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Alan and Phillip stand on the balcony overlooking everyone below dancing, conversing, just plain enjoying themselves. Phillip is dressed up as Centurion and Alan, George Washington.

Phillip: It was a great idea to throw this party, Dad.

Alan: Thanks, Son. Been awhile since Springfield has thrown such a party like this.

Caroline (dressed up as Burlesque dancer) forms a wedge in between Alan and Phillip.

Caroline: Sorry, Mr. Spaulding but I have something that came for Mr. Phillip.

Caroline hands Phillip an envelope that reads: READ ALONE.

Alan: Who is that from?

Phillip: Don't know. No return address.

Alan takes the envelope and is about to open it when Phillip takes it back.

Phillip: Dad, it's for me. And it says READ ALONE. Meaning for me, not for you.

Caroline chortles but Alan looks side eyes, reprimanding her to stop.

Phillip: Dad, ease up. Go and dance with Caroline.

Caroline: (joyous) Well that sound great!

Alan: I don't--

Caroline drags Alan off to dance.

Phillip, now alone, opens up the envelope to pull out a letter. The letter (in red ink) reads: "TONITE IS THE NIGHT...THE ENDING OF YOU..."

Phillip places the letter in his pocket and agitated, scopes the room out.


Caroline finally drags him there and the two start to get down. Nearby is Trista (dressed as Scarlett O'Hara) and Rocky (as Rhett Butler) dancing.

Rocky: Are you OK? I mean the way you were when you saw Mr. Shayne.

Trista: I said I'm fine.

Rocky: You sure?

Trista: Positive. Guess I was just upset about the article still.

Rocky: Well you shouldn't let Spaulding boy get to you.

Rocky gazes over at James (dressed as Marc Antony) and Daisy (dressed as Cleopatra) dancing close.

Rocky: What does my niece see in him? Why is she even here with him?

Trista: Why are you so fixated on what they are doing? I thought I was your date for the evening?

Rocky: You are.

Trista: Then shouldn't your attention be on me?

Rocky looks at Trista lovingly.

Rocky: It should be. I apologize.

Trista: Good.

Rocky: But--

Trista: But what? What now?

Rocky: Kevin. Kevin is who I wanted Daisy to come with. I just wish he would've had the balls to ask her.

Trista: You know he is shy. As a matter of fact, where is Kevin?

Rocky points across the room to Kevin (dressed as a surgeon), who stands up against the wall alone looking out at everyone.

Trista: Poor Kevin. Maybe I should ask him to dance.

Rocky: Maybe you should. But just ONE. You're my date.

Trista dances away from Rocky.

Trista: And you know it. Be right back.

Trista heads off towards Kevin.

Meanwhile, Mel and Cyrus come down the stairs arm in arm dressed up as the Monster of Frankenstein and his Bride.

DJ: (on mic) Now entering, Mel Boudreau and her date, Cyrus Foley.

Mel gleams at the sound of the applause from the crowd.

Cyrus: Nice crowd tonight, eh?

Mel: I say.

Mel and Cyrus reach the final step met by Christina and Remy.

Mel: Remy!

Remy: Hey big sis. (coldly) Foley.

Cyrus: Remy. And hello to you too, Christina.

Christina: Thanks. You guys look great.

Mel: So do you -- (confused) how are you two suppose to be?

Christina: Ike and Tina! Duh, Mel.

Mel: Oh my. How cliche.

Remy: I agree. I would've rather been Whitney and Bobby.

Mel is stunned by this.

Cyrus: I happen to like them.

Christina: Thanks. Despite the fact that Ike was a woman beater, he gave the world a precious gift...(spins around) TINA TURNER BABY!!

Mel: (to herself) Jesus take the wheel...

Remy: What was that, Mel?

Mel: I said I need a drink.

Mel chases after the waiter, who has just wandered by.

For a beat, there is an awkward silence between Remy and Cyrus.

Cyrus: So...

Remy: Have you seen, Leah?

Cyrus: She was right behind us outside, but I think she met up with some of her friends outside.

Remy: Oh. Well maybe I'll get to see her before the night is over.



Leah, dressed up as Christine (Phantom of the Opera), sneaks over to a bush nearby the entrance. She tosses the bag she is carrying into the bushes.

Grady: (O.S) Ouch.

Leah: (whispering) Sorry.

We hear the sound of the bag unzipping.

Leah: So -- do you like it?

Grady: What the hell is this?

Leah: It's Erik.

Grady: Who?

Leah: (moans) Erik. From Phantom of the Opera. Don't tell me you've never read it before.

Grady: No. Did you forget that I grew up in an orphanage.

Leah: So what. Many astute people were orphans.

Grady: OK. But, the orphanage I grew up in was POOR! We didn't get books. Hell they didn't even care about schooling.

Leah: My bad. I'll give you a copy of it before you leave after tonight.

Grady: (sarcastically) Great...can't wait to read it.

Leah: Listen you--

A touches Leah on the shoulder. She screams out and turns around to spot her father, Rick standing behind her dressed as Charlie Chaplin.

Rick: Leah, who are you talking too?

And on Leah searching for an answer:


- Phillip grows uneasy about the letter

- Leah sneaks Grady in as her date & Daisy is suspicious

- Kevin shares his secret with Trista & Rocky.

- Trista reveals her secret to her two friends as well

- Rusty squares off a Senator prompting him to make a decision

- Rusty is shocked...his fiance is here!

- James wishes he was here with Trista

- The Foley Brothers plan to poison Phillip

- India shocks Alex when she reveals the new position Alan has given her at Spauldings.

- Alex wants full control of Spaulding Enterprises and nothing less.

- Alan calls in a favor

- The night ends bad for someone...in a blood bath!

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I know it had to been uneasy for Phil to know some one wants him dead. He is being watched

I also liked the dream sequnece. It was so soapy.

I love me some Remy. He had a guess role on STEAM some time ago. He and Ria had sex.

Dialog was pretty goo in this ep to.

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