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Episode 5

Port Oak Valley



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The Bold Ones

Episode 5

The Hospital- Taylors Room

Taylor is so depressed after loosing the baby she can barely look at Nick or anybody else.

Nick: How are you feeling?

Taylor: I’m feeling great, Nick, just fine lets go out for a midnight sail on the Shady Marlin. I just lost my baby how do you think I feel!

Nick: I think I need some fresh air.

Taylor: I’m sorry; I know you are just as upset as I am. But go on, I’ll be fine.

Nick: I’ll send somebody else in, there is a waiting room full of people.

Taylor: No! Nick I just want to be left alone.

Nick: I don’t think that’s such a great idea.

Taylor: Nick please!

He goes to the door to leave as Bridget is walking in.

Bridget: Hey, how are things going?

Nick: Not that great. She wants to be left alone.

Bridget: No, Nick, no. Doctor Jackson’s orders are she needs to keep her mind off of what happened as much as possible. If she is in here alone all she will do is dwell.

Nick: I have done all I could do for now. I need a break.

Bridget: I understand. I can stay for only a second and then I will send somebody else in.

Nick: (to Taylor) I’m going to go now, I will be back soon. (Taylor looks away)

Bridget: Taylor, I know this hard, I know what you are going through.

Taylor: That’s right, I had forgotten about Nicole. How were you able to move on.

Bridget: It was hard, but you have to, you just have to keep on going or else you will tear up inside and tear up your existing relationships. I learned that the hard way.

Taylor: Isn’t ironic?

Bridget: What?

Taylor: I’m the therapist and you’re the one counseling me.

Bridget: Even the best need help sometimes.

(Intercom pages Bridget)

Bridget: Well I better go, or I will be in trouble again. I will send in somebody else, there are a lot of people who want to see you.

Taylor: Bridget, I have already expressed my feeling on that.

Bridget: Well, Dr. Jackson thinks otherwise.

She leaves the waiting room is full of the Forresters: Stephanie, Eric, Ridge, Brooke, Thomas, Phoebe, Felicia, Thorne, and Donna.

Stephanie: Bridget how is she?

Bridget: She coping, but refuses to see anybody.

Ridge: Didn’t the doctor request that she shouldn’t be alone?

Bridget: He did, maybe you can get through to her.

Ridge: I can try. Do you want to come with me Logan?

Brooke: I don’t think that’s such a good idea. Just let her know that I’m here and she’s in my thoughts and prayers.

(He nods and enters the room.)

Ashley Abbotts house

Ashley is getting comfortable on her couch eating Chinese take-out when her phone rings.

Ashley: (to herself) Who could that be? Front gate? Hello.

Voice: Hello! Ashley, its Paul. Paul Williams.

Ashley: Paul! I’m opening the gate now.

She opens the door.

Ashley: Paul! Your back!

Paul: I’m back!

She hugs him

Hospital- Taylor’s room.

Ridge: Hey Doc.

Taylor: Ridge, I can’t do this right now.

Ridge: I’m afraid you’re going to have to. I have always given it to you straight. Things happen, it just wasn’t right. You and Nick will grieve this loss and move on.

Taylor: Please leave.

Ridge: I can see I’m not helping.

Taylor: No you aren’t.

Ridge: I’m going to go, but I just want you to know that you are in my thoughts and prayers and Brookes too.

Taylor: That makes me feel a lot better (sarcastically)

Ridge leaves Taylor room

Eric: Well…

Ridge: No luck dad.

Thomas: Maybe Phoebes and I can get talk to her.

Ridge: I think that’s a good idea son.

(They enter her room)

Ashleys House

Ashley: Paul what are you doing back!?

Paul: Well, I decided that there wasn’t much holding me back in Genoa City. So I decided to start a new beginning and move out to L.A. where I would be closer to Ricky and hopefully form a better relationship with him.

Ashley: What about your P.I. business?

Paul: I sold it.

Ashley: What!

Paul: Yeah, J.T. Helstrom bought me out.

Ashley: What are you going to do now?

Paul: Hopefully open a new office out here.

Ashley: Well I couldn’t be happier; it’s going to be so nice having familiar face in town.

Paul: I’m glad to be here, I think this is going to be a nice change.

Ashley: Where are you staying?

Paul: For now at a hotel but I’m hoping to find a place close to Ricky.

Ashley: Have you seen him yet or informed Isabella’s brother of your plans.

