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Episode 187



Everyone has a plan in Springfield...


Harley's House:


Phillip and Harley walk into her house.

Harley hollers up the stairs, "Zach! Could you come down here for a minute please?"

Zach comes down.

Phillip smiles at him, "Hi."

Zach nods, "Hey Dad. What's going on?"

Harley sighs, "Well I told your father about Lincoln Prep and how you really wanted to go."

Phillip looks at him, "You really do?"

Zach nods, "I have some friends who are going there. And I mean when I was a little kid I used to always plan on going there like you did. It just makes sense."

Harley sighs, "Well you have to keep in touch every single day and come home every chance you get."

Zach grins, "So is that a yes?"

Phillip turns to Harley, "As long as you promise to remember to keep in touch with your Mom."

Harley shakes her head, "No, not just me. Your Dad too and of course Gus as well."

Zach smiles, "I will."

Zach hugs his parents.

Harley and Phillip are finally glad the three of them can share a happy moment.




Guillespie is with Lorelei.

She looks into his eyes, "My name is Lorelei Hills."

He laughs, "Come on you're pulling my leg."

She shakes her head, "Nope. Sorry to break it to ya buddy but I'm not. Lorelei is my name."

He shakes his head, "I remember you. You're Beth Spaulding."

She sighs, "I'm not Beth."

He laughs, "No you just look like her right?"

Lorelei sighs, "Okay I guess one might argue that I am Beth. Beth suffers from multiple personalities."

G laughs at her, "Oh you have got to be kidding me! So you're telling me that I'm talking to some fictional character in Beth's head?"

She smiles, "Well I don't feel like no fictional character. Beth can't handle her stress. And when that happens she shuts down and that's when I get to take over."

He looks at her, "So what happens when Beth is ready to come back?"

Lorelei smiles, "She ain't comin' back. I'm not going anywhere."

He is confused, "If that's true then why are you pretending to be Beth?"

She sighs, "Because I have made a lot of enemies as Lorelei. This is just a way for me to go through Springfield."

Guillespie nods, "How long are you planning to keep up this charade?"

She grins, "Until I have everything I want."

He is very interested in her.




Susan stares at the stage.

Marina is dancing for everyone.

Trey laughs, "Yeah, she came to me and was asking what she had to do to get a hook up on some stuff. I told her instead of letting her degrade herself I'd get her a job."

Susan scoffs, "Oh yeah she is really respecting herself like this. This is sick."

He smiles, "You want a job blondie?"

She looks at him, "Get you're loser ass away from me."

Trey laughs as he walks away.

Once Marina is finished she walks backstage.

Susan sneaks back there.

Marina is changing.

Susan walks up to her, "What are you doing?"

Marina is shocked to see her, "How did you find me?"

She sighs, "It doesn't matter. Marina what the hell is this? You were taking your clothes off for money."

Marina shakes her head, "You have no idea what you're talking about Susan. It's not like that."

Susan nods, "So what's it like then."

Marina sighs, "I needed money. I'm not ever going to be a cop again. This is easy."

Susan grabs Marina's arm, "You're done."

Susan is dragging Marina out.




Liz is going on a walk.

Remy approaches her, "Hey."

She looks at him, "What's up?"

He sighs, "Not much. I heard you lost."

She nods, "Yep. I didn't even make it to the final ballot. They looked at me like I was a joke."

He sighs, "I'd tell you I'm sorry but then I'd be lying."

She walks past him, "Yeah."

He turns to her, "I'd be lying because I think it was for the best. Being CEO would only make things worse for you."

She laughs, "You aren't as smart as you think you are Remy."

Remy nods, "So what are you going to do now?"

She shakes her head, "I have no idea. I'm trying to adjust to normal life again. I'm not CEO, and probably won't be for another 20 years or so. Which is probably when I'll get to see my daughter again. I have no idea where she is or what she's doing."

Remy sighs, "That's got to be rough."

She nods, "You see if I were CEO I would have the power of everyone. Then I could have a better shot at bringing Sarah home, and bringing her home to a safe town."

Remy sighs, "Sometimes I wonder if this town will ever be a real safe and happy place again."

Liz nods, "It is. For some people."

He looks at her, "But not for us?"

The two stare at each other.




Olivia gets into the elevator.

Just before the doors shut Alan jumps in.

He grins, "Well hello Olivia."

She sighs, "Hey Alan. How's your job as CEO going? Oops! That's right Annie is the CEO."

Alan nods, "You must be pretty happy."

She nods, "Oh I am. Finally a CEO who can handle the job."

Alan shake his head, "Only a Spaulding can handle the job. One day Emma will be voting."

Olivia shakes her head, "No. Emma will not be accepting any stock from Phillip."

Alan laughs, "You can't force her at that age. By then she'll probably drop the Lewis at the end of her name too."

She sighs, "Emma is Bill's daughter now. She has been most of her life and nothing you can do will change that."

The elevator stops.

