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2008: June: Week 3



June 2008: Week 3



Previously on Beyond the Horizon, devastating life truths shook up several people's worlds at the start of June...

  • Esther (Kathleen Widdoes) strong-armed Hattie (Kate Collins) into allowing her to move in and plot all of Hattie's future moves.
  • Dominic (William Shew) refused Eddie's (Jeffrey Carlson) demand for drugs, earning Dominic more anger and threats from Ford (David Chisum).
  • Thomas (Bobby Steggert) turned to Rebecca (Lindze Letherman) when he felt like his whole life turned out to be a lie.
  • Edina (Ilene Kristen) wanted to run back to Canada when her deception about her life and Eddie's father was finally revealed, but Theodore (John Ingle) convinced Edina to stay and fight for everyone's happiness.
  • Jenna (Kari Wuhrer) and James (Alec Musser) hoped to use Edina's revelations to drive a wedge between Thomas and Theodore.
  • Shawn (Tobias Truvillion) tried to reach out to Eddie to help him through the truth about his conception, but Eddie accused Shawn of being as bad as Eddie's mother.
  • Rod (Forbes March) couldn't handle the notion of his father Terrence (Walt Willey) dying within the year, and lashed out at Fiona (Connie Fletcher-Staton), Crystal (Kerry Butler), Christian (David Evan Smith), anyone he could.
  • Crystal bought a pregnancy test, hoping to find good news to offset the devastating news about Terrence's AIDS.
  • Det. Nathan Weber (Jason Thompson) found drugs in Aviva's (Christina Chambers) purse -- the same drugs that were responsible for Eleanor (Catherine Hickland) stabbing Henry Von Stadt (Sebastian Roché).
  • Eleanor agreed to remain at the Von Stadt penthouse, but broke off her romantic relationship with Henry.
  • Aviva hires Evan Royale (Ian Buchanan) as her defense attorney, and later talks about herself in the third person while pacing her jail cell.

Opening Sequence

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Thomas can't help but smile at the scene he just apparently interrupted. "Bad time?" Thomas asked innocently. Eddie, embarrassed and surprised, scrambles to shut off his blasting music and invites Thomas in, and Eddie quickly discards the feather boa behind the couch. Thomas picks it up from the floor and offers it back to his new brother and tells him it's a good color for him. Eddie sits down with Thomas and apologizes... Eddie was still trying to figure out how he was going to go about sharing his identity with his newfound family. Thomas feels he's the one who should apologize... showing up unexpectedly at Eddie's doorstep and trying to force a family bonding moment, while not giving a moment's thought to whether Eddie needed his own amount of time to adjust to the news of his sudden family. Eddie doesn't hold Thomas responsible for any awkwardness. Thomas inquires about the feather boa and the makeup, "Fashion choice? Hobby? Lifestyle?"... Eddie thinks on the answer, "All of the above, I guess," he laughs. Eddie explains that he works as a drag queen, Aurora Borealis. Thomas likes the name Eddie came up with for his character. Eddie is surprised Thomas is so accepting and not "weirded out" by it. "It's New York," Thomas explained, pretty much summing it up. Eddie inquired about how old Thomas was to be so open-minded and mature, and Thomas shared that he just celebrated a birthday. Eddie awkwardly offered his new brother a happy birthday, and Thomas thanked him. Thomas explained that he came over to sort of extend an olive branch, and hoped they could have a good relationship. Eddie appreciated it, and was thrown for a loop when Thomas invited him to their planned Father's Day dinner at the Baldwin home. Thomas said he could even bring the feather boa if he wanted. Eddie accepted the invitation but decided against bringing the feather boa. Eddie asked that Thomas let him tell the rest of the family about himself in his own time, in his own way. Thomas understood and respected Eddie's request.

Eleanor called Crystal and Rebecca together to celebrate Father's day and the mood was uncomfortable. Crystal admitted that she was surprised her mother wanted to celebrate Father's Day, given all the uncertainty and grief that has surrounded their connection with Charles Halperin before and after his death. Eleanor thought, and Rebecca agreed, that regardless of how they knew Charles in death, there were years upon years of great memories and love shared with him.

