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2008: June: Week 1: Monday/Tuesday



June 2008: Week 1: Monday & Tuesday



Previously on Beyond the Horizon, shocking revelations set the tone for May Sweeps...

  • Tiffany (Ambyr Childers) was shocked by grandmother Esther's (Kathleen Widdoes) claim that her mother Hattie (Kate Collins) killed her father.
  • Hattie used Rolo's (Ignacio Serricchio) financial aid issues to turn him into her personal lapdog, forcing him to switch Eleanor's (Catherine Hickland) medication with anti-psychotics, try to convince Tiffany to give her another chance, and framing Aviva (Christina Chambers) for switching Eleanor's meds.
  • Henry (Sebastian Roch√©) convinced Eleanor to have all of Charles Halperin's belongings moved into storage at Henry's penthouse, rather than throwing it all away.
  • Thomas (Bobby Steggert) celebrated his 21st birthday, and Rebecca (Lindze Letherman) gifted him with a lucky pen that belonged to her deceased father.
  • Catching Leo (Jeff Branson) and Dominic (William Shew) together, Fiona (Connie Fletcher-Staton) started to wonder if either or both were connected to Aurora's (Jeffrey Carlson) designer drug overdose.
  • Crystal (Kerry Butler) grew nervous when she caught her boyfriend Rod (Forbes March) shirtless at the gay bar singing Tina Turner's "Private Dancer".
  • Aurora/Eddie swore off the designer drugs, and agreed with Shawn (Tobias Truvillion) to try to make it work again.
  • Edina Dawson (Ilene Kristen) visited son Eddie after his overdose, but also ran into her ex-husband Theodore Baldwin (John Ingle) and their son Thomas.
  • Tiffany confronted her mother Hattie about Esther on Mother's Day, and moved out when Hattie wouldn't give her any straight answers.
  • Rod and Fiona were unable to get in touch with their missing-in-action mother Emma for Mother's Day.
  • Julia (Melissa Archer) gave Terrence (Walt Willey) the devastating news that he had Stage 2 AIDS, and likely had approximately 4 months to live.
  • Julia and James (Alec Musser) faced friction with each other because of their own personal problems.
  • Hattie transferred Esther to another institution across the country, but Julia decided she wanted to know her grandmother, and pulled strings with Evan Royale (Ian Buchanan) to nab legal guardianship of Esther and bring her back.
  • Tiffany staying at the Valdez apartment led to tension between Ramon (Kamar de los Reyes) and Rolo, and gave Aviva the wrong idea.
  • Carina (Natalia Livingston) learned she lost her job while in her coma, and lashed out at Aviva, resulting in a full-on catfight!
  • Rachel (Sherri Saum) first suspected Shawn, and then Jenna (Kari Wuhrer) of being behind her harrassment.
  • Crystal seduced Rod and pierced a condom with a pin before they made love.
  • Christian (David Evan Smith) confronts Terrence and learns that Terrence has AIDS. Difficult to continue in a play where AIDS is a theme, Christian quits Terrence's show, and the production folds shortly thereafter.
  • Aviva and Eleanor had a public confrontation when Aviva learned Eleanor was back to work.
  • Eleanor's substituted medication made her delusional, and she stabbed Henry, while having a hallucination that he was a hostile haunting from Charles Halperin.
  • Dominic advised Christian to bail on his relationship with Terrence, but Christian couldn't even imagine leaving Terrence now.
  • Eddie was released from the hospital and took mother Edina to lunch, only to catch Shawn with "the other woman", Jenna. Edina thought Shawn was unhealthy for Eddie, while Shawn realized Edina was a link between the two halves of his double life.
  • Ramon is perplexed by Aviva's bizarre behavior.
  • Fiona wanted to hire Rachel to uncover Von Stadt International's drug connection.
  • Aviva was behind the anonymous notes and threatening messages left to herself and to Rachel!
  • Christian reaffirmed his commitment to Terrence, despite his health status.


Opening Sequence

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"Will you take on the investigation?" Fiona wants a final answer from Rachel. Rachel weighs it out in her head... investigate the powerful and potentially dangerous Von Stadts who have just put her on retainer and given her an office, or refuse the case and let them continue as possible criminals under the radar? Rachel takes Fiona's case, deciding to very discreetly investigate the Von Stadts.

