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Episodes 204-208



Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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Barbara can't believe Carrie is Darryl's daughter. Paul accuses Carrie of playing on Barbara's grief. Looking for proof, Barbara has Bob run Carrie's DNA sample against a hair out of Jennifer's old hairbrush that Barbara had kept in a keepsake box. Sure enough, the tests came back that Jennifer and Carrie are half-siblings. Troubled by all of this, Paul seeks guidance from his ghostly father, who urges him to do whatever it takes to keep his mother safe. Later, Barbara reveals her plans to have a celebration in Carrie's honor, permanently re-introducing her to the Oakdale community as Carolyn Dana Crawford. Kim pulls Barbara aside and lectures her niece to not get her spirits too high; Carrie is no Jennifer and Jennifer is never coming back. Across the continent, Rosanna seeks help from Kathy. Rosanna writes a check and Kathy tells her that the man brings the infant to the market where she works every Thursday around noon. Set in her place, Rosanna's frightened when the fire alarm at the market goes off. Amidst all the chaos (with people running everywhere), Rosanna tries to make out the sandy haired toddler rested in a man's arms, but gets shove aside. Regaining her stance, Rosanna searches for the man and the boy, but they're gone from her sight. Later, Rosanna returns to the market and learns that a woman named Kathy never worked there.

Alison's convinced that Colin is hiding something huge and decides to keep up her sherade. Luke begs Holden to keep quiet, but Holden fumes that Jade is starting to return to her old ways by having everyone do her dirty work for her. Upset by Holden's words, Jade decides to call the whole thing off and give up. At the Lakeview, though, Colin gets tipsy thanks to Alison. He reveals that he's spying on Jade for the Taylors. Before he'll tell her why, though, Colin passes out with his hand comically placed on Alison's boob. Alison wiggles to get free, but Colin bolts up and drunkenly fumbles for the buttons on her jeans. Running an errand for Dusty, Aaron happens to see the whole thing and knocks Colin cold before taking Alison with him. Alison lies to Aaron that Colin is gay and was just playing around. Later, Colin shows up at work with a black eye and arrogantly jokes to Jade that her friend's boyfriend has a nice right hook, obviously unfazed by Aaron's assault.

While at the farm dropping off the girls with Emma, Lily has a brief talk with Clark. She explains that her mother is Lucinda Walsh, but Clark doesn't recongize the name. Outside, Clark sees Luke and Kevin kissing farewell and seems disgusted. Over dinner, Clark reveals that he's not too accepting of Luke's lifestyle, which Luke accidentally overhears. Later, Jack comes by Lily's and tells her there's something she should know. He informs her that he had an old FBI friend dig a little and it turns out that Clark was once married at the age of fifteen, but there's no record of the marriage actually being filed. Confused, Lily hides the details from Holden, hoping to do some more digging of her own before getting her husband's hopes up about Clark's shady past. A few days later, Jack approaches Lily outside Emma's house and asks her what he has to do to win Carly back, unaware that Carly is behind him.

Lisa confronts Tom about putting Casey in the middle of his recent fight with Margo. Tom lectures that Casey did that himself by breaking the law. Shocked at her son's words, Lisa implores him to quit thinking like a lawyer and start thinking like a father. Later, Tom attemps to make amends to Margo by reserving them a room at the Lakeview, but his pager goes off. They decide to try again later that night at home, but Casey snoring in the room beside them keeps them from doing anything. Later, Margo seeks advice from Lyla, who invites Casey to come stay with her until he can find a place of his own. Maybe with Casey out of the house, Margo suggests, she and Tom can get their groove back. Elsewhere, Katie tries to seek a solution to her pregnancy problem, thinking of ways she can break it to her husband that she lied. When Brad gushes about the possibility of becoming the father he never had, Katie's touched by his words and decides to keep the lie going for a little longer.

Gwen applies for a job at Donovan's. Dusty hires her on the spot and agrees to work around her schedule with Hallie. When Gwen returns home to share the good news with Iris, she's shocked to find Will holding Hallie. Acidly, she hisses that Will's only job is to mow the yard; she doesn't want him around Hallie unless she's around. Later, Gwen finds beer cans in the back yard and guesses that Will was drinking while he was playing with Hallie. Upset, she runs to Iris, who assures her daughter that Will would never jeopardize his marriage like that. Once Gwen has left to put Hallie down, we see that Iris planted the beer cans in hopes of driving Gwen and Will further apart. Later, Will gets introduced to Carrie and automatically, the two hit it off. Barbara gets unsettled by the chemistry between the two and sends Noah after his girlfriend.


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