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Episode 176



The Spaulding Board Meeting Begins in Springfield...


Spaulding Enterprises:


Annie, Olivia, and Dinah are sitting at the table.

Annie grins, "Get ready ladies. Today is the day we have been waiting for and it will be a sweet victory for sure."


Alan walks in, "Well if it isn't Annie Dutton and her little henchman. Don't you girls look pretty."

Olivia grins, "Hello Alan. Don't get your hopes up for today."

Alan sighs, "Well I was hoping for another one of your drunken scenes Olivia but I hear you quit drinking."

Alan goes to his seat.


Alexandra follows, "Alan don't get all grumpy. It's not going to look well on the board."

She sits in her seat.


Harley, Blake, and Lucy walk in.

Harley turns to them, "I really have no idea who I'm voting for."

Lucy shakes her head, "Neither do I."

Alan is making eye contact with Blake.

The ladies take their seats.


Liz and Rafe enter.

Liz smiles, "Hello everyone. I hope your ready for the next generation to take over."

The two sit down.


Next is Mel and Alan Michael.

Alan Michael looks at her, "We're going to get everything we want today Mel. The best day of our lives."

He goes to his seat.

She mumbles to herself, "Thought that was our wedding day."


Cyrus walks in and waves at Harley.

Right behind him is Gus.

Harley sinks in her seat.

Phillip and Lorelei (Beth) are the last one's to arrive.





Reva is with Lillian.

Lillian hugs her, "I'm so sorry that this is happening to you all over again Reva."

Reva sighs, "Thank you. But I think I'm going to have an easier time now. I've done this before."

Lillian nods, "Yes. You should be confident. We are all here for you."

Reva sighs, "So is all of your family at the meeting?"

Lillian nods, "Yes! I'm glad I'm not a voter. My son in law, my granddaughter, and Alex is my best friend. I am afraid of what this will do to them."

Reva nods, "Well I hope everything works out."

Lillian nods, "Same for you."

Reva goes down to her room.

She walks in.


Noah is going over papers, "Take a seat Ms. Shayne."

She sits, "Okay Dr. Chase."

He walks towards her, "We're going to go over your test results and then I have some stuff for you to fill out."

Reva giggles, "You're very serious today."

He looks at her, "I'm your doctor. Let's not act like this is anything more than that."

Reva is confused by him.


Old Museum:


Coop is texting on his phone.

Stephanie walks over, "Who's that?"

He turns, "Oh my sisters. Lucy and Harley are at the Spaulding meeting. I'm just joking with them."

Stephanie nods, "Wow. I'd be so bored. I'm not a business person. Not my kind of job."

He shakes his head, "Me either. I'm perfectly happy as a teacher. I'm not into business take overs and whatnot."

She nods, "Then the rest of your family is cops. Frank, Harley, Marina, and now Rocky."

Coop sighs, "I hate it. I mean it's so stressful worrying about them every time they go to work. But Marina's not a cop anymore. And I'm hoping Rocky changes his mind."

Stephanie sighs, "But he's so passionate about it."

Coop nods, "Well I can't imagine having another person I love going out there."

Stephanie sighs, "I feel sick telling you this right now."

Coop laughs, "What do you want to be a cop now?"

Stephanie sighs, "Coop."

He stops laughing when he realizes she's serious.




Michelle is showing Jesse the club.

She walks him around, "How does it look?"

He looks, "Wow you and Bill have done a good job."

She nods, "It took a while. But we've had good business so far. We had a great opening night."

He smiles, "It's just funny. I mean he works for Lewis Enterprises. You are a doctor at Cedars. But you both run a nightclub as your second job. Kind of different."

She nods, "Yeah it's hard to believe. But it helps pay the bills. Plus this was something Ava and Danny were working on. So we took that as a sign and it led us together."

Jesse nods, "That's like fate."

She laughs, "I guess so."

Jesse walks up to the music.

He plays a song, "It's a nice set up here."

She laughs, "You think so?"

He reaches out his hand, "Dance with me?"

Michelle takes his hand.

Jesse dances with Michelle.




Marah is in the lobby.

Cassie approaches them, "Hey you guys."

Marah turns, "You again. I told you to stay away from me, Jeffrey, and RJ. Do you not get it?"

Cassie sighs, "I understand. I actually tried to talk to RJ earlier today. I saw him outside."

Marah scoffs, "You don't care what I tell you."

Cassie nods, "He ran off again. Now I get it. It's not you keeping him from me. RJ isn't ready for me to be back in his life."

Marah nods, "He might never be."

Cassie nods, "Yeah. Well I'm here to make you a deal."

