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2008: May (Sweeps): Week 2



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May 2008 (Sweeps): Week 2



Previously on Beyond the Horizon, shocking revelations set the tone for May Sweeps...

  • Christian (David Evan Smith) nursed Terrence (Walt Willey) through his cold, while bad reviews threatened to shut down "Angels in America".
  • Shawn (Tobias Truvillion) saved Aurora's (Jeffrey Carlson) life after Aurora's overdose, while Dr. Julia (Melissa Archer) found "mom" in Aurora's phone.
  • Tiffany (Ambyr Childers) didn't know what to believe when Esther (Kathleen Widdoes) told her that Hattie (Kate Collins) was the crazy one and murdered Tiffany's father!
  • Hattie (Kate Collins) paid Rolo (Ignacio Serricchio) big bucks to pull a switcheroo on Eleanor's (Catherine Hickland) medication.
  • Henry's (Sebastian Roch√©) agenda included getting all of Charles Halperin's belongings under the Von Stadt roof.
  • Thomas (Bobby Steggert) celebrated his 21st birthday, and received a lucky pen from Rebecca (Lindze Letherman) that belonged to her father.
  • Fiona (Connie Fletcher-Staton) wants to uncover the link between Leo (Jeff Branson), Dominic (William Shew), and Aurora's overdose.
  • Jenna's (Kari Wuhrer) petty plot against Thomas backfired and she ended up with cake in her face.
  • Crystal (Kerry Butler) confided to her sister Rebecca that she felt Rod (Forbes March) was slipping away from her.
  • Dominic convinced Shawn to visit Aurora, where Shawn and Aurora decided to try to make it work together.
  • Aurora was shocked to receive a visit from his mother Edina (Ilene Kristen)!


Opening Sequence (UPDATED to include Ilene Kristen as Edina Dawson!)

Watch the Opening Sequence on YouTube!


"I can't believe you came," Eddie said, bewildered at the sight of his mother after years apart with no contact. "I almost didn't come, when they called me," Edina (Ilene Kristen) admitted, sitting at Eddie's bedside, getting lost in the machines in Eddie's room, the I.V. drip, the chart at the side of his bed... "I was mad," Edina continued, "I figured this was the life you chose when you left us to come to New York. I figured you wanted the crossdresser performances and the drinking and the partying and the sex and the drugs and everything this city had to offer. And if that's what you wanted, then that's sure as hell what you got. All I ever did was try to love you and give you a good life. I didn't have much, I couldn't give you the father that you wanted. I couldn't send you to that performing arts school you wanted to go to. When the whole drag thing came up, I didn't know what to do. So I let you go. And I tried to stop thinking about you. Tried to convince myself that Eddie... my little boy... was gone. All that was left was Aurora freakin' Borealis. But no matter what, I couldn't get myself to believe it. I figured you'd come back. But days turned into weeks, turned into months, turned into years. And you never looked back. So for me to get this call... that you nearly killed yourself with some hot-to-trot illegal designer pills... What am I to do? You turned your back on me, didn't want my love or support. I tried my best. And my grandmother's voice kept echoing in my head. You remember how she always seems to guide me? She kept telling me, "your son almost died... and there's a reason he didn't..." so I knew then that I had to come. I had to make sure my little boy was okay."

Crystal and Rebecca treat their mother Eleanor to a private dinner at The Redeye for Mother's Day and to celebrate her homecoming. The girls subtly fish for information about Henry and their mother's new "arrangement" with him. Eleanor is amazed at how much Henry's done for her, and when Crystal and Rebecca wonder what Henry Von Stadt wants in return, Eleanor says "absolutely nothing," and she actually believes it. Eleanor surprises her daughters with her plans to return to work managing The Redeye and Large Bar, effective immediately.

Terrence still hasn't shaken his cold, and when he learns of Aurora's overdose, Terrence feels guilty, as if the suspension from the show drove Aurora to it, and then Terrence passes out! Christian revives him, worried, and notices a bruise on Terrence. Terrence doesn't remember getting the bruise, but assumes it was from when he passed out. Christian thinks it was too soon after Terrence's fall to have formed that bruise, so he must have had it longer. Christian and Terrence decide to go to the hospital to get Terrence checked out.

After leaving Shady Glen Sanitarium, Tiffany raced to find Julia to tell her the latest on Esther, but Julia, sensitive about what she suspects is wrong with Terrence Applewhite, coldly and abruptly shuts Tiffany out, telling her there is a big world out there with real drama and problems greater than the ones their mother's insanity creates. Tiffany is hurt by her sister's rejection, but decides to cook for Hattie... for Mother's Day.

