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Sami1 vs Sami2,Episode 237



The Titian Building

The elevator that Jan and Lucas are stuck on starts back up as power is restored to the hi rise.


“Thank god” She says wiping sweat off of her face. Lucas holds the baby in his arms. The elevator door opens to the lobby and workers are stunned at he scene. Lucas places the newborn, which is wrapped in his shirt in Jan’s arms. Jan looks at her precious son. Tears of joy roll down her cheeks.

Lucas, talking to the office staff

“Someone, please call and ambulance!”


Episode:237, Sami 1 vs. Sami 2

Written by ML Cooks and Tara Smith

In the Women’s bathroom, Bo and Victor look on in total shock and disbelief as they watch Hope hitting the crack pipe.


“Hope Brady? What the devil are you doing!?”

Hope drops the pipe and lighter and is stunned her husband, has caught her sinking to a new low.




“Victor, please let us be and please keep this under wraps and make sure no one comes in here.”


“You can count on me Bo. If you need anything I’ll be right outside this door.” He says walking out. Hope tries to leave as well but Bo grabs her. She shrugs out of his hold. “Get you hands off me.! Your ashamed of me!” She says, fighting back tears


“Hope this has gone on long enough. You are smoking an illegal drug. What the hell is going on?”

Hope looks at Bo, unable to brings words to her mouth as the drugs taker effect in her system.

The Horton House

In the Kitchen

Jeremy and Mike are sitting at the table

As the lights come back on


“Well so much for that q/t during the black out.” He say getting up, ready to make is departure.

Mike, standing up

“Son wait a damn minute! What is the rush? Where are you going? The roads are all bad. You can’t hide from me forever.”

Jeremy turns around and looks at his father.

“What do you want from me?”


“You. I want you to let me in your life. Let me be a father to you. I want t be able to have a few beers and watch football games or something.”


“So just because you’re ready to be a dad, I’m just supposed to change everything that I am doing just to satisfy your cheap thrill of playing dad of the year. I don’t want any part of it Mike. You should have never come back to Salem.”


“Please don’t talk to me like that.”


“I’ll do you one better. I won’t talk to you at all.” He says walking out of the room. Mike is left standing there, frusta rated that he can’t seem to cure this rift between him and his son.

Dimera mansion

The Basement

Lexie turns around to look at her brother and sister in the face as she ask Elvis to restate his blackmailing offer.


“If you want to get sole custody of your son, you’ll help us. Help us keep our father alive. And please don’t turn him over to the police..”


“I don’t want no part of this. My last name maybe Dimera but I am not evil like the rest of them.”


“Please. What about in 2003, and baby Isaac. You were no Mother Therese that year were you?”


“Yes I gave into weakness and did some things I am not proud of. But that’s over now. I’m not that same person.”


“Lexie please, for our father’s sake, please help us and I can make sure you get sole custody of Theo. Isn’t that what you want? Quite frankly, your chances of keeping your son from Abe are next to nothing without my help.”

Lexie, not wanting to give in, but knows her younger brother is right. The odds are stacked up against her, having just been cleared of murder charges. Living at the Dimera Mansion, Salem’s infamous evil family, she realizes she has no chance competing against the police commissioner in a battle over their son. She then speaks softly

“Ok, I’ll help you. But only for my son.” Elvis and Renee both breath a sigh of relief.

The Dimera Mansion, Marlena and Kristen emerge from the secret room holding each other. Vivian and Peter come out of a room together and are both caught off guard at this rare tender moment with the super arch rivals.


“Kris, what’s going on? He says, knowing his sister has been crying her eyes out. Kristen runs over and hugs her brother to feel safe again. Peter looks at Marlena

“What’s going on here?” Before Marlena can answer Anna and Tony emerges from one of the rooms. Everyone looks at him. Tony immediately feels guilty that is alter ego rapped his ex wife and once step sister Kristen. Kristen feels angry and not wanting to hide the truth any longer, she blurts it out

“He raped me! Tony Dimera rapped me!” Vivian and Peter are floored.

Peter, getting very angry

“Is this true Tony?” he says walking closer to him.


“It wasn’t Tony-”

Tony, cutting her off

“it’s ok Anna. It’s time to deal with it.”


