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Episode 82



Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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A dangerous evening in Springfield........

Blake's House:

Remy is driving home he is shocked by what he sees.
Blake's home is up in flames.
He stops his car and goes running, "Blake!"
Remy runs up.
Jason is outside, "Oh my God!"
Remy grabs him, "What happened?"
Jason is freaking out, "I just got home! Mom!"
Remy goes running in.
He immidently sees Blake collasped on the stairs.
He carries her out, "Blake please wake up. Please."
Blake wakes up for a moment, "Ross?"
Remy sits her down.
Jason runs over, "Where's Kevin and Clarissa?"
They hear Clarissa screaming from inside.
Remy goes running back in.

Night Club:

Shayne and Rocky are out dancing.
Shayne kisses Rocky, "See we can still have fun."
Rocky laughs, "Even though we had to go to a weird club!"
Shayne smiles, "We've never been to a gay club before. I thought it could be fun. I didn't realize it would be this wild. Sorry."
Rocky smiles, "I love it! So much fun."
Shayne stares at him, "Come on it's so silly. It's over the top and just weird."
Rocky looks at the bar, "Buy me another drink!"
Shayne looks at his watch, "I want to get home."
Rocky shakes his head, "No! It's early!"
Shayne smiles, "I have to go to work tommorow!"
Rocky laughs, "Work?"
Shayne nods, "Uh yeah! My Dad wants me to work at Lewis Construction. Could be fun. I got to go."
Rocky sighs, "Well I can get a cab home. I'll be fine."
Shayne shakes his head, "I don't know."
Rocky shoves him, "Go. Maybe I'll get hit on."
Shayne smiles, "I'll take a cab. You drive. Okay?"
Shayne kisses him and leaves.
Rocky continues to dance. Unaware that someone across the room is staring at him.

Malah House:

Dinah walks in, "I'm home. Today was great! I got a lot of good news stories. I want to get a lot of stuff done before I go on maternity leave."
Mallet is sitting on the couch, "Hey Babe."
She looks at him, "What's the matter? Is it Bill or his baby?"
Mallet shakes his head, "No your brother's fine. It's about you. I was cleaning out the closet and found this baby stuff. I thought it was for our baby. But it's very old."
Dinah is shocked, "Uh.... you went through my stuff?"
He shakes his head, "No. It fell out while I was cleaning. I wanted to surprise you. Dinah what is all of this?"
She sits down, "Mallet uh we need to talk."
Mallet holds her hand, "Dinah. With all of this stuff it almost seems like..... you have a child."
Dinah is speechless.

Spaulding Mansion:

Edmund is in the livingroom pouring a drink.
Cassandra walks in, "Hello Edmund. Any news on Ava?"
He sighs, "No. No change."
She nods, "And the baby?"
He takes a drink, "I'm not allowed to even be near it. But that will change soon. I won't be kept out of my Grandson's life."
She nods, "You know what we have to do. We need to stop Bill and Olivia in their tracks."
He looks at her, "Your gonna help me?"
She smiles, "Of course. We will be far better parents then Olivia and Bill could ever hope to be for that child."
Edmund grins, "I knew I could count on you."
She kisses him, "Did they name him yet? Oh please tell me not a Lewis name?"
He sighs, "Olivia mentioned the name Gregory. I pray nothing's in ink yet. That child is a Winlsow. He deserves a Winslow name."
She smiles, "How about Richard?"
He nods, "Yes. Baby Richard. He'll be home with us soon."

Harley's House:

Harley makes Cyrus some coffee, "So what's the plan?"
He sighs, "Well we know that they are probably still in Springfield. We just need to find out where."
Harley nods, "Well I checked the lighthouse. That's where she used to run away to. I swear when she was a kid she used to run away like every other week."
He laughs, "Well she's gotten pretty good at it. And no one says they've seen her."
Harley sighs, "But Marah Lewis reported that Mark Guillespie tried to kidnap her."
Cyrus looks over at her, "Well Marah was shaken up about everything so we don't know if that is a fact."
Harley sits down, 'I just want to get my daughter away from him."
He nods, "And I want to get my little brother away from her."
She nods, "Well I guess we're in the same boat."
He puts down his stuff, "Okay Detective Cooper. It's time we talked about the real stuff here?"
She is confused, "What the hell the do you mean?"
He looks at her, "Are we gonna screw each other over?"

