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Casting News

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Point Palace has returned from hiatus and with it, new and old characters are set to show up on the scene. The newest to join is actress Andrea F. Friedman as Bobbie. Friedman is best known for her portrayal of Amanda Swanson on the family drama Life Goes On. Friedman's character Bobbie will be spending a lot of time with Ava (Kim Stolz).

A past character returns but it's being kept secret who it is. Nan (Lorena Chacon) has been hiding someone for many months and the reveal is shocking.

Also make sure to look for the return of Adrienne Frantz who was last seen playing Nurse Stephanie from Season 4. She has made a new friend in town and acts very much like her on screen character Amber Moore from The Young and The Restless. No plans have been made if Frantz's time in Cody will be extended to a recurring role.

"This next episode has a few reveals. Nan's secret guest and Marli's reason for being at Point Palace pushes the series to go over creative boundaries that haven't been explored before." Point Palace creator Matt Politylo explains. "Now that I've finished wrapping My Bloody Valentine 3-D, which has taken up a lot of my time, Point Palace will have less hiatuses! Hopefully." He says while crossing his fingers.


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I can't wait to see qho else Nan is hiding. And it's some one from the past, I can't for the life of me of who it could be. Are they alove or dead?

Not a big fan of Amber morre at all so I hope this role is limeted and I hope some one slaps her in the face a couple of times

I wonder how this new chic you listed firt is going to mux with Ava

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AWESOME Adrienne Frantz is a great actress, and love her - PP is having an all star Cast - I would love to see Lana and Adrienne's character on a scene together - it would be awesome...

AND MAN - NAN's secret will surely worth the wait - Good to have PP back - hope for at least five good episodes.....

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