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Friday October 3 2008



All The Days of Our Lives

Jeremy sits down across from Valeri at Chez Rouge.

Jeremy: Why's a beautiful woman like you sitting alone?

Valeri: I sometimes ask myself the same question.

Jeremy smiles.

Jeremy: So, can I buy you dinner, or did you already eat?

Valeri: Actually, I just sat down. Dinner would be great.

Jeremy: Good.

Jeannie is packing things at her desk.

Jeannie: Stupid Joanne.

Joanne comes out a of a room.

Joanne: Did you say something, Jeannie?

Jeannie: Yes, I did. I think you are an idiot! I have no idea why Anna brought you on to help her.

Joanne: Well, it doesn't matter to you, now, does it? Anna fired you, so get yourself out of here.

Jeannie: Go to hell. This company will fail because of you.

Jeannie picks up and box, and goes into the elevator.

Anna and Nicole are standing in the living room of the DiMera mansion.

Nicole: What do you mean your my mother?

Anna: I gave you up for adoption when you were born.

Tears form in both their eyes.

Nicole: What? I was too much of a burden to you?

Anna: I gave you up to give you a better life, Nicole.

Nicole: A better life! Are you kidding me? You wanna know the "better life" I had? My father drugged me, and made me do porn! Do you have any idea how that screwed up my life!

Anna: I'm so sorry. If I knew-

Nicole: Stop it!

Nicole leaves the mansion in tears. Stefano is walking to the door of the mansion. He sees her.

Stefano: What's wrong, my dear?

Nicole: Leave me the hell alone.

Jeremy and Valeri are dancing at Chez Rouge.

Valeri: Mabye it's cuz I'm drunk, but you seem really sexy right now.

Jeremy: Drunk or not, so do you.

He kisses her.

Jeremy: I have a place.

Valeri: Then what the hell are we waiting for?

Maggie sees Jeremy leave with Valeri.

Maggie: Oh God.

Jeannie is driving.

Jeannie: Stupid bitch. Who the hell does she think she is anyway?

She bumps into the car in front of her. She gets out.

Jeannie: I'm so sorry!

Jack comes out of the car.

Jack: Are you ok?

Jeannie: Me? I'm fine! What about you? Oh God your car! Jack, I'm so sorry. How much will it be?

Jack: Jeannie, don't worry. It was an accident.

Jeannie: Jack, it was my fault. I'm sorry. I've just been really stressed, I lost my job.

Jack: Don't worry about it.

Jeannie: Please, Jack, let me pay for this, it was my fault.

Jack: Well, now that I think about it, there is something you can do for me.

Sami walks into the mansion, and goes upstairs. Stefano comes out of the living room, and waits in the foyer. Sami comes back down the stairs with a luggage.

Sami: Oh great.

Stefano: Just here to collect the cheque. You've been living here expense-free for months.

Sami: Go to hell.

Anna comes down the stairs with a luggage.

Stefano: What's going on? Why are all my guests leaving?

Sami: Mabye because your such a great host!

Stefano: Anna, I'm telling you from now, when Tony is better, he is comming back here.

Anna drops her luggage on the ground.

Anna: Would you just shut up! My lord, Tony has a brain! And if it works, he won't be comming here!

Sami: It's been a pleasure, Stefano.

Sami leaves the mansion, and Anna follows. EJ comes down the stairs.

Stefano: What, you too?

EJ: No. We have to talk.

Jeremy unlocks the door to Sami's empty apartment. He and Valeri go inside, and start making out.

Valeri: Your so hot.

They start taking each other's clothes off.

Jack gives Jeannie a klenex, and she wipes some blood off her forehead.

Jeannie: What is it that I can do for you?

Jack: Well, your out of a job, right?

Jeannie: Yes.

Jack: Well, the newspaper needs a coloumnist. I've seen what you've written in Anna's magazine, and I think you have what the Spectator needs.

Jeannie: Me? Your asking me?

Jack: Yes, and I think you'll love it. Think of it as a sort of "Sex in the City" coloum.

Jeannie: Oh my God! Thats great!