James was surprised to come upon Julia on the observation deck of the Empire State Building. "Wasn't there some cheesy chick flick that ended like this?" James quipped. "A few, actually," Julia replied. Julia shared that she decided to honor Father's Day from there because it reminded her of a time her father took her to the observation deck of the Sears Tower back home in Chicago. James forgot it was Father's Day. Julia asked if James had any happy memories with his father like she did. James admitted he really didn't spend a lot of time with his father when he was little. James was always out in the neighborhood playing with his friends, and James didn't think he and his father were compatible. Julia didn't understand. James said he was always the athletic, active type, and his father was always trying to talk to him about some boring article that he'd read in National Geographic. Julia reminds James that he only gets one father and he nearly lost him last year. Julia admits she didn't care about the view from the Sears Tower, and doesn't really care about the view from the Empire State Building... but she loved seeing her father's face light up and his eyes come alive when he was looking at the vast world before him. She loved that he wanted to share that with her and let her believe in limitless possibilities that he never explored in his own life. Julia is sorry that her father had a lot of regrets in his life, but it never made him bitter, at least in Julia's presence. It made him want to ensure Julia lived better than he had chosen to. Julia tells James to call his dad... or better yet, go see him.

Edina gave Theodore a photo album for Father's Day, filled with pictures of Eddie and Didi from their early childhood up through high school. Theodore is overwhelmed with emotion, and he and Thomas look through the album. Theodore notes that Didi is very beautiful, but always seems to have a sadness in her eyes. Theodore feels responsible, that she's sad because she never knew him. Edina assures him Didi was sad, but because of her own reasons, not because she ever made it known that she longed for a father. Growing up, Didi was always very accepting of the circumstances that life had given her, and took everything for what it was, refusing to get caught up in what might have been. Theodore notes that Eddie always seemed to keep his hair long. Edina shared that Eddie never liked getting haircuts when he was young. Eddie arrives and Thomas lets him in. Theodore is thrilled that Eddie chose to accept Thomas's invitation. Eddie is embarrassed to see the old pictures that Edina gave to Theodore. Eddie had ordered his mother to burn the photos from that dance class he took, and that photo of a 4 year old Eddie walking in his mother's high heels! Theodore is grateful that Edina captured those moments for him to see, even all these years later.

Jenna arrives late and gives her father a box full of scratch-off lottery tickets as a Father's Day present, claiming it's a token of what brought the family back together. Edina finds the gift tacky. Thomas is furious and privately shares with Eddie that Jenna found the most selfish and self-involved gift she could have possibly given their father... and she most likely used THEODORE'S money to buy the lottery tickets, and probably bought them in order for Theodore to win MORE money that she could use to further herself in the future. Eddie is shocked, but not necessarily surprised by Jenna's nerve. Eddie doesn't believe Thomas's opinion is anything less than an accurate view of his half-sister.

Christian spends Father's Day evening over cocktails at Large Bar with Dominic. Dominic wondered why Christian wasn't spending the night with his "father figure", teasing Christian by singing the George Michaels song, and Christian admitted that he wanted to give Rod and Fiona their own time with their father, just so Terrence can be their father, not the "man who's in love with some boy half his age." Dominic corrects him, "uh... LESS than half his age," continuing to tease. Christian and Dominic commisserate over their apple martinis and regret that they never had a good father in the homes that they fostered in together. Christian wished Dominic could have been taken in by the Fields. Christian admits that he tried repeatedly to convince the Fields to adopt Dominic, but they couldn't afford two children. Dominic is surprised, and touched, that Christian did that. Dominic always felt in the back of his mind that Christian forgot all about him once he was finally adopted. Christian still considers Dominic his brother, no family situation would ever change that.

Father's Day at the Applewhite home is somber, as Terrence tries to keep things upbeat despite the fact that this is most likely the last Father's Day they will ever have together. Rod admits that Terrence's AIDS status is still so new to them, that as much as they'd like to put it aside for a night, it's very much in the forefront of all their minds. Terrence tells them to leave if all they see when they look at him is a man dying of AIDS. Fiona is horrified by her father's demand, and apologizes for Rod. Rod explains that wasn't what he meant. Terrence challenges his children to treat him like their father, like they always have. Terrence reminds them of when they were teenagers and they all went bowling together for the first time (except Emma, who refused because she hated the sport). Fiona swore she could still beat them both, so the Applewhites went out bowling again for Father's Day........... And Fiona still beat them both.