Crystal wants Eleanor to be sure she's not taking on too much too quickly. Eleanor insists she's not, and is eager to return to the work that gave her such good memories. Eleanor gets nostalgic and tells Crystal and Rebecca the story of how Charles decided to buy The Redeye for Eleanor to run because it was the spot where he proposed to Eleanor and she accepted, and the restaurant was in danger of being torn down. When Crystal was in elementary school, and Eleanor wanted to return to the work force, Charles brought Eleanor to The Redeye where he revealed it was his Mother's Day gift to her. Together, they renamed the holiday "Working Mother's Day." It was then that Eleanor had to tell Charles that she would love to manage the restaurant... but she might need to go on maternity leave in about six months... since she recently found out she was pregnant with Rebecca. Crystal and Rebecca hadn't realized how many milestones and happy memories were tied to the family establishment.

Tiffany hoped to get to the truth about Esther and Tiffany's father over the Mother's Day dinner Tiffany prepared, and Hattie was sufficiently surprised that Tiffany had cooked for her. Tiffany reminded her mother than it's one thing Hattie had drilled into her head growing up that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. Tiffany begins talking about her grandmother Esther, claiming that Mother's Day has Tiffany thinking about the generations. Hattie is vague about the kind of person Esther was, and how she "died." Driven to the edge by what sounds like lie after lie from Hattie's mouth, Tiffany explodes, revealing that she knows Esther isn't dead and has seen her in the flesh, face-to-face at Shady Glen Sanitarium!

Edina couldn't understand why Eddie would turn to drugs. Eddie admitted that he was sad and felt alone, felt he wouldn't ever find that unconditional love... that he would die alone... and it became so strong, that he lost sight of what dying would really mean. Edina wished things had been different. Eddie is glad for the way things are. Things are the way they're supposed to be, you just have to figure out why they need to be that way. Eddie asks about his sister. Edina reports that Didi is still working at that coffee house. Didi's still the same. Eddie asks if she's happy. Edina says Didi's no less happy than she ever appears to be. Terrence and Christian stop by to visit, and meet Edina, who is uncomfortable to meet some of Eddie's New York City friends. Terrence and Christian are shocked to meet Edina, and Christian jokes that they hadn't heard anything about her. Edina figured as much. Terrence speaks highly of Eddie, telling about Eddie's role in "Angels in America" and how Eddie's replacement can't really do the role justice. Eddie is grateful to still have Terrence in his corner, after the way the drugs affected Terrence's play. Terrence insists his friendships are forever. Edina excuses herself, to try to come to terms with this life Eddie has built without her. Pacing in the hospital hallway, Edina is shocked to hear a familiar voice...

"So I check out alright, Dr. Beautiful?" Theodore Baldwin reaffirms with Julia after their follow-up appointment. Julia confirms Theodore has recovered from his heart attack quite well, but must stay on his diet and exercise routine. Thomas is thrilled that his father is still on track. Julia excuses herself to visit another patient, while Edina Dawson peeks her head around the corridor to spot Theodore and Thomas and is hit hard the moment she lays eyes on them. "My boys..." Edina's shaky voice breaks the silence, and Thomas and Theodore are elated to see her. "MOM! What are you doing here?!" Thomas is stunned. Edina scrambles, producing a story that she was visiting an old friend and quickly shifts the conversation to why Theodore and Thomas are at the hospital. Learning the whole story about Theodore's lottery winnings and his heart attack, Edina is furious that neither of them called her to tell her that Theodore nearly died. Theodore took the blame for that one, and admitted he stopped Thomas from calling. Thomas was thrilled to have his mother back in town, especially for mother's day, and invited her to stay at their new brownstone while she was visiting. Edina was unable to say no to "her boys".

Rod and Fiona Applewhite tried to contact their M.I.A. mother Emma for Mother's day, to find her phone is no longer in service. They reflect on missing her, but acknowledge that they are finally past the anger at their father for the way Emma left. They're glad they're still close with Terrence because it really could have been the end of their family. Terrence returns home and hears from Rod and Fiona that Emma's phone is disconnected.

Hattie was floored by Tiffany's declaration. Hattie stammers, but soon insists that whatever Esther told her was a lie, and that she's pathological. Tiffany corrects her mother that she is pathological, and every word from Hattie's mouth is a lie. Tiffany reveals a bag she's already packed and tells Hattie she can't live with a dangerous woman that she can't trust. "Guess you've lost both your daughters now... Happy Mother's Day!" Tiffany leaves Hattie and later shows up on Rolo's doorstep needing a place to stay because she can't trust her mother. Tiffany cries on Rolo's shoulder about the lies her mother has told and Rolo's mind wanders back to taking money from Hattie to make the switch on Eleanor's medication. Rolo's secret work for Hattie weighs heavily on his conscience.

Terrence is stunned when Dr. Julia Lawless calls him with his test results and tells him he is in Stage 2 of AIDS. Devastated by the unexpected news, Terrence has no idea what to do, how to tell Christian or his kids. Terrence is given a "cocktail" of meds and hides them.

