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Episode 146



Mistakes are made in Springfield....


Susan and Gus are in bed together.
Susan sits up, "So is Olivia stopping by today?"
Gus nods, "She stops by everyday."
Susan turns to him, "Any idea when?"
Gus sighs, "I think she's visiting Ava today. She does it every now and then. She stays for a while."
Susan sits back, "I don't get that. She's in a coma. What's the point in talking to her. She's like... dead right?"
Gus lights a cigarette, "No. You can be really cold sometimes."
She shakes her head, "I'm not cold. I'm a realist. I know how the world works. People die. A lot."
He looks at her, "See that is cold."
She gets up, "Me? You are the one who is cheating on your girlfriend."
He shakes his head, "Olivia is not my girlfriend. She has made it very clear that we are friends."
Susan laughs, "Good luck finding a man and woman who can be friends without one of them being gay."
Gus nods, "Olivia is not even my type. You aren't either."
Susan laughs, "No offense honey but you aren't my type either."
He nods, "No you like murders and criminals."
She sighs, "Let's not do this. I have to get going."
Gus reaches over to her and takes her hand, "Not yet. Let's get one more in before you leave."
Susan grins and climbs on top of him.


Olivia walks out of Ava's room.
Edmund is standing right there, "Hello Olivia."
Olivia sighs, "Edmund. What can I do for you?"
Edmund looks at her, "Olivia are you aware of what is going on with our Grandson?"
She sighs, "Please don't come whining to me because you blew your chances with seeing the baby."
Edmund shakes his head, "No. I saw him the other day. I wasn't to happy with his living arrangement."
Olivia looks at him, "Edmund. It is working. He lives at Cross Creek. And I get to see him a lot when I get Emma. It works out fine."
He sighs, "You don't see it do you? What Bill has done to Ava."
Olivia shakes her head, "What are you talking about?"
Edmund is angry, "Michelle Bauer is holding this child, playing with it, feeding it, protecting."
Olivia jokes, "Oh what a bitch!"
Edmund shakes his head, "It's not funny. Michelle is not his mother. Ava is his mother."
She nods, "Well Ava has been in a coma for the first 7 months of this child's life. And I hate that she missed everything. But Michelle isn't the worst person in the world."
He is frustrated, "That's not the point. Olivia we need to protect our daughter and our Grandson. You have to help me."
She is confused, "Help you what?"
Edmund sighs, "Help me get that child away from Bill and Michelle."
Olivia is stunned by his words.


Bill and Michelle brought the kids to the park.
Robbie and Emma push Hope on the swing.
Michelle and Bill push HB in a stroller.
Michelle smiles, "This is a lot of fun."
Bill nods, "My kids and your kids. All 4 of them. They all play like they are brothers and sisters."
Michelle smiles, "It's really great. Bill this is just so good for my kids. After this past year dealing with Danny's death. You have been really good for them. So has Emma and HB."
He nods, "I know what you mean. Emma loves having a real home. I know she loves the Beacon with Olivia. But she enjoys it here too. And I was so worried about HB growing up without a mother but... Oh. I'm sorry I didn't mean to make is sound like that. Implying that you are his mother."
She smiles, "It's fine. I mean I was afraid to say it but I feel like I have a special bond with him. I delivered him. I was the first one to hold him. I fought so hard to keep him alive. He's a miracle and when I see him it just makes things better."
Bill grins, "You are just amazing you know that? I mean I've known you my whole life and I never realized how perfect we could be for each other. I mean I never thought I could be this happy."
Michelle and Bill kiss.


Rocky and Kevin have been staying here.
Rocky walks inside, "I'm back."
Kevin sits up, "You got some food."
Rocky nods, "Well yeah. I don't know how long we will be here. So I thought we should get some stuff."
Kevin nods, "Are we planning on hiding out here forever Rocky? Because I think our families would miss us. And I think that we would actually miss them too after a while."
Rocky smiles, "I know. I do miss them. But it is just to much to deal with. I know I'm a coward. I left them at my ceremony and didn't even face up to anything."
Kevin shakes his head, "You are no coward. You made an adult decision and I am proud of you."
Rocky kisses him, "I made the right decision. Kevin I have been fighting these feelings for a long time! I know our love story doesn't start out the way that most should. But I don't care. Even if no one else understands. We know what we have is special."
Kevin has a huge smiles, "I've waited so long to hear you say that. God I wish I really deserved you."
Rocky nods, "You said it before. We deserve this. We deserve to be happy together."
The two kiss.