Julia takes on a roommate when Carina is evicted because she couldn't come up with the rent money after losing her job at the hospital. Carina job hunts but all the places she knows of are connected to either her sister (who she hates) or Eleanor, her alleged assailant in the hit-and-run accident that put her in a coma (which would be uncomfortable to say the least!). Going through the classifieds in the newspaper proves fruitless and frustrating to Carina, who no longer wants to settle for just any job to pay the bills. There's a reason that everything Carina knew and had gotten used to had been ripped away from her... there's a reason she lost her security blanket. Carina wants to make a career choice, a life choice, something that will take her in a direction that finally brings her some joy. Julia tells her to choose carefully, and really make the most of it. All Carina really needs now... is inspiration.

Eleanor turned to Henry, who had been recovering well from his stab wound, and Henry was encouraged that Eleanor needed him. Eleanor explained that she needed his business advice and connections, to put a charity fundraiser together in a matter of days! Eleanor wanted to have the event by June 21st, since it has for years been the Day of Compassion in the entertainment industry for furthering AIDS awareness. Henry put some calls in to his publicity people who confirmed a banquet hall location for Friday, and ordered engraved invitations by the end of that day! Of course it would help if Eleanor had a concept. Eleanor finally decided on a bachelor auction, hoping the spirit of the night would be educational, and hoping that mixed partners would open peoples' minds to hearing new voices and taking in new knowledge. Henry believed in Eleanor's idea and started whipping the night together!

Realizing Thomas invited Eddie over for Father's Day and saw them talking together (most certainly about Jenna!), Jenna views it as Thomas rallying the troops against her! Not about to go down without a fight, Jenna thinks she needs to start cultivating a relationship of her own with her newfound half-brother, before Thomas completely turns him against her! Jenna hopes that she'll be able to find some common ground that can bring them together (if only Jenna knew how common their ground is!).

Evan secures Aviva's bail, which thrills her. Flirtatiously, she nearly kisses him. Aviva tells Evan she has a lot of catching up to do for the time she's been unfairly incarcerated.

Julia was overwrought after Father's Day, thinking about all that she lost when she found her father dead. Fed up with Hattie's (and now Esther's) games and lies, Julia went to her old flame Det. Nathan Weber at his NYPD precinct and shared concerns about Hattie's possible role in her father's death! Nathan promised to look into the case for her.

Working on his other case, Det. Nathan Weber returned to Aviva Reynoso's apartment feeling like there might have been more evidence that they had missed. Searching again, hoping to find more linking Aviva to the drugs in Eleanor's system at the time of the stabbing, notices a weak panel in the back of Aviva's coat closet wall. Investigating, Nathan knocks the panel loose and finds that there's a whole fixture behind the closet. Upon further inspection, Nathan realizes it's a shrine to Ramon/Rachel's torture! There's numerous photographs of Ramon and Rachel, separately, with the eyeballs cut out of each one, there's a receipt for a sample of pig's blood dabbed with the blood itself, which reminds Nathan of the note in blood on Rachel's bed that had her so shaken. As Nathan puts the pieces together that Aviva was the one behind Rachel's stalking, a freshly-returned Aviva knocks Nathan unconscious with a paperweight and takes him prisoner in her apartment, so she can continue to exact her revenge on Ramon and Rachel!

Invitations traveled all over town for the Day of Compassion Charity Bachelor Auction, and there were mixed reactions. Rod refused to go, not wanting to be surrounded by reminders of his father's impending death. Fiona was appalled at her brother's reaction, and urged him to think about the pain he's in knowing their father is going to die from this disease. Fiona wants Rod to think about how all this money going to research is in the hopes that other people won't need to lose a father, a child, a lover to AIDS. "Stop being so selfishly wrapped up in your own pain and start thinking about preventing someone else from going through what you've been these last few weeks," Fiona said.

The Day of Compassion Charity Bachelor Auction gets underway and Eleanor begins her hosting duties to the sold-out event. First, Eleanor recognizes Henry Von Stadt for not only underwriting the entire event, but for donating a staggering $2 million in Terrence Applewhite's name. Terrence joined Eleanor on stage to thank Henry for his generous donation. Terrence makes a speech about the importance of AIDS research. Eleanor then relays that Henry is also going to be matching every final bid, $2 for every $1.

Eleanor explains that the tickets for the Auction were purposely inexpensive so that more of the guests' money could go toward bidding on their crop of bachelors! Eleanor acknowledges that while she can't enforce it, she requests that anyone who has a significant other up for bid NOT bid on them. The purpose is to meet someone you don't know, or don't know very well, and sit down for an evening of open communication, to learn something new. Eleanor reinforces that knowledge is power, and if there was more tolerance and open communication, they could potentially slow, and maybe even stop, the spread of HIV and AIDS.

