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S3 Episode 43



Revelations rock Springfield...


Lillian's House:


Phillip rushes into the house.

Lillian looks at him, "I don't know what to do Phillip."

She is holding Baby Clay.

Phillip sighs, "Just tell me again. I couldn't understand on the phone. What happened?"

She sighs, "I got up and Lizzie was over here watching the news. They mentioned the heart transplant. She was furious with me and started yelling at me. The baby woke up. I went to go get him because Lizzie wasn't going to. So I came back and she was gone. I don't know what to do I can't go looking for her if I have him."

Phillip sighs, "I didn't want her to find out that way. I should have told her I just..."

She nods, "I know Phillip. I'm sorry."

He looks at her, "Do you have any idea where she would have gone? What would she do?"

She sighs, "I have a pretty good idea but I'm really hoping that I'm wrong about it."

Phillip is confused, "What?"

Lillian sighs, "She said that Alan didn't deserve the heart. That none of this was right."

He shakes his head, "You don't think..."

Lillian nods, "I think you had better get to Cedars."

Phillip is very worried for his little girl.




Blake is sitting in a chair waiting to talk to producers.

Ross approaches her.

She looks puzzled, "What are you doing here?"

He sighs, "I'm looking for Dinah."

Blake shakes her head, "I haven't seen her. But we ware supposed to record a voice over for Remy's tribute video. So she should be here soon. But are you sure she'll want to see you Ross?"

He shakes his head, "Probably not. But how can I not try? Blake you know why I had to go away."

She nods, "I know. Ross... I accepted that. What upset me is that you come back and expect everything to go back to normal. That's not possible. We all got used to life without you. It's going to take a long time before you can get back in."

He nods, "And I will spend everyday focusing on that until I finally am back with my family."


Dinah walks out of the office.

She looks at her Dad, "What is he doing here?"

Ross sighs, "Dinah..."

Blake is confused, "What were you doing in there Dinah? Going behind my back or something?"

Dinah sighs, "We felt that it was best to make some changes. Everyone is aware of your role in Remy's death. It wouldn't be appropriate for you to do this Blake."

Blake nods, "Oh I'm sure that's what you care about. You don't give a damn about Remy! All you care about is slowly booting me out of this place. Well I'm not going down without a fight Dinah."

Dinah sighs, "You know for someone who lost the man she supposedly loved, you don't seem to be to upset."

Blake nods, "I am devastated. But unlike you, I don't lose my mind when something terrible happens."

Dinah scoffs, "You think you know everything don't you Blake?"

Blake nods, "I know that you screwed up your relationship with Mallet."

Dinah jumps at Blake but Ross holds her back.


Mallet's House:


Belinda sits on the couch.

Mallet is lecturing her, "How long have you been smoking Belinda?"

She scoffs, "Why?"

He looks at her, "I asked you a question."

She sighs, "This is such bull! I'm not hurting anyone! I'm only hurting myself and I can handle that."

He shakes his head, "I think you're a lot smarter than that. And you know how cigarettes can hurt the people around you."

She laughs, "Oh my God! Would you turn the cop thing off for a second? Because this feels like a 'Very Special Episode'."

He nods, "Everything is a joke with you isn't it? You just make some smart ass comment and then you can just ignore all the real problems. Well I'm not good with that."

She sighs, "Why do you care? It's not like Anthony was the one smoking. I'm not your real daughter."

He shakes his head, "How could you say that to me?"

She nods, "It's true! You aren't my real father! I don't know who my real father is because no one wants to tell me because it must be so damn horrible! But do I ever complain? No. You know why I don't complain? Because I have a smoke and it relaxes me."

He shakes his head, "Well you are not 18. So you do not have a choice when it comes to smoking."


Maureen slowly walks into the room.

Belinda looks at her, "What do you think Aunt Maureen? Or should I start calling you Mommy now?"

Maureen sighs, "Please don't do this."

Belinda stands up, "No. I am tired of hypocrites! You two are sleeping together behind my Mom's back and I'm the bad person."

Mallet looks at her, "Dinah and I are over."

Belinda laughs, "Then what's stopping you? Why don't you pick up the phone and tell her that you're banging her little sister. Here you can even use my cell phone."

