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S3 Episode 13



Sometimes it's hard to do the right thing in Springfield...




Lucy and David are with Davey.

They've been hiding out for a while.

Lucy looks at him, "Okay. How much trouble are we in right now exactly? Just tell me."

David sighs, "Well obviously no one has informed the police. So it's not to late to turn back now."

Lucy looks at him, "David, are you serious? This is our son we are talking about."

David shakes his head, "Lucy, he is Marina's son."

Lucy shakes her head, "How dare you! I'm sorry but I can't just fall out of of love with my child like you can."

He scoffs, "You think I am fine with this? I love that little boy! We taught him to walk, and his first words, and we sang to him, we have pictures of all of us as a family everywhere. This is ripping my heart out, but we have to do the right thing."

She sighs, "Then why did you come with me? I ran out of Company and you chased after me. You could have stayed behind and then Davey and I could have gone alone."

He stands up, "Really? Am I not important to you at all? Because you are very important to me."

Lucy nods, "Well Davey is everything to us. We never even talked about marriage before him. Then we found ourselves married and raising him. If he goes then what will happen to us? What possible reason could we have for staying together?"

David can't believe she is saying this to him.


Springfield High:


Belinda and Clarissa are walking.

Belinda turns to her, "Are you going to find Micky today?"

Clarissa nods, "I have to. I have to tell him what's up. He hasn't been texting me back though."

Belinda nods, "Well you have a lot of options. You need to decide what to do soon."

Clarissa sighs, "I know."


RJ Winslow walks over, "Hey guys."

Clarissa looks at her cousin, "Hey RJ."

He looks at them, "So what's up?"

Clarissa sighs, "Have you seen Micky anywhere? I need to talk to him about a few things."

RJ shakes his head, "I think he was at the big party last night. He might still be home sleeping it off."

Belinda fake smiles, "So RJ, how's student council going?"

RJ laughs, "Just great Belinda, but for some reason I don't think you really care."

She nods, "Well it's all pretty lame. But if you'll excuse us, Clarissa and I have things to take care of."

Clarissa and Belinda walk downstairs.

Across the hall they see Micky.

Clarissa isn't sure if she's ready for this.




Jeffrey is doing some shopping.

Cassie sees him, "Hi."

He turns to her, "Hi, how have you been?"

She sighs, "Okay. Um... I didn't get to talk to you much at Reva's the other day."

He nods, "I know. I didn't mean for everything to happen the way it did. I'm sorry."

She shakes her head, "Don't be."

He nods, "It was completely disrespectful to you. You really did a nice thing for Marah."

She sighs, "I just want you and your baby to be happy together. That is all I want for you."

He smiles, "Thank you Cassie. I just wish I could have all of it you know? Including you."

She shakes her head, "Jeffrey..."

Jeffrey sighs, "Cassie I know that we will probably never get our chance to be back together. But I want you to know, I do love you. But I just want you to be happy."

She sighs, "Let's not do this. Because if we do this... I'm going to start to regret the decision I made. And I just can't deal with that. I think we both need to move on."

Jeffrey nods, "Are you sure we can do that?"

She shakes her head, "We don't have much of a choice now do we?"

Jeffrey and Cassie part ways.


Lucy is getting her stuff together.

Davey is sitting with David.

Lucy sighs, "I don't care. We can't waste anymore time. We just have to go now. Before the call the police. We can go to Greece I have family there who will help us."

David sighs, "Your family! Marina is your family, the cops are most of your family. Why can't you just stop and accept that Davey might belong with his biological mother?"

Lucy grabs little Davey, "Come on!"

Davey pulls away, "No!"

He jumps back with David.

David sighs, "These past few weeks you've been scaring the hell out of him. Maybe it's just best for us to face the music and do what is best for this little boy."

Lucy shakes her head, "No! After a year with us he won't want to be with anyone else. We are his family!"

Davey is crying.

David gets up, "I'll go get his toys. They usually calm him down and then we'll talk."

David goes into the closet to get some stuff.

Lucy grabs little Davey and runs out the door.

She is running to the car when she bumps into Cyrus.





Rick is sitting with Doris.

Doris sighs, "So you have no idea when Ashlee is going to wake up? Not even at all?"

He shakes his head, "No. I'm sorry Doris but there is no way of knowing. All we can do is wait."

She sighs, "I just want my little girl taken care of."

