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S3 Episode 14



Emotions flood Springfield.....




Frank and Eleni are with their daughter.

Marina puts flowers on Danny's grave, "Wow... it's really been a long time Danny. I think about you all the time. I know everyone remembers you and Michelle's guy. The father of her children. I got news for you... we have a son too. Baby Daniel is alive. But maybe you knew that and helped us keep him alive. I just need him here with me."

Eleni puts her hand on Marina's shoulder, "It's okay my baby."

Marina looks at her father, "Have you heard from Harley yet?"

Frank shakes his head, "No. But I mean Lucy and David..."

Marina stops him, "No. I don't want to hear their names. There is no excuse for what Lucy did to me. I can't forgive her for that. And if Aubrey ever comes back here I swear I'll kill her."

Frank hugs her, "I know it's hard baby."

Marina cries, "It's not fair! I just want him! I want to hold him."

Suddenly they all hear footsteps.


Cyrus is walking over carrying the little boy.

Marina stares, "Cyrus tell me... I need to know this is real."

Cyrus smiles at him, "This is the woman I was telling you about. The one who loves you and wants to raise you. This is your Mommy. Marina here is your little boy."

Marina gasps, "Oh my God!"

Eleni and Frank cry with their daughter.

The little boy walks from Cyrus and looks at Marina.

He stares into her warm eyes.

He latches onto her.

Marina cries with her son finally back in her arms.




Harley and David are talking.

Lucy is sleeping on the couch with tears all over her face.

Harley sighs, "We're getting a lot of strings pulled and asking a million favors to keep this all in the family. You are going to take a leave of absence from the force and Mallet will decide when it's time to let you back on the force."

David sighs, "Harley I never intended for this to happen. But Lucy and I got in over our heads. And we didn't know what to do. I couldn't take that little boy away from her."

Harley nods, "Believe me David I know. It wasn't to long ago I was trying to keep Belinda away from Dinah. That's why I'm trying to help you and Lucy. But this is much much more serious. Lucy is clearly not mentally stable right now. There's no telling what she is going to do."

He sighs, "I know. I shouldn't have let it get this bad. Once we started to bond with him, Lucy started acting different. She's always paranoid and she has anger issues. I knew when the day came that we had to give him back to Marina, Lucy would lose everything. I guess I just kept putting off the inevitable."

Harley nods, "I know. I never thought Lucy would suffer from this stuff. But the fact is she needs help. And we need to find a way to give it to her before something worse happens."

David looks over at his clearly devastated wife.




Coop is running the diner.

Ava walks in.

Coop looks over at her, "Hey. How are you Ava?"

She smiles, "I'm doing quite well. I have a lot to look forward to. How have you been?"

He sighs, "Things have been better. There's just a lot going on right now I guess."

Ava nods, "Yeah. I uh... I heard about Ashlee, had you talked to her in a while?"

He shakes his head, "Not a whole lot. She was busy with being a doctor and everything. We're still friends, just not a lot of time to be spent together anymore. I just hope they can help her."

Ava nods, "I hope so too. Because the longer you are in a coma the scarier it is when you come out."

Coop looks at her, "I'm sorry. I know you've had a rough couple of years."

She sighs, "Well things are getting better."

He nods, "Yeah you are happy with Shayne. You guys actually seem like quite a good match."

Ava smiles, "It's been a long time since you and I were able to talk, I'm glad we can now."

He nods, "I am too. I'm glad to see your doing better."

She smiles, "Thank you."

He nods, "All that stuff of you manipulating, hooking up with Alan Michael, lying. It's all in the past."

She wishes that were true.




Gus is in Eden's room with her.

Gus looks at her, "Why would you go try to talk to Coop right now? What were you thinking?"

She sighs, "I was thinking that maybe I still have feelings for my own husband."

He nods, "The husband who doesn't know who you are?"

She sighs, "It doesn't matter. Besides I told him my real name wasn't Mary and he didn't seem to bothered by it."

Gus looks at her, "You told him who you are?"

She shakes her head, "No. I was getting to that when all the crazy stuff went on inside. I had to leave. Marina, Frank, Harley, and Buzz were in there and they all know who I am."

Gus nods, "But Harley is the only one who knows you're alive."

Eden sighs, "Okay remind me who all knows."

He sighs, "Jeffrey O'Neill, Harley, and I have known all along. Danny probably told Michelle before he died. And Bill knows but like I said he's not in Springfield anymore."

She nods, "I really did love Bill. If it wasn't for that stupid bastard Vinnie Salerno, Bill and I would still be together."

He nods "But we had to fake your death in order to protect you and Bill from being killed. And we need to keep you dead before something happens to you or even Coop."

