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2008: June: Week 2



June 2008: Week 2



Previously on Beyond the Horizon, devastating life truths shook up several people's worlds at the start of June...

  • Esther (Kathleen Widdoes) strong-armed Hattie (Kate Collins) into allowing her to move in and plot all of Hattie's future moves.
  • Dominic (William Shew) refused Eddie's (Jeffrey Carlson) demand for drugs, earning Dominic more anger and threats from Ford (David Chisum).
  • Thomas (Bobby Steggert) turned to Rebecca (Lindze Letherman) when he felt like his whole life turned out to be a lie.
  • Edina (Ilene Kristen) wanted to run back to Canada when her deception about her life and Eddie's father was finally revealed, but Theodore (John Ingle) convinced Edina to stay and fight for everyone's happiness.
  • Jenna (Kari Wuhrer) and James (Alec Musser) hoped to use Edina's revelations to drive a wedge between Thomas and Theodore.
  • Shawn (Tobias Truvillion) tried to reach out to Eddie to help him through the truth about his conception, but Eddie accused Shawn of being as bad as Eddie's mother.
  • Rod (Forbes March) couldn't handle the notion of his father Terrence (Walt Willey) dying within the year, and lashed out at Fiona (Connie Fletcher-Staton), Crystal (Kerry Butler), Christian (David Evan Smith), anyone he could.
  • Crystal bought a pregnancy test, hoping to find good news to offset the devastating news about Terrence's AIDS.
  • Det. Nathan Weber (Jason Thompson) found drugs in Aviva's (Christina Chambers) purse -- the same drugs that were responsible for Eleanor (Catherine Hickland) stabbing Henry Von Stadt (Sebastian Roch√©).
  • Eleanor agreed to remain at the Von Stadt penthouse, but broke off her romantic relationship with Henry.
  • Aviva hires Evan Royale (Ian Buchanan) as her defense attorney, and later talks about herself in the third person while pacing her jail cell.


Opening Sequence

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After making love, Rebecca consoled Thomas about feeling betrayed by his parents. Thomas was furious with his mother, for keeping two full siblings a secret from him, and upset with his father for "stringing" Edina along for years before finally settling down with her. Thomas feels as though he's lost nearly everything he could count on. Except Rebecca, of course. Rebecca encouraged him to look at the bright side, the gift that this news was. He should consider his life bigger, brighter, even more full because of all the additional history behind the love story of Thomas's parents. Rebecca points out how "at odds" Thomas was with Jenna and James, and now Thomas has been given two new siblings, to build completely fresh, strong relationships with... if Thomas decides to make the best out of the life he has now... since the choice is his. Thomas realizes Rebecca is right.

Crystal waits impatiently, checking her watch repeatedly and looking off in the distance towards the bathroom sink, waiting for her pregnancy test to be ready. A timer rings, and Crystal braces herself before getting up to check the pregnancy test. Approaching it carefully, she peeks and immediately her face falls and her shoulders slump. Crystal's eyes well with tears, and she runs her hand through her hair before picking up the test and tossing it angrily in the trash. One more chance to build a future for herself... shot to hell.

A shocked Ramon rushes to visit Aviva when he learns she's been arrested for drugging Eleanor. Ramon asks her to be honest about whether she did it, and assures her after what happened between Eleanor and Carina in the accident on New Years, Ramon would understand. Aviva is offended and tells Ramon to leave. She didn't do this and doesn't want to see Ramon if he thinks she's capable of it. Unlike him, Aviva can make the moral distinction between right and wrong. Ramon worries what she means about right and wrong. Aviva orders him gone, and he leaves. Aviva promises Ramon is lucky she's locked up because it's slowed down her plans for him and Rachel.

Eddie recounts to Terrence and Christian the story of learning the truth about his family, and Christian is envious. Christian wishes that a father and some siblings would drop out of the sky one day, some new people to get to know, find things in common with, compare notes with about their differences. "You want mine?" Eddie jokes. Eddie admits it almost drove him back to drugs, but luckily, his dealer refused to sell to him. Eddie neglects to mention his dealer is Christian's foster brother Dominic. Christian and Terrence are relieved, and proud that Eddie faced the demon and ultimately didn't slip in his recovery from his addiction. They want to know if Eddie is going to make an effort to get to know his new family. Eddie finds it odd... It was always so easy to be "out and proud" in New York, he never had to care what people thought of him here, there were no expectations or pre-conceived notions about him. But now... Eddie's afraid for his new family to learn he's gay... and especially that he's a drag queen. Eddie knows it shouldn't matter, and if they don't understand then he'll know whether it's worth knowing his new family or not. But as much as he knows in his head... his heart is afraid for what the Baldwins will think of him.

Rebecca had just finished guiding Thomas through his emotional crisis when her sister called her sobbing. Since it was obvious Crystal was despondent, Rebecca rushed to meet Crystal back at home. Crystal was heartbroken that she did as Rebecca suggested in fighting for Rod and it all fell apart. Rebecca pressed her for details and Crystal goes on about how she tried to get pregnant and it would have been just the news to help Rod bounce back from the truth about his father... Rebecca tells Crystal to slow down. Crystal reveals that Rod learned his father had AIDS. "Mr. Applewhite?!" Rebecca is horrified at the news. Crystal goes on that she had tampered with a condom to try to get pregnant with Rod a little while ago. Rebecca is horrified at that too! Rebecca explains that when she said to fight for Rod she didn't mean to put them both at risk and jump into a pre-marital pregnancy that neither of them is really ready to handle. Especially when lack of protection is most likely what is going to cost Terrence his life! Rebecca is appalled at her sister's actions, and Crystal can barely handle Rebecca's disappointment in her.