Paul: Not yet, he won’t let me see him.

Ashley: Why?

Paul: He doesn’t like that I gave up Ricky when he was a baby, he says no good father would do that, but I do love Ricky it’s just that I had…

Ashley: I know. You are a great father and I’m sure Ricky loves you.

Paul: I hope so because I plan to sue for full custody.

Down the Hall at the Hospital

Javier: Dr. Forrester, I didn’t appreciate the way your ex husband talked to me yesterday.

Bridget: You knew he was my ex husband.

Javier: What can I say, I read the Society Pages from time to time.

Bridget: I’m sorry about that, I didn’t know he ...

Javier: You don’t know a lot of things and I doubt you ever will. You have no clue what it is like to be out in the real world and have to struggle to pay bills, student loans, raise a family on a tight budget. You will probably get bored and leave the hospital to go make dresses that cost a fortune.

Bridget: I assure you I won’t be doing that.

Javier: Of course not, I wouldn’t be that lucky.

Bridget: I am sorry you don’t like me, but…

Javier: But you can make it up to me by doing all of my paper work for the next month. Starting with these ( he hands her a stack of folders) and you better hope your ex doesn’t find out about this for my sake and yours. ( she nods)

(Felicia walks up to Bridget.)

Felicia: What they hell, Bridget?

Bridget: What?

Felicia: How could you take that from him? I saw everything!

Bridget: He’s my boss.

Felicia: I don’t care, that is not how you motivate one of your staff members. Who needs to be notified about this?

Bridget: Nobody. It will only make matters worse, in a few months he will find somebody else to torture.

Felicia: Well if you’re going to have to put up with that, its time you take a few lessons from the best bitch of all.

Bridget: Who?

Felicia: Me, of course.

Thomas and Phoebe leave Taylor’s room

Thorne: Not for you guys either?

Phoebe: Nope. Steffi even called, but she wouldn’t talk to her.

Stephanie: Alright that’s enough; if her own children can’t even get through to her then I’m going to have to do it.

Thorne: Go mom, you’re the only other one.

Down the Hall

Bridget: And that’s all I have to do.

Felicia: Yep.

Bridget: You think it will actually work.

Felicia: Yeah, don’t take anything from him and you will see that his bark is bigger than his bite.

(Storm enters)

Storm: Hey.

Felicia: Hey yourself.

Storm: I just came by to offer my condolences.

Felicia: Good luck. She isn’t seeing anybody.

Storm: Maybe I will send a card then. You ate?

Felicia: Excuse me?

Storm: I just got off work and I haven’t had dinner yet, would you like to join me?

Felicia: As in a date?

Storm: As in dinner.

(Donna overhears)

Donna: Are you guys going out to dinner?

Storm: I am, I don’t know about Felicia here.

Felicia: Well Dino is with Katherine, so I suppose I could join you.

Donna: Thorne was talking about eating at Café Russe, would you guys like to join us?

Storm: That sounds good to me. Felicia?

Felicia: Sure.

Taylor’s Room

Taylor: What do you want Stephanie.

Stephanie: I want you to get better that’s all.

Taylor: Then leave me alone.

Stephanie: I can’t do that Taylor. I love you too much to let you fall into a depression.

Taylor: Stephanie, I am far from depression. I’m a psychologist I think I would know.

Stephanie: Who are you trying to fool? Me or yourself? Maybe that’s the problem maybe you are too close to the situation.

Taylor: What are you talking about?

Stephanie: You are confusing your personal crisis with your profession.

Taylor: Are you suggesting that I need therapy.

Stephanie: I am. Taylor you have just experienced a terrible, terrible loss. But distancing yourself from the ones, who love you, is not right. You know this.

Taylor: Don’t tell me what I know.

Stephanie: That’s it. ( she gets out her cell phone)

Taylor: What are you doing? Who are you calling?

Stephanie: (on the phone) Yes. I am afraid we are going to need you. I hate pulling you away from your conference but I do believe it’s urgent. See you soon. (she hangs up )

Taylor: Who was that? If that’s a doctor on staff here you can forget it. I know all of them and I refuse to see any of them.

Stephanie: It is not a doctor on staff.

Taylor: Than who was it?

Stephanie: James.

Next on The Bold Ones

Ridge and Rick come to blows.

A familiar face is at Café Russe.

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i love the paul/ashley stuff and stephanie being there for taylor evenw hen taylor is trying to push her away

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