Marah shakes her head, "I'm not going to let RJ become a bargaining chip in your games."

Cassie sighs, "No games. But I'm talking about a trade."

Marah is confused, "What are we trading?"

Cassie takes out keys, "Homes. I will move in at the Beacon. And you will get the farmhouse."

Marah stares at Cassie in confusion.

Spaulding Enterprises:

A man named Mr. Wallace is leading the meeting.

"We are to see if Annie Dutton remains CEO of Spaulding Enterprises or if that title will go to Alexandra Spaulding, Alan Spaulding, Phillip Spaulding, Alan Michael Spaulding, or Elizabeth Spaulding. Now we've never had such a large number of hats in the ring so we will have a different way of organizing this. We are going to narrow it down to two candidates to go against Ms. Dutton. This meeting will be to take it down to 4."

Everyone looks at each other.

Many are confused as to what is about to happen.

Wallace continues, "Today we will here from the last 3 people who announced their candidacy. Mr. Alan Spaulding, Ms. Alexandra Spaulding, and Ms. Elizabeth Spaulding. By the end of the meeting only one of them will still be in the running for CEO."

Liz, Alex and Alan all look at each other.

Alan grins, "This should be interesting."

Wallace continues, "We will now go on to announce any proxy's."

Alexandra rises, "I hold the proxy of my son Nick Spaulding."

Phillip rises, "I hold the proxy of my ex wife Melinda Sue Lewis."

Annie rises, "I hold several proxies."

All eyes turn to Annie.

Annie goes on, "The proxy of Doris Wolfe, the proxy of Amanda Spaulding, and the proxy of Natalia Spaulding.'

Many are shocked.

Annie smirks at a clearly surprised Alan.



Jesse is dancing with Michelle.

She smiles at him, "You have become a very good dancer."

He shakes his head, "A dancer is nothing without and equally great dance partner."

She smiles, "Well thank you."

He spins her, "You look beautiful."

She laughs, "Oh my goodness."

He dips her, "Michelle..."

She stares into his eyes.

They lean close to each other's faces.

Michelle jumps away, "No."

He turns to her, "I'm sorry."

She turns off the music, "I just got caught up in the music and the memories and everything."

Jesse nods, "Me too. I didn't mean to upset you Michelle. I was just in the heat of the moment."

She smiles, "We are in Caliente."

He laughs, "Exactly."

Michelle picks up her purse, "Maybe we should go."

Michelle knows how close she was to kissing him.

Old Museum:

Stephanie sits with Coop.

Coop doesn't say anything.

She looks at him, "How are you feeling?"

He sighs, "Surprised. I mean I didn't expect this from you Stephanie. Not at all."

She shakes her head, "Neither did I. But with everything that happened with Vi. I really felt good being able to stop her and handle the situation. I think I can do again."

He turns to her, "Why would you want to? The whole time there was a million chances for you to be killed."

She nods, "But I wasn't. I'm good. And the training will make me even better. I talked to Rocky-"

He nods, "Of course this was Rocky's idea."

She shakes her head, "No. It wasn't. I asked him about it after I realized that I wanted it. He is passionate for it too. He gets what I am feeling and what I want."

Coop shakes his head, "So I will have my little brother and my girlfriend risking their lives now?"

Stephanie nods, "Coop please just support me. Tell me that you will not let this come between us."

He looks at her, "But what if it does? What if I tell you not to do it or I'd leave you. Would you still do it?"

Stephanie is greatly offended.

Spaulding Enterprises:

Everyone is getting ready for the speeches.

Olivia and Dinah turn to Annie.

She looks at them, "Okay so right now we don't worry about us. We do defense. Alexandra, Lizzie or Alan. We have to find not only who will be the easiest to beat but other things."

Dinah nods, "Like what?"

Olivia sighs, "I know what she's talking about. We have to make sure that we can turn the Spauldings against each other. And turn them to our side."

Annie nods, "Precisely."

Liz is with Rafe.

She looks at him, "I have my speech ready. This is perfect. They will understand that people like Granddad and Aunt Alex are in no condition to do this while young people like me are more than ready for it."

Alexandra is with Alan.

She turns to him, "Well brother, I guess after today only one of us will still be in the running. May the better woman win."

She reaches out her hand.

He shakes it, "Or man."

Mr. Wallace looks to them, "We will first hear from Ms. Elizabeth Spaulding."

Rafe and Liz get ready.


Noah and Reva are still in the room.

Reva looks at him, "Is something bothering you?"

Noah shakes his head, "Reva I'm your doctor. This is a very professional relationship."

She nods, "I know that Noah."

He sighs, "I don't want this to be confused with our past relationship."

