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Episode 306: Repercussions



PC – Episode 306
Saturday, May 10, 2008

Written by: Tishy Smith, Ryan Chandler & Jennifer Snyder

The elevator sounds at General Hospital as Nikolas Cassadine steps to head to a board meeting. He looks around the nurses’ station and sees the young nurses laughing as if they haven’t a care in the world. Elizabeth sees Nikolas and goes over to speak to him.

“Nikolas hi. I’ve been meaning to come by and visit you, but you know how Carly feels about me.”

Nikolas’ attention is elsewhere and doesn’t seem to want to speak to Elizabeth. “Well that’s good,” he says sharply. “I haven’t been in the mood for visitors anyway.”

“Oh…well….how are you,” she asks, a bit taken aback by the tone in his voice. “How’s the baby?”

“Victoria is doing well…as well as she can be.” Nikolas checks his watch and mentions he needs to head to the board meeting, as he’s already running late. He excuses himself and takes off, leaving Elizabeth behind.
Mac stands up and glances over at Anna. Anna nods. "You did a really good thing by coming to us today Maxie. But you have to know something here. Yes you did a horrible thing when drugging those boys drinks. And I’m know you are going through a hard time. But you have to be held accountable for what you’ve done. I don’t know if I can help you the way I’d like to. However, though you did something illegal, you didn't kill Brandon Wexler. You weren't driving that car. You didn't push Brandon into the street."

Mac paused and Anna continued. "Yes Maxie, I agree. It was very courageous for you to come forward and I know how hard it was. Everything that your Uncle Mac has said is true. You didn't kill Brandon Wexler."

"I just, I feel so guilty because if it wasn't for me, this whole thing wouldn't have happened." sniffs Maxie as she pulls up the sleeves of her shirt and buries her head in her hands.

Anna lowers her voice, "You don't know that. It just may have been Brandon's time."

"Do you want me to call your mother, sweetie?" Mac asks.

Horrified Maxie shakes her head in fear. "No! Please don't Uncle Mac. I don't ever want my mother to know. I am too ashamed to for her to know I did this."

"Ok, Maxie. I won't. Anna and I have to go talk about a few things. We will be right back. I promise you, nothing bad will happen to you." Mac reassures her. Mac and Anna walk to the door and leave a devastated but somewhat relieved Maxie alone.
Lucky makes his way down to the docks after getting food from Kelly’s when he sees Sam crying on the ground. He immediately goes into protective mode, wondering if something bad has happened to her. He helps her up and asks what happened. Sam, afraid to reveal too much says she just had a bad moment. Lucky knows she’s lying but doesn’t let it be known he knows. Sam asks if he can take her home. Lucky agrees.
Anna and Mac walk into an adjourning room where they could talk about Maxie alone. Mac gets upset and tells Anna that again, he feels that he failed Maxie as a parent. Anna reassures him that he hasn't, that Maxie is an adult and he did a wonderful job raising her. She just doesn't think her choices through. Anna also comments that with Frisco out of her life, Mac did a more than wonderful job with Maxie. They just needed to do damage control now.

Mac leans against the wall and pushes his hair back. "Thank you Anna. I needed to hear that." He pauses before he continues, "But we have to do something. I mean, not like arrest her because a crime was never reported. But I get the feeling from Maxie that she wants to pay for this in some way."

"I agree." Anna says, starting to pace around the room. Both Mac and Anna are deep in thought when Anna raises her head. "I have an idea, and I think you will like it." She relates her idea and Mac nods his agreement. "Anna I think this will be the best think for Maxie."

As they start to head for the door, Mac stops Anna. "You know Anna. It feels good to not fight with you."

Anna smiles softly, "I know Mac. Family crisis makes every argument disappear."
Emily walked swiftly into the Metrocourt, her briefcase in hand. She had a meeting with a potential new client, Thomas Cain. ELQ wanted to discuss a possible merger with one of his companies. This was the first time that she was going solo as the project manager for ELQ. She was excited because Tracy had entrusted her with this project, even though she knew A.J. and Skye didn’t think she was ready for this, she knew she was. Over the past few months she had thrown herself into working at ELQ, sometimes working from 6AM and not getting home until midnight.

Emily walked up to the bar and asked where Thomas Cain was. The bartender pointed her to his table. She walked over, smiled, and held out her hand. “Good evening Mr. Cain. Thank you for meeting me. I trust you are finding your time in Port Charles to be eventful.”

“Hmmm, yes thank you.” Thomas murmured a hint of an accent in his voice. He looked up and acted surprised to see how young she was. “It’s Emily Quartermaine, correct?”
“That would be me. Would you care for a drink Mr. Cain?”

Thomas motioned for the waiter, “What will you have Ms. Quartermaine?” Emily asked for a sparkling water. Thomas raised an eyebrow at her. “The lady and I will have a martini, dry. One olive or two?”