He nods, "I promise you she is and will be. Everyone loves her here. And my family adores Ashlee, she has become an honorary Bauer over the years. We're very happy to have had her in our lives."

Doris gets up to go see Ashlee.

Rick walks down the hall.


Roxie walks up to him, "Rick."

He scoffs, "Roxie this is not a good time."

Roxie sighs, "I know! But I just need to know what is going on with Ashlee right now."

He turns to her, "Why? I don't get why all of the sudden you care about her. You had so much hate towards that poor girl. You tried to ruin her life and ended up ruining your own."

Roxie nods, "I've made my mistakes and I know that. And I am so sorry Rick. But I just feel like there has to be something we can do for Ashlee. Get a specialist."

Rick sighs, "We are doing everything we can."

Roxie nods, "But Rick-"

He stops her, "Why? I don't get it Roxie. What has changed? Why do you suddenly care so much about Ashlee Wolfe?"

Roxie isn't ready to tell that Ashlee is her daughter.


Cross Creek:


Shayne walks inside.

He hollers, "Anyone home?"

Ava walks downstairs, "What are you doing here?"

He smiles, "I had some time to kill. So I thought I would surprise you at home."

She kisses him, "Well this was a very pleasant surprise. And very good timing, because we're alone."

He kisses her neck, "Now what could we possibly do when we are all alone in our home?"

Ava starts to unbutton his shirt, "You always have the best timing."

He laughs, "Thanks."

She smiles, "I mean, I was so stressed today, this is exactly what I was needing."

He kisses her, "It's just more of our destiny proving itself to us. It's what brought us together."

Ava backs up, "I don't deserve you."

He takes her hand, "Enough of that. You are the most smart, beautiful, strong woman I have ever known. And I am so lucky that I have you in my life and to have you as my soon to be wife."

Shayne kisses her.

He starts to unzip her dress from behind.

Ava can't help but feel guilty.


Springfield High:

Clarissa is under the staircase with Mickey.

She wants to be alone.

Mickey is texting while he talks to her, "What's up?"

She sighs, "We need to talk."

He nods, "Yeah."

She puts her hand over his phone, "It's important."

He sighs, "Listen Clarissa... you are really starting to get clingy and we promised we wouldn't do that."

Clarissa shakes her head, "It's more than that. I have something really serious to tell you."

He nods, "Okay, tell me."

She looks at him, "Mickey I'm pregnant."

His mouth drops, "What?"

She nods, "I know it's a lot to deal with. But I think if we just talk then we can decide what to do and when to tell people."

He sighs, "Well what does this have to do with me?"

She stares at him, "What?"

He nods, "Well how can you be completely sure that I am the father? We haven't done a DNA test."

She scoffs, "You are the only guy I've ever been with."

He shakes his head, "That's what all girls say."

She looks at him, "Why are you acting like this?"

He looks around, "Listen, I don't need you spreading rumors about me until we have proof. So for now you need to keep your mouth shut. Who else knows besides me?"

Clarissa sighs, "Just Belinda, and she's not telling anyone."

Mickey scoffs, "I can't believe you did this to me."

She can't believe he's acting like this.

Mickey walks away.

Cross Creek:

Ava and Shayne lay on the floor in front of the fireplace.

The two have finished making love.

Shayne fell asleep.

Ava slowly gets up so not to wake him.

She looks at him.

She enjoys watching him sleep.

She walks over to the mantle.

A picture of Baby HB sits on there.

She takes it and stares at it.

She knows he must be getting so big.

She hasn't seen him in a long time.

Ava knows a part of that is her fault.

All of the horrible things she did to Bill, Olivia, Marah, Michelle, and everyone else.

Ava is willing to do whatever she has to do in order to bring her son home to her.

Even if it means making deals with a Spaulding.

A hurting the first guy who she really felt loved her for who she was.

Ava looks at her sleeping fiance, "Shayne... I'm sorry I can't be the person that you deserve. I hope you understand one day."

Ava just sits and watches him sleep a little longer.


David runs out.

He sees Cyrus standing in front of Lucy and Davey.

He walks out, "Lucy it's over."

Cyrus nods, "Listen to your husband Lucy. Your family is willing to help make things easier for you. But you need to give me Daniel right now. Before we get more people involved."

Lucy shakes her head, "You aren't a cop. I don't have to listen to you Cyrus Foley."


