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2008: May (Sweeps): Week 3



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May 2008 (Sweeps): Week 3



Previously on Beyond the Horizon, shocking revelations set the tone for May Sweeps...

  • Edina Dawson (Ilene Kristen) came to visit son Aurora/Eddie (Jeffrey Carlson) after his overdose, but ran into "her boys" Theodore (John Ingle) and Thomas Baldwin (Bobby Steggert) shortly thereafter!
  • Crystal (Kerry Butler) and Rebecca (Lindze Letherman) discovered how important The Redeye was to Eleanor (Catherine Hickland) and Charles (John Schneider) Halperin's relationship.
  • Tiffany (Ambyr Childers) confronted Hattie (Kate Collins) about Esther (Kathleen Widdoes) on Mother's Day.
  • Rod (Forbes March) and Fiona (Connie Fletcher-Staton) can't get in touch with their missing mom Emma for Mother's Day.
  • Terrence (Walt Willey) learns the devastating news that he has Stage 2 AIDS.
  • Tiffany moved in with Rolo (Ignacio Serricchio) and Ramon (Kamar de los Reyes), which created problems for Ramon's girlfriend Aviva (Christina Chambers).
  • Hattie sets up a transfer of Esther to another mental facility, but Esther manages to contact Julia (Melissa Archer), before she's sent away.
  • Carina (Natalia Livingston) didn't have a job to go back to when she was finally recovered from her coma, and got into a catfight with sister Aviva, who was only trying to help.
  • Julia decided to bring Esther back to New York's Shady Glen Sanitarium after Hattie had her transferred across country.
  • Rachel (Sherri Saum) accused Shawn (Tobias Truvillion) of leaving the threatening messages for her to scare her into moving out of his apartment.


Opening Sequence (UPDATED to include Ilene Kristen as Edina Dawson!)

Watch the Opening Sequence on YouTube!


Julia goes to the Royale & Klein Law Offices to tell Evan Royale that she knows he moved Esther Wilson to another mental facility, but Julia wants to know her legal options in bringing Esther back. Evan's curiosity is piqued by the info regarding Hattie's family, and he finds Julia to be "quite fetching." Julia realizes Evan is a bit of a sleaze, but turns on the flirtatiousness to get him to take her case and file a petition for legal guardianship of Esther.

Jenna Baldwin is furious to meet Edina Dawson, Theodore's second wife, and Thomas's mother. Edina sees Jenna as every bit the woman Thomas said she was. "Is that a compliment?" Jenna laughs. "You'd probably take it that way," Edina responds with the non-answer. Jenna eyes Edina as yet another obstacle to her inheritance, and shares as much with her trusted brother James. Jenna used Shawn's clout at VSI to break into Rachel's office a second time to alter her research on Thomas's project, Lauren Sapphyre, and this time Rachel caught Jenna at the door (as Jenna was locking up behind herself when she was done)! Instantly suspicious, Rachel accused her of trying to break into her office, but Jenna claimed she had just knocked. Jenna wanted to apologize for the way things went before when Jenna made Rachel that offer (to sabotage Thomas's file). Rachel was suspicious, and didn't quite believe Jenna's gracious offer to bury the hatchet, considering Jenna is always far from gracious.

Rachel went into her office, investigating every corner of the room to see if Jenna had been there. Suspecting that some items are out of place, Rachel calls her brother Shawn. "Put a leash on your bitch, little brother. Jenna was snooping around my office and if I find that she's been in here, her name will be the first that I give to Detective Weber at the NYPD," Rachel threatened. Shawn confronted Jenna about Rachel's accusation, and Jenna admitted she was there... making a few alterations on the file Rachel has for Thomas. Shawn tells Jenna that Rachel's been having issues with someone leaving threatening messages for her, and Jenna's behavior has landed Rachel's suspicious eye squarely on HER. Jenna didn't realize, but now has to worry about covering her tracks so that Thomas doesn't find out Jenna's trying to kill his VSI project.

Eleanor was faithfully taking her prescribed medication, and starting to get used to being with Henry at his penthouse. Eleanor was also settling quite nicely back into work overseeing The Redeye and Large Bar. Crystal, Rod, Rolo, and Dominic were all a supportive staff to help her transition back into the life that she had been derailed from. After a night closing The Redeye, Eleanor returned back to the Von Stadt penthouse to find all of Charles's belongings had been delivered and put into one of the spare rooms. Eleanor was surprised to find Henry in the room looking through the belongings. Questioning him, Henry covered, claiming to be making sure nothing was damaged in the move from Eleanor's place to the penthouse. Eleanor believed Henry, but was slightly thrown when seeing Henry holding one of Charles's old books gave her a weird flash of Charles holding the book. Disoriented from seeing Charles as if he were alive right in front of her, Eleanor thought it best to go right to bed and get some rest. Leo wondered to his father if maybe Eleanor should have stayed locked up at Shady Glen, but Henry snapped at his son, defensively, assuring Leo that Eleanor is sane and just getting used to her life again. Leo warned his father to be careful... it sounded like he was almost starting to care for Eleanor.

