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2008: May (Sweeps): Week 4



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May 2008 (Sweeps): Week 4



Previously on Beyond the Horizon, shocking revelations set the tone for May Sweeps...

  • Julia (Melissa Archer) realized seduction went a long way to getting what she wanted from Evan Royale (Ian Buchanan), which was legal guardianship of her grandmother Esther (Kathleen Widdoes).
  • Rachel (Sherri Saum) caught Jenna (Kari Wuhrer) after Jenna had broken into Rachel's P.I. office to tamper with Thomas's (Bobby Steggert) Lauren Sapphyre file.
  • Eleanor (Catherine Hickland) returned to work, while Hattie (Kate Collins) blackmailed Rolo (Ignacio Serricchio) to make sure to have Eleanor's medication swapped out with pills that would make Eleanor all the more unbalanced.
  • Leo (Jeff Branson) was convinced his father Henry (Sebastian Roch√©) was starting to really fall for Eleanor.
  • Crystal (Kerry Butler) resorted to piercing a condom with a pin before sex with Rod (Forbes March) in order to keep Rod from drifting further away from her.
  • Terrence (Walt Willey) broke down and admitted to Christian (David Evan Smith) that he had Stage 2 AIDS and possibly only four months to live.
  • Hattie forced Rolo to frame Aviva (Christina Chambers) for Eleanor's swapped medication.
  • An uncharacteristically hostile Aviva confronted Eleanor at The Redeye.
  • Eleanor's meds led her to hallucinate that Henry was her dead husband Charles (John Schneider), and stab him!
  • Dominic (William Shew) advised Christian to bail out on his relationship with Terrence, but while Christian quit "Angels in America", he couldn't fathom dumping Terrence.
  • Eddie (Jeffrey Carlson) was released from the hospital, only to find Shawn (Tobias Truvillion) with "the other woman" Jenna, while Jenna was curious about Edina's (Ilene Kristen) lunch companion, and Shawn realized Edina was a close link between Jenna and Eddie.


Opening Sequence (UPDATED to include Ilene Kristen as Edina Dawson!)

Watch the Opening Sequence on YouTube!


Both Eleanor and Henry were brought to the hospital, where Dr. Julia Lawless was shocked to learn the circumstances of what had happened. Julia treated Henry for his stab wound, while ordering a full battery of tests on Eleanor. Leo can't believe Eleanor stabbed his father, and calls Fiona for some moral support. While sympathetic, Fiona isn't sure what would drive Eleanor to do such a thing. Fiona wondered if Eleanor was trying to defend herself. Leo got upset at the notion and defended his father, talking about how much Henry has done for Eleanor since she was widowed. Fiona went to check on Crystal and Rebecca, who were fretting over their mother's latest "episode". Crystal hoped that the dark days were behind them all. Rod tried to support Crystal. At the hospital lab, Julia receives the test results and learns there are a heavy amount of anti-psychotic pills in her system -- a drug Julia knows Eleanor shouldn't have been prescribed.

At Eddie's apartment, Edina probes about Shawn. Eddie opens up about his history with Shawn and urges Edina not to blame Shawn for Eddie's drug problem. Edina opens up as well that she's only upset that Shawn broke Eddie's heart. Eddie continues to defend Shawn, saying that Shawn never lied or tried to pretend what they had was different than what it was. Eddie built up too many dreams in his head about what he wanted their relationship to be. Edina admits that she knows they never had a conversation about Eddie being gay, and it's not particularly the life Edina wanted for him but she wants him to be happy and doesn't think Shawn can facilitate that. Eddie's spent his whole life wanting to be noticed, seen, recognized for something special. And Shawn saw, noticed, and recognized Aurora from the start. Eddie was afraid that Shawn only wanted Aurora, but was glad Shawn could connect with Eddie too. Shawn sees all sides to Eddie and understands them, and Eddie understands the various sides to Shawn too. Edina asks about the woman he was cozy with at The Redeye. That woman looked like a fact of Shawn's life that Eddie hadn't yet dealt with. Eddie didn't know about the woman. Edina urges Eddie to make sure he knows all the sides to Shawn before putting his heart on the line for him. Edina says that everyone has sides they keep to themselves.

Ramon was concerned to see Aviva after her fight with Carina and verbal assault on Eleanor, and Aviva bizarrely brushes it off, claiming not to remember too many details of either altercation. Ramon is perplexed by Aviva's renewed cheery mood. Aviva claims to have realized she misinterpreted what she saw between Ramon and Tiffany, and she knows Ramon wouldn't cheat on her. The guilt weighs on Ramon's shoulders.

Julia immediately suspects her mother Hattie having something to do with Eleanor's latest episode. But needs proof. Julia recalls there was a discrepancy in the prescription inventory at the hospital and researched it, only to learn that several bottles of the same medication found in Eleanor's blood had gone missing from the hospital weeks earlier. Detective Nathan Weber arrived to question his ex Julia on the circumstances and look at the lab results. The conclusion is that Eleanor was drugged to behave the way she did. But by whom?