"Her son?!" Thomas looks to his mother, not really able to process this information. Edina is rendered speechless, looking back and forth, from Eddie, to Thomas, to Theodore, back to Eddie. All three men expecting some kind of explanation, but only receiving the tearful stares of a woman they all thought they knew. "Edina, what's going on?" Theodore places a comforting hand on Edina's shoulder, seeing she's having a rough time. Edina grabs Theodore's hand with her own tightly, taking what may be the last bit of comfort he ever offers her when he hears the truth. "Mother, what's happening? Why are you answering to these men?" Eddie asks his mother. "I have something very important to say," Edina mutters, after clearing the lump from her throat, "I've lied to all of you." As the three men still wait for their answers, Jenna and Shawn return to the table to find the very tense scene. Eddie locks eyes with Shawn, and realizes he and his "other woman" were occupying the two empty seats at the table.

Leo hunts Dr. Julia down in the hallway of the hospital, wanting the status on his father. Julia tells him he's healing well and was awake a minute ago if Leo wants to go see him. Leo goes to visit Henry and Julia privately hopes Hattie didn't make Eleanor do this to Henry somehow. Leo enters Henry's room to find him sitting up in his bed watching television. "Nothing but cheesy soap operas on this bloody television," Henry remarked, shutting off the TV. Leo would think Henry's had enough of his share of drama thanks to Eleanor Halperin. Henry is tired of the conversation and reminds Leo that Eleanor is extremely crucial to the future of VSI and their freedom as well. Leo thinks it's best if whatever Eleanor has or knows just dies with her. "Unnecessary casualties are just reckless and will always trip you up," Henry warned his son. Henry ordered Leo to stop questioning him and to bring Eleanor to see him.

Terrence calls his kids to dinner, and Rod jokes to Fiona that he expects Terrence and Christian to announce they are adopting a child. Rod admits he's really hoping that they'll hear the real story about what happened to shut down Angels in America. Fiona doesn't know what to expect. Terrence joins them and it's clear Terrence is struggling with what he plans to tell them. Christian's reassuring glances and the firm grip he places on Terrence's tense, fidgeting hands starts to give way to the notion that this latest announcement is going to be serious. A nod from Christian, and Terrence reveals to his children that he's been diagnosed with AIDS. Rod and Fiona are sent reeling by the news.

Det. Nathan Weber tracks down Aviva at her apartment and can't help notice her bruises from her catfight with her sister. Aviva blows it off like it was nothing. Nathan announces he was there to question Aviva about her interaction with Eleanor Halperin at The Redeye. The mention of Eleanor makes Aviva's eyes flutter and Aviva's disposition shifts from cold and dismissive to somewhat sweeter, more accommodating, and vulnerable. Aviva seems to struggle to get her bearings and asks the Detective to repeat himself. Nathan asks about the argument Aviva had with Eleanor at The Redeye. Aviva wasn't sure what he wanted to know. Eleanor was involved in Carina's car accident, that led to her coma, and Eleanor seemed to evade punishment of any kind, so Aviva isn't fond of Eleanor lately, no. Nathan asks if Aviva knows that Eleanor stabbed Henry Von Stadt shortly after her argument with Aviva. Aviva was surprised, but not at Eleanor's apparent instability and violent streak. "I know she's been a bit of a mess since her husband's death," Aviva told him, with not much sympathy left in her voice for Eleanor. "But this time she had help," Nathan replied. Nathan told Aviva that Eleanor had been taking an anti-psychotic medication that she didn't know she was taking, and Nathan wondered if Aviva knew anything about it. Aviva is offended at the suggestion that she was seeking some kind of vengeance by drugging Eleanor. Nathan asks to look around her apartment, and Aviva tells him to get a search warrant and slams the door in his face. Aviva seems incredulous that someone could think she'd do such a thing.

Eleanor comes to visit Henry and gets emotional seeing him lying there. Eleanor tearfully apologizes to Henry for everything, she swears she didn't know what she was doing. Henry knows, he heard that there were some drugs in her system that were not prescribed. Eleanor tells Henry she's been packing her things. Eleanor will go back to Shady Glen, or jail, or wherever she needs to, since it's not safe for Henry to be around her. Henry tells Eleanor she's being too hard on herself and if he can look past the situation and see she wasn't in her right state of mind, then Eleanor should be able to forgive herself. Eleanor doesn't think she deserves a man so generous and forgiving. Eleanor agrees to stay at the Penthouse.