The bachelor auction begins, and the results are shocking!

  • Eleanor announces Nathan Weber, whom Eleanor is dismayed to discover is a no-show for the event (since he's being held hostage by Aviva!). Eleanor's sure he was called away on police business. Julia is disappointed he couldn't attend.
  • Fiona bids on her boyfriend's father, Henry Von Stadt.
  • Dominic bids on his foster brother's lover, Terrence Applewhite.
  • Edina bids on the object of son Eddie's affection, Shawn Marks.
  • Jenna bids on new half-brother Eddie Dawson.
  • Rachel goes against rules to bid on her sometimes-lover Ramon Valdez.
  • Rebecca bids on her boyfriend's big brother James Baldwin.
  • Tiffany bids on her school rival's boyfriend Thomas Baldwin.
  • Hattie bids on her partner-in-crime Rolo Valdez.
  • Julia bids on her former patient, Theodore Baldwin.
  • No one bids on Evan Royale, so Eleanor takes pity on him and snags him for $5!
  • Crystal had secured the bidding on Christian, until Rod crashed the party and bid on him too! Crystal was stunned. Crystal and Rod engaged in a bidding war over Christian, and Rod won. Crystal was so furious and somewhat hurt over Rod bidding (and winning) Christian, that she bid on last option Leo Von Stadt.

Fiona & Henry: Fiona and Henry sit down to dinner, where Fiona ends up questioning him about his business practices. Fiona insinuates that whatever legal issues his company may face in the future, Fiona will do everything in her power to help (insinuating that she knows VSI is in the drug business) if some of VSI's pharmaceuticals work to prolong her father's life. Henry is impressed with Fiona's upfront handling of her situation, and despite her essentially blackmailing him, he remains sympathetic to her plight... so he agrees to give Fiona what she wants.

Dominic & Terrence: "I have to say I'm surprised," Terrence admitted, going on to explain he didn't think Dom would spend his hard-earned tip money on the old, useless man that Christian's been wasting his time with. Dominic admits that he doesn't fully "get" Christian and Terrence's relationship, but Christian's made it clear that it's the real deal, at least for Christian. Terrence wants to know why Dom bothered to bid on him, then. Dominic wants to be sure it's the real deal for Terrence too. "Is it a fling? Some mid or late-life crisis? Catching up for all the time he lost pretending he was straight and happily married?" Terrence clarifies that he was happily married, just not happy with himself. Terrence hoped that Emma would accept Terrence for who he really was and form a new, even stronger bond. Dom casually lets it slip that he doesn't care about how Terrence felt for some wife who didn't raise the flag for him anymore... Dom cares about Christian. "Christian is really all I've EVER had," Dom shared, "foster home to foster home, shelter to shelter, Christian was the only person who ever felt like real family, and they became invested in each others' happiness." Dominic wants a promise from Terrence that no matter what happens with his illness, Christian's heart is a priority for him. Terrence has no hesitation about making that promise.

Edina & Shawn: "Do you practice safe sex?" Edina asks with a terrified seriousness. Shawn is so shocked by the question he can't even register whether it offends him or not. Shawn tells her that he does practice safe sex. Edina tells him that she knows Eddie cares about Shawn very much... and given what she knows now about Shawn's lifestyle and his relationship with Jenna, Edina doesn't think it's a very smart thing for Eddie to care so much for Shawn. Shawn can't really disagree with her. Edina also knows that the heart is never known for being a "smart" organ. Edina has lived in a glass house for as long as she can remember, so she doesn't throw stones about peoples' choices in life, but Edina does encourage Shawn to think long and hard about whether he's really pleasing anyone in the situation in which he finds himself. Edina makes no secret of the fact that she finds Shawn deplorable for trying to have his cake and eat it too, and he may even think he's found the perfect system to a fulfilling life... but when he lays his head down to sleep at night, he knows in his heart of hearts that he hasn't lived a truly honest day in his entire life. "Maybe the heart knows more than it lets on, after all," Edina says, leaving him with that thought and abandoning her untouched dinner.