Theodore confesses to Edina that he has everything... money, a great job, wonderful children... but not love. Theodore wants Edina to stay, give their love another chance. Edina is hesitant, but is bending to Theodore's suggestion. Still, she resists, "There are so many reasons... ones you don't even know, that we wouldn't work, reasons we didn't work last time..." Edina hedges. "I don't care!" Theodore responded, "I don't care about the past. When I had my heart attack, it refocused me, it put all this money in perspective, it brought all my children home to me, and it made me realize what I've been missing since you left." With Theodore's heart on the line, Edina once again couldn't say no... and agreed to move to New York.

Esther Wilson returns to Shady Glen Sanitarium, and Julia meets with her grandmother for the first time in years. Esther's amazed at how much Julia's grown and fakes getting emotional that she's missed so much of her life with her grandchildren. Julia wants information about her father's death, but Esther clams up. Esther must get out of the institution where she's been held prisoner. Julia is wary to trust her, but agrees to get an independent doctor to evaluate Esther's case and Esther's relieved, since Hattie's convinced all the doctors (or paid them to believe) Esther's crazy.

Eleanor was appalled to learn from Rebecca what she'd done to Henry, but luckily Henry pulled through and suffered injuries not nearly as severe as they could have been. Eleanor didn't know what was going on with her, but Detective Weber told her it seems she was drugged, over a period of time, with pills that inspired Eleanor's delusions. Gathering statements at The Redeye, Det. Weber learns from several sources that Aviva Reynoso had a very public argument with Eleanor at the restaurant shortly before Eleanor's assault on Henry. Det. Weber decided to bring Aviva in for questioning.

Thomas was over the moon that his mother agreed to move to New York and would be moving in with his father. It's what Thomas had wished for for years! He couldn't wait to call up Rebecca to share the good news with his girlfriend. Rebecca was happy that Thomas had a second chance of getting the family he wanted. She couldn't help but feel bittersweet because any chance she had of that same thing died with her father. Jenna, however was not so happy that another interloper was angling in on Jenna's rightful inheritance. "Don't you mean OUR rightful inheritance?" James reminded his greedy sister. "I guess, whatever, you know what I meant," Jenna shrugged.

Dr. Alvin O'Connor, a colleague of Julia's from the hospital, evaluates Esther, and after the performance of Esther's life she is deemed sane! Esther is released, before Julia can show up to bring Esther to Julia's place, and Esther immediately turns up on Hattie's doorstep. Hattie is horrified to see her mother back in New York and free as a bird. "Well my darling little girl... why don't you give me one good reason I shouldn't let you twist in the wind for your beloved Larry's murder?" Esther grinned from ear to ear with a deceptive sweetness.

Jenna talked Shawn's ear off about her father's second wife, Edina, and wondered if Rachel was "over" hating her yet. Shawn wasn't sure, but Rachel didn't sound too happy. Jenna needs Rachel to get over it quickly because Jenna wants to hire Rachel to find out any dirty little secret Edina may have in her closet. Jenna's gone easy on Thomas because Theodore trusts him so much, but Theodore and Edina already have one broken marriage behind them, so it shouldn't be so tough to give Edina the boot. Shawn discouraged Jenna from hiring Rachel, hoping to keep the connections between Jenna and Aurora to a minimum. Obviously Edina was a link, but if Jenna found out anything pertaining to Aurora, it could lead right back to Shawn's bedroom door!

Fiona asks Rod if Rachel Marks would be able to investigate Fiona's boyfriend Leo. Rod doesn't see why not and passes along Rachel Marks's business number. Fiona sets up an appointment with Rachel, and surprises her by plunking down a tall stack of cash. "I need you for a potentially difficult job," Fiona warns her. Rachel's curious. "I need you to investigate your new landlord, Leo Von Stadt." Rachel's surprised by Fiona's request, "Isn't he your boyfriend?" Rachel clarifies. Fiona confirms that much is true. "But... he may also be an international drug lord. Don't you owe it to yourself to know who you're renting office space from?" Rachel's stunned by Fiona's allegation, but can't help but be intrigued to find out more. Especially for the amount of money that Fiona just landed on Rachel's desk.

Thomas insisted on a celebratory dinner at The Redeye with both his parents, and Theodore once again ropes Jenna and James into the action. Jenna's all too happy to come along this time, hoping to gather new information (ammunition) on Edina... any she can get her hands on. Jenna demands Shawn escort her to the function. Shawn reluctantly agrees, not seeing a decent way out of it. The Baldwin clan (plus Edina, plus Shawn) gathered for a meal at The Redeye, where Thomas's toast to his parents nearly made Jenna's eyes roll all the way to the next table. Despite sour Jenna and indifferent James, Edina was happy to be dining with "her boys" Theodore and Thomas. Shawn excuses himself to the restroom and Jenna does too, catching Shawn before he got to his destination and demanding he help her rid her father of "that overbleached wench" Edina. Back at the table, Edina was sharing a laugh with her boys, until she was stunned to be interrupted by a confused Eddie. "Hey," Eddie interrupts, "Care to introduce me to your friends?" The Baldwin men are curious that Edina knows anyone else in Manhattan and introduce themselves by first name. "And you are?" Theodore inquires. "I'm Edina's son... Eddie," he informs them, while his mother gets that "deer in the headlights" look and Thomas's jaw drops to the floor, confused at how it's at all possible.

