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Episode#305: The Funeral of Peter Blake




Written by: Tara Smith and Special Guest Writer ML Cooks

Episode#305: The Funeral of Peter Blake

-Carrie is hesitant to answer Eric’s question, and she says she knows Sami is a liar, and she’s not sure….but…she may. Eric exclaims that’s ridiculous, Sami’s story is crazy and ridiculous! Carrie says she knows, but she HAS to stop and think! Marlena claimed, before she died, that Sami had been acting oddly, that’s why she called her back to town! She says that this town has seen such crazy things, why is THIS so hard to believe? Carrie goes on to say:

Carrie:Sami dressed up as Stan, who’s to say this Stan didn’t actually dress up as Sami like she says? I mean, we saw Andre DiMera make Marlena think she was the Salem Stalker and he whisked everyone off to some freaky island and then a castle. We saw Marlena POSSESSED for months! We saw Kristen Blake have four look-a-likes, one who dressed up as her and threw her in a secret room, then another that got killed in her place! We saw Andre and Tony DiMera constantly get switched, Rex and Cassie came into town from a spaceship! Not to mention all the weird DiMera happenings, like the Three Prisms! So yes, this is possible, and yes, this means that Sami could be telling the truth!

-Nicole tells Jan that she was pregnant once, and this time she actually will have a baby naturally, it’ll be fine! Jan smiles and says it will be nice to have a baby with Lucas…she just wants him to be there when its born, and this gives them all the more reason to break out of this hell hole! Nicole agrees, she says they just don’t have any clue how, but they’re both interrupted when Greta enters and asks if Jan’s pregnant!

-Destiny is in the shower at the Spears Mansion, and she thinks to herself how she’s so worried for Will, with the custody battle starting soon and all. She continues to think about it, and also thinks about how Arianna would want Will to have their daughter, not her parents. Destiny slowly gets out of the shower….but as she’s getting out and putting a towel on, Will walks in!

-All the DiMera’s are outside St.Luke’s, as Peter’s funeral begins. It is mostly empty except for the DiMera’s and Jennifer, and Renee whispers in Elvis’s ear that Peter could be having a PROPER funeral if he hadn’t tried to blow up the place! They all turn when they see Tony and Anna enter, and Kristen whispers to Stefano that he shouldn’t be here, but Stefano tells her to just let it go. With that, the funeral begins….

*Life in Salem Opening*

-Crystal and Benard are at their hotel room, and Crystal nervously reads in the newspaper that Peter’s being buried today…she thinks to herself that now Stefano will never help her get Arianna, he’ll probably help Will get her. Benard walks in, and asks her whats wrong, she’s seemed on edge for days now!

-Eric tells Carrie to calm down, and he didn’t know she was so passionate about this! Carrie asks how she can NOT be, Marlena, who was like a mother to her for years, was murdered, and now her own sister, Marlena’s daughter, is in jail for it! Carrie tells Eric to think about it, Sami’s done some AWFUL things, and she and Marlena have had a very rocky relationship, but she always loved Marlena, she’d never kill her! Eric says she may have a point…

-Jan slowly tells Greta that yes….she is pregnant with Lucas’s child. Greta groans and says that this is just great, now she has to take care of a pregnant woman and her brat! Nicole tells Greta that she doesn’t HAVE to, and Jan tells her Nicole’s right…now that she’s pregnant, this all needs to end, it’s the end of the line for her, its time for Greta to release them!

-Will’s eyes widen and he tells Destiny he’s so sorry, and tries to leave, but Destiny tells him its fine, its fine, she got a towel on before he walked in. Will again apologizes, but she tells him its fine. Will steps out, and Destiny comes out a moment later with a robe on. Destiny tells him she was actually just thinking about him, and the custody battle. Will tells her it starts soon, and he’s so nervous!

-Peter’s funeral begins, and the first to give a euology is Stefano. He slowly stands up, and stands in front of everyone, and he says that Peter….was never his biological son, but he always thought of him as a son, and direly wanted him to be his own. He states that Peter was a true DiMera, and was always loyal through thick and thin…he experienced hard times, like when he went to prison, but he survived…and he raised Peter up and saw him grow, he saw him develop himself, and he was always an important part of the DiMera family, even in the years that Stefano WASN’T there for him….he says that it shall be very different and hard without him, and he shall try to make his son proud. Stefano looks to Peter’s coffin, and before he steps down, he leans down and says this:

Stefano:And I want you to know, my son….that I never wanted this to happen to you, and any harm I EVER caused you…was never intentional. I loved you….so so very dearly.

And with that, Stefano goes and sits down.

-Crystal lies to Benard and tells him that its just with the custody trial coming up and everything, she’s nervous. Benard assures her it will all be fine, and despite the problems they have discussed, they can get Arianna from that scoundrel Will Roberts. Crystal smiles and says she hopes so, she definitely wants her little granddaughter back, living with them…

-Kristen emotionally stands as its her turn to give a euology at Peter’s funeral:

Kristen walks up to her brother’s casket and looks at him one last time, savoring the last remaining moments she’ll ever see of Peter’s face again. She wipes a slow falling tear on her cheek. She turns around and smile a bit as she looks at her family. Seeing her family, gives her brief comfort. Stefano, Lexie, her son Theo, Renee, Megan, Elvis and even Tony, Anna, Jennifer, and Vivian are all there to see Peter‘s last moments.