Jenna & Eddie: Jenna notices Edina has left Shawn at the table. "Maybe your mom's not into black guys," Jenna speculates. "I doubt that's the reason... some people just aren't intended to get along," Eddie says, though possibly talking about his present situation, not his mother's. Jenna tries to probe Eddie and asks about his type. Eddie sidesteps the small-talk, asking why Jenna really bid on him. "Just want to get to know my new brother!" Jenna gushed, unconvincingly. Jenna's certain there's a way they can all co-exist as one big happy family. Jenna asks what Eddie does for a living, and Eddie scrambles to answer that he's an entertainer. Jenna isn't surprised, New York is just brimming with actors, it seems. Jenna jokes that Shawn likes to role-play with her, if Eddie can catch her meaning... Eddie certainly could, he replied. Eddie asked about the nature of Jenna and Shawn's relationship, wondering if it was love. Jenna's still waiting to hear a satisfactory definition for a word like "Love". Jenna describes her relationship with Shawn as them being the perfect power couple. Driven, Ambitious, Attractive, Successful... all those things only magnified by being together, running parallel through life, straight to the top. Eddie decides that Jenna and Shawn are only using each other to advance professionally... but isn't sure if that makes him feel better or worse about Jenna and Shawn's relationship.

Rachel & Ramon: Ramon reminds Rachel that the point was to bid on someone you don't know that well. "I've come to realize you don't know me at all, you only think you do," Rachel reveals. "Are you ever going to stop thinking of me as some slut in a bar?" Rachel's question exposes some of her insecurities to a surprised Ramon. Ramon asserts that people show you who they are through actions. Every move Rachel makes proves she's a hateful person, hating Aviva because Aviva's life is everything she ever wanted. Ramon's analysis is like a knife in Rachel's heart... only because of how accurate it is. "I hate Aviva," Rachel admits, "but don't you think it was an act of hostility on your part to cheat on her with me in the first place?! What do you think that says about how much you care for Aviva?" Rachel sees Ramon pretty accurately too. "I'm amazed," Rachel continues, "that people like Aviva and you can walk around with your head in the clouds thinking life is meant to be perfect and unfold the way mommy and daddy tell you it's supposed to, and nothing should ever be complicated or surprising or unexpected. Sometimes you meet your match when you're already with someone that you THOUGHT was your match. Sometimes a person unlocks a part of you that you didn't know was there," Rachel insists. "And sometimes it's a part of you that you wish WASN'T there," Ramon fights back, "I'm trying to be a better man, and all you want to do is pull me down in the mud with you." Ramon leaves the table, and Rachel feels one more knife in her heart.

Rebecca & James: 'You're sweet and all, kid, but aren't you like, jailbait?" James asked. Rebecca laughed, "I'm 20. And I'm happy with Thomas, so I'm sorry to burst your bubble, but I'm not looking for a hookup James." James wouldn't blame her for wanting to trade up from his kid brother. Rebecca wondered how James developed such a negative opinion of his little brother without spending more than a family dinner with him before coming back to town last year. James tells her they're just not the same. Rebecca wonders if James and Jenna are the same, since they get along so well. James insists Jenna's different... they're very much not the same, but he knows what Jenna's capable of. "And you don't know what to expect from Thomas, so you don't like him?" Rebecca struggles to understand. James can't put it into words, "It's like... It's... Look. I grew up knowing how to function in every situation. Instinct. What pass to make when I was a Quarterback. Which tests I really had to study for, and which I could coast through. Which girl likes to be romanced, and which girl is just out for a good time. I'm good like that. I'm never wrong. Thomas... he's an anomaly," James declares, impressing Rebecca with his vocabulary, considering she didn't think he had it in him. James continues, "Thomas is smart. Too smart at his age. He could do a lot more at Von Stadt International than what he's doing. But he's had everything handed to him. He's never left the nest, he's never had to work to earn a living, he's never had to pay for an education while still trying to get an education. He's never had to watch his mother slowly die. He's unreal, because reality hasn't happened to him yet... I mean I might be further along in my life if I'd had it as easy as... Look, whatever happens with Jenna and Thomas, that's their business. Anything she does to him was going to happen to him eventually. I'm staying out of it. Thomas thinks I just want my dad's money and that I don't care that he almost died. You think I don't know him, or I haven't tried? Maybe you're right. But take a look at your boyfriend because he hasn't made one effort to really learn about me either. If someone's dumb enough to take me at face value, then they deserve a dose of reality eventually." Rebecca is surprised by James's outpouring, and that there are all those layers to James beneath the quiet, glib, shallow exterior.

