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Episode #115 - Friday, May 19:



Episode #115 - Friday, May 19:

- Kate tells Ivy that if she ever mentions again how she had Stefano’s baby, then she will kill her with her own bare hands.

- Kimberly gives Bo advice on Hope and Billie.

- Marlena and John tell their children where they have been.

- Billie continues to wonder about Liam’s intentions. She makes a call to the I.S.A. to have him investigated.

- Ivy tells Kate that she is leaving town to go back to Harmony, but she tells Kate that the truth always comes out, and how she can’t wait for Kate’s children to find out that she once gave birth to Stefano’s child!

- The I.S.A. tells Billie that Liam and his story check out and that he is telling the truth.

- Bo and Billie are shocked to realize that John and Marlena were at Stefano’s plantation/mansion in Maine! They ask if they saw Georgia there. Marlena re-calls Paige and how Paige overheard Stefano saying he is not her real father. Marlena tells Bo and Billie that she did see their daughter! She says her name is Paige and that she is the most beautiful young girl. She tells them that she thinks Paige might it out alive and might be on her way to Salem to find her parents. Bo and Billie are overcome with emotion.

- Celeste and Ivy run into each other one more time before Ivy leaves Salem. Ivy tells Celeste that she needs to tell Lexie that Stefano tricked her into killing Lexie’s guardians all of those years ago. Ivy says that Lexie will find out eventually and how it will be better coming from her than Stefano or someone else.

- Shawn Sr. flatlines. Lexie and the hospital staff try to revive him.

- Ivy tells Max that he needs to honest with Abby about her past. He says he was…kind of, and he says they are back together. Ivy kisses Max on the forehead and says that she’s always thought of him as one of her sons. She says she wishes him the best and prays that Avalon and Max’s dark past with him stay in the past. Ivy departs Salem.

- Stefano realizes how all of his plans have gone awry. He is outraged that John and Marlena have found each other! He is outraged that Tek was killed and that Cassie confessed! He does not know how all of his perfect plans have gone wrong. He takes a small pleasure in the fact that it looks like Shawn Sr. will die, but he vows to come back to Salem one day and get his revenge on everyone! Stefano boards a plane and leaves Salem.

- Lexie walks into the hospital waiting room where Caroline, Frankie, Max, Bo, Roman, Kimberly, Kayla, Shawn, Carrie, and Sami await. She tells them that she is sorry and that she did everything she could. Carrie begins to cry, which triggers everyone to break down. Lexie says that Shawn was not fully healed from the blast in December and his subsequent four month long coma. She says he was just too weak to survive his gunshot wounds. She leaves the room, and the Brady’s comfort each other and surround Caroline. The Brady’s are left, devastated.


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