Belinda starts to scroll to her Mom's number.




Michelle is walking with her coffee.

Jesse approaches her, "Hey stranger."

She grins, "Jesse. It's good to see you."

He hugs her, "You too. I hear it's been a rough few weeks for everyone. I'm sorry about your friend."

She nods, "Yeah. It's been pretty tough. But I guess you missed it. Where have you been?"

He sighs, "Went out of town for a while. Sometimes you just need to take a break from things. I just made sure the club was covered, hopped on my bike and rode off."

She sighs, "That sounds good."

He smiles, "What's stopping you?"

She nods, "Hmm.. Robbie, Hope, my job-"

He laughs, "I got ya. I guess you have a lot more responsibilities than I do. Makes my problems sound silly."

She shakes her head, "I doubt that. What's up?"

He looks at her, "Drew and I... we're sort of back together."

She is surprised, "Wow that's... I'm happy for you. I wasn't sure that would happen. You seemed like you didn't think she was so trust worthy and she was always hiding something."

Jesse nods, "I know. But she has matured. And I feel like she's opening up to me now."

Michelle cringes, "Eww."

He laughs, "I didn't mean that. But yeah we have been intimate."

She nods, "TMI Jesse. But wait isn't she involved with Gus?"

He shakes his head, "She moved out a while ago and they took a break then they broke up. She just needed time to get over him. Now I think enough time has passed. We're supposed to hang out tonight."

Michelle grins, "Well I'm glad to hear that Drew is turning around. I'm happy for you two."

Michelle is still unsure about what she's heard.




The engagement party for Shayne and Ava is taking place.

It was postponed after Remy's death.

Shayne kisses Ava, "Soon we are going to be happily married. You ready to be tied down to me?"

She laughs, "Please. I'm tying you down before you get away."

The two kiss again.


Reva and Noah walk over.

Noah laughs, "Hey save something for the wedding night you two."

Reva smiles, "Young love is beautiful. I'm so happy for the two of you. My son is a lucky man."

Ava shakes her head, "I'm the lucky one. I know I don't deserve to have a guy like Shayne but I really will do my best to make sure he is always happy and loved."

Reva sighs, "You do deserve a good guy like Shayne. And trust me is very good. Just like his Daddy."

Ava feels very guilty and uncomfortable.


Josh and Annie stand across the room.

Josh grins, "I think Ava and Shayne are going to have a beautiful future together."

Annie shakes her head, "I'm not so sure. I'm still not very trusting of that Ava."

Josh turns to her, "Annie I know you have some bad blood with Olivia but so does Reva and so do I. But Ava is nothing like her mother and she is nothing like her father either. Thank you Lord."

Annie sighs, "I know Marah is making bad decisions. But Ava isn't so innocent. Maybe Marah isn't completly wrong about her."

Across the room.

Shayne's phone goes off.

He looks at it.

Marah is calling him.




Ashlee is going on a jog.

A man stops his car, "Excuse me."

She recognizes him, "Hey I know you. You're the guy from Towers the other day. You sober up?"

He sighs, "Yes. Now if-"

Ashlee nods, "Well good because as someone who is in the process of becoming the next big doctor of Springfield I have seen more than enough crash victims to know the consequences of drinking and driving. Just the other day this one guy-"

He stops her, "I'm sorry not to be rude but I am kind of in a hurry right now so..."

She nods, "Oh I'm sorry. I get excited sometimes and forget I'm rambling on about nonsense."

He fakes a grin, "Imagine that."

She looks at him, "What did you say your name was again?"

He sighs, "I didn't."

She looks at him, "Well I'm Ashlee. And you are?"

He nods, "In a hurry. Could you please give me directions?"

She sighs, "If you tell me your name?"

He looks at her face for a moment.

She has an innocence about her.

He sighs, "Dalton."

Ashlee grins, "Well Dalton where are you going?"

Dalton nods, "Spaulding Enterprises."

She laughs, "Oh easy. I can actually point that out to you from here. You see that big building in the distance with Spaulding on it?"

He suddenly notices it, "I obviously wasted five minutes of my life that I'll never get back."