Eden shakes her head, "I don't know if I can do it Nicky. I don't know if I can let Coop go."

Gus stares at his little sister.


Lewis Enterprises:


Marah is sitting with Annie at her desk.

Marah is showing her the wedding dress she is making.

Annie looks at the dresses, "Oh honey they are beautiful, but don't you think you might need something less tight? I mean you're only going to keep getting bigger."

Marah sighs, "Well that's another thing I wanted to talk to you about. You see I want my wedding day to be perfect. But... I mean the bigger I am the more uncomfortable I am going to be. So I was thinking of maybe having the wedding while my baby bump is still small."

Annie shakes her head, "Wouldn't it be better to wait until after the baby is born and you've lost the weight?"

Marah shakes her head, "No. I can't wait."

Annie sighs, "But it just seems like later is more safe then sooner."

Marah sighs, "You think Jeffrey might back out don't you?"

Annie looks at her, "No. I didn't say that."

Marah nods, "Well I do. Cassie has a strong hold on him. That's why I need to get him to marry me soon."

Annie looks at her, "Why? Marah why are you trying to rush a man to marry you who loves someone else?"

Marah sighs, "Annie I thought you of all people would understand this. After everything you went through with my Mom and Dad. But in the end you are with my Dad."

Annie nods, "Well it took us a very very long time to get past all of that Marah-"

Marah nods, "But you did. Annie, you told me once that you loved me as if I was your own daughter. Now it's time for you to prove it."

Annie is confused, "How?"

Marah smiles, "You need to help me keep Jeffrey."

Annie's stomach is in knots.




Inside of the ladies restroom.

Roxie walks out of the stall after getting sick.

She starts to wash her face.

She looks at herself, "How could you do this? You never meant for this to happen. You were supposed to get revenge for what happened to your baby... and now your baby is in a coma."

Roxie walks out of the restroom.


Doris is walking to Ashlee's room.

Roxie stops her, "Doris... Doris tell me. Did they tell you anything? Any news on Ashlee's condition?"

Doris sighs, "No change yet. Though speaking of change you look like a total mess."

Roxie nods, "Surprised?"

Doris shakes her head, "I almost feel sorry for you. I can't imagine how I would feel if I had done those horrible things to Ashlee. To my own daughter. Now you know why I took her away from you."

Roxie is trying not to get angry, "Doris!... I'm trying to help you with Ashlee."

Doris scoffs, "How do you plan to do that?"

Roxie nods, "There is a certain doctor I am planning to look up. Dr. Johnny Bauer."

Doris stares, "No. What the hell are you trying to pull Roxie?"

Roxie scoffs, "Why can't Johnny be the doctor?"

Doris walks away, "You know why."

Doris goes into the room.

Roxie does know why.



Ava sits at the counter.

Coop walks back over.

She looks at him, "So do you mean it?"

He looks at her, "What?"

She nods, "That I'm back to who I used to be."

He shakes his head, "I never said that."

She is confused, "But..."

Coop looks at her, "Ava when we first met you were a good person. Then you changed. I'm not saying you're not a good person now. But after everything you've gone through. With your coma, Ravenwood, Bill and Olivia, not knowing where your son is, it's a lot to deal with. It's bound to change a person. But I think you're more grown up now. I kind of like the woman you've turned into now."

She laughs, "Well it's nice to know someone does."

He smiles, "Come on. I think Springfield has been able to forgive you. And now that you're marrying Shayne Lewis, I'm sure everyone is going to love you. You'll see."

She nods, "But if I do something to hurt Shayne... then I think everyone would hate me even more."

He shakes his head, "You love Shayne. I know you wouldn't hurt him."

Coop walks away.

Ava looks at the beautiful engagement ring on her finger.


Eden sits on her couch.

Gus sits with her, "What do you mean you can't let go of Coop? You barely know him."

She sighs, "I'm married to him."

He nods, "Yeah you married him in Vegas a long time ago. You came back here to end it."

She looks at him, "But you know Coop. Do you think he could ever love a girl like me, I mean when he finds out about my past."

Gus sighs, "A guy would be nuts not to love you. But you keep forgetting one thing, you are dead."

She sighs, "But Vinnie is in prison!"

He nods, "Yeah but he still has connections! If he found out you were alive then your life would be in danger."

She scoffs, "Life? What life? It's been years since I've seen you! I lost my fiance, I have no family, no friends."

He looks at her, "You can make friends."

She shakes her head, "No! Because I hate lying to people. I hate telling them I'm Mary the librarian. Because that's not me. I'm Eden August, I grew up in Chicago. I had a rough life but it made me into the woman that I am today. That's me."

