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S3 Episode 44



Unpleasant surprises happen in Springfield...






Ava is standing in front of Shayne and his family.

Reva is with Noah.

Josh and Annie start to walk over.

Ava cries, "Alan Michael Spaulding who is my ex boyfriend, was in Ravenwood with me. We made a deal that if he helped me get out then I would help him take down the Lewis family. He was so mad at Annie for what she did and he blamed your whole family as well."

Shayne shakes his head, "No. Why are you saying all of this? Ava why are you making this up?"

She wipes her tears, "I am so sorry. But I am not making this up Shayne. I wish I were."

Shayne is silent.

Ava turns to the Lewises.

Reva shakes her head, "How dare you."

Ava cries, "I am so sorry Reva. I know you trusted me. You let me into your family."

Josh nods, "Yes we did. We welcomed you. Everyone in the town warned us not to trust you. We went against it because of Shayne. Because you made him so happy. And you had really proven yourself to us. But it was all an act wasn't it Ava?"

She shakes her head, "No! The real lie was me lying to myself. I did fall in love with Shayne. Shayne is the greatest man I have ever known. He's not like Bill or Sandy. He would never betray me. I just couldn't trust anyone. And I had to hold up to my deal."

Noah looks at Ava, "What was in it for you? There had to be more in this deal for you.'

Ava nods, "Bill and Olivia have my son. I just wanted my son back. I wanted custody. I knew that this would give me some leverage. But Shayne is the one who helped me understand that I was not a good mother to little HB. That I needed to grow."

Josh shakes his head, "Sounds to me like you took about a hundred steps back. I agree with Reva. How dare you Ava? How dare you do this to Shayne and to our entire family?"

Ava turns to Shayne, "You aren't saying anything."

He looks at her, "What am I supposed to say? That it's okay that our relationship was a lie. That you didn't like me. You just humiliated me in front of my family. I opened up to you. I loved you. I trusted you, I told you things I never told anyone. I got closer to you then I did with Marina and even closer than I was with Rocky."

Ava looks at him, "I love you Shayne. And I know you love me. Please tell me you'll give me a second chance. A fresh start."

Ava is pleading with Shayne.




Liz watches Alan sleep.

She looks around the hospital room.

She remembers Valentine's day when Remy surprised her.

Remy walks in, "Hey."

Her mouth drops, "Remy... Oh my God! What are you doing here? Do you have any idea-"

He shushes her, "Don't worry. No one saw me. I took care of your doctor. I figured we should get to spend some time together on Valentines Day. Even if we can't really be together."

Liz cries, "Remy this is horrible. My Grandfather is controlling everything in our lives. He's going to ruin Clayton's life."

Remy shakes his head, "We won't let that happen. Look at me. I love you. I'm going to figure this out. Alan has been running our lives long enough. At least for today you and I can be together."

Liz smiles, "Thank you. Thank you for reminding me why I fell in love with you in the first place."

Remy walks over and kisses her.

Liz wipes a tear from her cheek.

She looks at her Grandfather, "You bastard. You mean, selfish, sick, bastard. I hate you."

She notices a pillow left on the chair that Natalia had been in.

She picks it up.

She looks at it then back at Alan.

She sighs, "You don't think I'll do it? All I have to do is picture Remy struggling to speak to me on his death bed. And..."

Liz squeezes the pillow as she stares at her sleeping Granddad.

Phillip walks up to the door.

He is horrified as he peaks in and sees Liz approaching Alan with the pillow.



Spaulding Enterprises:



Amanda stands with Alexandra.

Dalton gets up off the floor.

Alex is confused, "So please explain this to me. How could this boy be your son."

Amanda sighs, "Okay I know what your thinking. I'm no where near old enough to be his mother."

Alex does a little laugh, "Oh I never said that Darling. But I think I would have noticed if you had a son all this time."

Amanda shakes her head, "I had Dalton when I was young. I gave him up for adoption. He found me while I was out of Springfield. And now here is he in town."

Dalton scoffs, "I think there are a few parts that you are leaving out of your story Amanda."