Harley and Rocky walk over.

Harley looks at her sister, "Lucy we are trying to keep you out of trouble. But give us Marina's son."

Lucy shakes her head, "No. This is my son now."

David picks up the little boy, "Lucy he is scared."

Lucy looks at her husband, "Because of them. Now give him to me."

David backs away, "Calm down."

Lucy grabs at Davey, "Give me my son!"

Davey starts crying.

Harley runs over and pulls back Lucy.

David looks at Cyrus and Rocky, "A couple of years ago I pulled Marina out of the burning house. I never forgave myself for not being able to save her son. So maybe that's why I tracked him down and took care of him. But somewhere along the line.... it doesn't matter. It's time for Marina to finally get her little boy back."

Lucy struggles to pull away from Harley.



Cassie is in her office.

RJ walks in, "Hey Mom."

She smiles, "Hi Honey. How was school?"

He sighs, "It was school. How's work going?"

She sighs, "Not to bad. Hey I was thinking about planning another trip to San Cristobal soon. We can visit Will and Alonzo. And I can get some mother/son bonding time."

RJ nods, "That'd be cool."

She grins, "Great, we'll just check our schedules and find a good time. Who knows maybe we'll stay longer."

He sits down, "Is this about Marah and Jeffrey's wedding?"

She looks at him, "What do you mean?"

He sighs, "Are you looking for an excuse to miss the wedding? If we aren't in town."

She shakes her head, "I just want to see your brother. I don't get to see him a whole lot. But Alonzo says he's doing so well."

RJ shakes his head, "Mom, it's okay. After everything Marah has done, I don't want to go to the wedding either. Besides everyone knows that Jeffrey loves you, not Marah."

Cassie sighs, "Jeffrey deserves to have a family. That baby deserves to have both of his parents."

RJ nods, "The life you always wanted for me."

She sighs, "Yes."

He looks down, "I'm not trying to upset you right now. But if it's worth it you need to fight for him. Just like Tammy did for her love."

Cassie always gets emotional when people mention Tammy.


Rick stands with Roxie.

Roxie looks at him, "Maybe It sounds crazy to you. But I am actually trying to help Ashlee."

He sighs, "What do you plan on doing?"

She nods, "I have money now I can help find a doctor."

He nods, "We've been through the doctors."

Roxie looks at him, "What about your cousin?"

Rick is confused, "Johnny?"

Roxie nods, "He's a doctor now and he has had success with cases like these, he could help."

Rick shakes his head, "Johnny doesn't ever come back to Springfield. He couldn't even come back when Michelle was in a coma. Johnny has to many other things to worry about."

Roxie sighs, "But this is important."

He nods, "I get it. Okay, you feel guilty because of the way you treated Ashlee. Maybe that reminds me that you're human."

She nods, "Yes. and Humans makes mistakes."

He sighs, "I'm sorry but there is nothing you can do for her now. And Johnny Bauer is not coming back to Springfield."

Rick walks away.

Roxie knows she has to do something to help Ashlee.


Lucy looks at Harley, "You have to let me say goodbye at least."

Harley shakes her head, "I'm sorry, but we can't trust you now. I'm sorry Lucy. We have to take him right to Marina."

Lucy shakes her head, "No! Marina isn't ready to be a mother."

Harley sighs, "She quit the drugs, she quit the job at the strip club. She is ready for this."

Lucy scoffs, "No! Listen I know you think I'm the bad guy. But that's not the way it happened."

Lucy turns to David.

Davey isn't with him.

Lucy watches Rocky walk away with him.

Lucy runs after them.

Harley grabs her, "No."

Lucy shouts, "No! I'm his mother! I never wanted children before but now I feed him, I play with him, I go tell him bed stories at night. And he likes to pick flowers from our garden and give them to me. David! David taught him to walk and his first words. I know it's not right but you can't do this because we love him and we're a family!"

A very sad Rocky gets in the car with Cyrus.

They start to drive away.

Lucy screams, "Rocky please stop! Oh God! Oh God! No!"

Harley and David hold her back.

She cries, "No! There taking my Davey!!! No!!!!!!"

Lucy falls to the ground screaming.

An emotional David holds his wife.


Marina is reunited with her son!

David and Harley make a plan

Marah goes to Annie for advice

Roxie gets help for Ashlee

Coop and Ava catch up

Gus questions Eden


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