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Episode 145



The committment ceremony continues in Springfield...

Country Club:

Guests wait for Rocky and Shayne's ceremony to begin.
In the other room Shayne looks down on Rocky who's on the ground.
Shayne looks at him, "Is that hot? Is that what you wanted me to do?"
Rocky looks up at him, "What do you know about Kevin?"
Shayne laughs, "Oh! The Masquerade Ball! Before I slept with Marina I found you making out with Kevin! Kevin Marler! The guy who attacked you! Beat you up and left you in an ally. That gay bashing bastard!"
Rocky gets up, "Kevin did those things because he was confused."
Shayne laughs, "Confused?"
Rocky nods, "He had feelings for me. Kevin is gay."
Shayne shakes his head, "I cannot believe this. He attacked you for being gay. Put us down. And that football playing, all American jerk is a fag? Wow this is... he is sick!"
Rocky sighs, "I know it's a lot to deal with but he's not lucky like we were when we came out. He didn't have someone there for him like we had each other."
Shayne turns, "But he had you. He did didn't he."
Rocky sighs, "I didn't want this to happen. But it did. It's not just some fling. I fell for him. I might even lo-"
Shayne smacks him across the face.

Spaulding Enterprises:

Alexandra looks at her family.
Phillip stares, "Are you serious Alexandra?"
Alex nods, "Very much so Darling. I will run for CEO. I will not let you all go at each other's throats."
Alan Michael scoffs, "You got some nerve. You tell us not to fight over the company and now you throw your hat in the ring?"
Liz sighs, "So now it's all four of us against each other?"
Alex shakes her head, "No! That is not our goal. We are going to be the Spauldings taking back our company. Cassie took it from us as revenge for Tammy's murder. Then in her last moments she handed it over to Annie Dutton of all people."
Phillip sighs, "So what you are saying is that we all team up to take down Annie?"
Liz nods, "The board members will see that we all are working together. Annie is the enemy. They'll vote her out."
Alan Michael sighs, "And then we'll be right back here. All of us going after the same position."
Alex looks at him, "Alan Michael isn't it more important that the family saves the company and not which family member does?"
Alan Michael shakes his head, "I'm sorry but I don't think so."
The Spauldings continue to argue.

Country Club:

Billy walks over to Josh and Reva, "Have you guys seen Shayne?"
Josh sighs, "No."
Reva looks around, "We've looked everywhere!"
Billy sighs, "I don't understand. Where would he go?"
Across the room the Coopers are wondering the same thing.
Coop walks over to Buzz and Marina, "Rocky won't come out of his room. I think he's having argument with Shayne."
Buzz turns to Marina, "Sweetheart. What did you do?"
Marina sighs, "I... did something bad. I don't want to talk about it Grandpa."
Buzz looks at her, "Did you do something to bother Shayne or Rocky?"
Marina covers her mouth and runs into the bathroom, "I feel sick!"
In the room Rocky stares at Shayne, "I can't believe you did that..."
Shayne sighs, "Is that what you want? Me to be like that jackass Kevin Marler? Really?"
Rocky shakes his head, "I never asked you that! I never tried to make you do that!"
Shayne sighs, "Rocky... you hurt me! You betrayed me! I had no idea what a desperate, pathetic, tramp you were."
Rocky is incredibly hurt.

Alan & Natalia's House:

Natalia is with Mel.
Mel smiles, "So how has it been as a newlywed?"
Natalia grins, "It's been great! Alan's been so romantic ever since the wedding. Even that Annie woman returning didn't hurt us."
Mel nods, "Speaking of which, I found out that Dinah and Olivia have been having lunches with this Annie."
Natalia stares, "What? Are you serious? Do you know much about this Annie Dutton?"
Mel sighs, "Well I never met her. Rick told me about her. I think she and Dinah were friends. But I didn't think she knew Olivia."
Natalia sighs, "Well I'm worried about them. Actually I keep seeing Olivia hanging around Gus. She says nothing is going on but I don't know."
Mel nods, "I find it hard to believe Olivia could just be friends with a man. But lets change the subject. How is married life?"
Natalia laughs, "You've been married before."
Mel sighs, "I know. But it was different with Rick. He was sick at the time. Then things were just... complicated."
Natalia looks at her, "Why the sudden interest Mel?"
Mel smiles, "Okay don't tell anyone yet but.... I'm engaged to Alan Michael!"
Natalia grins, "Ah! Oh my goodness! That's amazing!"
The two women hug.