James has big plans to take Julia out to a sweepingly romantic picnic in Central Park, and Julia shuts him down. Julia's in no mood after the kind of day she's had with her patients. James thinks it's all the more reason to go out and live and put the day behind her. Julia explodes that he doesn't understand... will never understand, holding these peoples lives in her hands, telling them news that will be the final word on whether they will grow old or die next week. Julia can't just go on and drink champagne in Central Park when she just told someone today that they will be dead within four months. Julia storms off and James feels he was being insensitive.

Hattie calls on Evan Royale to set up a transfer of Esther to another institution across the country, in California. Hattie then visits Esther, determined to find out what Esther told Tiffany. Esther plays dumb, as if she doesn't know who Tiffany is. Hattie isn't having it, and reminds her mother she will do whatever it takes to protect her daughters... a trait Hattie definitely inherited from her mother. Esther, worried that Hattie now has plans for her, manages to get a phone call to Julia at the hospital, introducing herself as Esther and wanting to see her granddaughter! Julia is shaken and unsure of what to do.

Ramon returns home and barely recognizes the place... it has women's clothes strewn all around the apartment! Ramon's bewilderment turns to shock when he walks in on Rolo having sex with Tiffany! After Tiffany excuses herself to cover up, Ramon orders Rolo to get their apartment cleaned up and send Tiffany packing. Rolo further infuriates his big brother by informing him that Tiffany is going to be staying with them for a little while. Ramon refuses, believing Hattie Wilson was really behind Eleanor being framed for Carina's hit-and-run, and not wanting any ties to Hattie invading his home. Rolo fights back that he pays rent on their apartment as well, and Tiffany stays as long as he wants her to. Privately, Rolo stews over the fact this his side job spying for Hattie Wilson paid some of that rent Rolo mentioned.

Terrence withdraws into himself and tells Christian to go out and have a drink for him. Christian would rather stay home with Terrence, but Terrence insists he won't be any fun and it would be a waste of a beautiful night if Christian stayed in. Christian goes out, and Terrence puts his prescription bottle in the back of his sock drawer and stares at himself in the mirror, still in shock.

Ramon had trouble adjusting to his new roommate Tiffany. Continually messy around the apartment, Ramon is done picking up after her and has the opportunity to confront her right after she finishes her shower. Another thing Ramon can't deal with is Tiffany's freeness with her body, since she has no problems strolling around the apartment in her towel after her shower, while Rolo isn't home! Aviva lets herself in as Ramon is scolding Tiffany, and immediately gets the wrong idea catching Ramon with Aviva's towel-clad student! Ramon can't catch up with Aviva, and this leads Ramon to have another fight with Rolo when Rolo gets home, about the problems Rolo and his little girlfriend have brought into Ramon's life. Rolo didn't think Ramon was so problem-free before Tiffany moved in, asking if the name Rachel rings a bell...

Aviva turned to her sister Carina with the news of finding Tiffany at Ramon's apartment in their compromising situation. Who Ramon is sleeping with isn't Carina's concern, Carina insisted, since Carina just found out she was terminated from the hospital on a technicality while she was comatose! Aviva is shocked and wants to hire Carina a lawyer to get her job back, or sue for wrongful termination. Carina refuses and vows to land on her feet. She wants none of Aviva's help either! Carina explodes that she's hated her life for years anyway... hated her life, hated her job, she even hated her sister! Aviva is terribly upset by Carina's outburst and suddenly slaps Carina! Carina is rendered speechless that her "sweet" sister would ever raise a hand to her! Though shaken by Aviva's uncharacteristic behavior, Carina doesn't take it lightly, and a full-on catfight ensues!

Julia decides to visit Esther at Shady Glen Sanitarium, only to find Esther's been transferred to another facility across the country! Julia pulls her doctor card, demanding to know where Esther was sent, and acquires the information. Realizing she wants to know her grandmother, Julia calls Tiffany to let her know that Julia intends to bring Esther home.

Rachel thinks her brother Shawn wanted to run her out of town with the threatening messages. Rachel notes that Shawn had the opportunity to leave the messages around their home, and recalls that Shawn was harrassing her about finding her own place before the last message ordering her to "move it out". Shawn swears he would never do such a thing, terrorizing his own sister, and tells her not to let whoever this is make her paranoid. Unfortunately, Detective Nathan Weber has no new leads on who could be leaving the threatening messages for Rachel.

Next Week on Beyond the Horizon:

  • Eleanor starts to exhibit some strange behavior.
  • Christian confronts Terrence with the truth about his condition.
  • Julia must do what it takes to convince Evan Royale to take her case.
  • Hattie holds Rolo's job over his head.
  • Jenna is furious to meet Edina, Theodore's second wife.
  • Eddie/Aurora is released from the hospital, and sees Shawn with Jenna Baldwin for the first time.
  • Edina realizes her secret could turn many lives upside down.


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