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Episode 87



Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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Lots of information shared in Springfield.........


Marina is outside Rocky's room with Buzz.
She hugs him, "Oh Grandpa. Who would do something like this?"
Buzz sighs, "Some narrow minded, sick, bastard. But let me tell you something.... if I find this guy before you cops do.... I'll kill him."
Marina nods, "Well don't worry. We'll find the guy and he'll be brought to justice. At least we know Rocky is going to be okay."
Inside the room Shayne sits and Rocky's bed side.
Shayne talks to an unconcsious Rocky, "So uh... it's been a while in here. I'm getting worried. You know? Uh.... I just don't know what I'm supposed to do. You came into my life and turned it upside down. And now..... who's gonna be there with me on this journey if you won't wake up?"
Shayne starts crying and rests his head on Rocky's chest.
Shayne is shocked when he feels Rocky's hand on his head.
He looks up to see Rocky staring back at him.
Buzz and Marina run into the room.

Lewis Contruction:

Lucy walks into her office.
Billy and Vanessa are in there.
She is surprised, "What are you two doing here?"
Bill closes the door, "We need to talk to you."
Lucy sits down, "What's going on?"
Vanessa sighs, "Lucy. With everything going on right now with your family we think it's best for you to go be with them."
Lucy is confused, "What do you mean?"
Billy explains, "Well we're giving you some paid vacation time."
Lucy shakes her head, "No. Sorry. I just have so much to do. So many meetings. I have to meet with someone."
Vanessa gets frustrated, "You know what we can't do this Billy."
Billy sighs, "Vanessa not now. We said we'd wait."
Vanessa shakes her head, "I don't care. She's been lying to us but I'm not going to lie to her! This has to end now."
Lucy stands up, "What the hell is going on?"
Vanessa turns to her, "This isn't just a vacation. We are waiting until your brother recovers. But after that..... we're gonna have to let you go."
Lucy is shocked by this news.

Spaulding Mansion:

Cassandra sits in her office.
Edmund walks in, "What's wrong with you?"
She sighs, "Mark Guillespie. The hitman is back in Springfield."
Edmund is shocked, "My God! Did they arrest him?"
She shakes her head, "No not yet. I made some calls. Rumor has it that he ran off with Harley's daugther Susan."
Edmund is surprised, "Susan? He kidnapped her?!?!"
She scoffs, "No no. She is with him. They're.... partners."
He shakes his head, "No Susan isn't stupid. I mean she wouldn't do that."
Cassandra stares at him, "What are you in love with her?"
He scoffs, "No! I've known her since she was young. She's a smart girl."
She shakes her head, "Well it doesn't matter. She is going to taken down with him."
Edmund walks over to her, "You know Cassie I'm no saint but at least I have boundaries as to who I'll hurt. You seem to have none what so ever."
She laughs, "Let that be a warning to you Edmund. Don't cross me."
She walks out of the room.

MM Lewis Fashion:

Mindy and Marah are going over their designs.
Marah looks at her watch, "In a couple of hours I need to go back to Cedars. Shayne is really worried about Rocky."
Mindy looks up, "How is that going?"
Marah sighs, "I don't know. Things seem to be going well but Buzz and Shayne are both very worried. How is Bill?"
Mindy stands up, "Well, he brought the baby home earlier. My Daddy called to tell me the name. Harlan Billy Lewis IV."
Marah smiles, "That's great! Something to look forward too. I haven't seen the baby yet you know....."
Mindy puts her hand on Marah's shoulder, "You know it's not your fault. Ava was out of control. You didn't do anything wrong."
Marah nods, "Yeah. Try telling Jeffrey that."
Mindy sighs, "He'll come around."
Marah smiles, "Well I got this rose. But I don't think it's from him."
Mindy looks at it, "That's weird. I found a rose at home. A bright red one."
Marah nods, "Really? Mine's white. It was in my car this morning."
Mindy begins to get even more suspcious.