Alexandra nods, "Oh really? Well maybe you can inform me on what my sister is leaving out. What's your name again?"

He sighs, "Dalton."

Alex nods, "Oh... lovely."

Amanda sighs, "Well this family reunion was fun."

Alex looks at her, "So who is Dalton's father?"

Dalton turns to Amanda.

Amanda looks back at Alex, "Don't worry about it. Why don't you worry about your son and I'll focus on mine."

Alexandra shakes her head, "Come now dear. This young man is a Spaulding. Now being a Spaulding means a lot in this town. Maybe a fresh face is just what this family needs."

Dalton smiles, "I like the way you think Aunt Alex."

Alexandra laughs, "See he's already catching on."

Alex and Dalton walk off together.

A very nervous Amanda follows.




David is going for a jog.

He has been trying to find ways to handle his stress.

He still hasn't gotten over losing Davey (Daniel).

Also Lucy leaving town.

And now Remy has died.

David checks his phone.

His daughter Vi still hasn't responded to his messages.

David is really needing someone right now.

He goes jogging past a bench.

The woman on the bench shouts, "Not even a hello David? That is not very nice now is it?"

David recognizes the voice and turns around, "No way? Vicky, is that really you?"


Vicky Spaulding smiles at him, "Oh see for a second I could have sworn you were avoiding me."

He rushes back over, "I can't believe it. When did you get back in Springfield?"

She sighs, "Well with everything going on with my family I sort of had to come back."

He nods, "Yeah... when I think of the Spauldings I guess I never associate you with them."

She sighs, "Well that is good and bad. I want to make my family's name something to be proud of."

David laughs, "Good luck."

She sighs, "I heard your speech at the funeral. I'm so sorry about you losing your partner."

He is confused, "You were there?"

She nods, "Yeah. I was going to say hi but I wasn't sure if it was appropriate you know?"

He smiles, "You kidding? Seeing you just makes things a lot better."

Vicky and David smile at each other.




Gina starts doing Dinah's make up.

Dinah stares at the video she was sent of Mallet and Maureen.

Dinah whispers, "Get out."

Gina looks at her, "What?"

Dinah screams, "Get out!!! Now!"

Gina quickly leaves.

Dinah's face is red.

She jumps out of her chair.

She keeps watching it.

There is no other explanation for what she is seeing.

Dinah shakes her head, "My Mallet, the love of my life. And my little sister, Maureen. It's not possible."

Dinah starts to think about all of the times that she went over there and talked to them.

Everything is adding up.

Dinah looks at her phone, "Belinda... Oh my God. They are making my children keep this from me..."

Dinah wants to throw her phone so badly but instead she puts it down and steps away.

She is breathing slowly.

She starts picturing them together again.

She picks up her chair and throws it against the wall.

There is a knock on the door, "Ms. Marler are you okay?"

Dinah sighs, "No... but I will be."

A very furious Dinah tries to pull herself together.



The Coopers are all at the diner.

There is a big farewell party for Cyrus, Marina and Daniel.


Marina kisses Cyrus, "I love you."

He smiles, "I love you too."


Harley laughs, "Come on you too. Save something for later."

Marina looks at her, "Where is Phillip?"

Harley sighs, "He couldn't make it he is taking care of Lizzie she's going through a lot."

Marina nods, "Keep me posted on how she's doing okay?"

Harley smiles, "I will."


Coop and Eden walk over.

Coop sighs, "It's not going to be the same without you here you know that right?"

Eden nods, "I know. I just got back and you were one of my familiar faces around here."

Marina hugs her, "I'm so glad you're here Eden. I've lost a lot and you being alive just... helps me deal with stuff."

Eden smiles at her.


Rocky sighs, "Seems like all the Coopers are slowly leaving town. I wonder who is next?"

Harley looks around, "No one. Marina is the last one, everyone else is staying right here you got it?"

Buzz walks in with the cake, "Oh come on Harley. It was only a matter of time before it happened."

Harley looks at him, "Daddy. You need to order your children to stay here in town."