Aubrey and Jonathan walk into the living room.
Liz is playing with Sarah, "We are having fun over here."
Jonathan smiles, "Well I'm taking Aubrey out shopping for baby stuff. So do you want to come Liz?"
Aubrey turns quickly, "No!"
Jonathan looks at her, "Are you okay?"
Aubrey nods, "Yeah. I just meant, Liz should get some more alone time with Sarah. She is her biological mother and Sarah should have more alone time with her."
Liz is confused, "You really mean that?"
Aubrey sighs, "I just want what's best for Sarah. Believe it or not. I just want her to be happy."
Jonathan grins, "That's really big of you Aubrey."
Liz smiles, "Thank you Aubrey."
Aubrey nods, "Well Jonathan get me out of here before I change my mind."
The two of them leave.
Liz is playing with Sarah.
Sarah smiles, "I want outside!"
Liz nods, "Yeah Aubrey said she promised you outside. We'll go outside in a little bit."
Suddenly Liz hears her phone ringing.
Liz turns but her phone isn't on the table where she left it.
She gets up to find it.
She can't see it anywhere.
Sarah gets up and starts to walk through the kitchen by herself.

Police Station:

Today they will find out the announcement of the new Chief of Police.
Everyone thinks David and Harley are the two leading runners.
Mallet smiles, "Are you two nervous at all?"
David shakes his head, "No not really. I'd love to be police chief but Harley would be a good one too."
Harley nods, "Yeah. One way I'm happy with my job even if I don't get the job. And hey Gus is doing better and should be back on the force soon."
David turns to Mallet, "Hey maybe you'll surprise all of us and get the position yourself."
Mallet laughs, "Are you kidding me? I haven't even made a speech, got recommendations."
Harley nods, "But you have the most experience."
Mallet shakes his head, "No I would have to be sleeping with someone high up to try and beat the two of you."
The acting Chief walks in, "Hello everyone. As you all know I will soon be stepping down as acting Chief. I came as a temporary replacement for Rusty Shayne. And after some long reviews and some information from a few anonymous citzens. We have chosen our new Police Chief. Someone who has been really working hard. A person who deserves this more than anything. Ladiea and Gentlmen. Mr. AC Mallet."
The room fills with shock and applause.
Harley and David are surprised but still smiles, "Wow congrats."
Mallet is in shock.


Susan and Gus are in bed still.
Susan is giggling, "We are never going to get out of this bed now are we? I mean we keep trying."
Gus nods, "Well now we are done. You should get going home now right?"
Susan nods, "Yep. Cyrus said we are celebrating something. My Mom has something going on."
Gus sits up, "How is your mother?"
Susan gets out of bed, "I don't know. I don't talk to her a whole lot. She's like disappointed and stuff."
He looks at her, "She doesn't know about anything that's happened does she?"
Susan shakes her head, "No. But she's been really depressed since she gave up Belinda. I think she could have used someone to lean on. She pushed Cyrus away."
Gus nods, "I should have been there."
She is getting dressed, "Yep. But you weren't."
He looks at her, "See there's that coldness again. You just no how to say the wrong thing."
She smiles, "I'm very blunt. Ha I love that word."
He scoffs, "You are very childish you know that."
She laughs, "I thought you liked that. Just kidding. We both know the real reason that you are attracted to me. I look like Harley don't I?"
Gus doesn't say anything.
Susan leaves.
Gus sits and smokes another cigarette.

Kevin looks at Rocky, "So how long are we going to be staying here?"
Rocky sighs, "I'm not sure. I just need to think of a way to explain everything to my family. I don't want this to come out the way my relationship with Shayne did. That sucked."
Kevin sighs, "We aren't the same as you were with Shayne. Before you just had to explain that you were gay. Now you have to explain how you could possibly be falling for the monster that attacked you."
Rocky turns, "You are not a monster. And if I can get past that then so should everyone else."
Kevin nods, "Sure. But they won't. They'll say that I'm manipulating you. Lying to you. Maybe even fooling you. No one in this town trusts me anymore after what I did to you."
Rocky nods, "I know. But we will get past all of that. And so what if people are angry or upset. All I care about is that you make me happier then I ever have been before."
Kevin smiles, "That means a lot it does. But Rocky I need to know that you are going to be able to tell everyone that you love that you are in a relationship with me without apologizing or making excuses. And I'm not so sure that you can do that."
Rocky sighs, "Kevin don't be like that."
Kevin walks away, "I'm going to buy some more stuff. Because as long as you are ashamed of me. We'll be here for a long time."
Kevin leaves.
Rocky feels more guilt.