Crystal concocted a plan to get Rod's attention. Chatting with her sister Rebecca, Crystal realized she was probably making things worse by openly doubting Rod's sexual orientation to him, probably leading him to feel emasculated and creating more distance between them. Crystal lured Rod to a hotel suite and apologized for her doubts about him. Rod understands she's been under a lot of pressure keeping the family businesses afloat while her mom was going through her issues. Crystal's glad he understands, and with her mom back home and back to work, Crystal hopes they can have more time to reconnect. Rod seems receptive to Crystal's advances and they begin to make love. Crystal takes a quick break to grab some protection, but also takes a moment to pierce the condom through its wrapper with a pin.

Within a week of watching Terrence take different pills, Christian becomes suspicious and finds his stash of various pill bottles. Christian demands to know what's going on, they've already seen Aurora go through this, and Christian hopes Terrence isn't doing any special drugs. Terrence finally breaks down that he has AIDS. Christian is horrified and very much thrown for a loop... but wants clarification of HIV positive... or AIDS. Terrence confirms its dire. Terrence was told by his doctors that it's very aggressive, and has been in his system for a long time. Dr. Julia Lawless speculates that Terrence may only have four months to live.

Christian is devastated by Terrence's news and finds it hard to play scenes in "Angels in America" when AIDS is a heavy theme of the show. Christian formally quits Terrence's show. Realizing that "Angels in America" can't be the focus of his life right now, and with Aurora and Christian no longer a part of the cast, Terrence decides to shut down production and everyone (the cast, crew, and the media) is a flurry of speculation over why Terrence Applewhite's newest show has gone dark. Was it Aurora's overdose? Lackluster reviews? Romantic problems for the star and the producer? Why has Terrence disappeared from the public eye? Rod wonders what's going on, and if Terrence and Christian really were having troubles.

Hattie, meanwhile, believing that mother Esther is no longer a factor, quickly gets to work... blackmailing Rolo with the work he's been doing for her, to "convince" Rolo to make Tiffany give her another chance. Rolo is furious but realizes he can't quit and Henry Von Stadt is a very powerful man who could make him disappear for his betrayal. Rolo starts to urge Tiffany to reconnect with her mother, but Tiffany is devoted to finding out the truth about her family history.

Julia continues to flirt with Evan to get her guardianship of Esther and the court approves it after Evan calls in a few favors, and drops Henry Von Stadt's name. Hattie is shocked when Julia visits Hattie's desk at VSI to drop the bomb that Hattie no longer has legal control over Esther, and Julia is bringing Esther back to Shady Glen Sanitarium!

Worried that her plans will be undone, Hattie takes quick action. Calling upon Rolo, she gives Rolo another bottle of pills and orders him to call Aviva to The Redeye and talk to her about his revoked scholarship, while distracting her enough to slip the bottle of pills into Aviva's purse. Rolo refuses to drug his brother's girlfriend. Hattie doesn't expect Aviva to take the pills or even know they are in her bag. Rolo realizes Hattie wants to frame Aviva for drugging Eleanor. Hattie holds Rolo's previous deceit over his head to force him to arrange the meeting on a day Hattie knew Eleanor would be working.

Rolo and Aviva met, and Rolo was alarmed to see Aviva -- it looked like she'd been in a fight. Not wanting to get into the details, Aviva was curious about why Rolo wanted to meet her. Rolo asked her help in getting his scholarship back, and Aviva suddenly lashed out at Rolo, telling him he can't cut corners through life, and his scholarship was revoked for a reason. Any doubts Rolo had about following through on Hattie's assignment were quickly wiped away by his defensiveness about his performance in college, and when Aviva was distracted by Eleanor's arrival to work, he tossed the bottle of pills into Aviva's purse.

As Eleanor started to get to work, Aviva decided to confront her! Aviva took Eleanor to task for just picking her life up where she left off, and informed her that it wouldn't be so easy for Carina, who lost her job, and months of her life thanks to Eleanor's recklessness. Eleanor tried to remind Aviva that she wasn't driving the car, but Aviva wouldn't hear of it. All that means is Eleanor was passed out drunk while some unknown assailant mercilessly ran Carina down. If Eleanor had been more aware, perhaps they would know for sure who was really driving the car, or the whole incident wouldn't have had a chance to happen in the first place. Eleanor is sorry for her part in it all, but Aviva doesn't want apologies, she wants Eleanor to really feel the effects of what she's done to those around her.