Bauer Home:

Michelle and Danny are sitting in the kitchen.
Danny smiles, "Well today is the day."
She nods, "Yes. Robbie and Hope are coming home. Hope gets to start school at the same school that I did."
He nods, "And Robbie has to get used to a whole new school."
She sighs, "Well Jude's gonna be there he'll look after his cousin. They'll make friends."
Danny stands up, "And now we have to tell them that we're getting a divorce."
She looks down, "I can't imagine what this will do to them."
Danny walks around, "I don't know I think Robbie's been suspecting this."
Michelle gets up, "Yeah but Hope is completly oblivious. I mean this is gonna break her heart."
Danny looks at her, "Don't make this any harder than it already is."
Michelle pours some coffee, "We need to work on pressing charges on Edmund. I don't want him anywhere near Hope."
Danny sighs, "We can't. Cassie threatened me with information that I shared with her. It can get us in trouble and possibly get the kids taken from us."
Michelle slams the pot down, "Damn it! You mean that monster gets to walk free? In the same town as my daughter that he kidnapped?"
Michelle is very devestated by the news.


Blake's House:
Remy goes running back in.
He shouts, "Kevin? Clarissa?"
Clarissa shouts, "Ah! Help! Please!"
Remy goes running up the stairs, "Clarissaa!!!"
Clarissa is in her room.
There are flames right outside of her door, "Remy! Help me please!"
Remy jumps over and grabs her, "Are you okay?"
She sobbing, "Get me out!"
Remy opens the window and calls out to Jason, "Hey Jason! You need to catch your little sister okay?"
Jason runs over, "I'm ready!"
Blake gets up and runs over, "Oh my God! Clarissa!!!"
Clarissa grabs a picture of her father and clings to Remy.
Remy holds Clarissa out the window above Jason and drops her into his arms.
He goes running out to find Kevin, "Kevin?"
Remy hears a noise he worries, "Ross? Is that you?"
Remy opens the door and is hit with a bat.
He goes flying over the railing and hits the ground below. He is passed out in the livingroom with flames around him.

Harley's House:
Harley stares at Cyrus, "What the hell are you talking about?"
He sighs, "Harley you want to protect your daughter. I want to protect my brother. But we could both end up selling the other down the river."
She shakes her head, "You are such a jerk. You don't even know me and you make these accusations."
He smiles, "Admit it. You were thinking it."
She sighs, "Yes. But your brother is a monster. Susan is..."
Cyrus interupts her, "Susan is just as bad as he is now. They are partners and they are both looking at life in prison without parol or worse and you know what that is."
Harley cries, "I just want to save my daughter!"
He looks at her, "Then we need to work together. Okay? We work together. We find them. We split them up. I take my brother back to Austrailia."
She nods, "And I take care of Susan."
He holds out his hand, "Let's make a deal. We work together. And afterwords we go our own seperate ways."
She shakes his hand.

Bauer Home:
Danny tries to calm Michelle down, "Listen. We'll get a restraining order. He won't be able come anywhere near us or the kids."
She cries, "Damn it! Cassie? She was our friend. What happened to her?"
Danny sighs, "Everyone said that she hasn't been the same since Tammy died. But you really can't understand until you see it with your own eyes."
Michelle is crying, "I'm scared. I never thought I'd have to see him again. I just keep remembering that night. He found me on the side of the road. He took the baby and blew up my car. I thought for months that my baby was dead. And Cassie fell in love with Hope and then she had to give her up."
Danny nods, "I know. I can't believe she can support him after all of that.'
Michelle looks at Danny, "I just..... I'm scared right now. I mean I'm really scared Danny."
Danny looks into her eyes, "Don't worry because I promised you that I would never ever let anything happen to you or the kids and I meant it."
She nods, "I feel safe with you Danny. I always have."
The two lean closer and are about to kiss.
Robbie and Hope come running in, "Mom! Dad! We're here!"

