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Episode#242: Abe and Lexie Have It OUT!!!!




Episode#242: Abe and Lexie Have it OUT!!!

- “Sami” says she wonders who that could be, and he goes to answer the door and when he does he sees…Nicole! Stan/ “Sami” groans and asks what does she want, and Nicole smiles at “Sami” sarcastically and answers that she was just coming to see her mother and sister since Marlena told her she was coming over here. “Sami” looks at Marlena and says:

“Sami”: Wait…did she say you’re her…mother?!

-Bo tells Megan, at the graveyard outside of St.Luke’s, to just leave him alone and he won’t turn her in to the police. Megan tells him that she can tell something is wrong, and asks whats going on between him and Hope, and thinks to herself that it might be because Hope is a low-life drunk. Bo snaps he would never talk to HER about it, and Megan puts her hands on his shoulders and says he knows he can…

-Celeste is at her house and keeps flashing back when Valentine told her about Vivian being the mysterious woman, and says that Valentine may be a low-down whore but could prove useful. Suddenly the phone rings, and she answers it and after a moment says:

Celeste: Mr. Ji’ Min..you would like me to come down to your office…now??

-Abe tells Lexie that everything they need to discuss has already been discussed, and that he doesn’t have time for this. He begins to shut the door but Lexie puts her foot in the way and says no. She tells him that she’s stayed quiet about this custody battle over Theo long enough. She tells him that today she’s going to say all of what she has to say, and it won’t be pretty.

*Life in Salem Opening: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eo2A7rZhZGA *

-Nicole tells “Sami” that’s exactly right, and she’s her new sister! The real Sami, still bound and gagged, hears this and has a face of confusion while “Sami” looks to Marlena in silence, and Marlena quickly intervenes and says with all of the drama going on lately, including Stefano’s death, the storm, and Roman going into a catatonic state she hasn’t had time to talk to her much, and “Sami” says:

“Sami”: Oh, I get it, Mom. Since I threw a fit over my own uncle killing EJ, you decide to totally shut me out of your life too. I see everything more clearly now. So much for us getting closer, as if we ever even did in the first place. You and I have always had our problems but ever since I have stopped pulling the little childish schemes, I’ve seen you in a whole new light.

Marlena: Excuse me?! Sami, I know you only lost EJ a few months ago but don’t-

“Sami”: Shut up, I don’t want to hear the excuses you dish out to everyone, Saint Marlena! And now that you have let this gutter-snipe into the family so quickly it also shows how much you hate me.

Marlena: Now YOU listen to ME! I have put up with your bitching and all of your screaming for so many years and it finally has stopped over the past year, but it will NOT start again, do you understand me? Now Nicole is my daughter, and it may come as a shock but she is, so we have to accept her! Yet YOU always have to have things your way, and I won’t tolerate this any longer!

-Bo grabs Megan’s hands and tells her to get off of him, and to just go away. Megan insists that she will stay, and says she wants to help him. She says that she knows about Hope’s drinking, and asks if that’s what is bothering him. Bo doesn’t respond, and Megan tells him that if it is, he has to deal with her the way he knows he should. She then goes on to say:

Megan: You need to send her off to a clinic or something if her little drinking problem has gotten out of hand. Think about it, Bo. She’s putting everyone around her in danger. Her poor sister Julie, her aunt Maggie, everyone! Even you! And most of all: Those baby girls. Pamela and Addie, right? You’ve already lost two children, while one isn’t even in town anymore…if you let Hope continue her rampage, you are putting them in considerable danger. Think about that, Bo.

Megan turns and walks off, as Bo stares at the graves…

-After a brief conversation with Ji’Min, Celeste hangs up her phone and tells Valentine she needs to go meet Ji’Min. Valentine asks Celeste what Stefano’s lawyer could possibly want, and Celeste replies that it is about Stefano’s will. Valentine yells “WHAT?! Well-well, why wouldn’t he call ME down there?! You were just the servant, I was Stefano’s longest-lasting lover…at least, I think…” and Celeste says “Well, we’ll see, won’t we, Dahling?” and both of them leave Celeste’s house…

-Abe tells Lexie he doesn’t have time for this and has work to do, but Lexie stands her ground and says to Abe he’ll listen, and he’ll listen well. Abe tells Lexie that this is ridiculous, and he turns around to walk back inside but Lexie follows and grabs him by the shoulders and whirls him around, telling him that she is sick of him treating her like just some small complication in their son’s life. Abe then shoots back:

Abe: I wouldn’t want to have much involvement with murderers, Lexie.

Lexie: Okay Abe, NOW you have over-stepped your boundaries! You KNOW that Tek’s murder was an accident, YOU WATCHED THE DAMN FREAKIN’ TAPE! And then Nikolas was about to murder my FATHER, and as much as I hate him he’s my flesh and blood! And technically I can’t even be charged for that one! You just keep looking for petty reaons to get Theo away from me!

Abe: Now Lexie, regardless, you killed them. AND, this isn’t your only offense…not the only one against me, anyway. You SLEPT with Tek over and over, even when I was BLIND! It took me walking in on you to discover it! So don’t pull the whole innocent act on me because that won’t work! And you let me go to jail for Tek’s murder, it took SAMI BRADY coming forward to free me.

Lexie: Oh, and what would the great Abraham Carver have done?! Both of us have respectful positions in Salem, not to mention a son as well, its not like either of us could easily come forward and confess a murder! Just because I’m the Salem PD Commissioner’s wife I must be some type of pillar of the community?! Abe, I tried that, ok?! And each time it didn’t work!

Abe: Cut the crap, all you are doing is whining. Lets not forget what else you did after you were arrested for Tek’s murder: You broke out of jail, teamed up with Stefano and kidnapped your mother, and flew all over the world with him to cause mass chaos!

Lexie: Yes, I was wrong there, but I realized that and I did save everyone’s assess, including yours, in Italy when I got the ISA to help you against Stefano! You would be dead now if it wasn’t for me. But NOOOOOO, that’s not enough for you! Hell, you act like you want me to barge into St.Luke’s and bow at Father Jansen’s feet begging for forgiveness. Oh wait, no, you want me to beg at YOUR feet for forgiveness! Once again, I’ve been there, done that, and it does nothing!

Abe: Oh just shut up, you little bitc-

Suddenly Abe and Lexie hear small footsteps coming down the stairs, and both turn to see Theo with a Suddenly Abe and Lexie hear small footsteps coming down the stairs, and both turn to see Theo with a few tears going down his cheeks:

Theo: Please, Mommy, Daddy stop fighting!

-Outside St.Luke’s, Bo keeps staring at Shawn and Zack’s graves and begins to think about what Megan said right before she left:

“Those baby girls. Pamela and Addie, right? You’ve already lost two children, while another one isn’t even in town anymore…if you let Hope continue her rampage, you are putting them in considerable danger. Think about that, Bo.”

Bo’s eyes begin to get red, as one tear goes down his cheek and onto one of the graves. Bo tries to hold more back, but after a moment he lets it all out and they pour out of his eyes as he breaksdown right there in the public, and his crying can be heard all across the graveyard. He continues to look at where both of his sons are buried, and says:

Bo: I won’t lose another child….I won’t…

Bo is silent for another moment as he continues to cry, and thinks to himself he must do what needs to be done, no matter how much it hurts…for Pamela and Addie. Even more tears come after that thought, and Bo finally says:

Bo: I-I-I-I….I…I…have to turn…H-H-H-H-H….Hope…in….I have to send my own w-w-w-iife to jail…


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