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Episode 179



Lyla tries to comfort Katie, telling her that what she did was heroic. Doris didn't die in innocence, she reminds her daughter. Katie huffs that Lyla was the one that was practically screaming "guilty" when Michael was accused of trying to kill Doris. Later, Brad informs Katie that Michael spoke with him at the jail and he's leaving town as soon as he's released. Katie wants to stop her uncle, but Brad holds her back and tells her to give her uncle some room for a change. Exhausted, Katie thanks Brad for bringing a recorder along to tape Doris's confession. Brad grins and teases that he learned from the best.

Will stirs in bed as he hears the phone ringing. Finally, he bolts to his feet and puts the receiver against his scruffy face. It's the bookstore reminding Will that he was supposed to come in today. With a stern grunt, the manager informs him that he's been fired. Angry, Will kicks a Chinese take-out carton on the cluttered floor and returns to bed. Meanwhile, Gwen wakes up over at Iris's. The baby's incessant screaming doesn't seem to be stopping anytime soon as Iris tries to soothe her granddaughter. Fearing the worst, Gwen suggests they take her to Memorial and have Bob check her out. Iris asks if they should call Will and Gwen reluctantly debates the idea.

Alison sits at the table, reading the latest gossip magazine when suddenly, Casey appears at the door. Cheerily, she answers the door and asks how the peace-making meeting with Aaron went last night. Casey turns his head and informs her that he's quitting Donovan's today and just wanted to give them a heads up so they can find a replacement. Alison fears that Aaron made matters worse, but Casey whirls around and grumbles that Aaron didn't make things worse...she did!

Meeting at a hole in the wall bistro in Canada, Barbara takes a seat in a corner booth and waits for her demented ex-husband. Before long, James strolls in and reminds Barbara that he hates being double crossed before checking her for wires. Barbara is put off by James's groping hands and shoves them aside, hissing that he should just hand the papers to her to sign. James smirks and pulls them out of his briefcase, handing them to Barbara. As she puts the finishing stroke into her signature, Paul bursts into the room and yells out for Barbara not to sign a damn thing!

Grunting, Carly bends down to do the heap of laundry that has been left behind during their trip to Chicago. Sage comes down looking for her favorite shirt and Carly playfully teases her for still wearing a shirt with elephants on it. Out of the corner of her eye, Sage spots Parker's greasy clothes hanging out the side of the basket. She rushes upstairs to give Parker warning, but it's too late. Carly, having found the greasy clothes, holds them up for Parker to see and demands he tell her what's going on. Rubbing the grease off of his hands with a rag, Jack opens the door, announcing that he finally found out what's wrong with the car. Carly turns towards him and chimes in that she too has found the culprit, before finally turning back to face Parker. Jack, baffled, stares on.

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