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Dinah V. Blake






Holly sits back in her chair, exhausted as Dinah and Blake continue to sling insults at one another. Tired, Holly slams her fist on the table, regaining control of the room.

Holly: Ladies! Enough is enough. (pointing the chairs in front of her) Have a seat.

Dinah and Blake do as they are told.

Holly: Now look, Blake, I thought you wanted nothing to do with WSPR?

Blake: At first. But I had a change of heart.

Dinah: Of course, when you discovered that Holly was going offering me a position.

Blake: Oh Dinah, get a grip! Have you not learned that the world does not revolve around you?

Dinah: Unfortunately not. You don't even have the skills to be a good anchor.

Blake: How hard can it be to read off a teleprompter?

Holly: Ladies. Stop! I've made my decision already...You're both hired.

Dinah & Blake: (bewildered) What?

Holly: I am hiring the both of you. Blake, you will bring in viewers due to--

Dinah: Being Roger Thorpe's daughter, having that sham of a marriage to my father, and those trashy novels you write.

Holly: No...but her fame from her best-selling novels will bring in viewers. And Dinah, your hard journalistic talent will--

Blake: Send people to a competing station when they learn that their anchor married her co-anchor's father for her trust fund, then the son of her husband before killing him in cold blood...

Dinah shoots a cold stare at Blake.

Dinah: I loved him, Blake. I loved Hart with all of my body and soul.

Blake: Yeah but you killed him. So I really don't qualify that as love.

Holly: (holding her head) Girls...

Dinah: You know what, I am not going to sit here and let you dictate my feelings for Hart. Because if you wanna get dirty we can get dirty. Your history is no cleaner than mine.

Dinah gets up and head for the door. She stops for a second and turns around to add one more thing.

Dinah: Holly...I want you to know that I accept the job. I'll be in tomorrow.

Dinah rolls her eyes at Blake before slamming the door behind her. Blake sits in the chair fuming.

Blake: (to self) Damn her. (to Holly) YOU CAN'T HIRE HER!

Holly: Too bad I only take what you say so lightly.

Blake: Mom, Dinah Marler will drop the credibility of this station down.

Holly: No she won't. If anything, you two together will draw in huge ratings. Oh and when you two join up Reginald, the male anchor I hired, the ratings will zoom through the roof. This is going to be a good year for WSPR.

And on Blake annoyed,



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