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S3 Episode 15



It's Valentine's Day in Springfield...




Gus opens the door to his room.

He walks in, "Eden... Coop is on his way up so-"

He turns and stops.


Eden is sitting on the couch... with Harley.

Harley looks at him, "Finally."

His mouth drops, "What are you doing here?"

She looks at him, "Well I came to see if Cassie was here, but what do I find, your sister walking around the lobby. Your sister who is supposed to be dead."

He looks at Eden, "Why were you in the lobby?"

Harley sighs, "Gus do you know how dangerous it is for her to be here right now?"

He nods, "You think I haven't told her that?"

Harley sighs, "Okay. Now, I'm still trying to wrap my head around the fact that Eden is now married to my little brother."

Gus looks at his sister, "Well it looks like you told Harley everything now didn't you?"

Eden sighs, "What was I supposed to do?"

Gus sighs, "Well Coop is on his way up here expecting to meet with his wife. Who he doesn't know is my sister."

Harley stands, "Okay well we need to-"

There is a knock on the door.

Coop hollers, "Gus, Gus let me in."

Eden runs to the door and opens it.


Coop walks in, "Hey..."

He sees Gus and Harley inside.

Coop is confused, "What's going on?"

The 3 of them look at each other.


Museum Apartment:


Susan is by herself.

She is waiting for Sam to arrive so they can celebrate Valentine's day.

The doorbell rings.

Susan rushes to answer it.


Stephanie walks in, "Hello."

Susan shoves her, "Get out of here."

Stephanie turns to her, "Hey! I came by to get the rest of my stuff. Sam said he found my old books. He never brought them by so I came over here to get them from him."

Susan scoffs, "You've got to be kidding me."

She sighs, "What?"

Susan looks at her, "Sam isn't here! He is on his way to your place to drop off your books."

Stephanie shakes her head, "Great! I almost died coming here the roads are terrible."

Susan stares, "Then why did you drive all the way here? Oh wait, because you were hoping you'd get snowed in here with Sam. Sorry to tell you but you're little plan failed."

Stephanie shakes her head, "Whatever."

Susan opens the door, "Time for you to leave."

Stephanie looks out there, "No! I'm not going back out in that!




Snow is all over the road.

Dinah's car is on the side of the road.

Dinah is looking under the hood but is having trouble because of the weather.

Suddenly a car stops.

Dinah looks, "Oh son of a bitch."


Mallet rolls down his window, "You don't look to happy to see me. I'd be relieved if I was you."

Dinah shakes her head, "I'm late for work! I have a show to start and I'm incredibly late."

Mallet laughs, "Blake's there isn't she? I'm sure she could handle one show without you."

Dinah kicks her car.

Mallet gets out, "Okay, I was just kidding."

Mallet looks under the hood.

She sighs, "I am not helpless. I just... it's cold out and this car is like beyond repair."

Mallet nods, "We aren't going to get anything done in this weather. Come on get in my car."

Dinah stares at him, "Mallet..."

He looks at her, "You want to wait out here? Because I'm getting in my car right now."

She nods, "You know today is Valentines Day right?"

He laughs, "Come on Dinah."

Dinah and Mallet get into the car.

Dinah sighs, "Well deja vu. We've spent Valentines Day here before haven't we?"

The two laugh.




Blake is pacing.

Kevin is there, "Mom just relaxed."

Blake shakes her head, "The roads are ruining everything. The interviewees are no shows and I have absolutely no idea what is going on with Dinah, I can't get ahold of her."

Kevin sighs, "I'm sorry."

She shakes her head, "No I'm sorry. You did your piece on Valentines day that's supposed to air but we might just have to send everyone home and throw something else together."

Kevin looks at her, "Well I was hoping we could talk. I know we haven't talked much since you saw me with Rocky..."

Blake shakes her head, "You don't have to explain a thing. If you and Rocky aren't ready to be out together... then it is none of my business. I just want you to be happy."

He sighs, "Thanks."

Blake goes off to talk to some important people.

Kevin's been texting Rocky.

Over two years since he confessed his feelings to Rocky and he still hasn't told anyone else.

Kevin knows what he has to do.

Kevin goes to talk with the producer.




Marina is sitting with her son in the bedroom upstairs.

For the first time in a long time she feels complete.

Things finally are going the way they should.

There is a knock on the door.

Marina looks up, "Come in."


Cyrus walks in, "Hey. How is the happy family doing?"

Marina grins, "Great. We visited Michelle and her kids yesterday, they were so excited to meet their little brother."

He smiles, "That's great. You two look perfect together."

She nods, "He's adjusting much better than I expected. I think there is just a natural bond between us."

Cyrus nods, "Of course. You're his mother."

Marina sighs, "This wouldn't be happening if it wasn't for you. I still can't believe what you've given me."

Cyrus shakes his head, "I didn't do anything except help link you two back to each other."

She looks at him, "Even before that. You tracked him down and brought him back to Springfield. I can't even imagine what might have happened if you hadn't found him when you did."

Cyrus smiles, "All that matters is now everyone is where they belong."

She stands up, "What about you? Have you found where you belong?"

He shakes his head, "Still trying to figure that out."

Marina sighs, "Anything I can do to help?"

Cyrus looks into Marina's eyes.

The two kiss.




Lucy is sitting in a waiting room area.

David was supposed to visit her.

A nurse is chatting with her, "I'm sure he'll show up, there is lots of snow out there, he's probably just having trouble."

Lucy shakes her head, "No. He abandoned me. I honestly hope he never comes here. I can't trust him."

The nurse walks away.


Alan Michael walks up, "I thought I recognized your voice."