Country Club:
Reva walks over to Buzz, "Does this seem familiar?"
Buzz nods, "It's like the last ceremony. Something isn't right."
Reva sighs, "Buzz... is something going on between Rocky and Shayne that I'm not aware of."
Buzz nods, "Oh yes there is."
Reva looks at him, "What is it?"
Buzz sighs, "I have no idea. But it is something bad."
In the other room.
Rocky wipes tears, "This day was supposed to be different."
Shayne sighs, "I wish I could say sorry for what I said. But I meant it. I don't know who you are anymore."
Rocky sighs, "I wish I could make this up to you. I wish that I could make all of this go away."
Shayne looks at him, "If you want me to forgive you then do this. Go out there and pledge your love to me. Promise me that you will spend the rest of your life with me no matter what."
Rocky sighs, "I don't know if I can."
Shayne gets angry.

Cross Creek:

The Lewises are all at the ceremony.
Maureen is babysitting Baby HB.
She is helping him practice walking.
There is a knock at the door.
She gets up and goes over.
Edmund Winslow stands in front of her, "Hello Ms. Reardon."
Maureen stares, "You're Edmund Winslow."
Edmund nods, "Yes I am. I'd like to see my Grandson."
Maureen shakes her head, "No. I'm sorry but my sister has told me a lot about you. My mother made it clear she doesn't want you in the house. And my brother warned you to stay away from HB."
Edmund walks past her, "Look at my little guy! Oh I can't believe how fast he's growing up. Standing on his own?"
Maureen walks over, "Please leave."
Edmund holds him, "You are such a handsome young man."
Maureen sighs, "Mr. Winslow please."
He grins, "You know little guy, your mother would be so happy to get to see you like this. One day she will wake up and see you. I promise. You have a great Mommy waiting for you."
Suddenly Bill and Michelle walk inside.
Michelle runs over, "Get away from that baby!!!"
Bill holds her back.


Country Club:
Shayne looks at Rocky, "Why are you doing this?"
Rocky cries, "I don't want to hurt you!"
Shayne nods, "Well good then don't!"
Rocky sighs, "Shayne. You were my first love. You were there for me when I needed someone. You helped me so much. I will never be able to repay you for what you've given me."
Shayne nods, "Yes Rocky. Yes you can. I just told you how."
Rocky shakes his head, "No. It wouldn't be fair to anyone. Not if we aren't the same to people we were when we fell in love. I hate to say it but coming back to Springfield changes us both."
Shayne looks at him, "Then we'll leave! We can go out of town. Out of the country."
Rocky shakes his head, "My brother tried that with Ashlee. It doesn't work. I think I need some time alone. I have to go."
Shayne grabs him, "No! You don't get to do this to me!"
Rocky is frightened.

Alan & Natalia's House:
Natalia smiles at Mel, "So how long has it been?"
Mel sighs, "Long enough. I just had to tell someone. I am engaged to an amazing guy."
Natalia nods, "But then why are you selling your house?"
She sighs, "We're not selling it. Alan Michael just wants to stay at the Spaulding Mansion with his family. And Leah has a big bedroom. It's not the worst place. And it's just business stuff. Once he's CEO we'll get back into our home. It's temporary."
Natalia sighs, "I'm worried. Alan told me what the company did to him. What if it does the same things to Alan Michael."
Mel shakes her head, "I won't let that happen. Alan Michael is strong. And we will help each other in every way that we need."
Natalia nods, "I hope so Mel. All I want is for you and Alan Michael to have what I have with Alan. Maybe even a little baby of your own."
Mel laughs, "I don't know. I got Leah in middle school. But it might be nice having a baby again."
Natalia smiles, "I hope your dreams come true Mel."
Mel nods, "I hope so too!"
The two women hug.

