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Episode 50



Rosanna thanks her friend Dr. Gibson for meeting her. Dr. Gibson has questions as to why Rosanna called him, citing that he's already done the blood tests for her pregnant friend and been compensated well. Rosanna doesn't contest his statement, but instead asks for one more small favor. She wants him to confront Paul with the test results and show him that Meg was not pregnant at the time the blood work was done. After Rosanna fills the puzzled doctor in on all the details, he agrees to talk with Paul. Later, Paul receives a visit from Dr. Gibson who pulls out all the medical stops to convince Paul that his girlfriend was not pregnant when the blood work was done. Paul thanks the doctor for his time and suggests he leave. Dr. Gibson tells Rosanna he tried as she simultaneously gets a call from a livid Paul. Rosanna sighs and wonders if she should just give up.

Lyla gets a visit from Lisa who tells her that she's noticed her fragile state lately and suggests she take a break from singing at the Lakeview. Lyla won't hear of it and tells Lisa that singing is one of the only things that has kept her going. Lisa leaves and comes across Barbara in the lounge. Barbara, there to meet Kim for lunch, bonds with Lisa over their mutual excitement for the new cancer ward. Barbara gets a call from Kim cancelling lunch, and bumps into Margo on the way out. Margo shares her concern over Barbara's diagnosis and Barbara too shares sympathy for Lyla. Margo notes how strained their relationship has almost always been and suggests they work on that. Barbara grins and says that she'd love that.

Emily comes home and finds Alison a basket of nerves. Alison frantically tells Emily that some prank caller keeps calling and she doesn't know what to do. Emily suggests they call Dusty, but Alison insists that it took everything in him not to slug Casey yesterday. Once he finds out about the calls, he'll certainly kill Casey. Emily is skeptical that it's Casey and suggests they call the police. Alison refuses and says that it's time she handled something on her own without having to depend on people all the time. Alison rushes out the door as a very concerned Emily phones Dusty.

Parker thanks Jack for bringing him to counseling. Before Parker goes in, Jack shares a special moment with Parker. Jack confides that all his life, he thought of his badge as some sort of magic token that made him immune to loss. However, he started seeing faults in his theory when he went off the bridge with Starziak. Sam coming to torment them and Jack nearly losing everything in the blink of an eye opened his eyes. He knew that in order to protect his family, he had to be there for them instead of working countless hours at the station. Parker thanks Jack for their talk, saying that as much as he doesn't show, he does love Jack. Parker asks Jack to pick him up in an hour and Jack replies that he thought Carly was picking him up. Jack's draw drops as Parker informs him that Carly can't pick him up. She has a hot date tonight.

Noah and Luke stop by Al's for a bite to eat. Luke gushes that he thinks he and Noah have been doing very well lately. Citing the fight that ensued after the apartment fiasco, he suggests that they never keep any secrets from each other ever again. The two make a pinky promise and kiss to solidify the pact. Luke excuses himself to the bathroom as a strange hand rests on Noah's shoulder. Noah's shocked to see his one night stand, Carrie, standing before him. Carrie asks if they can talk in private and Noah glances at the bathroom doors before eventually agreeing. Outside, Carrie says that she's been trying to contact Noah but he never returned her calls. Noah explains that he's been busy and Carrie sighs that she has something to tell Noah. "I'm pregnant", she says. "And you're the father!" Noah stops dead in his tracks when he sees Luke spying on them from inside. Noah promises to call Carrie later, saying that he's here for an interview and the interviewer just returned to to the table. Noah quickly returns and when Luke asks who that was, Noah ghostly replies with a lie. Luke buys it and eats away at his bacon and eggs as Noah stares off into space, still in shock from the bombshell that was just dropped on him.


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Carly...hot date??? OH, don't leave me hanging like that!!! Naughty Dusty!! LOL...I can see Jack's jaw hitting the floor as that came out.

Hmmn...Carrie knows she's preggers already?? Hmnnn...but love the twist.

Margo...Babs....friends?? *faints*

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Carrie's pregnancy will be discussed more in depth soon.

Margo and Barbara have a mutual understanding of the tragic toll cancer has on people. Margo knows through Lyla and Barbara knows herself. I don't think they're friends per say, but they both have something to bond over.

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