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LIS Episode#256: Exposed!



Downtown Salem

Forrest, Billie, Nicholas, Victor, Vivian, Belle, Peter, and Elvis are stop what they are doing as they hear a familiar woman’s voice over the loud peaker system.

“Everyone, yes may I have your attetion. We interrupt your programming for an exclusive expose on one of Salem’s oldest and dumbest hags.” Val looks at Celetse and nods her head, giving the signal to press play on the tape recorder, which Celeste does.

The tape contains a confession from Vivian Alamin to Ivan about all her crimes. Everyone hears:

Ivan asks Vivian how she did all of what she did. Vivian explains to Ivan that it all started when she arrived in town back in June, she says she had been watching everyone, and she wanted Victor back and revenge on Kate. She then tells Ivan she thought that if she made Victor’s family happy, he would be happy and fall back in love with her. She then tells him that is why she interfered in the lives of Bo, Hope, Billie, Patrick, Shawn, and others. She also says she went after Kate’s family to get revenge on Kate. She says she woke Jan up from her coma because she knew Shawn would never be happy with Mimi, Chelsea was Kate’s grandaughter so that is why she stabbed her, and she poisoned Caroline because Caroline secretly still loved Victor, and finally attacked Kate at John and Marlena's wedding.

Vivian is stunned beyond words.

“You dirty Bitch. You Show your face now Valentine!” Celeste and Valentine walk out in the crowd with smirks on their faces.


“I can’t beleive what I am hearing.” He looks at Celeste

“I know Vivian is not your favorite person but that gives you no right to get revenge on her through me. I had a lot riding on this fahion and you and your 2nd rate lounge act pal here just turned this into a cheap circus.”

Celeste gulps, and looks away slightly disappointed in herself for hurting Victor this way as she really never thought of Victor in this expose.


“I can’t belive my own sister did this to me.”


“And I can’t belive you did all these things. You are sick woman. Your pathetic and just a waste of space. You need help. You’re a luntic Vivian Alamain. From stealing Kate’s egg to causing my family mayhem all to be with me. Security, get her out of here. Better yet, call up Bo Brady so she can be arrested.”



Episode 256: Exposed!

Written by ML Cooks & Tara Smith

Downtown Salem

In the stage room, chaos erupts as Vivian has been exposed for all her crimes. Valentine stands up on the stage itself, and looks out on the crowd.


Everyone, I really am sorry for what my sister has done! However, she is really a malicious, spineless woman! She stole Kate Robert’s eggs many years ago so she could carry Kate’s baby with Victor! She buried poor Carly Manning alive! And now, she has done all of this!

Billie, pushing her way through the crowd and looking at Vivian

You….you were the one who STABBED MY DAUGHTER?!?!!? That person I searched months for…it was you?! Because of you, my relationship her will never be the same again! All because of you!!!

Forrest, running up to Billie

Please, Billie, calm down. What my aunt did was wrong but-


Stay out of this, Forrest! Its between Vivian and me now!


Oh please, Billie, that was a long time ago…and it was for Bo’s sake! Your daughter was nothing to brag about anyway!

Billie punches Vivian in the face, and Vivian falls to the ground as Valentine laughs. Billie grabs ahold of Vivian by the collar.


I am so sick of you tormenting my family! You’ve gone way too far this time!

Billie punches Vivian again, and pulls on her hair while Forrest struggles to try to pull her back!

Elvis and the Mysterious Person watch in their private office, and the Mysterious Person drops their glass.

Mysterious Person

I…can’t believe this. This is such a shock and devastation, but at the same time, I love it…Vivian Alamain is finally going to fall! Kill her, Billie!


You’re really going to just sit by and watch? I may be cold but your whole plan is going to be ruined if you don’t stop it somehow.

Mysterious Person

Actually, this makes it even better for when I get out there and reveal myself to them all. Poor Vivian won’t know what hit her.

DiMera Mansion

Megan walks into the DiMera Mansion, where her father is pacing in the living room.


Father, is something wrong?

Stefano, looking up

Oh, no, Golden Girl. I just am still taking in all of what has happened to this town in my absence, however it should be easy to re-take it now that it is in complete shambles.


Very true, however, I have other bad news: Hope Brady is back. Father, I want her gone! I want her dead! Chopped into pieces! I don’t care how it happens but she must die, and I need your help.


No no, Megan, Hope has destroyed herself, and I would not dare let you make another attempt on her life after what happened in 1985.

Megan, taking a knife out and fiddling with it

That was a long time ago, I’m smarter and more experienced now.


Perhaps, but still, I will not lose you again. Now, I have heard about how Hope murdered Princess Gina Von Amberg, also known as Britta Englund, back in Italy when I was feuding with Helena Cassadine.


Yes, yes, and she’s been on a downward spiral ever since, especially after she told Bo.


Hope will go to jail for what she’s done, possibly even executed. There is nothing to worry about, daughter!


As much as I love Bo, he’s head over heels for Hope, and one of the most respected police officers in this town. He’ll get her out of it somehow.


Ahh, but who’s to say he even forgives Hope for what she’s pulled? And remember, he’s a Brady, we are DiMeras! We have more power over this town, and I will make sure that Hope is sentenced to a long long time in jail.


Excellent…Saint Hope will finally be in the slammer, and Bo will be mine for the taking…along with this entire town!


Exactly. Our reign has come.

Unknown to both of them, Kristen is watching and listening from the staircase…

Downtown Salem

Forrest rips Billie off of Vivian, and holds her back as Vivian angrily stands up, and both of them breathe heavily.


Billie, just calm down! You are only going to make it worse by attacking her!


Oh please! Somebody call Bo, he’ll want to know who stabbed his daughter! He’ll take her to the station! Just GET RID OF HER!!!!


You can never get rid of me! I don’t care how many times I am exposed, no one can stop me!


Sorry, dear sister! I’m afraid, there’s more horrible dirt that I got an…exclusive source to spill! You know who you are, and you may come out now! Tell us all what you know about Vivian Alamain!

Peter, in disgust, walks out of the shadows, and all of the guests in the room turn to see him!


Peter Blake? What the hell does he have to do with Vivian?

Celeste, looking at Valentine

This wasn’t part of our plan! Valentine, we must stop this madness, we’ve done enough!

Valentine, ignoring Celeste

You’d be surprised! Now Peter, tell everyone what you have on my wonderful sister.

Vivian, rushing up to Peter

No…no…you can’t do this…whatever Valentine’s paying you, I’ll double it. But don’t make this worse.


You think I want to? I’m sorry, but I have to…

Vivian, as Peter tries to speak she grabs his arm

NO! You’ll regret this, I promise!


When there was a storm a few months ago, Vivian and I were trapped together in one of the bedrooms at my mansion…and while we were trapped…we had a one night stand.

Many gasps are heard in the room, even from Celeste. Vivian’s eyes widen, and her nails go into Peter’s chin, giving him huge scratches as she manages to throw him back, furious.


You little…oh I’ll deal with you later!

Vivian turns to Valentine on the stage, and screams out as she tackles her younger sister, and begins to rip her apart, literally!


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