Police Station:
Mallet walks in front of everyone.
He is shocked, "Uh... Wow. I didn't uh.... I didn't expect this. I was not at all thinking that I would be the new Chief of Police. But I must say I am honored and completely touched that people seem to think that I would be good for this job. I promise that I will do the best that I can and you will not be sorry that you hired me."
The room fills with applause.
Harley shouts, "Go Mallet!"
David hollers, "You're the best man!"
Mallet is very embarrassed.
But he feels touched that maybe he really does deserve this job.
Mallet feels on top of the world.
Dinah comes in out of no where, "Honey! Oh my God! Congratulations."
Mallet looks at her, "Dinah how did you know that I was going to be police chief."
Dinah shakes her head, "Well I was told that they were announcing it today and I knew it had to be you. Also I'm covering it for WSPR."
The news crew comes in.
Mallet waves to the cameras.
Dinah is thrilled to see him so happy.
She is proud to know deep down that she is reason for all of this.

Liz finally finds her cellphone.
It was inside of a plant.
Liz brushes it off and opens it.
A text from Rafe.
She closes her phone, "Sarah did you play with my phone sweetheart?"
Liz turns to see that Sarah is gone.
Liz looks around, "Sarah? Sarah where did you go?"
Liz looks around and sees nothing.
She goes into Sarah's bedroom.
Jonathan and Aubrey walk inside.
Jonathan sighs, "I'm sorry. I can't believe we drove that far before I realized that I forgot my wallet. I could have sworn it was in my pocket where I left it."
Aubrey nods, "Well let's check on Sarah and Liz."
Liz runs downstairs, "Sarah!?!"
Jonathan looks at her, "What's going on? Where is Sarah?"
Liz has tears in her eyes, "I can't find her anywhere. Sarah is gone."
Aubrey faints into Jonathan's arms.

Bill and Michelle are on a bench with HB.
Robbie runs over, "Hey can I get some ice cream for me, Emma, and Hope?"
Michelle nods, "Sure sweetheart."
Bill grabs some money, "Here. Hey get me and your Mom some too."
Robbie smiles, "Thanks Uncle Bill."
The three kids go to get ice cream.
Michelle smiles at Bill, "You know he was so cold to Marina when she was with Danny. I was afraid that he would be the same way with you. But he seems to still like you a lot."
Bill jokes, "Well everyone likes me."
Michelle laughs, "Well I know that I do."
Bill grins, "You know it's nice. I think you, me, Robbie, Emma, Hope, and HB all have something really special going on right here. It's really cool how it worked out."
Michelle grins, "We are like our own little family. The kind of family that every kid dreams of."
Bill looks into Michelle's eyes, "Michelle I think I'm falling in love with you."
Michelle is speechless.

Edmund is arguing with Olivia outside of Ava's room.
Olivia stares, "You are nuts you know that! You knew Ava for what a few weeks before she fell into a coma and now you want to step up and be her father all of the sudden."
Edmund scoffs, "You knew here for a few years. And didn't even know she was your daughter for the first of them. And from what I hear you tried to have her killed."
She nods, "Okay now you are going to tell me that I am a bad mother? Is that it?"
He nods, "Well you were sleeping with her husband which led to all of this happening."
Olivia is furious, "You sick son of a bitch. You have no right to criticize me! You kidnapped Michelle's daughter Hope and gave her to Cassie telling it was her baby! Now you want to take HB from her and Bill?"
Edmund shouts, "This isn't about Michelle! This is about Ava! Ava's baby needs her! Ava's son needs his mother!"
Those words seem to echo.
They can be heard from the room.
Suddenly things go silent.
Ava lies in her bed not moving.
Edmund's word go into her head.
For the first time in over half a year... Ava opens her eyes!


Ava wakes up after 8 months!!!
Bill and Michelle declare their love
Dinah has a secret
Sarah's family gets horrible news
Rocky goes to find Kevin


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Oh, now this is delicious! Ava is waking up 8 months later...Kevin and Rocky...Daisy and Gus. I have a terrible feeling about Sarah though.

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Thanks Blossiegirl!!!

Look out Springfield, Ava is awake!!!

Rocky and Kevin have a lot ahead of them!

Gus and Susan have a really twisted relationship. But Gus is growing very close to Olivia, while he still has feelings for Harley. This man has a lot on his plate.

The Sarah story is HUGE! All I can say is it is going to change this story a lot. The end of the Aubrey/Jonathan/Liz story is coming up. I can't tell you how it ends but it's going to be big!!!

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