She hugs him.

Jeannie: Thank you so much! You have no idea how much this means to me!

Stefano and EJ go into the living room.

Stefano: Elvis, if this is about the letter, it was for Alex's own good, not to mention your own.

EJ: Really? Then why do I feel like Carly will find out sooner or later?

Stefano: Everything will be fine Elvis. Scotty Banning will leave town soon. You and Caroline will get married soon, and have your own children.

EJ: Carly isn't just going to forget about Alex! No matter where Scotty goes with him, she'll follow!

Stefano: I can be very pursasive.

Carly walks into the room.

Carly: Really, Stefano?

EJ looks at her, shocked.

Sami unlocks the door to her apartment. She goes in and turns on the lights.

Sami: Oh my God!

She sees Jeremy and Valeri having sex on the floor.'

Jeremy: Sami, what are you doing here!?

Sami: You said you wouldn't be moving in until a couple weeks!

Jeremy: Plans changed!

Valeri: Isn't this against some sort of agremeent?

Sami: Who the hell is this?

Valeri extends her hand.

Valeri: Valeri DiMera.

Sami: DiMera?

Valeri: Yes. EJ's sister. Did you bring my niece and nephew?

Sami: No, thank God.

Jeremy: Sami, you can go now.

Sami: Let me know the next time you decide to do this before you actually move in.

Sami leaves the apartment.

EJ hugs Carly.

EJ: How did you get out of the sanatirioum?

Carly: I had my mother sign me out. EJ, I've decided something.

EJ: About what?

Carly: We need to get married as soon as possible.

Stefano smiles.

EJ: What?

Jeannie and Jack are standing on the side of the road.

Jeannie: Ok, so when would I start?

Jack: Come by the Spectator tomorrow afternoon, and I'll get you settled in.

Jeannie: Ok. That sounds good. Thank you so much!

Nicole unlocks the door to an apartment. She goes in, and sees a woman sitting on the couch.

Nicole: Lola, are you watching TV, or taking care of my son.

Lola: Do not talk to me about taking care of your son!

Nicole: Whatever. Your fired, I'll be taking care of him now.

Lola: What! You can't do that!

Nicole goes into a room. She picks up a baby.

Nicole: Hey Ben. How are you honey?

She kisses him.

Lola: You can't just fire me like that!

Nicole: Your services are no longer needed, which means you have nothing to do, which means I would pay you for nothing! Now leave, or I'll call the cops!

Lola leaves the apartment.

Carly pours herself some wine.

Carly: I'll have a better chance at winning custody of Alex if I'm married to you.

The smile on Stefano's face fades.

Carly: Everything is ready. I mean we were supposed to get married a couple weeks ago.

EJ: Carly, we can't just get married!

Carly: EJ, if you love me, and if you want me to be happy, you will marry me.

Sami is in Roman's house. She opens the file she stole from Scotty's apartment labeled "Alex's Custody". She opens it.

Sami: Ok, let's see who wrote that letter.

She looks through, and she sees an envelop labeld "Letter". She opens the letter, and finds the same letter she and Nicole read on the notepad.

Sami: Ok, who wrote this?

She looks at the bottom, and looks at the bottom. It says "Signed, EJ DiMera". Sami's jaw drops. Her cell phone rings. She answers it.

Sami: Hello?

Kimberly: Sami, it's your aunt Kim.

Sami: Hey whats up?

Kimberly: Not much, you?

Sami: Just reading something really good.

Kimberly: That sounds fun. Anyway, I'm calling to let you know about Carly and EJ's wedding.

Sami: When is it?

Kimberly: In two days.

Sami: Really! Well, thanks for letting me know. I'll see you then I guess.

Sami hangs up, and smiles.

Sami: Get ready for the wedding of the century.

She smiles.

Next on All the Days of Our Lives:

Nicole and Anna are in Anna's office.

Nicole: Who's my father? And do not say Roman Brady.

Jeannie is in the Salem Spectator office.

Jennifer: What are you doing here?

Jeannie: I have a meeting with Jack.


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