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Episode 52



Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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It starts out as a simple day in Springfield......

Bauer Home:

The family is celebrating Bertha's 6 month birthday.
Beth kisses Rick, "Oh look how pretty she is Rick."
Rick smiles, "I know. She looks just like her mother."
They take her to the livingroom.
Phillip goes to stares at the phone.
Mindy notices, "Worried about Lizzie?"
Phillip sighs, "She's supposed to call."
Mindy rubs his back, "I know. Maybe she's upset about the blood thing?"
Phillip turns to her, "What?"
"Oh nothing!"
Mindy goes to walk out but Phillip stops her, "What are you talking about?"
Mindy continues with her lie, "Beth and Lizzie haven't told you everything."
Mindy made this plan after reading what she read in Beth's date book.


Colin comes to Lizzie with a file.
Lizzie stands up, "Just say it!"
Colin smiles, "It was a success!"
Lizzie screams and jumps into Colin's arms, "Are you serious?!"
"Oh yes Liz! I am serious. I knew this would save you."
"You saved me!"
"We saved you!"
Lizzie kisses him.

Harley's House:

Harley is sitting at the table.
Gus runs in, "I still haven't heard from her."
"What did the Beacon say?"
Gus sits, "Olivia ordered them not to give any information."
Harley rolls her eyes, "Great!"
Gus looks at her, "Harley just tell me one thing? Why didn't I know about our divorce not being official before I married Natalia?"
Harley gets nervous.


Cyrus enters his room.
Guillespie is sitting on the bed, "So did you call the cops?"
Cyrus scoffs, "What?"
Guillespie stands up, "They're out looking for me. They know I'm in Springfield. So I'll ask you again: Did you tell your skanky little girlfriend about me?"
Cyrus grabs him, "You shut up about her!"
Marina runs in and sees the two in a struggle.

Lewis Construction:

Dylan and Lucy are going over plans with the business.
Lucy hands him more files, "Here is more on Spaulding."
Dylan smiles, "Great."
Lucy sits, "Well I am still legally a Spaulding myself. So we need to make sure that we don't do to much damage until my divorce to Alan Michael is final."
Ava walks in, "Maybe I could help."
The two are surprised to see her.

Blake's House:

Remy is gets another email that reads: How's your girlfriend?
Remy slams his hand on the desk. He's been getting these mysterious messages for weeks.
Blake walks in, "Hey what's going on?"
"Uh... nothing."
Blake smiles, "You want to help me with this?"
Remy gets nervous, "What is it?"
"Plans for the boys Graduation Party."
Remy looks at the computers and wonders how he will protect Blake.


Bauer Home:
Phillip questions Mindy, "What are you talking about?"
Mindy holds his hand, "There's a way to save Lizzie."
Phillip is shocked, "What is it?"
Mindy thinks on the spot, "Well you remember how she was saved last time?"
Phillip nods, "By James yeah. Wait are you saying he could save her again."
She sighs, "Well they said James isn't able to now. Something about only donating once."
"What?" This sounds ridculous to Phillip but he wants to believe that there is hope.
Mindy nods, "Yep. She would need a full blood sibling this time."
Mindy leaves him to think.

Lizzie and Colin continue to kiss.
Colin pulls away, "Liz? Is this what you want?"
"Yes. Oh wait! I'm late I have to go to my sister's party."
Colin nods, "Okay."
"We'll talk tommorow about all of this."
She gives him one last kiss and leaves.

Blake's House:
Blake walks over to the computer.
Remy stands up, "Wait! What are you doing?"
"I just want to email my Mom. Remind her to come into town."
Remy forgot to exit out of his email, "Uh wait!"
He kisses her.
"Remy stop." She laughs.
She gives in and Remy picks her up and carries her away.

Lewis Construction:
Lucy smiles, "Hello Ava. I've heard a lot about you."
Ava smirks, "And I you."
Dylan walks in between them, "Ava's engaged to Bill."
Ava smiles, "We're expecting a child."
Lucy walks over to her, "That's nice. Now how did Alan Spaulding's assistant get in here?"
Ava sits, "I want to help you."
Dylan is surprised, "Really?"
She nods, "Yes. I'm going to be a Lewis soon and this can show my loyalty to Bill and the family."
Lucy shakes her hand, "We'll see how this goes."
The two shake hands.

Harley's House:
Harley looks at Gus, "Well... I didn't know until that night either."
"Your lawyer had to know before then."
Harley tries to be clever, "Well.... he left a message but I didn't get it."
Gus is about to ask a question when his phone rings.
Harley uses this time to go upstairs.

Marina pulls out her gun, "Freeze!"
Guillespie pulls out his gun but runs off.
Marina goes to shoot but Cyrus tackles her.
"What are you doing Cyrus?"
Cyrus holds her, "Marina please!"
"Why do you care? Do you know who that is!?!"
"Yes.... he's my brother Marina."
Marina looks at him in shock.

Bauer Home:
Rick is opening Bertha's presents.
Lizzie walks in, "Hi! I have news."
Beth stands up.
Phillip interupts, "Lizzie I need to tell you something."
Lizzie smiles, "What?"
Phillip looks her in the eye, "We can save you!"
Beth stops him, "Phillip?"
He turns around, "Beth we need to tell her. If it can save her."
Beth is confused.
Phillip looks at Lizzie, "We can save you with her."
Phillip's finger points at the baby in Rick's hands.
Lizzie shakes her head, "What do you mean?"
Phillip takes a deep breathe, "That baby isn't Rick's Lizzie.... She is mine!"
Beth falls to her seat.
Rick clings to Bertha.
Mindy smiles at her success.

Beth and Phillip confess
Dinah and Mallet try to become parents
Susan confronts Shayne
Marina is furious at Cyrus
Olivia ends things with Josh

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Good Episode. So Lizzie is all better now? Nice revela with Bertha. Wonder how this will play out. And so Remy and Blake are on official couple now? I wonder who is stalking him. orry i have been distant. I've been hella busy

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