess you decided to be the world's best friend and help me get this place ready for tonight? When does the love end Michelle?"

Michelle sighs, "Very soon."

Drew is confused, "Huh?"

Michelle looks around, "You and Jesse have certainly done a good job with this place."

Drew nods, "Yes it took a while but this place is really becoming a fast success."

Michelle sighs, "I always wondered if this place was cursed or something. When Ava and Danny started working on opening it back up, Ava fell into a coma and Danny died. Then it was left up to me and Bill. We fell in love, broke up and handed it over to you and Jesse. But I figured maybe you two would get more good out of it."

Drew nods, "Yeah."

Drew is very confused by Michelle.

Michelle nods, "I mean when exes work together you always wonder if it would be a good idea."

Drew nods, "Well I'm happy with Gus so I don't have to worry about me and Jesse."

Michelle nods, "Well according to Jesse your sort of dating him. Or at least sleeping with him."

Drew stares at her.

Michelle sighs, "So why don't you explain to me what the hell is going on Drew? What are you up to now?"

Drew gets nervous

Springfield High:

Belinda runs over to RJ

He kisses her, "I thought you were grounded?"

She smiles, "I always find a way."

Clarissa grins, "I'm glad you're here."

Belinda looks at her, "You okay?"

Clarissa nods, "Yeah it's just... I feel like I am going to be on display. Springfield Teen Mom."

Belinda sighs, "So screw it. Everyone is here because they want to see you guys graduate."

Clarissa smiles.

Out in the auditorium.

Cassie hugs Harley, "I can't believe we're here. RJ and Zach are graduating this is insane!"

Harley nods, "I know. I feel like I have waited 18 years to be standing here right now."

Cassie looks at the guys, "We have been talking about this moment for a long time because when the kids were all little we realized that Zach, RJ, and Clarissa would all graduate together."

Harley nods, "And the three of us would be old Mom's by then. With boring old problems."

Jeffrey nods, "The three of you?"

Cassie and Harley look at each other.

Blake walks into the auditorium.

Everyone turns and looks at her.



Spaulding Mansion:

Amanda walks down the hallway.

Alexandra approaches her, "Well you certainly made a fool out of yourself earlier."

Amanda sighs, "Do not start with me Alexandra I am not in the mood for it right now."

Alex grins, "There is something you are not telling us. A reason you do not want me to talk to your son."

Amanda shakes her head, "You have absolutely no idea what you are talking about."

Alex nods, "Okay. It will all come out on it's own soon enough. Trust me these things always do."

Alex walks away.

Dalton walks over to Amanda, "Gee Mom if I didn't know any better I'd think you were ashamed of me."

Amanda turns to him, "This is fun for you isn't it? Trying to make me uncomfortable and nervous."

He laughs, "It's a lot of fun. But I would like to think of it as more of revenge for abandoning me."

Amanda shakes her head, "I didn't abandon you."

He nods, "Yeah you did. And you owe me. Big."

She shakes her head, "You are blackmailing me."

He grins, "I learn from the best."

She looks at him, "Just remember if you tell the family anything you're not only messing up my life but you will be ruining your chances of getting anything out of this family."

Amanda walks away.


Reva and Ashlee eat their meals.

Reva looks at her, "I want to apologize if I have made you uncomfortable at all. It wasn't my intention."

Ashlee sighs, "I know Reva. You have a lot going on right now. I heard that Ava and Shayne broke up."

Reva nods, "It has been difficult."

Ashlee nods, "I don't know all the details. But ever since Ava tried to ruin my relationship with Coop I have had a hard time trusting her and believe her when she is supposed to be sincere."

Reva nods, "Maybe I shouldn't have trusted her as much as I did. It was a mistake."

Ashlee nods, "So please understand why I won't allow myself to make the exact same mistake with Roxie."

Reva looks at her, "I have to at least try to make things right with you guys. She's my sister."

Ashlee sighs, "I know. I respect you for standing by your sister. I don't have siblings so maybe that's why it's hard for me to understand how that all works."

Reva nods, "You can have a big family Ashlee. Not just Doris or the Bauers. I mean the Shayne's aren't so bad."

