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Episode#241: Megan and Bo



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Written by: Tara

Episode#241: Megan and Bo

-Outside of St.Luke’s, Bo is in the graveyard, staring at Shawn and Zack’s graves which are side by side. He keeps flashing back to during the storm when Hope confessed to killing Gina. He wonders to himself how all of this could have happened, and thinks he could have been a better husband and prevented all of this. As he stares down at where his sons’ bodies are buried, he says to himself “And now what should I do? Should I turn her into the police? She’s the love of my life and all I have left…” but suddenly a voice whispers “No Bo, you have me…” and he turns around to see Megan!

-At the Penthouse Grille, Belle says “No no no, our relationship has only begun!” and tells him that it just means that she might not be in Salem as much as she has been. Nicholas tells her that as long as they are together, its fine. She smiles and says she’ll still have time for him though, because she wouldn’t let a man like him slip away.

-At Bo and Hope’s house, Hope sobs as she cradles Pamela and Addie in her arms. She says to them she doesn’t know whats going to happen now, if she’s going to be turned in by Bo and if their marriage will even last. She whispers that these could be one of the last days she sees them…and she looks up as Julie walks in! Julie notices Hope’s face is red and asks:

Julie: Hope, honey…your face is bright red and you’re crying…whats wrong?

-Renee gasps at Stefano opening his eyes and she yells “Father?!” and she and Elvis run to his bedside, but Lexie shoves them back and tells them that she’s a doctor and needs to examine him. Elvis whispers to Renee that if he wakes up now won’t it ruin their plans for control, and Renee shakes her head and says that either way they are set, nothing can stop them now. Lexie glances at both of them with a raised eyebrow but goes back to examining her father…

-At the Salem Place Apartments, Kayla tells Steve she is so glad the storm is over and everything’s back to normal. Steve agrees and says he feels much better about his Sami dillema as well, and he is slowly but surely letting go. Kayla smiles as she kisses him on the cheek and says she’s going down to the Pub for a little while to check on things but she should be back soon, and Steve says yeah he is leaving soon too.

Through the window, Helena watches them and dials a number on her cell phone and says:

Helena:Be prepared to move in soon on Steve Johnson…

*Life in Salem Opening: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eo2A7rZhZGA *

-At the Salem Inn, Marlena is about to go into Sami’s bedroom where the real Sami is bound and gagged, but Stan/ “Sami” jumps in her way and says it was probably just some small accident caused by her date. Marlena asks her why she won’t let her at least meet her date. Marlena comments that she never thought she would recover from EJ’s death in only a matter of a few months so this makes her anxious to meet the date. Suddenly there is a knock on the door!

-Bo stares at Megan, and says its been so long. He says he hasn’t even seen her for all the time she’s been back in Salem, somehow alive. Megan says yes he has, and they saw each other at the Chez Rouge Ball. She asks him how he could forget seeing HER alive and well, and Bo says he’s used to it and tells her to just leave her alone. Megan looks at her distraught ex and looks at the graves of Shawn and Zack, and says:

Megan: So there are your sons I’ve heard so much about…one of them is named Zack? Was he named after *our* Zack?

Bo:Our Zack?? You mean Diane’s son? He was never OUR Zack, Megan. Just some child you grabbed to pass off as ours so we could get back together. Don’t bring up our crap of a past, because I am having enough trouble with Hope.

Megan suddenly grins…

-Hope looks at Julie and sniffs, and says “Oh, Julie…I finally did it…I…finally…told Bo I killed Gina.” and she breaks out in tears once again as she stares down at her babies and slowly strokes Pamela’s cheek, and Julie frowns and sits down besides Hope, and puts her arms around her and a tear even runs down Julie’s cheek as she says:

Julie: Oh, Hope…I know it was hard…but you were doing the right thing. How did Bo take it?

Hope: I could tell he was shocked, and I explained everything…I don’t think he even knew what to say. I have barely seen him all morning…I am worried. I could lose him once again. I could go to jail, I could get executed and never see my husband, you or the rest of my family, or my precious daughters again.

Julie: Oh Hope…there will be consequences, honey, but I don’t think you’ll get executed, maybe not even life in prison…we’ll get you a good lawyer and as for Bo…I’m sure you two will be fine. Just have faith.

-Renee constantly asks Lexie if her father is alright, and Elvis tells her to just calm down. Renee snaps for Elvis to shut up, and Lexie tells both of them to shut up or she can’t give Stefano the best treatment, and then after several more minutes she stands and says he’s not out of the coma yet, but this is a step in the right direction. She sighs, and tells them that she has to go somewhere and quickly storms out.

-At Salem Place Apartments, Kayla leaves and heads for the Brady Pub. Steve puts on his jacket and leaves as well. Helena slowly watches and follows, and says soon, she will have Steve practically in her hand, and Kayla under her watchful eye. She says today, she’ll break them apart for good…

-Lexie parks her car in front of an all too familiar house, and quickly gets out and walks up to the porch. She says to herself that now that she’s made sure her insane family is still intact, she has to deal with something even more important. She rings the doorbell, and suddenly…Abe opens it! Lexie then says:

Lexie: Listen, Abe, we need to talk. Now.


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