Malah House:
Dinah sits with Mallet, "I have those things because they were going to be for my baby."
Mallet sighs, "I don't understand Dinah. What baby? Not our baby?"
She shakes her head, "No Laura. The child I was going to have with Hart. Well she wasn't really Hart's but.... you know the whole story."
Mallet rubs her back, "You saved everything? You bought a lot of stuff."
She nods, "Yeah. Well I didn't know she was gonna....."
Mallet kisses her, "I'm sorry but you know it will be differen with this baby and we are gonna love our little boy and give him the life he deserves."
Dinah nods, "Yes. That's all I want. I want a real family."
Mallet kisses her, "Okay. I'm sorry. I'll let you get to bed. And I'll meet you there in a couple of minutes."
She smiles, "Okay. I'll see you there."
Dinah goes upstairs.
Mallet is putting the stuff back in the box.
He looks at a blanket.
There is tag on it.
Mallet realizes that this was bought in Europe. Which leads to many more questions.

Spaulding Mansion:
Cassandra looks out the window, "Look at it Edmund. Springfield. And it's all mine. All of it."
Edmund walks over, "You mean ours?"
She shoves him, "No Edmund. I told you. This is mine it is all mine. You can look and admire if you must."
He shakes his head, "Oh please you need me admit it."
She scoffs, "Please. You'd be in prison if it wasn't for me. Remember I'm the one who has Danny and Michelle in place. One word from me and you will be put behind bars."
Edmund smiles, "Oh but don't forget. I know your dirty little secret. You know the one that could cause you to lose this house, the business, the power. Heck it could get you your room back at Ravenwood."
Cassandra gets angry, "Shut your damn mouth Edmund!"
He laughs, "Or what? Cassandra Spaulding? What a joke. I know the truth. You forged those papers Cassie. You are not the true daughter of Brandon Spaulding. You are no Spaulding. Which means that everything can be taken away from you with the snap of a finger. Now who's in charge?"
Cassandra is furious.

Night Club:
Rocky walks outside.
He's a little tipsy.
He is looking for his keys.
A person walks up behind him, "Hey Fag! You having fun? Bringing your queer ass around? Being all proud?"
Rocky turns around and the first think he sees is a giant object flying at him and knocking him in the face.
Rocky falls on his back unconscious.

Blake's House:
Remy looks up, "Ross? Who's there? Who the hell is there?"
He sees a big table from up above getting tossed over the edge.
It falls right on top of him.
Remy can't get up.
Remy shouts again, "Who the hell are you?!?!?"
He stares in shock as the mans stands up above.
Mark Guillespie is smiling, "Oh poor Officer Boudreau. You don't look so stong now do you?"
Remy is furious to see the man who murdered his friend!!!

A surprising person comes to Remy's rescue
Rocky is found in the hospital
Cassandra reveals her plan to Edmund
Michelle and Danny break news to their kids
Marah and Sam talk about dating
Mallet is suspcious of Dinah.


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Oh man, JayJay. I know I've said this before but "Cassandra Spaulding" and Edmund story is good. REAL good. How great would it be if you could write the show... <sigh>

And my fave couple Rocky and Shayne. I can picture MG and ZR making out in a gay bar now and WOW. That would be sumpin to see!

Finally, great work with the fire and Gillespie's revenge on Remy. This town needs a really bad, unapologetic villian. And he's a good fit. Great job, buddy. ;););)

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  • Members

The Edmund and Cassandra SL is fun to write. We'll be seeing a lot more of them this fall.

Yep this is the start of Shayne and Rocky's big story.

That's the way I see Guillespie too. I wanted a new villian that didnt' have big ties. I hate seeing good characters get ruined by doing horrible deeds.

Thanks for reading Greg!

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