Ashlee smiles, "I know. I mean honestly you have always been one of my heroes Reva. You battle cancer, run a TV station, be a mother and grandmother, do whatever you have to do to protect the people that you love. You're amazing Reva."

Reva grins, "You are good with compliments Ashlee."

The two smile at each other.

Springfield High:

Blake walks into the auditorium.

She sees her friends standing together.

Blake wants to approach them but Cassie and Harley turn away.

Blake walks to find a seat somewhere else.

Phillip sighs, "That was harsh."

Harley sighs, "Don't try to make me feel bad for that! After everything Blake has done."

Cassie nods, "I'm sorry but getting engaged to Alan Spaulding... after what he has done to this town, to my daughter. It disgust me that she could do that, it's wrong."

Jeffrey nods, "Blake was lonely and afraid. Alan took advantage of her when she felt like she had no one else."

Phillip looks at Cassie, "I think you and I both know that when our minds in the wrong place we tend to do things that ordinarily we wouldn't even think of doing."

Cassie and Harley look at each other.

Behind the auditorium.


Leah walks over to Zach, "Congratulations. You're about to take the next step in your life."

He sighs, "Why is it that you always pick the wrong moments to try to talk to me?"

She nods, "I will take what I can get."

He looks at her, "Why are you pushing this? What is it about me that you like so much?"

She sighs, "I don't know. I feel like we have a connection and I know that sounds lame. And I know when you start college you're going to want to be single. But maybe for the summer you could... not be."

He shakes his head, "Why would you agree to a relationship that has an expiration date?"

She nods, "You're worth it."

Zach is very surprised.

Out in the girls restroom.

3 girls are getting ready.

One girl names Megan laughs, "So did you guys see Clarissa Marler? It's sad how fat she is."

Tiffany laughs, "Oh my God! You're so mean. It's not her fault, she's pregnant."

April nods, "Yeah it is. What idiot doesn't make the guy use a condom. I bet you a thousand dollars that at the 10 year reunion she'll be working at Company and raising like 7 kids with different fathers for each of them. She'll be a slut just like her Mom."

The 3 girls leave the bathroom.

Clarissa walks out of the stall in tears.


Drew walks away from Michelle.

Michelle sighs, "Nothing to say Drew?"

Drew shakes her head, "I think you should leave now before you embarrass yourself even more."

Michelle gets out her phone, "I guess I can just call Gus and Jesse down here and we'll see-"

Drew grabs her by the arm.

Drew takes her into the office.

She turns to Michelle, "How dare you? How dare you humiliate me at my own work? What if someone heard you?"

Michelle nods, "It's true?"

Drew sighs, "I'm not sure about my feelings. I am with Gus but I still have the door open for Jesse."

Michelle shakes her head, "And they don't know. You can't do that Drew, it's wrong. There is a word for women like you."

Drew laughs, "Oh my God! Save it Michelle, I'm so tired of your crap. You're just jealous."

Michelle nods, "Of what? Someone who is so insecure about herself that she sleeps with guys to feel better?"

Drew looks at her, "You had better get out of here before I throw your ass out."

Michelle nods, "And what about Gus and Jesse?"

Drew scoffs, "Never you mind about Gus and Jesse it has absolutely nothing to do with you."

Michelle nods, "Jesse is my friend."

Drew shakes her head, "Do you want him? Because as I recall when I came back to town he was chasing after you and you turned him down for Bill who left you and then you still didn't want Jesse. You broke his heart Michelle, now you only want him because I have him."

Michelle shakes her head, "Whatever."

Drew laughs, "Face it. For once all the guys want me. And you are a single mother with no one."

Michelle stares, "You're pathetic. And you can insult me all you want, it's not going to change anything. So you choose between Gus or Jesse or I'll fill them in and they can both dump your ass."

Michelle walks out leaving Drew angry.

Mallet's House:

Dinah stands in the living room.

Mallet and Maureen are on opposite sides of her.

She keeps looking back at each of them, "Oh I'm sorry am I interrupting something?"

He nods, "We are looking for Belinda, that is a little more important than this right now."

Dinah nods, "Belinda is fine. I'm considered with the well being of my children while they are in this household."

Mallet scoffs, "Oh I don't believe this. This is a good home, unlike your cold mansion."