Julia & Theodore: "How have you been Mr. Baldwin?" Julia asks, as his doctor. Theodore reports a strong recovery, due to Julia's expert care, of course. Theodore had been hoping that he'd be seeing her more around his home as things progressed with her and James. Julia admits that she has cooled things off with James. "We just don't look at life the same way," Julia explains. "Life would be terribly boring if we all did," Theodore counters. Julia continued that her work is difficult, takes her to some dark places sometimes, and James just doesn't take life seriously enough to understand that about her. "My son is many things, but he's not too naive to understand the harsh truths about life and death," Theodore defends his son, continuing, "I've come to believe that for whatever reason we are put on this earth, ultimately all we ever do is learn... from our own experiences... from each other. It's all we can do, is listen and learn. So maybe you're supposed to rub off on my son a little bit. And maybe he's supposed to rub off a little bit on you. You know what he told me when you came back from your date to the baseball game? That you two really connected," he shared with Julia, who was taken aback. "He said that?" Julia asked, in disbelief. Theodore confirmed to her again, adding, "Does that sound like someone looking for a cheap thrill? Don't fear change, my dear, it comes in its own time, when it's supposed to."

Hattie & Rolo: "Aren't you supposed to be some brilliant puppet master?" Rolo condescends to Hattie, "It's hardly 'below the radar' to buy your accomplice at a public bachelor auction, when he's like one-fourth your age..." Hattie is offended at Rolo's math, "Listen Chico, for all anyone knows I could be interrogating you about your carnal interest in my innocent, young daughter," Hattie defends herself. "Your daughter's as innocent as you are, lady. But you didn't buy me tonight to talk about my carnal interests, you just want to make sure your little plans are shaping up the way you want." "You mean our little plans, don't you?" Hattie reminds Rolo of his willing participation. Rolo reassures her that Aviva's guilt is solid and her bizarre behavior lately is only making her look more suspicious. Hattie is optimistic that one of her plans may finally be working after all.

Tiffany & Thomas: Thomas is surprised Tiffany bid on him. Tiffany seems distracted by her mother's conversation with Rolo. "What could they have to talk about?!" Tiffany wondered aloud. Thomas suggests she go find out, in Thomas's attempt to extricate himself from Tiffany. Tiffany realizes she's ignoring her date, and refocuses. Tiffany doesn't see why Thomas is surprised she bid on him. Thomas tells her she's barely said two words to him in the time they've been attending Hunter College together. Tiffany has been a social butterfly but Thomas figured he hardly rated as one of the popular crowd, that Tiffany would deem "worth knowing." Tiffany's stunned that's the way Thomas views her. Tiffany noticed Thomas first, because he wasn't a jock or a nerd or fell into any cliché category. Tiffany talked with Rebecca about him early on when she transferred to Hunter. Tiffany figured she wasn't the type Thomas would associate with. Tiffany figured Thomas wanted to associate with a girl like Rebecca; beautiful, intelligent, gracious, stable... Tiffany doesn't see herself falling into many categories with Rebecca. Thomas wonders how Tiffany sees herself. "I don't know... not stable... I don't know what I am. I'm too new to be popular. Too insecure to be self-involved. I've been lied to too many times to know who I am and where I really come from. And too scared to admit that whatever security I ever believed I had, never really existed at all." Thomas realizes Tiffany may be an innocent victim of her mother's manipulations.

Eleanor & Evan: "A lovely event you've thrown together," Evan compliments host Eleanor. Eleanor's flattered and proud that it all came together so quickly. Evan continues, "So what do you say we continue to celebrate your success back at my suite?" Eleanor is offended by Evan's overtures. "Mr. Royale," Eleanor starts, until Evan interrupts her, "Call me Sir Evan..." he smirks. "You've been knighted?" Eleanor is surprised, but Evan clarifies, "No, I just like women to call me by certain titles... gets me in the mood," Evan smirks with a dirty glint in his eye. Eleanor is further disgusted. "Mr. Royale, you got me out of some very messy legal situations, and I'm grateful... but I'm definitely not looking to start anything with someone right now." Evan is fine with Eleanor's stance, "Smashing, darling, I'm not looking to start anything either, just looking to finish something off." Evan's increasing crass talk earns him a slap across the face from Eleanor before she leaves the table in a huff. Evan seemed to enjoy the rough slap even more than their conversation and watches her leave with more lust than ever.