Julia and Tiffany were summoned to The Redeye by grandma Esther, and were surprised to find Esther was sitting with Hattie! Unsure of what they had just walked into, Julia and Tiffany cautiously sat down and Esther proceeded to tell her granddaughters that everything about Hattie being involved in Larry's murder had been a misunderstanding and Esther swears Hattie was innocent of any wrong-doing! Julia and Tiffany instantly feel they've been played, and demand answers. Esther doesn't know what they mean. Julia accuses Hattie of manipulating Esther, Tiffany accuses Esther of manipulating them to get sprung from Shady Glen, and the Lawless girls can't figure out who was manipulating and who was the target! Infuriated, Julia and Tiffany leave, and Hattie laughs that Esther's lost her touch, "You didn't think you could sway your granddaughters that easily, did you? How much medication did they have you on at Shady Glen?" Esther assures her doubting daughter that she always gets her way, and Hattie should never forget it.

Ramon admits to Rolo that Aviva is acting strangely toward him. Rolo points out that she's been jailed for a crime she didn't commit and he's worried about how she's treating him?! Ramon goes on the defensive and asks Rolo how he can be so sure Aviva is innocent if she's not acting like herself, and Rolo never seemed to like Aviva that much anyway to have faith in her innocence. Rolo quickly goes on the defensive himself and accuses Ramon of wanting Aviva to be guilty so that the path will be clear for him to resume sleeping with Rachel.

Julia nearly breaks down the door of Evan Royale's office to demand that he get her grandmother Esther sent back to Shady Glen Sanitarium. Evan laughs, asking if she also wants him to put her toothpaste back into its tube. Evan reminds Julia that she and an accredited doctor declared Esther sane enough to be sprung, so short of proving Esther is crazy again, Esther's free as a bird. Besides, Evan's docket is full with the Aviva Reynoso case. Shocked to learn Aviva's been arrested for drugging Eleanor Halperin, Julia immediately calls Carina to tell her about her sister... and Carina seems hardly moved by the news at all!

Ramon goes to Carina and asks if she thinks Aviva's acting strangely. Carina wouldn't know, she hasn't seen her sister. Ramon tells her Aviva's been arrested. Carina knows that, she just hasn't seen her. Ramon wonders what kind of sister Carina is. "Oh now Ramon," Carina smiles, "do we really want to start throwing stones in this glass house we all live in?" Ramon leaves, furious.

Christian goes with Terrence to all his doctors' appointments and asks desperately for some news that will give them hope that Terrence can survive this. Dr. Julia says they have caught it too late. The cocktails will prolong Terrence's life to a point, but they are only quick band-aids on a rapidly accelerating problem. Christian grows angry, not wanting to accept that Terrence will die either. Terrence doesn't want to either, but he starts to believe he needs to accept it to make the most of the time he has left.

Terrence and Eleanor meet to resume a semi-regular brunch that they haven't had in a long time (what with Eleanor's legal and mental issues, and all), and Eleanor shares with her friend that she ended the sexual relationship with Henry Von Stadt because of what she did to him while under the influence of the swapped medication. Eleanor admits it's the right choice, despite her attraction to the man, and she needs to work on getting back to the woman she used to be, apart from a relationship. Terrence is glad she's found some clarity. Eleanor asks what's been going on in Terrence's life, and he becomes emotional. It's obvious that something is terribly wrong. Terrence breaks down and admits to Eleanor that he has AIDS and only a few months to live. Eleanor is stunned at the news.

On the subway ride back uptown to the Von Stadt penthouse, Eleanor can't stop thinking about Terrence's admission and her involvement in the gay community through Large Bar. Eleanor decides to do some good with some of the money she inherited after her husband's death and turns to Henry, asking for his help in organizing a benefit to raise money for AIDS research for the Day of Compassion.

Eddie is home in his small messy apartment and drowning his sorrows in a tub of Rocky Road ice cream while the song "Iris" from The Goo Goo Dolls plays on the stereo system. Apparently Eddie had stopped in mid-transition from Aurora to Eddie because he's still got smeared lipstick on his mouth and a feather boa around his neck, but doesn't have his "Aurora" wig on, or any "Aurora" clothes. Using his ice cream spoon as a microphone, Eddie climbs all over his couch, lip-synching the chorus to "Iris" when there's a knock at the door. It's Thomas Baldwin, but the music is blaring, and Thomas hears it through the door. Knocking louder until Eddie hears it over the stereo, Eddie dismounts the couch and delicately traipses across the room and swings the door open, not expecting his new little brother to be on the other side of the door to witness the self-pitying solo performance, not to mention the remains of "Aurora Borealis" all over Eddie!

In the Coming Weeks on Beyond the Horizon:

  • Thomas and Eddie find much in common.
  • Carina job hunts.
  • Julia takes on a roommate.
  • The NYPD finds surprising new evidence that doesn't look good for Aviva.
  • Jenna thinks Thomas is recruiting Eddie to work against her.
  • Eleanor and Henry work overtime to pull a fundraiser together by the Day of Compassion.
  • The fundraising bachelor auction brings together many odd pairings, some unexpected, some unavoidable.
  • Fiona makes a bold move with Henry Von Stadt.
  • Christian is at the center of a surprising bidding war.


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