Dinah nods, "Well how are we going to explain to Anthony that Daddy is sleeping with his Aunt?"

Mallet shakes his head, "Gee I don't know. I guess we'll figure out after we explain all the crimes Mommy has committed this past year and how she gets away with them."

Dinah turns to Maureen, "Little Sister. You've been very quiet since I walked in."

Maureen sighs, "Dinah... I never meant to hurt you."

Dinah nods, "Of course you didn't."

Mallet nods, "I never planned on this. We would have told you a long time ago but we weren't sure how you'd react."

Dinah laughs, "Oh of course. No matter what I do people will always remember me as the woman who killed Hart after he dumped her."

Mallet shakes his head, "No-"

The doorbell rings.

Dinah walks past him, "That's for me."

Maureen and Mallet look at each other.

Matt Reardon walks in.

Maureen's jaw drops, "Daddy?"

Matt walks over to Mallet, "Hey."

Matt punches Mallet in the face.


Springfield High:

Zach is with Leah.

He looks at her, "You would really want a relationship with me even though you knew I'd break up with you at the end of the summer so I could play the field in college?"

She nods, "Yes."

He laughs, "I thought you had more self respect than that."

She nods, "I do. I have a feeling by the end of the summer you will want no other girl but me."

He laughs, "You are that confident?"

She nods, "Yes."

Zach kisses Leah.

Out in the auditorium.

Blake finds a seat.


Ross walks up to her, "Is this seat taken?"

She turns to him, "Uh... no."

Ross sits by her, "You know I was at Kevin and Jason's graduation even though you didn't see me."

She sighs, "Back row, long jacket, hat."

He stares at her.

She sighs, "I didn't stare much. I had a feeling, but I think I was most afraid of it not being you."

Ross smiles at Blake.

Out in the hallway.

Clarissa is walking towards the doors.

Belinda and RJ come looking for her.

Belinda shouts, "Clarissa?"

RJ hollers, "Where are you going?"

A tearful Clarissa turns back, "I'm not doing this. I can't walk on that stage..."

Clarissa carries her bag and walks out the doors.


Clarissa's friends look for her!

Mallet and Maureen confess

Alex gets an unpleasant surprise

Ashlee runs into Dalton again

Guillespie lashes out at Stephanie

Cassie and Harley confront Blake


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Okay, I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that Dalton is Roger's kid, right? I cannot, for any reason, figure out why Amanda is keeping his paternity and "adoptive" life secret.

Cassie and Harley are just so irritating. If your a real friend, you don't drop someone like a hot potato, you try to help them out. Maybe they should take a page out of RJ, Belinda, and Clarissa's book. Thank god Philip & Jeffery pointed out that when your in a bad place, you tend to make STUPID decisions. Sad really.

Is it just me or does Leah seem to be a bit stalkerish towards Zach? I'm not quite sure about the pairing, but Leah needs to be really careful.

I applaud Reva for trying to talk to Ashley about her biological mother, but Ashley has a point. The woman was a psycho. I don't blame Ashley for being a bit gun shy about Roxie, and hopefully Ashley will get to know Roxie later down the road.

Teenagers are so mean, and if Clarissa thinks life is difficult now simply because people are talking about her, wait until that baby comes along. Speaking of pregnancy, did Blake ever have a conversation with her daughter about sex? I mean, Clarissa seems so smart, so why did she believe the creep about not wearing a condom and not getting pregnant the first time?

I have to say, Dinah kinda shocked me by calling Matt. That was funny. I would have thought she would have kicked Mallet's butt one way up and down the other. This should be interesting to see what transpires.

Can't wait for the next installment.

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There is a big secret with Dalton but you'll have to wait and see ;)

Yep, Cassie and Harley definatly needed a wakeup call.

Leah has a strange obsession with Zach. It's certainly going to land her in hot water.

Yes, Ashlee is no where near ready to open that door for Roxie. But Reva has to at least try to do something.

Clarissa new but she was very desperate to please her boyfriend that she just fooled herself.

Yep, Dinah knew that she needed reinforcments so it didn't just seem like crazy jealous Dinah.

I'm glad you enjoyed it! This is basically the transitions from Spring to Summer for Springfield. :)

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