Spaulding Enterprises:
Alexandra walks over to Alan Michael, "Why do you have to be like this? You are better than that."
Alan Michael nods, "I know I am. But you all don't want me to be. You want me to sit back and let you handle it. I don't think so. I will be the CEO of Spaulding Enterprises and I don't need any of your help."
Alan Michael walks away."
Phillip sighs, "I'm worried about my brother. I have never seen him like this. It's bad."
Liz sighs, "Well you know what he doesn't have to worry because I will be the CEO. I'm sorry but I work alone now."
Liz leaves."
Alex looks at Phillip, "Listen to me. This family went through hell after you left. Alan put us all on the top of the hill and hurt anyone who crossed us. And we paid for it. We fell Phillip. Now we are on our way back up. I won't let this family fall again."
Phillip sighs, "I don't want that either."
Alexandra nods, "We need to protect our family."
The two leave the building.

Country Club:
Reva stands in front of the crowd, "Everyone. I know you must be wondering what the hold up is. But I assure you that we'll get things going soon. So please be patient. Thank you."
Reva walks down.
Josh approaches her, "That was good."
Reva nods, "Thanks. The only thing I'm worried about is whether or not it's true."
In the other room.
Shayne has a hold of Rocky, "You can't leave me alone again. In front of our friends and family!"
Rocky cries, "Please stop Shayne!"
Shayne lets go, "Don't talk to me like that! Like I'm the bad guy! You've been sleeping with Kevin."
Rocky shakes his head, "I never slept with Kevin! I wouldn't allow myself to go that far!"
Shayne sighs, "I don't believe you."
Rocky falls to his knees, "I'm sorry."
Shayne sighs, "I am going to wait down the hall. I will give you 5 minutes. If you don't come out... then it's over. And I will never forgive and I will never love you again."
Shayne leaves.
Rocky sits alone in his room.
He starts to remember what his mother told him.

Cross Creek:
Michelle and Bill stare at Edmund.
Michelle is upset, "Edmund get your hands off that child."
Bill sighs, "Michelle it's okay."
Maureen sighs, "Bill I'm sorry! He walked in and wouldn't leave."
Bill nods, "I believe you. Edmund give me my son."
Edmund shakes his head, "You people look at me like I'm some monster."
Michelle shouts, "You are! You took my daughter from me! You took my baby! You are a sick twisted monster!"
Bill holds Michelle, "It's okay. Edmund give me my son."
Edmund puts the baby down.
An emotional Michelle picks him up, "Oh are you okay little guy?"
Edmund nods, "Of course he is."
Bill grabs Edmund, "Get the hell out of here!"
Edmund looks at Michelle, "Look at her, Holding him like that. It's almost as if... my God. Michelle is not HB's mother!"
Bill nods, "Shut up Edmund!"
Edmund if furious, "You want him to forget all about me and Ava right? You are sick!"
Bill shoves him out, "Go away!"
Edmund looks at him, "This isn't over Bill. That is Ava's son. Not Michelle's."
Edmund leaves.
Michelle sighs, "I'm sorry I acted like that I just saw him with the baby and it all came back to me."
Bill hugs her, "Don't apologize. You were great. You really care about him."
The two smile at the baby.

Country Club:
Rocky sits in his room.
He looks in the mirror, "I don't know who you are anymore. I don't know who the hell you are anymore."
Jenna appears, "I know who you are."
Rocky cries, "I don't know what to do."
Jenna nods, "Yes you do. Remember what I said. The man who loves you is the one that after all you do to him, he loves you in the end for who you are, no matter what."
Rocky gasp, "Your right! Oh my God! Thank you!"
Rocky goes running out of the room.
He runs outside.
He pulls out his phone to call Kevin. But he stops.
Rocky chose Shayne over him. He told Kevin there was no chance. He has no right to ask for forgiveness.
Rocky blew his chances with both of them.
Buzz, Coop and Lucy all run after him.
Rocky doesn't want them to see him like this.
Suddenly a motorcycle pulls up.
The man is wearing a helmet.
At first Rocky isn't sure who it is.
He quickly realizes it's Kevin.
That's when Rocky realizes that after everything he did to push Kevin away, here he is.
The Coopers all start to head towards Rocky.
He bolts down the steps.
Kevin hands him a helmet.
Rocky puts it on and hops on the bike, wrapping his arms around Kevin.
The two take off.
The Coopers stare in shock as Rocky rides away on a mysterious person's bike.

Kevin and Rocky find a place to stay
The new Police Chief is named!
Sarah is in trouble
Michelle and Bill have a great day together
Edmund goes to Olivia for help
Susan and Gus continue with their twisted relationship


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