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2008: June: Week 1: Wednesday-Friday



June 2008: Week 1: Wednesday-Friday



Previously on Beyond the Horizon, long-kept secrets threatened to destroy many lives at the start of June...

  • Rachel (Sherri Saum) agreed to take Fiona's (Connie Fletcher-Staton) case investigating Henry (Sebastian Roch√©) and Leo (Jeff Branson) Von Stadt's possible ties to the designer drug industry.
  • Leo and Henry butted heads over Eleanor's (Catherine Hickland) usefulness after Eleanor's stabbing of Henry landed him in the hospital.
  • Terrence (Walt Willey) and Christian (David Evan Smith) delivered the devastating news to Rod (Forbes March) and Fiona that Terrence had Stage 2 AIDS.
  • Detective Nathan Weber (Jason Thompson) suspected Aviva (Christina Chambers) of tampering with Eleanor's medication.
  • A guilt-ridden Eleanor offered to leave Henry's penthouse, even if it meant returning to Shady Glen Sanitarium, but Henry convinced her to stay.
  • Edina Dawson (Ilene Kristen) shattered the worlds of Thomas (Bobby Steggert), Theodore (John Ingle) and Eddie (Jeffrey Carlson) when she revealed that Eddie was Theodore's son and Thomas's brother.
  • The Baldwins, including Jenna (Kari Wuhrer) and Shawn (Tobias Truvillion) learned the sordid past romance of Theodore and Edina, which began during Theodore's marriage to Jenna and James's (Alec Musser) mother, Veronica.
  • Rod accused Christian of infecting his father, but Christian revealed his HIV test came back negative. Terrence admitted he engaged in unsafe, often anonymous sex during the last years of his marriage to Emma, which must have been where he contracted the AIDS virus.


Opening Sequence

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Hattie ushers Esther into her apartment before anyone sees her or hears her accusation. "I can't believe it, you really did it," Hattie seemed equal parts disbelieving and impressed. "What I had to? Yes... I did." Esther said matter-of-factly. Hattie demanded to know what Esther wanted. Esther claimed she had everything she wanted... her freedom. But it's Hattie who stands to lose a whole lot more, Esther couldn't help but notice. Esther reminds her daughter that Hattie needed her long ago... and needs her now, even if she won't admit it. Hattie is certain she has everything under control, and thinks Esther needs the care that Shady Glen can provide her. "Alright, I'm done with all this yadda yadda back and forth. I'm moving in. I'm going to help you get your daughters back. Then I'm going to help you with this Henry Von Whoever. And if you don't want to accept my help... I'll just have to send you to jail for your poor departed husband Larry's murder." Hattie was stuck, but her mind was racing about how to regain control of this situation.

Eddie couldn't handle his overwhelming emotions and ran to Large Bar, where he finds Dominic. Dominic can tell something's wrong with Eddie, but Eddie doesn't want to discuss it. Dom wants to help, but Eddie quickly snaps at him, but then pulls back and approaches Dominic more softly, telling him if he wants to help... he can sell him some of the pills. Dominic refuses, and Eddie gets angry and calls Dominic worthless, and threatens him, telling him if he doesn't want to sell then Eddie might as well call the cops on him. Dominic calls Eddie's bluff, willing to face the wrath of the cops, but Dom refuses to put Eddie back in the hospital with those drugs. Eddie, disappointed in his quick backslide about wanting the drugs, breaks down. Dominic offers to call someone for him, but Eddie screams for Dom to just leave him alone, and Eddie swipes a group of freshly-washed glasses off the bar, shattering them. Dom realizes how much Eddie is suffering, but goes to get some materials to clean up the broken glass, and runs into Ford, who was eavesdropping

"Haven't you heard? The economy's in a sharp decline," Ford informed Dominic, "You really think you can afford to turn down a hungry customer?" Ford grips the back of Dominic's neck roughly and brings Dom's ear to Ford's mouth. "That's bad business, Soletti. I hope I never see that again. You've healed so well from our last business disagreement, I'd hate to see some of that healing undone." Letting his neck go and leaving, Ford sneaks out the back exit. Dominic tries to massage his neck to relieve the tension from Ford's hostile grip.

Theodore, Thomas, and Jenna take Edina home to the Baldwin brownstone in Theodore's car. The ride is silent. Edina asks Thomas to sit down and talk with her. Thomas is cold to her, and heads downstairs to his own space. Rebecca calls him and Thomas answers, unable to hide the emotion in his voice. Rebecca wants to know what's wrong. Thomas tells her that everything he ever thought he knew about his parents was a lie.

Edina heads up to Theodore's room and starts throwing her belongings into a suitcase. Theodore gently but firmly takes her hands from what she's doing and tries to get her to meet his gaze. Edina can't look at him, and tears are rolling down her face. "I've wrecked it! Like I knew! I knew it would all come crashing down! I knew the more I waited the more damage it would do to all of you, to all of us!" Theodore quietly took her into his arms. "It's going to be alright," Theodore assured her, "The truth is out now. Everyone knows everything. Now is the time to put all these pieces together. And we can all be whole again." Edina is breathless at Theodore's suggestion... amazed that he wasn't through with her at all... he was still there, willing to fight for their life together.

