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Episode 53



Everyone is confessing in Springfield......

Bauer Home:

Phillip is talking with Lizzie.
"Lizzie, listen. You can be saved. Because that little girl is your full sister. She's not Rick's daughter. She's mine."
Lizzie gasp.
Rick turns to Beth.
Beth is speechless.
The room is silent.
Lizzie walks the kids upstairs.
Rick sits down, "What are you talking about?"
Phillip turns to Rick, "Rick I'm sorry. I came back to town last year after Alan was shot. I ran into Beth and we..."
Rick turns to Beth, "What?"
Beth holds his hand, "I'm sorry Rick. It's true."
Rick is confused, "But the DNA test..."
Mindy steps in, "Rick the DNA test said that Alan wasn't the father. They didn't say you were."
Beth turns to Mindy, "What the hell have you done Mindy?"


Marina is shocked, "Wait what? He's your brother?"
Cyrus looks her in the eyes, "Yes. That 'Mark Guillespie' is my brother."
She shakes her head, "No! No! It can't be!"
He holds onto her, "Yes Marina it is!"
She screams, "He killed my best friend Cyrus! That's the man that killed Tammy!"
"I know I'm sorry."
Marina pauses, "Oh my God! You let him get away! You're on his side!"
She slaps him.

Upstairs in Olivia's Suite.
Josh walks in.
Olivia is sitting on the couch, "Hey."
He notices the suitcase, "Are you going somewhere?"
She looks at him, "No Josh you are. You're going home."
Josh is confused, "What?"
She sighs, "We both know where you want to be. You want to be at Cross Creek."
"We both know who you want. You want Reva."
Josh shakes his head.


Susan sees Shayne on the bench.
She sits by him, "Hey!"
He hugs her, "Hi! How have you been?"
She smiles, "I'm good. How about you?"
He sits back down and ties his shoe, "I'm great."
She stares him down, "Yeah yeah. And Rocky?"
Shayne sits in shock.


Mallet and Dinah are going through the process of in vitro.
They are with the doctor.
Dinah is sitting on a bed, "So we can start it soon?"
"Yes. Mr. Mallet just needs to make his deposit."
Mallet gets nervous, "Oh um...."
The doctor hands him a cup.
Dinah rubs his back, "Baby. We talked about this."
He nods, "I know. I know."
Mallet sits down.
Dinah laughs, "Not here you perv!"
He jumps up, "I know!"
The doctor walks him across the hall.
Dinah can't stop laughing.

Bauer Home:
Mindy scoffs at Beth, "I didn't do anything."
Beth is angry, "Did you lie to Phillip."
Mindy sighs, "I'm sorry Phillip but Rick needed to know."
Phillip hits his head, "Oh my God! Mindy!"
She shouts, "I'm sorry!"
Beth grabs Mindy's coat, "Here! Get out! Get the hell out of our home!"
Mindy tries to stop her, "Wait Beth..."
Beth won't listen, "No! You have caused enough trouble here. You still haven't grown up. You know what just leave. Leave town. Go back to France. We don't want you here!"
Beth slams the door in Mindy's face.
Mindy falls to the floor crying.


Olivia's Suite:
Josh is confused, "Olivia what are you talking about?"
She puts his stuff down, "Josh I'm not sad this time. We both new this would happen. Atleast you haven't slept together yet."
She smiles, "Josh I would know if you had. And then I'd make sure you never could have sex again."
Olivia hands him a box.
Josh puts it down, "Reva and I aren't..."
She stops him, "Yet. You aren't yet. But you will. And I have to much going on now to wait for that."
He shakes his head, "I'm sorry Olivia."
She walks over to him, "I know Josh." She kisses him, "You are still one of the sexiest men in this town Josh."
Josh holds her hand, "Olivia. Reva and I might not even..."
She pulls away, "Yes you will. Because it's what it is. It's 'Always' Josh. The sooner you remember that the better."
Olivia gives him a hug goodbye.
Josh takes his stuff and leaves.

Bauer Home:
Rick won't let go of the baby, "No Beth we already found out that I was the father. Not Alan!"
Beth cries, "I know. I should have told you about Phillip. I knew Alan was never the father. You see the first test last year I fixed to have Alan as the father. Then Cassie switched them and I truely believed that you were. Then when she told me the truth I knew that if we only tested Alan's blood then when it came up negative..."
Rick shakes his head, "I'd believe that I was the father."
Beth holds him, "Rick I'm so sorry."
Rick cries, "This is happening to fast! Just an hour ago we were a happy family...."
Rick turns to stare at Phillip.

Marina is running from Cyrus.
He catches up with her, "Marina wait!"
She keeps going, "I don't want to talk with you!"
He grabs her arm, "I'm sorry!"
She pulls away, "Don't talk to me! I can't be with you now!"
"Marina please!"
She turns around, "You've been lying! I don't think I can trust you!"
He tries to reassure her, "No. You can."
"I'm going to move back with my family... and I'll send for my things."
Marina walks up to the boarding house.


Mallet walks over to Dinah giggling with Lillian.
Mallet smiles, "Okay Lillian how much did Dinah pay you to keep pounding on the door?"
Dinah laughs, "10 bucks and it was worth it!"
He kisses her.
Lillian smiles, "I promised Dinah that I'd be in the room."
He smiles at her, "Thanks Lillian I appreciate it."
The Mallet waves to Dinah as she is rolled away.

Shayne stares at the ground, "Who?"
Susan sits with him, "Rocky. Rocky Cooper. He's my Uncle. Well he's more like a cousin since he's younger. And you're my younger Uncle too! Small world." She giggles.
Shayne nods, "Yeah I think I know who you are talking about. Why would I know about him?"
She looks at him, "I know Shayne. I know about the two of you."
Shayne turns to her, "Susan please?"
"I won't say a word Shayne."
He smiles, "Thank you."
She hugs him, "Sure. We're family right?"
Susan hates what she has to do next.

Bauer Home:
Rick stares at the little girl, "She doesn't even look like me."
Beth is sobbing, "I'm so sorry Rick."
Rick takes a deep breathe, "I promised that I wouldn't let her be taken from her father. I will not break that."
Beth shakes her head, "No Rick."
Rick hands the little girl to Phillip, "Here's your daughter."
Phillip holds her for the first time. His eyes fill with tears.
Beth goes to hug Rick but he walks out.
Beth runs to the door, "Rick!!!"
She falls to the floor crying.

Harley's plan fails
Susan schemes
Marina and Marah talk about relationships
Rocky and Shayne's worst nightmare happens!

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wow another great episode. I feel so bad for Rick. I wonder if He and Beth will ber ok. And I am glad Susan will Keep Shayne's secret. But he should have denied it. And I love how the eps first starts and u always say like a calm day in springfield or a crazy day etc. I also like how Olivia wa woman enough to let Josh go. Great Job Jay

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