She smiles, "It wasn't so bad."

He nods, "It was interesting. So long Ashlee."

Dalton drives down the road.



After Jesse leaves.

Michelle is now sitting with her coffee and going through her shopping bags.

She hears a voice, "A lot of shopping today?"

She turns to a surprise.


Gus and Drew holding hands and staring at her.

She pauses then responds, "Oh yeah. Sometimes I just can't help myself you know?"

Gus nods, "Yeah my girl here is the same way. That's why we are out here today."

Drew laughs, "Oh you know you like shopping too. He just hates admitting it to other people."

The two kiss.

Michelle stares, "You two seem very happy."

Gus smiles, "Of course we are. With everything going on with my family I've really been glad to have Drew there for me."

Drew nods, "Yes we are doing great. I feel like I'm finally feeling fulfilled in my life."

Michelle grins, "I bet."

Gus looks at her, "How are the kids?"

Michelle nods, "They are good. Hope can't stop talking about how Angela is her new best friend."

Gus nods, "Yeah Angel can't stop talking about Hope either. I'm glad they have each other. You know how tough it is at their age."

Drew grins, "Well when they become teenagers they'll really need each other. I was lucky to have Michelle as my best friend."

Michelle looks at her, "Long time friends right Drew?"

Drew nods, "Of course."

Gus sighs, "Well we have to get going. It was good talking to you Michelle. Take care."

Drew grins, "We should have lunch sometime."

Michelle nods, "I'd like that. I think we have a lot to talk about."

Drew nods, "I know I do. I'm so lucky."

She looks at Gus and kisses him.

The two walk away.

Michelle nods, "You really are."

Mallet's House:

Belinda gets ready to call Dinah.

Mallet takes Belinda's phone from her, "You know what enough Belinda! Enough! I'm sick of it!"

Belinda looks at them, "You two are a real team. You get to do all of your dirty business in here and then go out into the real world and pretend that nothing is going on. Well if there is nothing wrong with you two being together then why doesn't everyone know?"

Mallet looks at Maureen.

She just stares.

Belinda looks at her, "No words? Bitch."

Mallet shakes his head, "Knock it off. You are grounded. School is your only reason for leaving the house for the rest of the month."

Belinda scoffs, "What about the Graduation?"

Mallet shakes his head, "It's not your graduation."

Belinda nods, "It's my boyfriend's. And Clarissa and Zach are my cousins. You can't make me miss it."

Mallet nods, "Apparently smoking and being a brat are more important to you."

Belinda looks at them, "You are going to be sorry you did this."

He shakes his head, "Don't threaten me. Go to your room."

She rushes up to her room.

At the top of the stares Belinda stops.

She won't let herself cry.

She hears Maureen and Mallet talking.

Belinda slowly crawls down a few steps and watches them.

She pulls her phone from her pocket.

She whispers to herself, "Just get even. No one crosses Belinda and gets away with it. No one."


Spaulding Enterprises:

Dalton walks into the building.

A security guard approaches him, "Excuse me sir? Do you have any business here?"

Dalton nods, "I'm looking for Ms. Spaulding. I have some personal business with her?"

The guard nods, "Then you should go up to that front desk right there and they'll take care of you."

He shakes his head, "She isn't expecting me."

The guard sighs, "Well you're going to have to make an appointment sir. Now step outside-"

Dalton pushes past him and rushes away.

Upstairs in the building.


Alexandra is talking with her sister Amanda.

Amanda looks at her, "Have you visited Alan yet in the hospital since his transplant?"

Alex shakes her head, "No. I don't have any plans to either. I'm one of the last people he would want to see."

Amanda is confused, "But if he forgave Natalia then he would have to forgive you too right?"

Alex shakes her head, "You wouldn't understand. It does not work that way at all."

They hear a noise in the hallway.

Amanda and Alex step out.

Dalton is being tackled by security.

Alexandra stares in shock, "What is going on?"

Amanda is silent.

Dalton looks at her, "Tell them who I am!"

Alex looks at her sister, "What is going on?"

Dalton looks at her, "Tell them or I will! You don't want that."

Amanda sighs, "He's my son."

All eyes turn to Amanda.