Rolo was shocked by Aviva's aggressive edge. Rolo then sent a text to Hattie confirming that her assignment was completed. Now Hattie had to figure out what to do about her mother Esther! Meanwhile, Rolo went to Ramon and warned his brother that something is up with Aviva. "Not only did it look like she was in a brawl, but it looked like she was ready to start another one with Eleanor at The Redeye." Ramon is surprised at Rolo's news and didn't think Aviva sounded like she was acting like herself.

At the same time, Eleanor's behavior at work seemed to only grow more bizarre. She was dropping things, losing her train of thought, often appeared confused, and was even caught talking to thin air (while no one else but Eleanor could see her dead husband Charles standing before her). It was Henry's arrival that seemed to jar her back into the here and now, but soon Eleanor was having two simultaneous conversations with Henry -- AND Charles! Henry was alarmed when Eleanor started talking over his shoulder to Charles, when obviously there was no one there. Henry couldn't hear Charles verbally abusing her and calling her a tramp for getting involved with his boss so shortly after his death. "Charles" continued to berate Eleanor with hurtful commentary about her, until she grabbed a carving knife, threatening to silence Charles for good! Eleanor didn't realize that Henry was the man she was waving the knife in front of.

Jenna feels her suspicions about Edina being another golddigging vulture are confirmed when Theodore buys Edina an expensive jacket as a surprise gift. Edina immediately thought the gift was too extravagant and she didn't deserve it. Jenna couldn't agree more. Privately, Theodore confesses to Edina that he still feels she was the one that got away. Theodore wants to know if Edina could find it in her heart to try again. Edina obviously wants to say yes, but is held back by something.

Christian has trouble dealing with Terrence's condition and goes to get tested himself. As he waits for his HIV test results, Christian finally breaks down to Dominic about Terrence's situation and Dominic advises Christian to bail... Christian didn't sign up for this. Christian is shocked at Dominic's suggestion and refuses to even consider that -- he loves Terrence.

Eddie is released from the hospital and invites his mother to lunch at The Redeye. Eddie wants his mother to stay in New York. Edina seems uncomfortable with the idea. Eddie insists she think about it. Shawn and Jenna sit at a nearby table, and don't see Eddie or Edina. Eddie does, however, see Shawn with Jenna, and notices Shawn being physical with her. Like a knife through his heart, Eddie can't help but have a reaction. Edina can't help but notice. Inquiring about who the man is, Edina is stonewalled; Eddie doesn't want to talk about it. Edina speculates that Shawn is the man that drove Edie to drugs and she wants to march over and give Shawn a piece of her mind! Eddie begs her not to, the situation is more complicated than that, and only Eddie drove Eddie to drugs. Edina soon realizes Jenna is with Shawn and it makes Edina unexpectedly nervous.

Edina suggests they leave The Redeye for Eddie's apartment. On their way out, Jenna and Shawn spot them. Shawn didn't know Eddie was released from the hospital, and Jenna is so wrapped up in seeing Edina and wondering who the young man was that was with her, that she doesn't notice Shawn's reaction. Shawn is curious as to what Jenna's interest in the woman is. "She's my father's second wife," Jenna bitterly informs him, and Shawn becomes instantly nervous that this new mysterious woman somehow links Aurora to Jenna.

Eleanor brandished the knife in front of Henry, who tried to talk her back to reality. Eleanor heard Henry's words, but in a much more antagonistic tone, and in her dead husband Charles's voice. As Henry reached to take the knife from her, Eleanor lunged the blade at "Charles" and stabbed Henry! Eleanor watched Charles/Henry sink to his knees, and then passed out herself shortly thereafter.

Next Week on Beyond the Horizon:

  • Julia treats Henry and Eleanor, discovering something is wrong with Eleanor's lab results.
  • Edina and Eddie have a heart-to-heart talk about Shawn and love.
  • Ramon is concerned about Aviva's behavior.
  • Edina makes a decision that will alter several lives in New York City.
  • Esther returns to New York's Shady Glen Sanitarium, and receives an impartial psychological evaluation.
  • Jenna hopes to dig into Edina's background, but Shawn doesn't want anything about Eddie to be uncovered.
  • Fiona hopes to hire Rachel Marks.
  • Terrence wants to know if Christian plans to leave him.


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