Mel walks in with Alan Michael.
Mel smiles, "This was Danny and Michelle's. They lived in it a few years ago."
Alan Michael looks around, "This is what you had in mind?"
Mel nods, "Yeah. And I think Remy said something about tunnels underneath leading to the Old Museum where all of the young kids stay."
He sighs, "Well it's not the mansion..... so I love it!"
Mel laughs, "Really?"
He nods, "Yeah. I mean. We'll have to repaint it. Bring in some new furniture but we can really make it our own."
Mel smiles, "We?"
He nods, "Yeah. It'll be our home. For you me and Leah."
She kisses him, "Oh that's exactly what I want. I want to start fresh and we can do that. Forget all of the drama from before. Just be happy together."
Alan Michael smiles, "Let's go upstairs and start our memories."
Mel smiles and follows him upstairs.

Old Museum:

Stephanie is reading in the livingroom.
There is a knock at the door.
She answers.
Remy is at the door.
She smiles, "Hey! You look great!"
He nods, "Well thanks to you. My hero. Pulling me out of burning buildings."
She laughs, "Well you were lucky I was walking by. So what brings you here?"
He looks around, "Uh I came to see Marina."
She nods, "Well she's at work. But you can come in."
He walks inside, "Oh thank you. Wow this place looks great! I remember all of this."
She smiles, "Did you live here?"
He nods, "Oh yeah. Me, Marah, Ben, and so many others. It was fun. Some of the best years of my life."
She laughs, "Well it's been fun for me so far."
He looks around, "That was my room over there."
She grins, "Really? That's my room now."
He laughs, "Of course it is. I hope it's comfortable for you."
She nods, "It's pretty well."
He sighs, "You know I didn't just come over here to see Marina. I was hoping you'd be here."
Stephanie is surprised.


Mel and Alan Michael are lying naked in the bedroom.
Mel smiles, "Well that was amazing!"
Alan Michael laughs, "Oh that was more than amazing."
Mel sits up, "Thank God that no one else was seeing the house today!"
He laughs, "Oh that would have been interesting."
She looks around, "Just imagine how this will be in our own bed!"
He grins, "Oh yes! I'm gonna get us a big bed. And we are gonna use it very very often."
She laughs, "But it's not just that. We'd have this place as our own. Make new great memories. We can have our friends over! Entertaining downstairs."
He kisses her neck, "We can have romantic evenings together."
She smiles, "And Leah can have her big beautiful room. She'll love it!"
He starts to get dressed, "We should go find out how to get the papers."
She looks at him, "Do you want this?"
He turns to her, "I already told you. I do."
She shakes her head, "No. I know you want to live with me. But do you want to live with me and my daughter. We're a family."
Alan Michael sits back down, "I want to have a family. A family with you and with Leah."
Mel smiles and kisses him.

Spaulding Mansion:
RJ walks over to his mother, "I'm home."
She hugs him, "Hi! How was school?"
He sighs, "Fine. But I went to the mall afterwards but the credit card you gave me didn't work."
She takes the card, "That's impossible. I check it sweetheart."
RJ goes upstairs.
Cassandra gets the card company on the phone, "Yes I have some questions about my account......" she gives her information and is confused by their answer, "What do you mean? I didn't spend all of that money? Well.... is someone using my card? Okay well I'm gonna have to cancel it for now."
She hangs up the phone.
She walks out to the hallway and sees that the rose is still there.
She steps on it and walks away.

MM Lewis Fashion:
Mindy sits back down with Marah, "So you found that rose in your car?"
Marah smells it, "Yep. It's really nice."
Mindy sits back, "Oh. You didn't think it was a little..... weird."
Marah shakes her head, "No. It seemed sweet. I don't know it reminds me of when I was a kid. These were my favorite."
Mindy sighs, "I don't know it kind of creeped me out. So wait did someone send them to both of us?"
Marah nods, "Maybe it was you Dad? Or my Dad? Oh you know what? Dylan. He left town a few weeks ago maybe this was a going away gift of sorts. You know?"
Mindy nods, "Yeah. I guess. I mean it couldn't be anyone else could it?"
The two women drop the subject and get back to work.