"Why are these men so shocked that you have a son?" Eddie asked plainly, not getting what the big deal was, why it seemed like their opinion mattered to her so much. "Because I never told them," Edina admitted, her head hanging low and not looking at anyone in the eye. "Eddie," Edina took a deep breath, "Thomas... he's your brother. And Theodore, he's... he's my ex-husband... and your father." Edina exhaled a sentence so simple, but one that took over 30 years to utter. "What? How? Why would you keep something like this from us?" Thomas was outraged, feeling like one of the few things he could count on all his life suddenly wasn't so dependable. Eddie was transfixed by Thomas, realizing that someone else, this young stranger, was entirely invested in this woman as his mother. Eddie was amazed that he and Shawn weren't the only ones at the table who lived two lives. "You don't understand," Edina said... Edina revealed she met Theodore in 1974, when Theodore was travelling, getting his graduate school education. They met in Canada on Theodore's spring break, and surprisingly fell in love. Edina was younger, infatuated with this educated, tender man. But she knew he was married with children (7 year old Jenna and 1 year old James) and despite his marital problems, loved his wife and wanted his marriage to work. Edina knew their time together would be brief, but they did make love, and Edina never told Theodore she was pregnant, not wanting to complicate his life or ruin his marriage. Years passed, Theodore kept in touch, and Edina kept him informed on her life, but said nothing of their son, Eddie. In the summer of 1979, when Eddie was 5, Edina was coming to New York for a conference and didn't plan to tell Theodore she was coming... but she ran into him at a bar. Theodore had just learned his wife Veronica was dying, from Hodgkins Disease. Theodore was devastated, that much was obvious to Edina. Edina tried to console him, but one thing led to another, and they spent a night together. Edina ordered Theodore to forget her and return to his wife, help her fight the Hodgkins. But within a year, Veronica had died... and Edina gave birth to a daughter, Didi. "Well aren't you just a fertile Myrtle!!!" Jenna shouted, outraged to learn in mere minutes that she now has TWO new half-siblings and TWO more obstacles to her ultimate goal, her inheritance. "Shut. Up. Jenna." Theodore said sternly and simply. And Jenna did, having never heard that chilling tone from her father before a day in her life. Thomas is speechless to know he has two full siblings he never knew about. Eddie had been watching Theodore, until Theodore started studying Eddie's face and Eddie couldn't put his eyes anywhere comfortably. Edina continued her story, explaining that it was 1986 when Edina could finally face Theodore. She left Eddie and Didi with her sister Trina, and went to New York to tell Theodore the truth about their children, but she couldn't. Too much time had passed. Theodore would never forgive her, he'd never look at her the same way. Theodore offered her a fresh start, Veronica had been gone for years, Jenna and James had left for school and their own lives, and selfishly, Edina took that fresh start. Theodore was free to be completely hers. It was the easiest... and the hardest... thing she had ever done. Edina stayed in New York, Trina agreed to take care of Eddie and Didi, and Edina was pregnant again, this time with Thomas. Raising a child with Theodore was heavenly... until Didi started having her problems at school back in Canada, and Edina's highwire balancing act between her two lives became too much for her to bear. She realized she couldn't be a half of a person in her own life, and felt that Thomas was young but still mature enough to be on his own with his father. Edina knew Theodore would raise Thomas well. Shawn is hit hard by Edina's talk of her dual life and being a half a person, but Shawn is an expert at not showing it. Edina continued, she returned to Canada and Eddie and Didi, and tried to be there for them 100%, but Edina always felt there was a... disconnection between them because of her years away. Eddie is emotional, and at this point can't hide it any longer. Eyes welling up with tears, Eddie dashes out of the restaurant and Edina shouts after him, but realizes she needs to let him go. For now. The table sits in silence. Shawn gets up to excuse himself, sure that the Baldwins have a lot to discuss. Jenna's mind is racing too much to think to stop Shawn, and Shawn leaves.

Rod lashes out in blind anger, accusing Christian of infecting his father, but Christian informs him his HIV test came back negative. Terrence reveals that he had engaged in some anonymous activity during the last few years of his marriage and only had himself to blame. Rod was furious with his father, and asked if he might have infected their mother too. Terrence revealed that he and Emma had stopped being intimate long before Terrence started accepting his true desires.

This Week on Beyond the Horizon:

  • Eddie wants Dominic's drugs again to escape the pain of his mother's lies.
  • Ford issues Dominic a warning.
  • Edina realizes she's shattered everyone's world.
  • Jenna and James hope to turn Edina's secrets to their advantage.
  • Shawn reaches out to Eddie.
  • Rod and Fiona struggle with their father's diagnosis.
  • Crystal hopes she can deliver good news to offset Rod's devastation.
  • Det. Weber obtains a search warrant for Aviva's apartment.
  • Eleanor's decision about Henry upsets him.
  • Evan Royale takes on a new client.


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