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AOTH Episode#2: We Meet Again



Salem University Hospital

Marlena, Tony, and Anna all look at Mike waiting to hear news on Nicole.


“Well speak up Mike. Don’t keep us in suspense any longer.”


“Nicole is in a coma. She took a bullet to the back.”


“Oh dear. Mike, will she wake up?”


“Very likely.”


“She took the bullet to the back, where at exactly?”


“A few millimeters from her lower spine.”

Marlena gasps as Tony continues

“Is she paralyzed Mike?”

Off in the distance and around the corner, a woman, wearing oversized sunglasses and a pink scarf spies upon Marlena, Tony, Anna, and Mike talking about Nicole.



Episode 2: We Meet Again

Written by ML Cooks and Tara Smith

Midtown Salem, The Salem Inn

Stami walks in his room and immediately pull his Sami wig off.

“Oh, Did I have a fun adventure.”

Sami tries to speak but can’t since she gagged and bound.


“What was that? Speak up please” He laughs. He then turns on the TV so Sami can watch the news report on Nicole being shot at the Titian fashion show

“DO you hear that Sami dear? Some one shot your dear old sister. I wonder who it could have been.” he says pulling out a gun from a holster. He waves it in Sami’s face. Sami begins to panic, wondering what this deranged maniac is going to do

“You look worried. If only all the people you ever plotted against could see this moment now. Sami Brady, at my mercy.” Sami tries to struggle out of the ropes that has her tied to the bed.

Stami continues his taunting

“It’s no use.” He says taking the gun and grabbing one of Sami’s hands. He puts the gun in Sami’s hand so her finger prints can be on the gun. “You just shot your own sister. What until the world finds out Sami Brady shot Nicole.” He begins to laugh. “By the way, I’m just getting started.”

The Spears mansion, the back patio

Lucas is on bended knee with a ring box with a 14 qt diamond sitting inside.

“Jan Britney Spears, will you marry me?”


“Are you serious?”


“Yes I am? You don’t think I am?”


“I am just so overwhelmed. I can’t believe this is happening”

Lucas, frowning his fore head up

“Is something wrong? Is this a bad thing?”


“No of course not. Oh I am sorry. YES!! Yes I’ll marry you.” Lucas smiles, takes the ring out the box and slides it on Jan’s finger. He stands up, grabs her and swings her around as they kiss

Jan, laughing

“Stop, you’re making me dizzy.”


“You’ve made me the happiest man on the earth.” He says kissing her.

“I wish I could say the same thing.” They hear from behind. They turn around and are shocked to see Lucas’s son Will.

Back at the Hospital


“It’s to early to tell if she’ll have movement or not in her legs. “


“Oh dear God. Can I please see her.”


“I am really sorry, not tonight. I want to run some test. I don’t think she’s strong enough for visitors. Try again in the morning. I’ll keep you posted if anything changes.” He says before walking back inside of Nicole’s room.


“Why don’t we go grab something to eat. My treat.”


“I’ll see you in hell first.” She says walking away. Anna and Tony look at each other.


“She’s going through a hard time.”


“Please Tony, don’t make excuses for her. Why don’t you go run off and be with her. I know that’s what you want.”


“Actually I want to talk with you.”

Anna, arching an eye brow

“Oh,, is that so?”


“Yes, Let’s say I treat….. Hungry?”


“I am” They leave the hospital while the mystery woman continues to keep her eye on Nicole’s room. Mike walks out of the room and the mystery woman takes this chance to slip into Nicole’s room unnoticed.

Titan Parking Lot

Alexis is just leaving the Titan building with Jeremy, off to another dinner date, and Jeremy gives her a small kiss on the cheek as they get into the car.


So, where we eating tonight?


I was thinking the Penthouse Grille.


Very nice. I’m glad we don’t have to eat at your Aunt’s restaurant for free every date. You know, that reminds me, I meant to ask you something.




You know, we haven’t known each other for long, but it seems like you’ve never even talked about your family, other than mentioning your aunt a few times at Chez Rouge. So, whats your family like?

Jeremy, pausing for a moment

I don’t think you want to know about my family life.


Awww, of course I do. I’ve heard so much about the famous Hortons.


Then why are you asking me about them?


Because I want an insider’s view on it.


I barely even know any of them, except my Aunt Maggie and Aunt Julie who I’ve only lived with for a Aunt Julie who I’ve only lived with for a little over a year.


Hey, don’t get so snappy about it. What about your parents?


My mother raised me in Egypt, and that’s where she still is. My father’s a complete jackass. There, is that enough for you?

Alexis, stunned at Jeremy’s words

Well, excuse me, then.

The car ride continues in silence on the way to dinner, as Alexis simply stares out the window after Jeremy snapped at her, and Jeremy continues to drive…

Back at the Hospital

The mystery woman takes a seat next to Nicole and looks at her comatose body.

“The tables have turned Nicole. I told you I would be back one day. And here I am. To do unto you what you did to me.”

Nicole begins to wake up as the sound of the woman registers in her brain. Once her vision clears up she is stunned to Greta Von Amberg.


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