James was amazed when Jenna told him all the dirty details about the family dinner at The Redeye which served to make the family about two people too large. James wanted to know what it seemed these Dawsons wanted from Theodore, but Jenna didn't really care, as long as they didn't get it. Jenna thought this might be a blessing in disguise. Thomas seemed devastated that his mother had lied to him and that their father hadn't been honest with him about his past with Thomas's mother. Jenna and James wonder how they can use the divide to edge Thomas and Theodore out of each others' trust.

Shawn finds Eddie at Large Bar and sees Dominic cleaning up the broken glass, obvious that Eddie had an emotional outburst. Eddie agrees to let Shawn take him home. At Eddie's apartment, Eddie breaks down about his past being ripped out from under him. Eddie confesses he thought his mother never even knew who his father was. Eddie thought she was too ashamed about being promiscuous or even if it wasn't her choice to sleep with the man and get pregnant. Eddie had all these ugly ideas about how he was conceived, but it turns out he was born from love and a modern day star-crossed lovers story, and that his father is actually a sweet old man who obviously loves his children. Eddie sees his mother even built a life with the man for years, had another child with him, and STILL excluded Eddie from knowing his father. Shawn tried to defend Edina's choices, certain that Eddie wasn't seeing the difficult position Edina was in, but Eddie fired back, "The difficult position my mother put HERSELF in! HER lies! HER choices! She created that hell for me, and for Didi and for herself. She decided to keep those two lives separate and leave us hungry for a father... for a mother! What the hell kind of person does that to children she claims to love?!"

Rod and Fiona can't cope with Terrence's information and can't even get in touch with Emma to tell her/warn her about Terrence's status. Rod visits Crystal and tells her of his father's condition. Crystal can't do anything but apologize for how devastated Rod must be. Crystal wished there was something she could do. She knows how hard it's been to lose a father, and to know it's coming... the notion of it sends Rod out of Crystal's home. Heartbroken, Rod continues to lash out at his father, Christian, Crystal, Fiona... anyone. At the root of it, Rod doesn't know who to be mad at, he just doesn't want his father to die.

Shawn didn't know what to tell Eddie. Eddie didn't want Shawn's comfort. Eddie swore Shawn is just as bad as Edina, telling lies, keeping secrets, dividing his life into pieces tucked away in little drawers, afraid of anyone knowing who he really, truly, completely is. Eddie said Shawn is just as much a coward as his mother is. Eddie tells him to go give his new sister Jenna Baldwin a shoulder to cry on. Shawn decides they will talk more when Eddie calms down. Right now he obviously doesn't want to be helped.

Crystal buys a pregnancy test, hoping to have good news to offset the news about Terrence.

Det. Weber returns with the search warrant while Aviva's home. Looking around the apartment with a few uniformed officers, Aviva reassures the police there is nothing to find. Nathan's sure that she won't mind if they take their time, then. Nathan gets to Aviva's purse, and hits paydirt. Nathan pulls a prescription bottle from her bag and confirms it's the same drug that was found in Eleanor's bloodstream. Aviva is shocked and insists it's some kind of mistake. Nathan tells her to settle it with her lawyer, and arrests Aviva.

Henry returns home to his penthouse to find Eleanor has cooked for him to welcome him home. Henry, still not 100% recovered, voices how glad he is that Eleanor agreed to stay in his life. Over dinner, Eleanor tells him she will stay at the penthouse until the terms of her sentence are met, but they can no longer carry on a romantic relationship. Henry appears upset and confused by Eleanor's decision.

Aviva looks to Evan Royale, who is surprised she'd want him to represent her. Aviva tells him he did a great job defending of defending someone guilty, so he should try his hand at defending someone innocent. Evan is enthralled with Aviva's "fetching" beauty, and agrees to look into the case the police have against her. Later, in her cell, Aviva grows increasingly nervous and her eyes flutter again. Aviva's voice shifts a little deeper and more aggressive. She paces with hostility around the cramped cell and insists "There's no way she could have done what they're saying. She wouldn't have the guts... not without me." Aviva's references to "she" sounds like she's talking about herself in the third person...

Next Week on Beyond the Horizon:

  • Thomas seeks out his newfound brother Eddie.
  • Carina learns of her sister's arrest.
  • Crystal gets her pregnancy test results.
  • Terrence tells Eleanor of his fate.
  • Carina job hunts.
  • Eleanor decides to organize a fundraiser.
  • Julia takes on a roommate.
  • The Lawless girls are eager for Esther to speak with the NYPD about Hattie.
  • Eddie grapples with his feelings towards and fears about his new family.
  • The NYPD finds surprising new evidence that doesn't look good for Aviva.


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