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"Ides of May" Victims 3, 4, and 5!:



IPB ImageIPB ImageIPB Image

"Ides of May" Victims #3, #4, and #5 REVEALED!:

As the umbrella-storyline, the "Ides of May," continues to unfold, more and more of the storyline's victims are revealed.

On the episod that "aired" Friday, May 19th, the show said goodbye to Kim Johnston Ulrich (Ivy), Wayne Northrop (Stefano), and beloved vet, Frank Parker (Shawn Sr.). All of the exits are storyline-dictated. "It is really very hard to write out a character like Shawn who has had such a long and rich history with the show."...says the headwriter. "But it is all storyline-dictated, and we feel it will provide the show with some excellent opportunities and material. We have been building to this since December, and we knew it would come in May Sweeps when we could have the chance to get all of the Brady's back for the big event. We hope that Frank would be open to the possibility of some future returns for dream and fantasy sequences."

"As for Northrop, he has done very well as Stefano, but Stefano is going to take a break from Salem for a while. He will be back because he is Stefano, and he always comes back. But as to who will be playing him, who knows! We'll see."

"And Ivy's time in Salem was always limited. She has revealed the secrets of Max, Celeste, and Kate. Now, fans have to sit back and see them all unfold and be revealed to the residents of Salem!"


1. Thomas E. Kramer - "Tek" (Rhasaan Orange)

2. Bonnie Lockhart (Judi Evans)

3. Kim Johnston Ulrich (Ivy Crane)

4. Wayne Northorp (Stefano Dimera as Alex North)

5. Frank Parker (Shawn Brady Sr.)

6. ??????????

7. ??????????

8. ??????????

9. ??????????

10. ?????????

11. ?????????

12. ?????????

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Aww...I'm sad about Ivy. I would've loved to see her long-

term. Hopefully you'll do another crossover story.

I hope when/if Stefano comes, back Joseph Mascolo is

playing him :) :)

I'm not too broken up about Shawn. He wasn't

that necessary and it's better to kill him off than

to never use him. Good move :) :)

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