“Not very many people here…. A lot of people didn’t care for my brother too much. But it’s ok. He meant the world to me and my brother knew that and that’s all that mattered to him. He was not put here to be liked or gain anybody’s approval. He was my brother and I could not ask for anyone else to play that role in my life. Peter was a great man. Behind his tough exterior, was a man, who was compassionate and loving. He always put his family’s need before his own.” She wipes a tear as she looks back at the dead man. She looks out onto the crowd again,

“I remember when we found our mother in New Orleans. Peter was so excited. It was a happy time for us. Finally about to meet our birth mother. But tragically it wasn’t meant to be. But together, Peter and I made it through that horrible time. I remember when I was a little girl and Peter and I were adopted. I was so cared. I didn’t know what was happening. We were bouncing around from one strange place to another. Peter was my guiding light. He told me everything would be ok. He protected me. He got me through my worst fears. My worst night mares. It was just me and him growing up. With out him, I would be nothing.” Getting more teary eyed, she pauses again, and wipes the tears that are falling from her face with intensity.

She continues,

“And Peter was there for me when I was raped by that monster bastard and sorry excuse for a man, Tony the devil Dimera. He is not worthy of even having my family’s name. He’s scum. He’s the dog [[email protected]#$%^&*] under my shoe! Peter made sure Tony knew it though. Peter was there for me again. He was not going to let Tony get away with this sick crime. I wish…..I wish it was Tony that was dead and not Peter! Peter has never done anything as sick as Tony has.”

Stefano feels guilty as his plan to have Tony killed backfired, leaving Peter to get shot.

Tony feels his face getting warm as he listens to Kristen talk about his raping her.


“Why are you even here Tony?! You have no business being here. It should be you in that coffin. Not my brother you disgusting pervert. I’ll get you!” She says running after Tony. Tony stands up and leaves the St.Luke’s area as Elvis grabs Kristen. Kristen has a breakdown and Elvis holds her.

“It’s not right? Why Peter? Why my brother? I’ll never be able to talk to him or see him

ever again. WHY!!!!?”

Stefano himself sheds a tear as he watches Kristen cry over her dead brother.

“What have I done?” He says to himself.

-Eric tells Carrie she does have a point, but she doesn’t REALLY believe Sami, does she? He asks her if truly, deep down in her heart, if she really believes that a man dressed up as Sami and killed Marlena. Carrie sighs and is silent for a moment as she thinks about this, and she flashes back to all Sami’s done over the years, all she’s done to HER to try to ruin her life…Eric says after a moment that he knew it, she doesn’t believe her. Carrie looks up at Eric and finally says:

Carrie:No, damnit…I…I…I DO believe her! I admit it: Even after all Sami did to me, to try to ruin my relationship with Austin, my happiness, after all she did to people like Lexie, Brandon, Nicole, Kate….I BELIEVE her! I definitely believe that guy Stan dressed up as her and killed Marlena! And damnit, I am going to FIND a way to get Sami out of this! I’m going to stand by her side the whole way!

Carrie then stands up, and walks out of Chez Rouge as Eric looks on and shakes his head….

-Greta laughs and tells them that she’s not going to let a baby get in the way of her revenge, NOTHING will get in the way of her revenge! Nicole tells her that she’s HAD her revenge, Jan and her have been tortured down here for months now! She says that unless Greta relases them, she is going to have a huge responsibility on her back!

-Destiny tells Will that she PROMISES him that it’ll be fine, she knows how he feels, she’s nervous too…but they’ll fight the Galore’s, no matter what it takes. Will thanks her, for all her encouragement and everything she’s done, and he says he’s told her this before but he will again….he couldn’t do all this without her. She tells him she doesn’t need any thank-you’s, and him getting his daughter back will be enough for her, and the two walk off together….

-After Kristen’s euology, Father Jansen stands back up, and he says that a euology from Tony was planned but due to this emotional time for everyone and Tony leaving, they will move along…he asks if any of the other DiMera siblings, or Vivian or Jennifer, want to give a euology. They all shake their heads, and he nods, and as Anna gets up and runs to go find Tony, Father Jansen finishes the emotional funeral, and the burial begins…Vivian thinks to herself that she’s sorry this had to be done, she really is, but Peter went against her, and he had to pay, just so sad it had to end this way…Stefano shakes, the guilt running through him, as he sees Kristen and his other children in such an emotional state, and his adoptive son Peter Blake get put into the ground…

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I loved how Carrie was coming to terms that Sami is innocnet via all the crazy things that has happened in Salem over the years.

I just know Will and Destiny are bound to end up together. That’s how I was going to write it too. I can’t wait to see how you write it out.

The one I love about LIS, is how one big event is felt through all the stories. That’s one thig you do very well Tara.

It’s funny, after all that Sami has done to Carrie that she is now defending her ungrateful sister It really show how much of a great person Carrie is

Lord help Viv when Stefano finds out you set up Peter to be killed

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