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Episode 80



Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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A day of celebration and depression in Springfield.......


Olivia and Bill sit out in the waiting room.
Jeffrey and Marah are on the other side of the room.
Michelle comes out, "Bill?"
Bill jumps up, "God! Michelle how is she?"
Michelle shakes her head, "She took a very bad fall. She hit her head pretty hard. We're doing everything we can to save Ava and the baby."
Olivia is crying, "Oh Michelle please! You have to do everything. Money is not a problem."
Michelle nods, "I know Olivia. We're not giving up."
Michelle walks back in.
Bill puts his arm around Olivia, "It's gonna be okay."
She pulls away, "No! Don't touch me...... Just let me be alone."
Olivia sits in the corner with her head in her hands.


There is a going away party for Coop and Ashlee.
Doris hugs her daughter, "Sweetheart! I can't believe your leaving me alone in this pathetic town."
Ashlee smiles, "It's not forever Mom. Coop and I just want to see the sights. Live life to it's fullest. I hope you can understand."
Doris nods, "Yes I do. You get to do everything that I didn't. I'm so happy for you."
Coop is talking with Buzz and Rocky, "I'm gonna miss you guys way to much!"
Rocky nods, "Then stay! Come on! I haven't been in town for long."
Coop laughs, "I know but this is what's best for Ashlee and I. We'll be back before you know it."
Buzz hugs him, "I love you son. And it's fine. You know I have four other kids to bother. But it still won't be the same without you."
Mallet walks in, "Hey Coop. I need to talk to you. It's about your ex girlfriend. She's in the hospital."
Coop worries, "Is it Lizzie?"
Mallet shakes his head, "No it's Ava."
The party starts to get serious.

Spaulding Mansion:

Cassandra walks over to Alexandra, "Hello Alex."
Alex stands, "What can I do for you?"
Cassandra pulls out some papers, "It's been brought to my attention that you were seen at Lewis Construction. Giving out information to our competitor?"
Alex sighs, "Cassie..... You don't know what your doing. Now I know our family's hurt you. But your crazy if you think I'm going to sit and let you ruin everything that we have built!"
Cassandra shakes her head, "You forget. I'm running the company now. Which means this is my family! This house is my house! That company is my company! It's all mine!"
Alex laughs, "You sound like a child. Maybe it's time someone gave you a time out."
The Butler Jeremy walks in with bags, "I'm sorry Ms. Spaulding."
Alex is shocked, "What is going on? Jeremy put my bags down!"
Cassandra smiles, "I'm sorry but as I said this is my house. And there is no room for you. Good bye Alexandra. Good luck. You'll need it."
Alex shouts, "You Cassie have become the one person that you hate the most. Alan! You want to be a Spaulding? Well congratulations you are!"
Security escorts her out of Mansion.

David walks over to Olivia, "Hello Ms. Spencer. We've looked over some of the tapes at the hotel."
Olivia nods, "Okay! Did you find out exactly what happened?"
David nods, "There was a confrontation between your daughter and Ms. Lewis."
Olivia stands up, "What?"
David walks over to Marah, "I'm so sorry Marah but I have to take you in."
Olivia runs over and grabs Marah, "You did this! You hurt my daughter!"
Jeffrey and Bill try to stop her, "Olivia stop!"
Olivia grabs Marah, "You sick Bitch! You were jealous so you knocked her down an elevator shaft! Now her and her baby could die!!!"
Marah shouts, "I didn't mean for this to happen! It wasn't my fault!"
Jeffrey looks at Olivia, "Don't blame Marah because you feel guilty Olivia!"
Olivia scoffs, "Is that why you sent those pictures to Ava? Is that is Marah?"
Edmund walks in, "It's wasn't Marah. I sent the pictures to Ava."
All eyes are on Edmund.


Colin walks into the room.
He is shocked to see Liz in sexy lingerie, "Hi."
He is surprised, "Liz? What is going on?"
She smiles, "I'm ready. I want this to be the night. That we finally make love."
He walks over and kisses her, "You have no idea how happy I am. Are you sure your ready?"
She nods, "Yes. I mean it's been a long time."
He laughs, "Well it's been a long time for me too."
She sighs, "No Colin. It's been a really long time. I haven't had sex in couple of years."
Colin is surprised, "Uh... I had no idea."
She nods, "Yes. Well my last time was my one night stand with Jonathan."
Colin is jolted by hearing that name, "Jonathan?"
She sighs, "Yeah that was the night we concieved Sarah. After they died I didn't think I'd ever be happy again. And then I met you. Colin. I love you."
He gets ready to say it back but can't get the information that he knows about Jonathan and Sarah out of his head.


Eleni and Frank are walking with Marina in the park.
Marina looks at them, "Guys. We're missing Coop and Ashlee's going away party."
Frank nods, "We're on our way. But we need to tell you something."
Marina shakes her head, "Okay. What?"
Eleni smiles, "Your father and I are going to give our relationship another shot."
Marina smiles and hugs them both, "Oh my God! That's amazing! I'm so happy."
Frank laughs, "Really?"
Marina nods, "Yeah! I mean this is every kids dream is to have their parents get back together. So are you guys gonna get the old house back? Because I heard....."
Frank stops her, "Marina there's more."
Marina is wondering what her parents are trying to tell her.