Not wanting to get off on the wrong foot, Emily held up two fingers. “Thank you Mr. Cain.” She paused for a moment. How was your flight from New York?”

“It’s Thomas. Yes it was fine.” Wanting to get down to business, he folded his arms on the table. “Now I believe you have a proposal for me?” Thomas asked.

Emily opened her briefcase and took it out. Thomas reached for it and started to flip the pages, glancing through it. When their drinks arrived, he took a sip and leaned back nonchalantly in his chair. “Tell me Ms. Quartermaine, you just joined ELQ, is that correct?”

“A few months ago Thomas. And please, call me Emily. It’s the family business and I felt that it was time I joined.” Emily replied, folding her hands in front of her.

“Hmm.” Thomas stared at her, his hazel eyes piercing hers. He tossed the proposal down on the table. “Tell me Emily,” He picked up his martini and coolly took a sip. “Why couldn’t Tracy be here today?”

Emily returned his gaze and held it. “Mr. Cain, this is my project and I think that you will find that it benefits both you and ELQ. I think...”

Thomas cut her off. “You think or you know? You should know what the benefits are as well as any consequences of this potential merger are Ms. Quartermaine. I do hope you know what they are but before we go any further, where did you get your MBA from?”

Stunned, Emily didn’t know how to answer. “My MBA?”
Maxie lifts her blotchy face up when the door opens to her interrogation room. Mac pulls a chair up next to her and hugs her. Anna sits across her and smiles compassionately. Maxie takes a deep breath and asks, "So, what is going to happen to me?"

Anna folds her arms on the table, "Maxie, you will not be charged with any crime if that is what you are thinking."

"But I have to do something for all I have done!" Maxie interrupts.

"We thought you would feel like that," Mac said. "I want you to know something. You have our word that we will not tell your mother. You are an adult and if you want to tell her, you can."

Maxie breathed a sigh of relief as Anna went on. "Maxie, at the hospital there is a peer counseling hotline that you will be working. There are young adults that call in about a variety of problems. Everything from parent and sibling issues, drug and alcohol issues, sexuality issues which include everything from pregnancy to diseases to homosexuality and school issues. You will be trained on the hotline and I want you to work there throughout the summer and fall.”

“I also want you to begin going to therapy Maxie. It’s not a mandatory thing right now, but I do want you to go at least once a month, to talk about your feelings. You did what you did for a reason, and you need to work through it. I will be keeping up with how many hours you will be there."

"Of course I will do it. Thank you." Maxie dropped her head. "I'm just...just so sorry. Thank you so much Anna…dad.” Maxie grabs her purse and begins to head towards the door. Anna calls her name before she leaves.

“Maxie,” she begins with a serious tone. “I want you to understand how much trouble this will get your father and I into should this come out. I had to pull a lot of strings to get this done, and I don’t want you taking it lightly. If you screw up again, you will be held accountable for your actions. You’re an adult now Maxie, you can’t always run to your Mac to get you out of trouble. Do you understand what I’m saying?”

Maxie nods her head. “Good, because I don’t want to ever have to do this again. You may go.” Maxie thanks Anna and Mac once again before heading out.
Back at GH, Nikolas enters the board meeting that is being held without him in attendance. He enters the room a little angry. Everyone directs their attention to him and seem a bit surprised to see him.

“Mr. Cassadine, we didn’t expect you at today’s meeting,” says one of the board members. “We assumed that you wouldn’t attend given your current family situation.”

“Of course you would assume instead of following procedure and actually contacting me. Nevertheless, I’m here and I have something important to say. So sit down.”

“Mr. Cassadine, you have no authority to—“

“As this hospital’s largest benefactor, I have the right to do anything I damn well please, now sit your ass down,” Nikolas says angrily.

The board member sits down promptly and allows Nikolas to make his statement.

“There is a reason why I have not been to these meetings lately, as I have been tending to a small child, born prematurely at this hospital. I would love to say this is a great hospital. But I cannot. I have witnessed firsthand the incompetence of the staff, management and it’s board members and I am not pleased whatsoever. You all know my family, the Cassadines, have invested a hell of a lot of money into this hospital, more money than any family in the history of this hospital. As the head of the Cassadine Family, I control the finances. I no longer wish to fund a hospital that encourages the kind of incompetence that I’ve witnessed.”

All of the board members begin talking amongst themselves and try to reason with Nikolas, but to no avail. “Effective immediately, I am withdrawing funding from General Hospital. I would prefer Cassadine money be used to at a place that will truly help people, and not be wasted the way it is here. Good day.”

Nikolas taps the table and heads out the door of the board room, leaving everyone stunned with his statements.

Next…on Port Charles

- News of Nikolas’ announcement makes its way through the hospital
- Emily drops the ball for ELQ’s latest acquisition
- Lucas doesn’t like being a dirty secret

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