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Episode 307 - Fallout and Questions



PC – Episode 307
Thursday, May 15, 2008

Written by: Tishy Smith and Ryan Chandler

Emily opened her briefcase and took it out. Thomas reached for it and started to flip the pages, glancing through it. When their drinks arrived, he took a sip and leaned back nonchalantly in his chair. “Tell me Ms. Quartermaine, you just joined ELQ, is that correct?”

“A few months ago Thomas. And please, call me Emily. It’s the family business and I felt that it was time I joined.” Emily replied, folding her hands in front of her.

“Hmm.” Thomas stared at her, his hazel eyes piercing hers. He tossed the proposal down on the table. “Tell me Emily,” He picked up his martini and coolly took a sip. “Why couldn’t Tracy be here today?”

Emily returned his gaze and held it. “Mr. Cain, this is my project and I think that you will find that it benefits both you and ELQ. I think...”

Thomas cut her off. “You think or you know? You should know what the benefits are as well as any consequences of this potential merger are Ms. Quartermaine. I do hope you know what they are but before we go any further, where did you get your MBA from?”

Stunned, Emily didn’t know how to answer. “My MBA?”

“You heard me. What school did you get your MBA from?” Thomas repeated slowly.
Emily gathered herself together, “I don’t have an MBA Mr. Cain, I have a medical degree. Up until a few months ago, I was studying to become a doctor. I have since decided to join the family company.” Emily replied trying very hard to stay in control.

Thomas let a quick smile flash across his handsome face. He was enjoying sparring with Emily and watching her become flustered. “So with your medical degree and limited knowledge of the business world you think that one of my companies should merge with ELQ based on what? How to properly get an IV into my arm on one try? Forgive me Ms. Quartermaine when I say that I don’t have much confidence in you.”
Dr. Kelly Lee walked out of the locker room and threw her stethoscope around her neck. She had a lot of patients scheduled for the day and she wanted to make sure that she could schedule an appointment with Dr. Ford. She was worried about Robin too and wanted to sneak over to her apartment during her lunch break if she could.

“Hey Kelly!” Lainey called to her, “Wait up.”

Kelly stopped and smiled as her best friend approached. “How are you Lainey? I’m sorry that I didn’t call you back last night but I was working on a proposal.”

Lainey regarded Kelly with a shrewd look. “I take it then that you haven’t heard the news.”

“What news?” Kelly asked as she started walking towards the elevators, Lainey following.

Lainey took a deep breath. “Word around the hospital is that Nikolas Cassadine walked into the board meeting and pulled the Cassadine money from the hospital. They are no longer funding the hospital.”

Kelly stopped short. “Are you kidding me? How can he do that?”

“He just walked in and did it. You know that the Cassadines are the hospitals largest benefactor. Now, almost half the money funding this hospital is gone.” Lainey explained. “I would be making sure your resume is up to date because we may be looking for jobs.”

Kelly looked stunned. “I just, I just can’t believe this. I know he is still grieving for the loss of his son, but what about the care of everyone else in the hospital? I just can’t believe this.”

Lainey hugged her friend, who was obviously despairing over the news. “Look, there’s Dr. Ford. Ask him what’s going on. Because everything I heard was rumor. Let’s go to the source and ask.” She paused, “Dr Ford, can we talk to you for a minute?”

Dr. Ford came over and said, “Drs. I only have a moment. What can I do for you?”

“Is this horrible rumor about Nikolas Cassadine pulling the Cassadine money from the hospital true?” Kelly asked fury in her eyes.

Dr. Ford sighed. “I’m not going to lie to you. Unfortunately it is true.”
At the PCU campus, the students are thrilled that school is ending a week early as a gift to 95% of the students getting on the Dean's List. Lucas stops by the Student Resource Center to pick up some information regarding some summer programs when he runs into Dante Brennan. The two exchange pleasantries and make their separate ways….

4 months earlier…..

Dante pulls Lucas into a passionate kiss with his right arm and he begins unbuckling Lucas' pants with his left. The room around them is a complete mess. A lamp his been knocked over, one of the tables have been broken, paintings and pictures have been knocked off the walls. After months of dancing around their attraction, they have both admitted they feel something for one another. And of course after a night of hard partying, the next step is to hook up right?