Lewis Construction:
Lucy stares at Vanessa and Billy, "You are trying to fire me?"
Billy nods, "I'm sorry. But you've gotten the company into a lot of trouble."
Lucy scoffs, "Please! If anything i made this company more successful!"
Vanessa walks over to her, "With what? Your illegal deals and secret spys on Spaulding Enterprises. We don't work that way Lucy."
Lucy stands up, "I did what was best for Lewis."
Vanessa shakes her head, "You took advantage of Dylan and of our business. I'm sorry Lucy but we won't let you do this anymore. Billy and I will be running the company from here on out."
Lucy shakes her head, "No! I am an important person here. You can't do this! I can't afford my car or my home without this!"
Billy sighs, "I'm sorry. But we need to put our family first."
Lucy storms out.
She walks outside and sees David waiting.
He walks over to her, "Hello Lucy."
She is furious, "You! You Son of a Bitch! You went to Billy and Vanessa and got me fired!"
He shakes his head, "I was just doing my job Lucy. I'm sorry if things didn't turn out the way you had hoped."
She scoffs, "We used to be close. But now I don't know who you are anymore."
He sighs, "I'm sorry you feel that way."
She walks away, "Bastard."
He turns to her, "Lucy. If you need anything. Let me know."
Lucy keeps walking.


Reva and Josh are walking the halls.
Josh has been updating her on Rocky.
She sighs, "I can't believe that someone could do this. You know? I mean it's just sick."
Josh nods, "I know. I've been worried but I think things are gonna be okay."
Reva looks around, "Where did I leave my purse?"
He turns, "Oh did we leave it down the hall?"
The two go walking back.
Reva spots her purse and picks it up.'
Josh looks at it, "What is that inside?"
Reva pulls out a white rose, "Joshua did you do this?"
He shakes his head, "No I didn't do it."
The two stare at the room to see if there is anyone around.
Over in Rocky's room his whole family is around him.
Buzz hugs his son, "How are you feeling?"
He sighs, "I'm okay. How long have I been in here?"
Shayne kisses him, "It's been a couple of weeks. But it feels longer."
Marina sits next to him, "Do you remember what happened?"
Rocky looks up, "Uh.... I was leaving the club. I heard something behind me. Someone said.... something. I don't remember. And I feel something hit me in the face. And that's it."
Shayne cries, "Well we're going to find whoever it is. And they will pay."
Rocky sighs, "It's just...."
Marina looks at him, "What?"
He continues, "They said my name. They said 'Rocky'."
They all realize that the person is someone that knew him.

Old Museum:
Stephanie and Remy sit in the livingroom.
Stephanie is surprised, "So you came here to see me?"
He nods, "Yeah. I wanted to thank you. You saved my life."
She shakes her head, "I was just walking by. I saw you inside..... anyone would have done the same thing."
He smiles, "Wow you are really humble aren't you."
She laughs, "Well I'm just glad you are okay."
He nods, "Yeah. Well I wish my life was going better. I just got into a fight with Blake."
She sighs, "I'm sorry."
He nods, "Yep. And now I'm homeless. I guess I'll be moving back in with my parents."
She sighs, "Ouch. I just got out of my parents house."
He nods, "Well I guess I better get going."
She stops him, "Remy?"
He turns, "Yeah."
She clears her throat, "Uh.... I.... We have another room. If you want it?"
He grins, "Really?"
She nods, "Yes."
He laughs, "Thank you! Thanks Stephanie."
Remy hugs her.

Cassandra visits Reva and Josh
Phillip and Beth start to plan
Marina and Danny have time with Robbie
Olivia has a confrontation with Bill
Maureen finds a new friend
Rocky reveals some shocking doubts to his family!


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A-M & Mel are hot together. Love them. I could so see that working on the show! :wub:

Good twist that Rocky said the attacker knew his name. Now I'm wondering who it will be... :unsure:

And the flowers? Who is leaving them, Jay?!??? You gotta shoot me a spoiler! ;)

BTW, I liked Episode 86 as well, but couldn't leave a comment on that one. Looks like it's locked....

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Thanks Greg! I unlocked 86. I don't know how I did that.

AM and Mel are a fun couple for me. Originally he was supposed to just be there to cause problems for Frank and Mel but eventually I realized that Mel and AM were the better couple.

The Rocky's Attack SL will be one of the biggest this fall.

Make sure you pay close attention to the flower SL. You'll see some clues. When it's revealed it will make sense.

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