Reva sighs, "By me or you?"

He looks at her, "Reva-"

She shakes her head, "Does this have anything to do with why you left early at my house the other day?"

Noah nods, "I just decided to let you and Josh have a moment alone with your children."

Reva sighs, "I knew it! That's what it was all about. It was about my family with Josh."

Noah shakes his head, "No Reva."

She nods, "Yes. When you came back to town you were so happy to see me. Probably forgot why you left me. Now you remember. You said you could never compete with Josh. You wanted me to be with Josh and my kids and not with you. It was your selfless moment."

Noah doesn't say anything.

She continues, "Well I have news for you Noah. My karma caught up with me already."

Noah stares at her.


Cassie is holding the keys out to Marah.

Marah looks, "What's the catch."

She shakes her head, "No catch. Hart left this house to me because he wanted RJ to grow up there. But RJ isn't with me anymore. He's with you now so if you have RJ you have the house."

Marah sighs, "So what their a package deal?"

Cassie nods, "It's not my house. It's RJ's house. Plus I live alone now. For the first time in my life. I don't need the room. But you have RJ and Jeffrey. You need a house."

Marah takes the keys, "So is this supposed to get you in good with RJ or something?"

Cassie shakes her head, "You can tell him that you got it straight from Lizzie if you'd like. I'm not trying to buy my son's love."

Marah nods, "That's a good thing because you can't."

Cassie nods, "I know. RJ is much better than that."

Marah looks at her, "How soon can we move in?"

Cassie sighs, "Whenever your ready. I have my stuff out already."

Marah nods, "Then we'll move our stuff in tonight. I'll drop my key off with Olivia and you can get it from her."

Cassie nods, "Okay."

Marah walks away, "I'm not going to thank you."

Cassie sighs, "I didn't expect you to."

Marah leaves.

Spaulding Enterprises:

Liz gets up in front of the room.

Liz looks at all of them, "I am Elizabeth Spaulding as you all know. I decided to run for Spaulding CEO after realizing what horrible patterns it's been thrown in. I have never been CEO before that's true. But that is a very good thing. I've never made the mistakes they all have made, I've learned from them though. And the hard truth is that my Granddad and Aunt Alex won't be around forever. None of us will. But I'm young and I have a whole future of plans I have made for this company."

Alan scoffs, "For who? You gave your daughter up?"

Phillip looks at Alan, "Shut up."

Alan shakes his head, "Is this the woman you want running the company? Someone who hands their child over to some cousin kissing lowlife like Jonathan Randall?"

Liz sighs, "I'm sure they'd prefer that over a man with a cold heart like yours Granddad."

A furious Alan turns away.

Liz goes on, "I'm not trying to come up her and lie to everyone. I'm not perfect. But I plan to make Spaulding Enterprises a business that people can be proud to be a part of again. I hope you will all vote for me today. Elizabeth Lillian Spaulding."

Liz takes her seat.

Mr. Wallace stands, "We will now here from Alexandra Spaulding.


The Spaulding Board Room heats up!

Marah and Jeffrey go the farmhouse

Michelle runs into Cassie

Reva explains to Noah

Stephanie makes a decision


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  • Members

Hi Jay. Decided to mosey over here to see what's been happening with your excellent story. :-) Man! The last time I saw Cassie she was in the Spaulding mansion. Guess I've missed quite a bit. But it sounds as good as ever. ;-) Not sure how I feel about "Stephanie" but everything else sounds great.

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  • Members

Well It's been a long time boss and I'm back, it's offical.

I hope you are not far behind.

I love the casting of Jesse. I see a hot couple in Jesse and Michelle

Did you recast Coop? God I hope not and if you didn't change that pic back.

Love this big CEO storyline. I love buisness storylines them selves and this has so many people invovled and in so many ways but then again, I expect nothing less from you jay. Nice umbrella plot. So JUICY and seems set up so WELL. VERY WELL

I love Alan's out burst. I like Alan in genereal. Well I am back and dont leave us hanging like this

I also think what Cassie did was a nice thing

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  • Members

Wow so great to hear from you guys!

Thanks Greg, well Stephanie is about to go away for a while so there you go! LOL! :)

ML! I'm gonna be catching up on STEAM soon. :)

I'm so excited for you all to see the Bill/Michelle/Jesse triangle! I hope everyone enjoys it.

Same Coop, maybe not the best pic.

The CEO story still has a lot to go. But it will have a lot of drama!

Alan is such a great character to write. I loved him with Natalia but this is the real Alan.

Cassie is back to normal as well. But she has a lot to make up for. A LOT! And Marah is not planning to forgive her.

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