Christian & Rod: "I don't think Crystal was too happy with that little bidding war," Christian warns Rod, "I think she's got a little issue with our relationship." Rod makes it clear that his concern at the moment isn't Crystal, it's his father, and Christian's relationship with his father. "What else is new?" Christian snarks. "This is all a game to you, isn't it," Rod marvels, "well okay, let's play games. What do you like? How about... Truth or Dare?" Christian agrees to play. In the first round, Christian chooses truth. "Okay... Was my father's status and his line of work what made you get involved with him?" Christian says yes, and Rod feels vindicated, until Christian clarifies, "I was drawn to Terrence because he's passionate about Theatre like I am, and obviously driven enough to make a name for himself. Did I want to use Terrence as a stepping-stone, not at all. I fell in love with him because we share many passions, and he understands me and what drives me more than any other man ever has." Rod sees that Christian means what he says, but still poses another 'truth or dare' challenge. Again, Christian chooses truth. "When you walked in on me in the bathroom last year, was that planned?" Christian is amazed at how many straight guys really think gay guys are after them. "No, Rod, I wasn't trying to sneak a peek." Christian quickly challenges Rod to a 'truth or dare'. Rod chooses truth, so Christian asks, "Were you honest with Crystal about why someone else's name was on your lips at the cabin on Valentine's Day? Or do you even know why?" Rod is shocked by the question, not having thought about that moment for months. Christian smiles at Rod's intense, silent, brooding reaction. "See, Rod... I'm not the one here who is unsure about his feelings... I'm going to take your father home, he looks tired," Christian says, leaving the table.

Crystal & Leo: "It's kinda funny, we're connected in a few ways, yet we've never really talked. My father used to work for you, until he died... my mother's living with you and your father, and dating him, depending on what day you ask... and we're both dating the Applewhite siblings," Crystal and Leo share a laugh of amazement at their circumstances. Leo asks how Crystal has been since her father's death. "Lost, alone," Crystal admits with an honesty that surprises them both. Crystal goes on to explain that she took for granted the family that she had, didn't appreciate it, and relied too heavily on it for her whole life. She got comfortable, complacent. Leo didn't understand why that's a bad thing, he's never felt comfortable or complacent with his father, before or after his mother's death. Crystal explains, "Because I never had to think about who I was, what I was going to do with my life when I didn't have this family, my parents, my sister to fall back on. I never left the nest, I never focused on my own goals or aspirations, discovered what I loved to do." Crystal was content to be the good daughter, and reliable big sister... now that she's not Charles Halperin's daughter anymore, Crystal doesn't quite know who she is. Leo sometimes thinks he'd prefer to not know, than to have it planned for him from birth that he would be his father's successor in life and carry on the Von Stadt family reputation. Crystal thinks they both have had the same expectations laid on their shoulders, just Leo's were on more grand of a scale. Crystal wonders if maybe Leo has to start thinking about what he wants his life to be, out from under his own father's shadow.

Nathan wakes up disoriented. Looking around, he realizes his head hurts, and reaching to touch the lump he discovers he's handcuffed (with his own cuffs) to a pipe in Aviva Reynoso's bedroom. Aviva returns, surprised to see Nathan awake. "I was starting to wonder if you were dead," Aviva says off-handedly. Nathan asks what Aviva's doing. "I'm containing a problem. There I was, feeling good about myself because I made bail, and I come home to find you rifling through my apartment? I can't have that, Detective. I can't have that at all..." Nathan assures Aviva she's only making things worse by doing this. Aviva tells him to stop calling her that. "Call me Ava... I've grown to resent being mistaken for Aviva." Nathan is perplexed by the alternate name. Is she insane, or is this a case of mistaken identity?

In the Coming Weeks on Beyond the Horizon:

  • "Ava" takes another prisoner.
  • Eleanor starts to get back to normal.
  • Evan nearly discovers "Ava's" captives.
  • Rachel makes progress in her investigation of VSI.
  • "Ava" needs tranquilizers.
  • Julia suspects Hattie when she learns Det. Nathan is missing.
  • Thomas gets closer to securing a meeting with Lauren Sapphyre for VSI.
  • Jenna's selfish plotting may ruin everything... but for whom?
  • A shocking proposal may be the cure for Terrence's bitterness.


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