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Episode 6

Port Oak Valley



Banner by JackPeyton

The Bold Ones

Episode 6

The Hospital- Taylors Room

Taylor: How could you Stephanie? How dare you try to run my life? And calling James? Why?

Stephanie: Because he is the only one I believe that can truly get through to you.

Taylor: Stephanie, you have four children of your own with plenty of problems. Why don’t you go along and control their lives and leave mine alone.

Stephanie: Taylor, I think of you as one of my children.

Taylor: That ended when Ridge chose Brooke over me.

Stephanie: No it didn’t.

Taylor: Well it should have.

Stephanie: You are the mother to my grandchildren, you will always be a part of my life because of that, and just because Ridge chose Brooke, however inept that was doesn’t mean I stopped caring for you. I consider you one of my closest friends and I always will, and that is why I called James.

Taylor: Stephanie, thank you for your concern, maybe you are right maybe I do need to talk to someone, but I am exhausted right now, I think I need to take a nap.

Stephanie: Of course. ( She leaves)

As Stephanie walks out of the room she notices Eric and Jackie hugging each other.

Jackie: Oh Eric, I am so worried about Nicky.

Eric: Don’t be, he’s a strong man. Let him grieve.

Stephanie: Excuse me, I hate to interrupt this... embrace, but don’t you have a sick husband you should be at home attending to?

Jackie: Massimo is fine and the caretaker is with him. My son just lost his child, my grandchild, what exactly are you doing here, Stephanie?

Down the hall Rick and Pheobe are by the vending machine.

Phoebe: Rick, I’m worried about my mom.

Rick: Don’t be. She will be just fine, give her a few days to grieve and recover.

Phoebe: She is acting so different. I have never seen her like this before. She’s so... distant.

Rick: She just lost a baby, which can be tough. I know what it feels like to have a baby taken away from you.

Phoebe: Thants right, I forgot about you and Amber having the miscarriages.

Rick: Plus having Little Eric taken away.

Phoebe: I hate seeing my mom like this.

Rick pulls her in for a hug and they kiss.

The hospital waiting room

Ridge: Logan, do you want something to drink?

Brooke: No thank you honey.

Ridge: Well, I do.

Brooke: There’s a soda machine just down the hall.

As he walks down the hall he notices Rick and Phoebe kissing. He charges down the hall towards them.

Ridge: You bastard, you get your hands off my daughter!

Phoebe: Dad!

Rick: Or what Ridge? What are you going to do?

Ridge: I will kill your punk ass!

Rick: Go ahead and try it Ridge, you got away with murder once, you might not be so lucky the next time.

Ridge punches Rick to floor.

Brooke: Ridge! How could you!

Ridge: (to Rick) Your lucky your in a hospital you…

Brooke: Ridge that’s it. We’re done, for good this time.

Ridge: Logan…

Brooke: Don’t, just don’t.

Ridge: I’m going to leave and take a breather and we will talk about this at the house.

Brooke: That’s a good idea.

Ridge: I will see you at the house.

Brooke: No, you will not. It’s a good idea that you go to house and pack your things and be gone by the time I get there.

Ridge: Come on Logan..

Brooke: I’m serious Ridge, this is it. I’m going to stay and make sure Rick gets checked out by a doctor.

Rick: I’m fine mom.

Phoebe: just go.

Ridge: Maybe your right Logan, maybe we do need a break.

Rick, Stephanie, and Jackie couldn’t be happier, as they try to hide thier smiles.

Café Russe

Thorne: So, Storm, how is it working in the D.A.’s office?

Storm: I enjoy working for the county, but D.A. Tartaro, she is a killer.

Felicia: I don’t find that hard to believe. She almost sent Ridge to prison when he was on trial.

Storm: I am off the clock right now; I’d rather not talk about my work. Donna how are things going working with Nick and Jackie?

Donna: I’d rather not talk about it.

Thorne: (to Donna) Don’t worry about it. Our relationship can survive us working for rival companies.

Donna: I know. We love each other and that’s all that matters. (they kiss)

Felicia: I hate to interrupt this little lovefest, but I am starving…

Storm: Seriously you’re still hungry after watching them kiss?

Donna: ha ha.

Thorne: Felicia is right we have been here forever and our waiter hasn’t even taken our drink order.

The waitress runs up to the table, looking down at her pen and pad.

Waitress: I’m so sorry for wait, today’s my first day and waiting tables isn’t as easy as you would think.

She looks up at the table and is shocked to see who her customers are, as is Thorne, Felicia, Storm, and Donna at who their waitress is.

Thorne: Amber? Is that you?

Next on The Bold Ones :

Jackie confesses a secret to Nick.

Bridget stands up to Javier.

Thorne questions Amber on why she is back in L.A.


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