Alan is sleeping in his room.

Natalia is gone.


Liz sneaks into his room.

Liz looks at him, "Hey Granddad. Look at you."

Alan looks so alone and so vulnerable.

She sighs, "I have been afraid of you for a long time now. And look at you. You're nothing but a pathetic old man who is barely holding onto life right now. The only reason you are alive is because Remy's heart is inside of you right now."

Liz slowly starts to move her hand towards Alan's chest.

She gets closer.

Alan makes a noise.

Liz jumps back.

She sighs, "Don't try to scare me you son of a bitch. Don't play sleep with me. I can see through your crap. You took everything away from me. You ruined my life."

Alan's eyes remain closed.

She shakes her head, "What did Remy ever do to you? What did Tammy ever do to you? You bastard. I thought Spauldings always got what they wanted? Then why don't I have what I want? Why is the love of my life dead? Why is my daughter away from me? Why is my son going to grow up without his father? Because of you. All of it is because of you."

She turns to all of Alan's machines.

She looks back at him, "You have no idea how much hate is inside of me now. I spent years trying to get all of the hate out of me. Now... I don't think I have ever hated this much in my life. And my own grandfather is the one who caused it. You deserve to rot in hell."

Liz stares at her Grandfather.

She starts to slowly run her fingers across the buttons on the machines hooked up to Alan.


Ross is holding Dinah back.

Blake stares at her.

Dinah pulls away from Ross, "Get your hands off of me! You don't get to do that anymore!"

Ross sighs, "Dinah I'm sorry."

She shouts, "Stop it! I'm sick of hearing you say 'I'm sorry'. Trust me no matter how many times you say it, nothing is going to change. They aren't magic words."

Blake sighs, "I'm sorry that you are so angry Dinah."

Dinah nods, "And I'm sorry but you are not going to be a part of this project. Now excuse me I have to get into hair and make up. So leave me the hell alone you got it?"

Dinah walks away.

Blake and Ross stare at each other.

Dinah walks into the make up room.

Gina who works there look at her, "You left your phone in here earlier. I think you got a message."

Dinah sighs, "Thank you."

She sees it's a video message from Belinda.

Dinah sighs, "Hopefully something funny will make my day turn around. I could sure use it."

Dinah opens the message.

She sees video of Mallet and Maureen talking.

He takes her hand and kisses it.

The two lean close and kiss.

Dinah starts breathing heavy.

Gina looks at her, "You okay Ms. Marler?"

Dinah whispers, "Get out."

Gina is confused, "What?"

Dinah shouts, "Get out!!!!"

Gina quickly leaves.

Dinah's face turns bright red.


Shayne ignores Marah's call.

Ava looks at him, "You okay?"

He shakes his head, "Marah... I don't know. I feel like we should talk about Remy. But I don't know. After what she did to you and everything she is doing now... she's so dishonest."

Ava sighs, "She's your sister."

He shakes his head, "No. Don't worry about that now. Let's just focus on us Ava."

She shakes her head, "You miss her. Why are you hiding that from me? Do you think I want you to stay away from her?"

Shayne sighs, "Ava... I don't know if we can trust her."

Ava shakes her head, "I can't do this anymore."

He is confused, "What?"

She looks at him, "Give me one last kiss. Before everything changes?"

The two kiss.

Shayne looks at her, "What is going on?"

Reva and Noah walk over.

Reva looks at Ava, "Are you okay?"

Ava shakes her head, "No."

Noah looks at her, "You want to sit down?"

Ava shakes her head, "I'm so sorry everyone."

She starts crying.

Everyone is looking at her.

Ava cries, "I'm not a good person."

Shayne is confused, "What is going on?"

Ava looks at everyone, "When I was in Ravenwood I made a deal with Alan Michael Spaulding. That I would get involved with Shayne and make him fall for me. And I am so sorry. I'm so sorry."

The entire room is in shock.

Annie is furious.

Reva can't believe what she is hearing.

Ava turns to Shayne who is completly shocked and isn't saying anything.


Ava faces the music!

Phillip finds Liz

Dinah flips out

David runs into Vicky

Amanda warns Dalton

Marina and Cyrus leave Springfield


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