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Episode 33



The Ball is shocked at what has happened....

The Small Room:


Mallet holds Julie in his arms.

Dinah walks over, "Okay the ambulence is on it's way."

Mallet is sobbing, "There's no time!!!"

Lillian runs over, "Okay Mallet, let me take a look at her."

Dinah gets up, "Where's Rick?"


The Hallway:



Beth is shocked to see Phillip, "Oh my God!!!"

Rick and Mindy pull them aside where no one can see.

Beth sits down, "What are you doing here?!?!"

Mindy steps forward, "I found him Beth. I thought it was time he came home."

Phillip smiles, "Hello Beth."

Beth is still in shock.



Remy and Blake lie in grass after their passionate sex, "Oh Remy that was..."

Remy laughs, "I know."

She turns over and kisses his chest, "So what now?"

Remy stares at the sky, "I don't know."

"She rest his head on his chest, "Maybe we should just see how things go."

She looks into his eyes and the two kiss.

The Restrooms:


Coop and Ashlee bump into someone.

Coop apoligizes then realizes who it is, "Rocky!?!?"

He hugs his brother and introduces Ashlee.

Ashlee shakes his hand, "It's great to finally meet you."

"Yeah you too."

Coop laughs, "What are you doing here?!?!"

"Oh I wanted to see you guys find out how everyone was."

Coop hugs his brother, "Well I want to here everything. First of all: What girl are you seeing."

Rocky has an awkward smile.

The Hallway:

Rick hugs Phillip.

Beth is still confused, "Where have you been this whole time?"

Phillip goes to say something. He is interupted by Harley's voice, "Rick?!?!"

Phillip hides.

Harley comes over, "Rick, Rick!"

Rick grabs her shoulder, "Calm down what is going on?"

"Julie. Julie Camaletti. She's been shot!" Harley drags Rick away.

Phillip steps over to Beth and Mindy, "Wow. It's weird seeing her."

Mindy rubs his back.

Beth stands up, "So much has happened."

"I know."

Beth isn't happy, "So you know about Lizzie."

"Yeah I saw that on the news."

"We had a Granddaughter for a couple of months."

"Little Sarah."

Beth crosses her arms, "So you know. You know about Sarah and Jonathan and... Tammy."

Phillip sits down and looks up at Beth, "Is it true. About Alan and Tammy?"

Beth hesitates, "Yes."

Phillip looks at the ground.

Beth stares down at him, "You could have stopped it!"

Mindy steps between them, "Beth that's enough."

Bill's Car:


Bill is driving Ava home. Ava smiles, "It was a nice wedding."

"Yes it was."

Ava turns off the radio, "Bill are we going to talk about it?"

"Ava are you sure?"

"Yes Bill!"

Bill sighs, "Not now. Why now?"

"Oh I'm sorry if the life growing inside of me is a problem for you Bill!!!"

Bill tries to calm her down.


The Ballroom:

Dinah drags Mallet away, "Honey we need to let the doctors do their job."

Mallet pulls his arm away, "She is my little sister."

Dinah hugs him, "I know."

Rick and Lillian are working to stop the bleeding.


Blake and Remy get their clothes back on.

Blake looks around, "Where is everyone?"

Remy buttons his shirt, "You know those things. There's probably a million different events going on."

They here the sirens and see the ambulence.

They run to the car.

Rocky, Ashlee and Coop walk out after being questioned.

Rocky goes to leave.

Coop stops him, "Hey. Where are you going? You're staying at Company."

"I don't know?"

"It'll be fine."

They all get in Coop's car.

Rocky text Shayne that he isn't coming home tonight.

Cross Creek:

Bill and Ava walk in.

Bill takes of his tie, "You're staying tonight."

Ava smiles, "Really?"

Bill kisses her, "Of course. You're haveing my baby right?"

Ava nods. Once he leaves she answers, "Yes. We are having a baby.... somehow."

The Ballroom:


Mallet is sitting with Dinah, Gus, Harley and Marina.

Harley holds his hand, "Hey she is very strong."

Marina agrees, "Yeah Mallet we need to be positive."

Gus hands him a water, "Here man."

Mallet takes a drink.

Lillian comes over.

Mallet stands up, "Lillian?"

She shakes her head, "Mallet I'm so sorry."

Mallet breaks down in Dinah's arms.

The Hallway:

Rick comes over.

Beth looks at him, "How did it go?"

Rick shakes his head, "There was nothing we could do."

The ladies cover their mouths.

Beth hugs Rick.

They all look at Phillip.

Mindy holds his hand, "Guys nobody can know he's in town."

Rick nods, "We need to hide him."

Mindy worries, "I have no where."

Beth has an idea, "What about the Beacon."

Rick jokes, "Honey everyone lives at the Beacon." He smiles at Phillip, "Why don't you stay with us."

Phillip smiles, "Really?"

Mindy laughs.

Beth looks at her, "We'll need you too."

Mindy looks around, "Even after.."

Beth stops her, "Yes."

Phillip looks at all of them, "So this is it?"

Rick laughs, "The Four Musketeers!"

Mindy smiles, "Together again."

They all hug.


Dinah and Mallet are walking out. He takes one last look around the room, "I'll find out who killed my sister if it's the last thing I do."

He looks around the room at all of his friends and neighbors. However now he sees suspects.


Mallet is grieving

Beth and Phillip have awkward moments

Rocky is welcomed by the Coopers

Alan Michael talks with Mel


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WOW!! I decided to check out your blog( though I am not a fan of GL) and i so glad i did. The one story that really stood out was Remy and Blake. I love them. They look so good together. Wow I can't belive they had sex.( I know a little something about GL to know some of these people in this blog) Good twist. I will most defientaly stay tuned to that story. I also like how the blog looks with the columns and the content blocks. Very nice and reader freindly.

Also it's good to see lot's of dialog. I am not a big fan of paragraph form writing but a lot of the newer blogs( or as I call them, the next gerneration blogs beacsue it seems a lot of the older ones are non exisant now) is switiching to sthis style. It makes a for a better story. ok I am done taking up your time with my jibberish. Great Ep!!

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  • Members

Hi, aML Cproduction!

I am very glad that you are enjoying FTL. I always thought Blake and Remy would look good together. I have big plans for them.

Also I would love to know some comments and ideas on SL's.

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  • Members

Then i am your guy, I am very creative and If come along n e thing i will certainely throw it ur way, I am so glad to hear about Remy/Blake!! I so love them already. Oh and you can call me ML

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