He shakes his head, "Eden..."

She sighs, "Nicky. When you met Harley she knew you as Gus. And she still loved you. So don't you think Coop and I deserve the same chance? Don't I deserve that?"

Gus takes her hand, "Okay. I will set up something with you and Coop. But I'm not making promises that I can't keep. Because we don't know how Coop will react."

She smiles, "I think I do."

Eden hugs her brother.

Lewis Enterprises:

Annie is sitting with Marah.

She looks at her, "Marah... why would you ask me this? I mean you know how horrible it got when I tried to hold onto your father..."

Marah sighs, "Back then all I could think of was my parents getting back together. But now I see. Mom left. And you were with Dad. She had no right to demand him back."

Annie sits back, "Marah let's not get into it."

Marah looks at her, "You still have to have anger towards my mother. I mean you guys always avoid seeing each other."

Annie sighs, "But do you want it to be that way between you and your Aunt Cassie?"

Marah sighs, "I don't give a damn about her anymore."

Annie gets up, "Marah this is all..."

Marah looks at her, "Okay well what would you do? The old Annie? What would she have done?"

Annie looks in the mirror, "Well she'd know men get nervous when put on the spot.... the Masquerade Ball."

Marah jumps up, "That's it! People get married there all the time! It's perfect. The whole town will be there."

Annie turns to her, "Marah wait I shouldn't have said that."

Marah hugs her, "Thank you Annie. You're brilliant."

Marah leaves.

Annie turns and just stares at her own reflection in the mirror.


Doris sits with Ashlee.

She rubs her forehead.

She sighs, "Oh honey. I always planned on telling you that you were adopted one day. I just couldn't find the way... And now it seems things have gotten even more complicated."

Doris kisses her on the head.

She worries for her little girl.

Outside of the hospital.

Roxie is on her cell phone.

She is calling Johnny's office.

She is with his secretary, "Listen... I need you to let me speak to him.... I know Dr. Bauer doesn't come back to the States for anything... yes and I know that he is a busy man.... well tell him Roxie Shayne is calling for him... No wait, tell him it's about his daughter! Yeah maybe that will get his attention."

Roxie hangs up.

She is completeley frustrated.

Roxie knows she has to do something to save Ashlee.

Even if it means bringing her father back to town.


David watches as Lucy rests.

Harley clears her throat.

David turns to her.

She waves him over.

David and Harley step into the next room.

David looks at her, "What's up?"

She sighs, "I got off the phone with a friend of mine. And I think we can get Lucy help."

David stares at her, "What does that mean?"

Harley sighs, "David... I love my sister. I want her to get better. But right now she needs help, help that we are not going to be able to give her. We need to accept that."

David sighs, "Just come out with it Harley."

She nods, "Ravenwood has really proven to be much better now, and I think it would do her some good-"

He stops her, "No. I'm not locking my wife up there."

Harley nods, "I agree. But the doctors there are great. We can just take her up there to talk to them. It's not like she has to sleep there, just spend time with the doctors. Let them evaluate her."

He shakes his head, "Why not a regular therapist?"

She scoffs, "Who? Felicia Boudreau? Come on we can't just go to anyone and tell them the situation unless we want Lucy thrown in jail. We need to be smart."

David turns and stares at his wife.


Marina sits with her son.

Eleni and Frank sit with her.

Cyrus stands in front of them smiling.

Marina pulls out a small bear, "I got you this."

He takes it and smiles at her.

She sighs, "I know you don't know me. But I'm your Mommy. And I promise that I will love you, and protect you, and do everything I can to make you the happiest little boy in the world."

He stares at her for a moment.

He pauses, "Mommy."

Marina hugs and kisses her little boy.

Eleni smiles, "I'm so happy for you my Marina."

Frank kisses her, "I love you Baby."

Eleni walks over to Cyrus, "Thank you Mr. Foley."

Frank stands up and shakes his hand, "Thank you Cyrus. You're a good man and we appreciate this."

Cyrus nods, "I just know this child belongs with Marina, I always knew she'd be a good mother."

Marina looks up at him, "Cyrus... I will never be able to thank you enough for this."

Cyrus grins, "You don't have to."

He turns to leave.

Marina shouts, "Wait!"

He turns.

She sighs, "Are you leaving?"

He looks around, "Not yet. I might stay a little longer."

Marina smiles, "Okay. Don't leave without saying good-bye."

Cyrus grins, "I wouldn't dream of it."

Cyrus walks to his car.

Marina waves with her little boy.


Valentines Day in Springfield!

Reva and Josh make plans

Cyrus and Marina spend time together

Dinah and Mallet get stuck together

Love is in the air


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