Ramon finds Carina at The Redeye and confronts her about the fight, asking what provoked it. Carina tells Ramon she didn't spill his dirty secret, if that's what he's worried about. Aviva actually thinks he was dallying with her student Tiffany. "If she only knew, huh?" Carina smirked.

Ramon left Carina, and it was revealed around the corner that Aviva was listening, but not appearing at all surprised by their conversation. Aviva's mind wanders and she remembers sealing the envelopes containing the notes that she herself "found" regarding Ramon, that were supposedly sent anonymously. Aviva flashes to hanging the doll resembling Rachel from the ceiling of Rachel's apartment for Rachel to find. Aviva flashes to fingerpainting in blood, wearing gloves of course, the message on Rachel's bed. Aviva says to herself in a decidedly menacing voice "If they only knew..." Obviously Aviva isn't so sweet and has had a trick or two up her sleeve!

Terrence notices Christian has been spending many nights out. Terrence tries to break up with Christian, Terrence knows Christian didn't sign up to be with a old, dying man. Christian is furious and refuses to be dumped. Christian elaborates that he didn't quit the show to escape Terrence, he quit the show to devote more time to Terrence. Christian doesn't think Terrence is meant to die. Not for many years to come. Christian vows that they will get through this -- together -- and Terrence almost believes it.

Next Month on Beyond the Horizon:

  • Rod and Fiona learn their father's grave fate, sending them both into a tailspin.
  • Hattie's plan to frame Aviva for Eleanor's latest setback works!
  • Henry shocks Leo with his choice about Eleanor.
  • Eddie struggles with his new reality.
  • Carina begins her job hunt.
  • The Baldwins can't cope with Theodore's secret past life.
  • The truth about Aviva comes out.
  • Word spreads about Terrence's diagnosis, and Eleanor organizes a charity bachelor auction for AIDS research.
  • Fiona confronts Henry Von Stadt about the true nature of Von Stadt International's business.
  • Crystal and Rod engage in a bidding war over Christian!
  • Shawn faces Edina's wrath over Eddie's broken heart.
  • Jenna's plots against Thomas at VSI may be her own undoing.
  • Julia and Tiffany may live to regret opening the pandora's box that is their grandmother, Esther.


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Hey I just checked out your blog and I'm hooked. I like the cast and the characters seem very likeable. Plus I like what you did with the blog format. It's very eye pleasing and that opening you made is amazing! (I was actually a fan of it when it first debuted on Youtube.)

I know what it's like to start a series mid-season and to continue from there. It's hard to try to cram all of the good stuff from episodes so that you can continue where you left off but BTH does a good job of playing catch up.

The plot that I like the best has to be Terrence fighting for his life. It's full of emotion. My second favorite is Aviva vs Carina. Any rivalry is always fun to read/watch so I hope these two continue to go at it.

Again, welcome to SONOP.

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Hey I just checked out your blog and I'm hooked. I like the cast and the characters seem very likeable. Plus I like what you did with the blog format. It's very eye pleasing and that opening you made is amazing! (I was actually a fan of it when it first debuted on Youtube.)

I know what it's like to start a series mid-season and to continue from there. It's hard to try to cram all of the good stuff from episodes so that you can continue where you left off but BTH does a good job of playing catch up.

The plot that I like the best has to be Terrence fighting for his life. It's full of emotion. My second favorite is Aviva vs Carina. Any rivalry is always fun to read/watch so I hope these two continue to go at it.

Again, welcome to SONOP.

Thanks for taking the time, Matt!

I hope you stick with BTH! I love the Terrence story... it's the one I had to put my own character into! I hope as it progresses you love it more and more. The emotion only intensifies.

I really wanted to have fun with a sibling rivalry, and I wanted to take Natalia Livingston out of her sappy sweetness and make her just resentful and bitter. But as time goes on, Carina will realize Aviva didn't quite "have it all" the way everyone has always believed she has.

I think a soap needs a lot of good rivalries to get the audience invested, so I've done a ton of them in BTH. Jenna vs. Thomas over Dad Theodore and the lottery inheritance. Aurora vs. Jenna over the "down low" Shawn (though Aurora and Jenna have only now just met, 7 months into the series). Aviva/Rachel over Ramon. Hattie/Eleanor over Henry Von Stadt. The endless tug of war between Terrence/Christian/Rod/Crystal.

Any favorite character stand out, or something you'd like to see more of? Any constructive criticism on things to "tweak"?

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