He laughs, "I'm lucky. I got to have my whole family here for a while. Not everyone gets that."

Marina nods, "We're all lucky to have each other."

The whole family look around at each other.


Spaulding Enterprises:

Amanda is wandering the halls.

She lost track of Alexandra and Dalton and is worried.

She suddenly hears their laughter.

She follows it.

Dalton is laughing with Alexandra in the next office.

Amanda looks at them, "What is going on?"

Alexandra turns to her, "Well look at you. You look like your coming down with something."

Amanda shakes her head, "Nonsense. I'm perfectly fine. I just don't like it when people hide from me."

Dalton laughs, "Paranoid much Mom?"

Alex nods, "No one is hiding."

Amanda sighs, "We have a lot of work to do today. So Dalton it was nice to see you but maybe you should get back to wherever it is that you are staying right now."

Alex shakes her head, "Don't be silly Amanda. Dalton is a Spaulding so he will be moving into the Mansion."

Dalton grins, "The Mansion? I like the sound of that."

A gentleman walks in and approaches Alexandra, "Ms. Spaulding it's almost time for your meeting."

Alex nods, "Oh that's right, thank you. Excuse me you two."

Alex leaves.

Amanda and Dalton are alone.

Amanda turns to him, "You think you're really funny don't you."

He laughs, "Come down Mommy Dearest."

She smacks him on the arm, "Knock it off. You keep your mouth shut. You respect me. Or your out."

He smiles, "Don't act like you're holding all the cards."

He walks away.

Amanda is very nervous but trying not to show it.


David sits with Vicky.

She looks at him, "So how is Vi?"

David nods, "She is good. She is actually working her way as a stylist for celebrities."

Vicky grins, "Oh that's great."

David nods, "Yeah I mean she is still in the beginning of it but she's getting her name out there."

She looks at him, "I heard you adopted a son with Lucy Cooper? Did he leave with her?"

David looks away, "He's um... it's complicated. The adoption was not legal and we had to give him up eventually."

Vicky puts her hand on his arm, "I am so sorry. I can't believe that happened to you."

David shakes his head, "Don't feel sorry. I did some bad things and karma caught up with me. In the end that was one of the reasons why Lucy and I didn't work out."

Vicky nods, "Just one."

He sighs, "She said I was not the love of her life. And that we were not meant for each other. At first it killed me. Then I realized she was right. She is not my soul mate. I shouldn't waste time with someone who is not the one for me you know?"

Vicky sighs, "I know exactly what you mean. I haven't had a real relationship that lasted since..."

He turns to her, "Us?"

She smiles at him.


Phillip rushes in, "Lizzie."

He puts his arms around her.

She struggles, "Get off of me!"

He walks her out.

She tries to get away, "Stop it. I wasn't going to do anything to him. Leave me alone."

Phillip sighs, "Lizzie why are you here?"

She cries, "I had to see him Daddy. He has Remy's heart. It's not right, it's not fair."

Phillip nods, "I know Baby. I am so sorry you had to find out this way. I didn't want it like that."

Liz cries, "Nana said it was Remy's wish... why? Why would Remy do that? I don't understand."

Phillip shakes his head, "I know. But it was Remy's wish. Maybe we aren't supposed to understand or maybe someday we will. But you need to respect his decision."

She shakes her head, "Granddad has lived for a long time already. Why did Remy have to die young so he could live?"

Phillip sighs, "Remy was dying whether Alan lived or not. Maybe Remy thought it was best if only one person had to go."

Liz sobs, "But why did it have to be him? Why did he have to be the stupid hero one last time?"

Liz cries in Phillip's arms.

Phillip holds his little girl close.



Dinah walks out of the studio after finishing the tribute to Remy.

Kevin approaches her, "Hey, you okay?"

She turns to him, "Was that bad?"

He shakes his head, "Nothing editing can't take care of. Are you doing okay? I know it's a lot with Remy being gone and now Dad is back in Springfield. It's getting to me too."

Dinah turns to Kevin, "Have you talked to him?"