Lucy turns to him, "What do you want?"

Alan Michael laughs, "I didn't know they sent you here. What did you do this time?"

Lucy turns to him, "I put myself here, sort of, mostly my husband and family forcing me into it."

Alan Michael nods, "I hear that. Though at least you still have your husband. Mel left me for Rick while I was in here. Though I guess I was done with her anyway."

She scoffs, "No offense but as one of your ex wives I don't care to hear about you're last wife."

He turns to her, "So, I'm in here for having a nervous breakdown because of Annie Dutton. What about you?"

Lucy turns to him, "I found out that Marina's baby that she had with the late Danny Santos was alive and instead of giving him to her I have been raising him with David this past year. Now Marina has her son and I'm thrown into this place."

Alan Michael just stares in shock and confusion.




Liz is having a check up.

Alan has people keeping an eye on the hospital in case she tries something.

Liz is waiting in the room.

The door opens.

She expects her doctor to walk in.


Remy walks in, "Hey."

Her mouth drops, "Remy... Oh my God! What are you doing here? Do you have any idea-"

He shushes her, "Don't worry. No one saw me. I took care of your doctor. I figured we should get to spend some time together on Valentines Day. Even if we can't really be together."

Liz cries, "Remy this is horrible. My Grandfather is controlling everything in our lives. He's going to ruin Clayton's life."

Remy shakes his head, "We won't let that happen. Look at me. I love you. I'm going to figure this out. Alan has been running our lives long enough. At least for today you and I can be together."

Liz smiles, "Thank you. Thank you for reminding me why I fell in love with you in the first place."

Remy walks over and kisses her.




Cassie is leaving a meeting.

She gets into the elevator.


Once she gets in she sees Jeffrey.

He sighs, "Hey."

She turns, "Sorry, I'll get the next one."

Jeffrey shakes his head, "No. It's fine. What's one elevator ride going to hurt?"

Cassie sighs, "I suppose it's only going to be a minute."

Cassie gets in.

The doors close.

Jeffrey sighs, "Cassie..."

She shakes her head, "No. Jeffrey you are about to marry my niece and a few weeks ago we were together. I can't possibly think of anything else we have to say."

Jeffrey sighs, "Marah decided to have the wedding at the Masquerade Ball next week."

She scoffs, "Wow. I guess now I have to go to your wedding since me and everyone else is already attending the ball. Marah planned that one out perfectly."

Jeffrey sighs, "Cassie please don't-"

She turns to him, "Just stop!"

The two stop talking.

Cassie gets confused, "Why aren't the doors opening?"

She hits on the doors.

Jeffrey looks around, "I think the elevator is stuck."

Cassie and Jeffrey turn and stare at one another.


Cross Creek:


Josh and Reva are going over plans for the wedding.

Josh looks at the plans, "Wow this seems like it's going to be a beautiful wedding."

Reva smiles, "Only the best for our little girl."

Josh nods, "Yep we got another wedding to help plan later this year with Shayne and Ava."

Reva sighs, "Poor Ava. I doubt either of her parents are coming back to town for it."

He sighs, "You really want to deal with Olivia as the mother of the bride? Or the Dark Prince himself Edmund Winslow."

Reva shakes her head, "God no. Keep him away from Springfield for good. Thank God he's out of our lives now."

Josh sighs, "I just hope Marah isn't rushing things..."

Reva looks at him, "Joshua... I need something positive to focus on. I got my life back. Let's not dwell on the negatives."

He nods, "Okay. Speaking of Marah where is she? I thought she'd be here by now."

Reva sighs, "Well she is probably driving slow because of the weather. I would call her but I don't want her on her cell phone while she's driving you know. I worry."

Josh nods, "Well that's what makes you a great mother. Marah and Shayne are lucky. So are Jonathan and Dylan."

Reva smiles, "The kids are lucky to have you too."

Josh gets up to go put some more wood in the fireplace.

Reva has a minor flashback to when she and Josh first made love in front of that fireplace.


Coop sits down, "What is going on?"

Harley sits with him, "Coop, I know what's been going on and there is more you need to know."

Eden sighs, "Henry..."

Coop looks at her, "Wait. Why are you going to Harley and Gus for help? How do you know them?"

Eden takes his hand, "My name is not Mary. My name is Eden August."

Coop is confused, "Where have I heard that before?"

Gus sighs, "Eden died in a warehouse explosion a few months before you came back to Springfield."

Coop is confused.

Eden sighs, "I'm in the witness protection program. I'm Gus's little sister. I used to be engaged to Bill Lewis. I got into a bunch of trouble back in the day. And now I'm your wife."

Coop stares in shock.


Blake smiles into the camera.

She begins, "Hello you're watching 'Light Talk'. I'm your host Blake Marler. My co host Dinah is unavailable at the moment and we all are missing her today. However the show must go on and we are having our special Valentine's Day episode. We know many of you watching are probably sitting on the couch with nothing better to do because of the weather. So we hope we can help you enjoy this special day."

She turns to the next camera.

She grins, "On a special day like today fate brings on its A-Game. Old loves can be rekindled, new loves are found, current loves are strengthened and destiny can work in mysterious ways."

Blake turns to camera 3, "Today my son Kevin Marler is going to help us shine a light on Valentines Day from a more personal perspective."

Blake herself is confused on what is about to happen.

The camera focuses on Kevin.

Kevin smiles, "Hello, I'm Kevin Marler. Happy Valentines Day Springfield. I have a story for you. And it's all true. Every bit of it."


Valentines Day continues!

Kevin stuns Springfield

Coop and Eden make decisions

Kisses take place all over


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