Olivia gets off.

Alan follows.

Olivia turns to him, "Why are you up here?"

He grins, "You may own half of the hotel Olivia but my wife owns the other half. I can go where I please."

She shakes her head, "Last time I checked you had no clue where Natalia was. And I'm guess it's staying that way."

Alan grabs Olivia by the arm, "I knew it."

She pulls away, "You knew what?"

He grins, "You manipulated Natalia just like you manipulated Mel. This whole thing has been some game for you, Dinah and Annie. Mel and Natalia are nothing more than your pawns."

Olivia steps away from Alan.




Michelle starts to walk away.

Jesse follows her, "Come on where are you going?"

She sighs, "What are you going to follow me there too?"

He scoffs, "Would you stop it! I'm not following you."

She turns around, "You're doing it right now!"

He looks at her, "What is upsetting you so much?"

She wipes her tears, "I came here to have a special moment at my mother's grave. And you take that opportunity to chase after me and try to break up my relationship with Bill."

Jesse shakes his head, "You are paranoid. Not once, not once have I tried to break up what you have with Bill."

She scoffs, "You follow me! You always show up where I am. At the barbecue, at my house, on the side of the road, now the cemetery?"

He stares at her, "How could I have possibly known that stuff? Maybe you should think about whether or not this is all some sign. Did you stop to think about that?"

She shakes her head, "No. Bill is who I was meant to be with after Danny! We had our fate. Ava's coma and Danny's death literally brought us together! The club they were working on brought us together."

Jesse sighs, "Then if that's true then what are you so worried about with me Michelle?"

She cries, "Because you're everywhere! I feel you everywhere I go. No matter where I go I see you whether you are there or not. It's not right and it's not fair Jesse."

Jesse just stares at a crying Michelle.


Harley's House:

Phillip and Zach are alone in the living room.

Zach sighs, "I can't wait to tell everyone I get to go."

Phillip smiles, "I'm glad we could make you so happy son."

Zach looks at him, "I'm sorry that it took me so long to give you a chance again."

He shakes his head, "No. You have nothing to be sorry about. You had every right to feel the way you felt. I did horrible things when I was sick. I tried to use you guys and one of the worst things was hurting your mother and her family."

Zach nods, "Yeah."

Phillip looks at Zach, "I want you to know that it wasn't like that always. Your Mom and I were very close once. That's why we had you. We were very much in love and we had such a nice life. It just didn't exactly work out in the end."

Zach looks at him, "Why are you telling me this?"

He sighs, "I don't know. I guess I want you to understand that your Mom and I don't hate each other. I want to make it clear that I love you, Lizzie, James, Emma, and Penelope all the same."

Zach sighs, "I guess.... I felt left out sometimes. Lizzie, James, and Penelope are your kids with Beth."

Phillip nods, "I know. But I love you and Emma with all my heart, just as much as I love your siblings."

Zach nods, "I hope Emma knows that."

Phillip sighs, "I hope so too."

Phillip hugs his son.


Olivia is with Alan in the hallway.

She sighs, "You have no idea what you're talking about."

Alan laughs, "Oh come on. Did you have a problem seeing me with another woman Olivia?"

She scoffs, "Believe it or not Alan I'm over you. Our whole marriage was a huge joke."

Alan shakes his head, "Sounds like all of your relationships."

Olivia stares at him, "You don't know anything about my relationships."

He nods, "You got together with my son to get back at me."

She laughs, "Believe it or not Alan, I actually loved Phillip. But you, Lizzie, and all the other Spauldings couldn't let us be happy. And it made Phillip into a monster."

Alan laughs, "So you married Bill Lewis. But that was just so you wouldn't get deported right?"

She looks at him, "What's it to you?"

Alan sighs, "Well I got married this year, Phillip got married a few months ago, now Bill is about to marry Michelle Bauer. Something tells me you've been craving a drink."

She shakes her head, "I'm stronger than that. I have a daughter to protect from people like you."

Alan nods, "While your oldest basket-case daughter is in the nuthouse."

Olivia grabs Alan, "You shut your mouth! You shut up about my daughter!"

Alan looks into her eyes, "You call me a bad parent Olivia. Why don't you take a hard look in the mirror."

Alan walks away.

A very upset Olivia goes into her room.


Liz and Remy sit on the bench.

Remy looks at her, "So, got any plans for your next big adventure?"

She shakes her head, "Nope. I'm tired of adventures. I guess I'll just continue working at Spaulding, taking care of my dog Roxy, and... that's about it for me."

Remy nods, "Same here. Except I work for the SPD and I don't have a dog."

She nods, "You should get one. They're great to talk to."

He stares at her, "You talk to your dog?"

She sighs, "Don't judge me."

He laughs, "I just figured you'd be looking for some new guy to get together with."

She shakes her head, "No. That never has worked out. Coop, Jonathan, Colin, none of them were right for me. And they were all so different from each other. I really don't want another relationship."