Kevin nods, "More like yelled."

She sighs, "Me too. But Kevin don't be like me. Because when you push people away... you push them to other people."

Kevin is confused, "What?"

Dinah looks at him, "Just... be good to Rocky. I want you to be happy. Don't screw it up like I did with Mallet."

He sighs, "Sis..."

She shakes her head, "I have to make a phone call. I'll have lunch with you soon okay?"

He nods.

She walks away.

She makes a phone call, "Hey it's me.... yeah listen you are going to need to get back to Springfield ASAP.... no I don't care. This is important it is urgent.... just trust me if you love Maureen the way you say you do then you will want to come back. Trust me. I'll call you back later with more details okay? Or actually you know what I'm going to send you something."

She hangs up.

Dinah goes to the video on her phone.

She watches it.

A disgusted Dinah shakes her head, "This is so wrong."

She forwards the message.

Then Dinah walks out of the building.


The Coopers do their Greek dance around the diner.

Marina laughs, "I'm going to miss all of this."

Harley sighs, "Then stay."

Marina nods, "I know it probably seems like I'm running away. But I'm not. I'm just ready for a change."

Cyrus grins, "I'm lucky enough to enjoy the ride with her and with Daniel. With a real family."

Buzz smiles, "I'm going to get the drinks and we can make a toast."

Everyone walks with Buzz.

Marina stays back with Cyrus, "Are you upset, about leaving Belinda behind here?"

Cyrus sighs, "It's best that she not know I'm her father. I mean... Mallet's a good Dad you know?"

Marina sighs, "Well I told Mallet to keep us updated on her. So if you ever change your mind."

Cyrus hugs Marina.

Buzz calls them over, "We don't got all day!"

The two walk over.

Buzz smiles, "To family. There are a lot of families in Springfield. They have the rich and powerful ones, the successful ones, the simple cookie cutter families. But I have to say I am so happy to be a part of this crazy, Greek, loving family."

Marina gets teary eyed, "I'm going to miss you Grandpa."

Buzz grins, "Frank and Eleni got a happy ending. Lucy is off finding hers. Now I'm glad that you and Cyrus get your happy ending."

Cyrus picks up Daniel.

Everyone starts hugging.

Rocky sighs, "Have a safe flight."

Coop gives Marina a big hug.

She looks at all of them, "I love you all so much. And no matter what Springfield is always our home."

After blowing a kiss goodbye Cyrus and Marina walk out of the diner with little Daniel.


Ava looks at Shayne.

He is holding back tears.

He gets ready to say something.

Annie walks over, "Okay I'm sorry but I cannot handle this anymore. I just can't."

Reva looks at her, "Annie now is not the time."

Annie sighs, "Someone needs to say it. Ava you need to leave right now. Get out."

Ava turns to her, "Who do you think you are Annie? I wasn't asking you I am talking to Shayne."

Annie nods, "You not only hurt Shayne, you hurt Marah. Marah warned everyone about you!"

Shayne looks at Annie.

Annie nods, "Marah tried to tell us. But you kept saying that Marah was crazy and a liar."

Ava cries, "It wasn't like that."

Annie scoffs, "How can anyone believe you? You turned this whole family against her. You selfish bitch!"

Shayne looks at Annie, "Enough! I can handle this."

Ava looks at Shayne, "Please."

He shakes his head, "I love you Ava. But then again I don't even know who you are anymore."

She cries, "Please Shayne. I am so sorry. The whole thing snowballed. I never meant for this to happen."

He shakes his head, "You never meant to fall in love with me. That is the fact of the matter."

Ava sighs, "I screwed up. But it doesn't change us."

Shayne nods, "It's changes everything. We are done."

She shakes her head, "No, no, no. Please."

Shayne shouts, "Get out! Get the hell out of my life Ava!"

An emotional Ava looks around.

All of the friendly faces are gone.

Ava walks to the elevator and leaves.


Graduation for the class of 2011!

Ashlee talks with Reva

Amanda has a secret

Michelle confronts Drew

Dinah surprises Mallet and Maureen


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