Spaulding Mansion:
Cassandra walks back into the study.
She turns around and looks at the wall.
She is horrified by what she sees.
She calls in the maid, "Hilda!"
Hilda comes running in, "Yes Ms. Spaulding?"
She points to the picture on the wall, "Who the hell did that?!?!"
Hilda turns and gasp. The picture of Tammy has permanent marker all over it.
Hilda walks over, "I'm so sorry. I have no idea. You don't think RJ..."
Cassandra yells, "He wouldn't do that!!!"
Hilda trys to apoligize, "I'm sorry of course not. I'll find out."
Cassandra screams, "Get out! Go away! This is my house!"
She picks up a chair and throws it across the room.

Ashlee and Coop sit.
Mallet talks, "Ava was getting into an argument with Marah Lewis. She ran into the elevator but it was out of order and she fell down the elevator shaft."
Coop covers his mouth, "Oh my God!"
Ashlee worries, "But she's pregnant. What about the baby?"
Mallet sighs, "They're not sure. But I'm gonna keep investigating. And we'll get to the bottom of what happened. I just thought you all should know since she used to be a part of this place."
Buzz nods, "Thank you Mallet."
Ashlee hugs Coop, "Do you want to go see her before we leave?"
Coop nods, "Yeah but not right now. Let's finish the party. Lets enjoy our last day in Springfield."
The two kiss.

Olivia slaps Edmund, "You Son of Bitch! Why?"
Edmund sighs, "I just wanted her to be close to me. I thought that....."
Bill scoffs, "Oh you thought that if she was mad at me and Olivia that she would come over and lean on you. God do you ever change?"
Edmund looks at them, "I'm so sorry. I didn't think...."
Olivia screams, "You didn't think? You didn't think that Ava would end up fighting for her life? That the baby might not make it!?"
Edmund looks down, "I'll never forgive myself for what's happened. I'm going to make it up to her."
Olivia scoffs, "What are you gonna bring flowers to the grave!?!?!"
Bill puts his hands on his shoulders, "Olivia...."
Edmund yells, "That's not going to happen!"
Olivia looks in his eyes, "You better pray it doesn't! Because if that happens to Ava or the baby.... I'm coming after you. I'm gonna burn you alive in that ugly mansion on the hill!"
The arguing is interupted by the sound of a baby crying in the room.

Marina shakes her head, "I don't understand. What's the catch?"
Eleni sighs, "Frank and I aren't going to be in Springfield."
Marina is confused, "What do you mean?"
Frank looks at her, "Sweetheart. Your mother and I are moving to California."
Marina looks at them, "Why? What's wrong with Springfied?"
Eleni sighs, "Oh Baby. We tried Springfield. Things didn't work. And we're hoping that in California we can have a fresh start."
Marina nods, "I understand. But you understand that I can't come with you."
Frank hugs her, "I know. I hate it. But I know that we raised you well and you can take care of yourself."
Marina smiles, "I'm glad. You two really love each other and deserve to be happy."
After a long talk the three head over to Company.

Lizzie sits with Colin, "Is it too fast? I knew it! I'm sorry I shouldn't have said that."
He shakes his head, "No. Liz I love you too."
She smiles, "You do? Oh that's great! I'm so happy. I never thought I'd find love again after I lost Jonathan and Sarah."
Colin jumps up, "Liz! Just let's not do this?"
She gets worried, "What? Why? Is it me?"
He runs back over to her, "Oh no no no! I mean how could it possibly? Look at you. It's just you seem.... I just don't know if now is the right time."
She kisses him, "Just be with me. Just be with me tonight. I love you Colin."
The two kiss.
They lay down on the bed and begin to undress.
Colin pulls away, "Liz I can't! I have to tell you something."

Everyone runs over to the door.
Michelle steps out, "Hello. It's a boy."
Bill smiles, "It's a boy!"
Michelle nods, "But they are checking him out right now. He came a early but everything seems to be fine."
Olivia sighs, "Oh thank you! How is Ava? She's a mother. I missed her holding the baby!"
Rick sighs, "Olivia Ava hasn't got to hold the baby yet."
Edmund shakes his head, "Why not? What's wrong with the child. Money is no problem Michelle."
Bill looks at Michelle, "Wait. What's going on? Michelle your my best friend. If something is wrong..."
Michelle sighs, "Oh Bill. Ava had very severe injuries. A lot of damage to her head. She woke up during birth. She used all of her energy. She fell into a very deep coma. And things don't look very good. I'm so sorry."
Olivia falls to her knees crying.
Edmund storms out.
Michelle hugs Bill.

Olivia and Bill see the baby
Jeffrey is upset with Marah
Guillespie names his next victim
Coop and Ashlee leave Springfield!
Danny confronts Cassandra
Colin wants to confess to Liz


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You're the man, Jay! Bye-Bye Ava!! :D:D Bye-Bye CoopLee!! :D:D I know I've said it before, but Cassie the Bitch is a good twist. I can't wait for the day Alex gets to give her a taste of her own medicine.

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A lot of SL are getting wrapped up but soon the new ones will start! Friday is Cooplee's last episode.

Some big stuff coming up for Cassie as well!

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