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Episode 111



Michael bumps into Susan in the break room. The two have a brief laugh about Susan seeing Michael's assets the other day, but Bob breaks up the two by sending Susan to pick on a patient. After work, Susan starts for home when Michael approaches her. He apologizes for the chaos that his wife has caused and assures her that after Doris's latest stunt, the judge will finally grant him a divorce. He admits that he's starting to fall for Susan, which makes her blush. Seeing the time, she excuses herself and Michael accuses her of avoiding him. Susan reasons that she's hesitant when it comes to falling in love with doctors since the last one she married ended up being a serial killer. Michael chuckles and asks her what she has planned for tonight. After a bit of hesitation, he invites her to dinner at his place. Susan reluctantly agrees, but tells Michael that this doesn't mean she's interested in him. As she walks to her car, Susan applauds herself for not letting on to Michael that she's crushing on him.

Hearing a knock at the door, Barbara looks through the peephole to see who it is. Jack comes in and asks Barbara if she's changed her mind about staying somewhere else while James is on the prowl. Barbara denies that she needs babysitting and justifies that she can handle James. Jack asks if Barbara knows Carrie and she shakes her head until finally realizing that Carrie was the young woman from the opening. Barbara admits that Carrie seemed a bit clingy and questions Jack's motive for asking. Jack reveals that Carly found a photo of Jennifer in one of Carrie's photo albums and it took her by surprise. They both realize that Carrie is a sweet girl, but she's very guarded about her past. Barbara sympathizes with her and guesses that perhaps she and Jennifer knew one another at some point in time while Jennifer modeled in her younger years. After Jack leaves, Barbara hears James in the bedroom calling out to her. He cackles that he never thought Jack would leave. He was hoping they could talk. Barbara grows agitated and hollers out, demanding to know what James wants. James soothes her, assuring her that he only came to care for her while she undergoes treatment. Barbara hisses that he can quit acting like he cares because everyone knows James Stenbeck has no heart. Suddenly, Barbara hears Paul call out for his mother. She turns to find the window wide open and James nowhere to be seen. Not wanting to arouse suspsicion, she hurries into the living room to greet her son.

Humming, Jade dashes down the stairs and calls out to Lily that she's going for a jog. Holden comes in after fiddling with the horses and asks if Luke has come down from his room yet. Lily shakes her head and shrugs that he's been through alot the fast few days; all he needs is a little time to himself. She recalls Luke telling her of his fight with Noah and hopes that Luke's heart can mend. Holden sees that Jade isn't around and asks Lily if she's talked to Jade. Lily admits that she talked to her, but she didn't say much. She only said that things didn't work out with the Taylors and she needed to come to Oakdale for a while to clear her head. Lily excuses herself to go help Kim at WOAK and reminds Holden to take the girls to ballet practice. As Holden and the girls ride to practice, he's concerned when he sees Natalie still has Jade's purse after playing dress up. He grabs it to put it up front with him and watches as Jade's phone rings. He notices the call is from Mr. Taylor, but before he can answer it, the call drops to a missed call. He quickly tucks the phone back into the purse, all the while wondering why Mr. Taylor was calling Jade. Back at the house, Jade finally gets Luke to open his door and he thanks her for sobering him up the other day. He tells her of his fight with Noah and remarks that he's done with men. Hearing the foolishness Noah was spewing reminded him why he was so hesitant to be with Noah...he could never be trusted, especially around Maddie. Jade laughs that she's done with men too and coaxes Luke into going to Java with her to see about getting a job.

Fresh from his meeting with Barbara, Jack arrives at Carly's and learns Carrie's upstairs asleep. He tells Carly that Barbara doesn't know anything about the photo. She presumes Carrie met Jennifer at one time, but other than that, it's a wild goose chase. Carly thanks Jack for looking into it and smirks that Barbara's probably right. Looking at his watch, he remembers that he had to meet up with Margo and heads out. Later, Jack meets Margo and informs her that Stan is set to rob Metro tonight. Margo thanks Jack for helping her out, admitting that she likes having him around. Jack smiles, but tells Margo that he has no interest in re-joining the force anytime soon. Before leaving, Jack reminds her when Iris said the robbery is to take place and assures her that he'll be there to help her take Stan in.

Blueprints and security information line Iris's concerns. Playing out her scheme, Iris fakes being proud of their robbery plans. Stan grabs Iris into a close hug and gushes about spending the weekend in paradise with her after they finish off Metro. Gwen comes by, but not wanting her to see anything for fear she might jeopardize the scheme, Iris shoves her outside. She comments that they just had the place sprayed for bugs and she doesn't want Gwen to get sick. Gwen weeps that she finally told Will about bringing Hallie to see her and he wasn't happy. Iris hugs her daughter and reveals that Will's concerns are well founded. Iris has claimed time and time again to change, but this time, she's sure Will will discover that zebras can change their tripes. Meanwhile, Will gets a call from Stan, reminding him to take Gwen out to eat at Metro later tonight. He assures Will that he'll have everything set up so that Gwen catches mommy dearest in the act of breaking into the safe. Will hangs up and wonders aloud if he's doing the right thing by showing his wife that her mother will never change.


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