“So it’s true? You raped my sister you sick bastard!” Before Tony can answer, Peter sucker punches Tony in the jaw, knocking Tony to the ground. Then Peter jumps on top of him and begins to strangle him, Peter is so mad he has flash backs of having Jungle Madness, and the crazy, evil super human chrematistics that came with it, he taps in to that madness and tries to strangle Tony to death. Valentine and Celeste enter the room and are stunned as well seeing a purple faced Tony Dimera.

Salem Place Apartments

Sami and Stan are still taunting each other


“Look, I don’t have time for this. Just get the hell out of here before I call my dad.’


“Ahh boo hoo hoo. What are you going to tell them? The person you impersonated has come back to town to impersonate you.”


“What are you talking about?”


“Karma. What goes around comes around.” Stan chases Sami, She screams but he grabs her and tries to cover up her mouth. She bites his hand and he lets go. She tries to retrieve the phone but he grabs her hair and bashes her head into the wall rendering Sami unconscious.


“To bad Sami number one. You lose. It’s time to do to you, what you did to me.”

He says dragging her body to her bedroom. Stan throws Sami onto her bed. He then pulls out some gray masking tape and restrains Sami’s body to the bed.


“I’m going to take over your life Sami dear.” As he grins from ear to ear. ”Meet Sami number 2”

Back at Titian


“Fancy face why, why are you doing this?”


“Bo...I...I just need this, ok? I know that it isn't a good idea to smoke crack, but please trust me when I say this is the only option left for me! The only thing that can stop my drinking but help me get over everything. Shawn's death, Gran's death, my father...everything”


“What do you mean everything? It seems like your hiding something else. Every time I try and talk to you, you shut me out. You put these walls up between us. I'm your husband Hope, we have been through a lot together. I love you. And I want to be here for you. just let me in, let me be here for you. Let me be a friend, let me be your husband”


“Oh Bo, I love you too. I love you so much. But I've lost Zack, I've lost Shawn, I've lost Daddy, I've lost Gran, I never even knew my mother. What more can there be to this than that?!”


“You could have talked to me about all of that Hope. I don't understand why you have been drinking the way you have. They way you argue with me. You're so volatile these days, so defensive. Even our good friends can't even talk to you with out you getting upset. So there is more to this. There has got to be. I mean my God Hope, you're smoking crack! You've gone to a drunk, to a crack head”


“Well Bo, do you think I wanna be some smoker?! NO! But I just have to be one, it can make the pain go away...and if you are wondering why I get upset at everyone is because it seems like everyone hounds me! "Oh Hope, you are acting so different! What’s wrong?!" That is all I hear anymore, Bo! I can never be happy anymore without you, Megan Hathaway, my family, my friends, or Gina right behind me!”


“It's called love Hope. We all love and care for you. That's why we are worried about you! We all know something is very wrong. You have done a 180 on everyone. You have changed so much these last few months. It really happened after we got back from Italy. Right after Gina died, you haven't been the same since. Hope tell me what the hell is going on now! No more walls, no more anger, no more arguments, just get it on out. I'm not leaving this bathroom until you tell me what it is that has you acting like a mad woman! “


“Damnit Bo, just shut up!!!!!!! PLEASE!!! You're making me re-live all those memories! I've wanted to forget them, but it seems like none of you will let me! That is why I am using the crack! To forget it all! I want to forget ever seeing that bitch Gina again!”


“Gina! What does she have to do with this? She's dead! I don't understand Hope. Did Gina do something to you? This is killing me Hope!" He says with a tears in his eyes." Look at me!" He says grabbing her and turning her around so she can face him." I love you Hope. What ever this is you are hiding, we can get through this. Let me help you. Let me ease your pain. I want to help you forget all of the bad memories. Just tell me what's going on please!"

Tears pour down Hope's face and it is completely red "Bo, Gina caused all of this! She killed our first, and last, son by blowing him up! She ran on a rampage in Italy...how can you ask what she has to do with this?! She may be dead but her memory remains! I can't just forget about her! In all my dreams, she's there! Haunting me, taunting me...watching me! She will just never go away! I keep flashing back to the day she died...that is one day I will never forget!" she blurts


WHY!? Why can't you forget? Why is she taunting you?"



And now check outlostred2copy.jpg


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