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Episode 55



Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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Surprising Afternoon in Springfield.....

Harley's House:

Shayne and Rocky fall onto the couch kissing.
Rocky hears footsteps.
Suddenly they are shaken by the word, "SURPRISE!!"
Their family and friends all stare in shock.
Reva drops the cake.
The two stand up and try and get dressed.

Cross Creek:

Bill comes home, "Ava?"
Ava comes running, "Hi! How was your day?"
"It was good."
They kiss.
Ava smiles, "Guess what?"
Bill gets nervous, "What?"
"I have a surprise for you!"
He sees the packed bags, "Uh what is it?"
She shows him plane tickets.

Harley's House:
Buzz walks his son over, "Rocky what is going on?"
"Dad... I was..."
Coop walks over, "What was he doing to you?"
Rocky is confused.
Coop yells at Shayne, "What the hell is your problem?!"
Rocky stops him, "Coop! I'm gay."
Coop shakes his head, "No you're not!"
Harley leaves cleans up the cake mess.

Spaulding Enterprises:

Cassandra comes out of a meeting to see Alan sitting in the hall, "Hello Alan."
He smiles, "Hello. How's business?"
"Much better now that you're out."
"I'm not so sure about that?"
She laughs, "Does it hurt? Does it hurt knowing that I've taken everything; your job, home, family..."
He stops her, "What do you mean my family?"
She smiles, "Well you left but they haven't. They still live in the Mansion."
"It's their home!"
She shakes her head, "They never loved you Alan. All they loved was the comfortable lifestyle. And they don't need you anymore."
His anger rises.

Harley's House:
Josh and Reva look at Shayne.
Josh doesn't understand, "What is going on Son?"
"Dad I am in a relationship with Rocky."
Reva takes a deep breathe, "I don't understand he's a..."
Shayne speaks up, "Yes! He is and I love him."
Reva's eyes fill with tears.
Shayne turns to see a shocked Marina sitting with Marah.

Cross Creek:
Bill holds the tickets, "What is this about?"
She smiles, "Bill I know we'll get married eventually, why not now?"
"Vegas! Las Vegas! We'll elope!"
He sits, "I don't get it. Ava so much has happened since I proposed."
"But we're still having a child. Bill don't you want this child to grow up with two parents in love? Like we didn't get?"
Bill nods.


Harley's House:
Marah hugs Shayne.
He walks over to Marina, "Marina I'm with Rocky now."
She looks at him, "No. You're not!"
He calmly tells her, "Yes I am."
"NO! You loved me. You can't love him. He's a man!"
He holds her hand, "Marina I'm bisexual."
"Oh my God! Come on Shayne."
He cries, "It's true."
She scoffs, "That's not real."
He nods and turns to his parents, "Dad I'm bisexual."
Josh sighs, "Shayne it's not right."
Reva turns to him, "Joshua!"
"Reva it's not!"
Reva hugs Shayne, "We'll support you okay."
Josh sits on the couch.
Coop comes over and grabs Shayne, "What the hell is wrong with you?!"
Rocky runs over.

Cross Creek:
Bill turns to Ava, "We can't fly."
"You're pregnant."
She frowns. Then stops, "Wait! We can still take a bus or train!"
"Ava come on!"
"No Bill. Please?"
He agrees and she runs upstairs.
Bill leaves Olivia a message, "Hey Olivia it's Bill. Ava and I are getting married. I hate telling you this on a message but I didn't want you to hear it somewhere else. You know how I feel but..." He hangs up.
Ava comes over, "We need to go!"
The two walk out.

Spaulding Enterprises:
Cassandra smiles at her picture on the wall, "I think Brandon would be proud."
Alan scoffs, "I don't belive you."
He laughs, "You're not a Spaulding! You aren't Brandon's daughter."
"Yes I am Alan! Accept it!"
"No! Cassie. That's who you are, you're Cassie Winslow! The stripper turned princess!"
She picks up her briefcase, "No Alan! I'm not Cassie Winslow anymore. I'm Cassandra Spaulding and don't you forget it."
She walks out.
Alan throws a vase across the room.

Harley's House:
Rocky pushes Coop away, "Would you knock it off?"
Coop turns away.
Rocky goes over to his niece, "Marina I'm sorry..."
"No!" She pushes him away, "Don't talk to me. Don't touch me!"
Shayne looks at his father but Josh just looks down.
The two walk to the door.
Coop walks over, "Rocky you go and it will change us."
Rocky cries, "Coop please."
Buzz puts his hand on Coop's shoulder, "Coop enough. He's still you're brother."
Coop doesn't listen, "You say you love this... man. Then good for you because he's all you have now."
Rocky and Shayne take a look at everyone who is upset by this.
They take hands and walk out.
Harley hugs Reva as she cries.

Cross Creek:
Olivia comes running in, "Bill! Where are you!?!?"
She looks all over and realizes their gone, "No. No. NO!!!"
She picks up the lamp and chucks it at the wall.
She falls to her knees crying.

Olivia makes a bad choice
The teens go to prom
Reva and Jeffrey have a serious talk
Eleni and Frank get close
Marina runs into Danny again
Mallet and Dinah get bittersweet news
Natalia returns!


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Another great show. Wow Again Poor Rocky and Shayne. I think Buzz may be willing to understand. I am glad Reva is willing to accecpt this. I am so pissed at Susan. She is so wrong. for what she did. I love CC as Olivia. FTL has such a sexxy cast adn I love your balance. It's very good. You're a great writer Jay!

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Thanks ML!

And the same to you.

Of course I'm lucky that the older characters already were created for me to work with.

When I was writing this 'coming out' I wanted to make sure that each side of the arguement was represented.

I want to add a thanks to you ML.

Your comments have helped me to write more clear and insighful.

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