After leaving the club together, the two headed back to Harbor View Towers where Lucas is living. The moment they walked through the door, the boiling sexual tension EXPLODED. A drunken Lucas kissed Dante and pressed his back up against the wall, kissing lips, feeling on his chest and running his hands across the front of Dante's pants. Not wanting to allow Lucas to lead this experience, Dante takes control and picks Lucas up (Lucas' legs wrapped around Dante's waist).

They bump into tables, break the lamp and knock pictures off the wall as they make their way upstairs to the bedroom. Once upstairs, the two kiss more and spin around before falling onto the bed. Lucas pulls himself away from Dante in order to catch his breath and make sure Dante is really up for this. Dante reassures Lucas this is what he wants. Lucas strips down to his boxers, as does Dante. After admiring one another's physiques, they begin kissing again.
Emily was angered by this smug and conceited man across from her in his Armani suit who was speaking to her so condescendingly. “I have spent numerous hours studying the pros and cons of a partnership between our companies and I have outlined them in that proposal to you. If you would take a moment to look through it, you will see that I am right when I say that the merger will be beneficial to both of us.”

Thomas finished his martini and threw a fifty on the table. “If ELQ wants to do business with me, I want to speak to someone who is out of the intern program. I don’t care if your last name is Quartermaine. I won’t even consider this” He pointed to the proposal, “until I speak face to face with either Tracy or A.J. It was a pleasure Emily, but you should go back to the hospital.” Emily watched angrily as Thomas walked confidently through the lobby and pushed the button for the penthouse.
4 months earlier…continued…..

The anticipation of what's to come has the two as excited as ever. Lucas slowly pulls down Dante’s boxers, exposing his rock hard shaft and begins to get to work. Dante moans in ecstasy as Lucas does exactly what Dante wants. Dante’s body begins to tense up, he begins to become overwrought with euphoria, and Lucas removes himself at the right time. Dante pulls Lucas into a deep passionate kiss and returns the favor to Lucas.

The two decide to do a bit more, but want to make sure they’re safe before they do it. Lucas reaches into his dresser and pulls out a roll of condoms. Dante hits the light as the scene fades to black….

Present day…..

Things have been more than awkward between Lucas and Dante since that night of extreme passion. Dante began to withdraw from Lucas, avoiding him in public and not taking any of Lucas’ calls. Lucas is no stranger to rejection, but truly felt Dante was a different person. He knows there’s a lot more to this than what Dante is letting on, and he’s determined to find out what it is. He refuses to be Dante’s dirty little secret.
Anger spewed from Kelly. “How could you let this happen Dr. Ford! I can’t understand why someone would do something like this that would potentially hurt so many other people! Last night, I researched and wrote up a proposal for funding for the neonatal unit. Mostly because of Robin and because of him and Carly! And he goes and does something like this, I’m sorry Dr. Ford for getting so angry but I am.”

“Unfortunately until we are able to acquire further funding I can’t even look into any proposals Dr Lee. Now if you will excuse me.” Dr Ford nodded and walked away.

Lainey looked at Kelly with sympathy. She knew where she was coming from. “Kelly, you know you are my best friend but right now, we can’t be yelling at the Chief of Staff. We have to think of ourselves too.”

Kelly sighed and punched the up button for the elevator. “I know. But if Nikolas Cassadine was here right now I would give him a piece of my mind.”

The door opened and Elizabeth walked out. “Hey guys. What did Nikolas do to make you so upset?”

Lainey sighed and looked at Liz. “So you didn’t hear either.”

Elizabeth shook her head as Kelly held the elevator door open. “Your ex brother in law took away the funding for the hospital.”

Elizabeth’s jaw dropped in disbelief. “Are you kidding me?”

Lainey shook her head. “I wish.”

Elizabeth is stunned to hear this news. “I haven’t spoken to Nikolas in a long time, but I’m sure there’s more to this. Let me talk to him. Maybe I can convince him to change his mind.

“I hope you can. Because if you can’t, there are going to be a lot of people adversely affected by this situation. A lot of really good people.” Kelly pats Liz on the shoulder and walks away, the only thing on her mind is how this will affect Robin.
Next…on Port Charles
- Ric’s behavior has Alexis concerned
- Maxie goes out with Serena for some fun
- Two mysterious characters arrive in Port Charles
- Serena’s boyfriend is unaware of who he’s dealing with


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Tishy and I were retooling more stories, hence the week off from posting episodes :)

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