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Episode 157-160



Katie rallied behind her uncle when she learned that Doris was off her medication for biploar disorder. Surely, she concluded, Doris must have done this all to frame Michael. But alas, no one share the same belief. Knowing what Doris was capable of, Michael pushed away his family in an effort to keep them safe. Lyla remained quiet the whole time and slipped away to confront Doris in her hospital room. Doris faintly paged a nurse, who quickly escorted Lyla out. Brad questioned Lyla about where she was and accused her of faking her hatred for Michael. He reasoned that if she truly hated the man, she wouldn't be bothered by all of this. Instead, she's confronting his psychotic estranged wife that he supposedly tried to kill. Lyla barked that Brad knows nothing. She was only visiting Doris, she shrugged, because she pities the woman for having to still be married to such an arrogant, pig-headed womanizer as Michael. All were shocked when a deputy handed Margo a report, clearly labeling Michael's fingerprints as the ones found on the bloody knife used to stab Doris.

Kim and Lisa discussed Michael's arrest. Knowing the emotional toll it will all take on Susan, Kim muttered that the blood-sucking leech better look for another shoulder to cry on besides Bob's. Viciously, Kim criticized Susan for her bad taste in men. Lisa took the comment personal and asked Kim to grow up and start acting like an adult before racing out the door. Across town, Susan dropped off some lunch with Emily and asked her what she's working so late for. Emily deviously grinned, hinting that she's working on Oakdale's biggest story of the year. When Susan wanted more details, Emily snapped she should ask her boyfriend. Confused, Susan left and decided to call Michael's house. The maid informed Susan that Michael's been arrested for attempting to kill Doris. At a loss for words, Susan hung up and spun her car around, headed to confront her jailed lover in a storm of anger and tears.

Paul came by B.R.O. to visit his mother and convince her to fire Carrie. When Carrie appeared, Paul let her have it and asked what James is holding over her head that she would want to do his bidding. Carrie replied that she simply wants to know all she can about Jennifer and Barbara since Darryl was never there for her as a father. Furious, Paul demanded Carrie stay away from his family and ordered her not to bother them anymore. Later, Noah spotted Carrie at Java and invited her to go to the grand opening of Dusty's new nightclub "Donovan's" with him. Upon recalling that Dusty was once married to Jennifer, Carrie agreed to go with Noah. When she jokingly asked if this was a date, Noah replied with a "maybe". Later, James, in a black limo, crept up beside Carrie and demanded she hand the information over. Looking both ways, she snuck him the file she had recovered from Barbara's desk through the limousine window. "Took you long enough", he grumbled. Carrie apologized and asked what else he needed her to do. "Don't go anywhere," he bellowed. "We're not through yet". With that, the limo sped off and James was gone. Carrie crumbled, asking herself over and over when James will ever live up to his side of their cryptic agreement.

Jade hissed at Luke to leave her alone since he's unwilling to accept Colin. Later, Colin got a call from Mr. Taylor and asked if everything was going smoothly. Colin irritably replied that Jade hasn't said anything to him yet. After the phone call, Jade's curious boyfriend questioned her about Rose. Meanwhile, Kevin informed Luke that he thinks Noah is taking Carrie to the grand opening of Donovan's. Luke, curious and a bit ticked, asked Kevin to go with him. Kevin scoffed and insinuated his invitation was just to make Noah jealous. Eager to prove his point, Luke grabbed Kevin into a kiss.

Carly opened the door to find Will banging like a mad man. Startled, she commanded Will to go home, but Gwen stopped her. As Gwen and Will headed out to talk, Carly got a call from the kids' school informing her that she and Jack have been volunteered to chaperone a school camping trip. Outside, Will apologized for his part in trying to frame Iris for the robbery at Metro. Gwen replied that she will never trust Will the same again and offered to move her things out first thing. Will cried for Gwen to give him another chance like she does with Iris, but Gwen took the comment the wrong way and scurried inside. Later, Rosanna dropped by in a frantic state, revealing to Gwen and Carly that she just got a call from her contact in Canada and it seems Cabot has been missing since his adoptive parents were killed in the accident. He was never sent to live with family friends, she cried. Both sisters urged her to head to Canada. Rosanna made a call to have her jet prepared. When she was informed it was experiencing mechanical problems, she opted to board a regular flight departing from the Oakdale airport. Paul learned of her plans to go to Canada and insisted he go with her. Rosanna refused and boarded the plane without him. As Rosanna boarded the plane, a disguised James crouched in the rear of the cabin. Meanwhile, Paul asked Barbara to borrow her jet. Barbara asked why Paul doesn't use Rosanna's to which he replied that it's undergoing maintenance. Barbara reluctantly agreed and watched Paul board her jet.

While Dusty opened his new nightclub alone, Emily worked at the paper on her feature article outing Michael as Doris's attacker. Alison urged Emily to rethink her rash decision, but Emily hissed back that their mother has a bad habit of falling for murderous doctors. After her explosive exhange with Emily, Aaron politely motioned for Alison to get to work so the opening won't be understaffed. Confused, she replied that she hired plenty of people and sternly asked her boyfriend what he did. Aaron shrugged that Casey wasn't carrying his load, so he made the executive decision to fire him. In a rage, Alison slapped Aaron and took off. Later that night, Alison emerged with a uniformed Casey in tow. Dusty, unware that Aaron fired the new employee, asked Casey why he was late again. Alison covered for her friend and later informed Aaron that they're through until he can learn to deal with his jealousy. Aaron secretly vowed to eliminate Casey from being an obstacle in his relationship with Ali, no matter what the cost. After the opening, Dusty, Alison, Aaron, Casey, and other employees toasted to the successful opening of Donovan's. After Alison dropped off Casey, she ventured into the kitchen and came upon a box chocked full of letters. Reading them, she gagged as Gabe elaborately and chauvinistically detailed his and Sofie's newfound romantic/sexual bliss in Spain. When Tom and Margo's bedroom light came on, Alison dashed out the door with the box in tow.

Holden and Lily learned from Emma that she was leaving town again. Holden busted at the seams after his mother's departure and huffed to his wife that they have to find out where Emma keeps going. Lily urged Holden to let his mother live her own life, but Holden snuck out anyway. After finding some random directions written on an old napkin, Holden was determined to find out why his mother keep going out of town. As he cranked his truck, to his surprise, he found Lily in the passenger's seat. "Come on. I'm going to show you that there's nothing to be worried about", she ordered as she eagerly motioned towards the road.


PLEASE NOTE: "A New World Turns" will be pre-empted Monday and Friday, just like the regular show.


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