Remy nods, "I know what you mean. Tammy, Natalia, Blake they all had other loves they weren't over."

Liz looks at him, "Didn't you date that Stephanie?"

He nods, "Only a rebound for Blake."

Liz sighs, "So does that mean you're going to get back with her?"

He shakes his head, "I don't know. A part of me thinks that I should get to have that one true love and Blake had that with Ross already."

Liz shakes her head, "I don't know Remy. Sometimes I think that there are people who will just never find that one person that they were meant to be with."

Liz and Remy sit on the bench and wonder what their futures hold.


Susan takes Marina outside.

Marina pulls away, "Stop it!"

Susan looks at her "We are leaving?"

Marina shakes her head, "All of my stuff is still inside!"

Susan nods, "Well we'll have your pimp Trey send it home to us okay? Just come on."

Marina shakes her head, "Stop it! Stop treating me like I'm some moron who can't control herself."

Susan looks at her, "I think you are the idiot who is trying out some desperate cry for help."

Marina scoffs, "I didn't even tell you what I was doing! This is my job now."

Susan shakes her head, "You don't expect me to believe this is your career now?"

Marina shouts, "I don't have a career anymore! This is just what helps me pay the bills."

Susan nods, "Oh now dealers have bills?"

Marina just lights a cigarette and doesn't say anything.

Susan sighs, "It's sick isn't it? Knowing the things you would do for it."

Marina shakes her head, "You think this is what I wanted? I was supposed to marry Danny! We should have raised our child! I don't even know what my child looked like or what he sounded like. All I know is that I let him burn to death!"

Susan has tears in her eyes, "I'm so sorry. But Marina there is nothing we can do to bring him back. We can't bring back Danny and we can't bring back your baby. All you can do is try to..."

Marina shouts, "What? Make them proud. Do you think you're dead adoptive parents are proud of what you've become?"

Now Susan is crying.

Marina runs away from Susan.

Susan is beginning to see so much of herself in Marina.


Lorelei and Guillespie stand by each other.

Guillespie looks at her, "So how much is my silence gonna get me?"

She sighs, "I'll give you a nice little cut once I get my share. Then I'll be out of this town."

He shakes his head, "No sweetheart. I want half."

She turns to him, "Half? Are you outta you're damn mind boy?"

He laughs, "Come on. It's not like I'm going to just sit and look pretty. I work for my money."

She smiles, "What did you have in mind?"

He looks into her eyes, "Whatever you need. I have no other reason to be in Springfield. My brother is ashamed of me, my girlfriend has moved on. I think this will give me something to do."

She sighs, "What can you do? I mean the Spaulding hate you because you're a constant reminder of what they did to Tammy. There is no way they will let you anywhere near them."

He nods, "Truth. But I'm good at one thing. I can do the dirty work. It's my specialty."

Lorelei turns and thinks.

He puts his arms around her, "You can't have Beth Spaulding getting her hands dirty. But me, no one even knows I'm in Springfield. Besides, a partner can make things twice as fun."

Lorelei turns to him, "Okay partner. You got yourself a deal."

The two shake hands.


Michelle has to sit down on the ground.

Jesse looks at her, "Do you really mean everything that you just said to me Michelle?"

She looks up, "Why would I lie?"

He sits next to her, "I wish you didn't feel that way."

She is confused, "What?"

He looks at her, "You can't let your feelings get in the way of what you have with Bill."

She shakes her head, "What are you talking about?"

He sighs, "You have to forget about all of this Michelle. You are happy with Bill."

She shakes her head, "So you don't want me?"

He looks at her, "Michelle, look at you. This is what me being around you does to you. I'm not going to let you get hurt by me."

She wipes her tears, "Just stop it Jesse! I am sick and tired of mind games and crap."

Jesse shakes his head, "It's not a mind game. If you look me in the eyes and tell me you want to marry Bill then I'll leave."

Michelle stares at him, "What?"

He nods, "You heard me."

Michelle looks down.

Jesse stares at her.

She looks up at him, "I am marrying Bill."

Jesse gets up.

He walks over to his car.

Michelle watches him as he leaves.

Michelle looks over and sees Danny's grave.

A very confused Michelle continues crying.


Michelle and Bill plan the wedding

Shayne visits Ava again

Remy is surprised to run into Blake

Olivia confides in Buzz

Alan has a proposal for Annie

Mel reaches out to her husband

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The plot with Loreilee is making much more sense. I am glad it has been explain to me what is all this.

Again that damned susan. How bout u look in the mirror u slut. Worry about ur own prolbems

Remy and Liz? I approve

DAMN i swear Jesse is a stalker and a creep.

Very nice scene with Phil and his son. Its nice seeing how Zach really feels. How old is he?

I love Alan and his smart as comments.

Remy does sereve love doesnt he.

So glad Susan is seeing herself through Marina

LL and G partners? I like that. Very interesting

Michelle made the right choice by having that creep Jesse leave. What is his problem.

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