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Episode 30



It's an exciting afternoon in Springfield....

Olivia's Suite:


Olivia is on the phone, "Come on Josh pick up!"

Bill walks in, "The door was open."

"What do you want? Oh wait I know. You want to catch me drinking right? Well here it is!" She take a big drink.

Bill takes the glass, "Actually I came to see Josh."

"Join the club. I'm trying to get ahold of him. Oh Cassie's alive! And that's not the drink talking."

"Yeah Ava's been worried about her job."

"Oh, she'll be fine. I talked to Cassie or Cassandra."

"That was nice of you."

"She is my daughter just like Emma."

Bill sits with her, "Olivia we don't have to do this. If you just...."

"NO! Okay just... I'm going." She takes her drink and leaves.

San Cristobel:


Josh and Reva are staying in a hotel.

Josh is looking at his phone, "It still doesn't work out here."

Reva finally gets her's to work, "Hey. Jeffrey has called me a lot. And the kids, Billy, Vanessa, even Olivia."

Josh is confused, "You don't think..."

"Something must be wrong Joshua."

She calls Jeffrey, "Yeah hey! Long story.... What?... NO I can't hear you.... Jeffrey... wait it sounded like you said..."

The door opens. Cassandra walks in, "Hello Josh. Reva. Where is my son?"

The two stand in shock.




Cyrus gets a text message. That reads: Meet me in the old church. - Marina.

Cyrus is confused since it isn't Marina's number. But he still goes to check it out.



Remy and Blake are hanging out at the new bar. Blake gets Remy to start dancing, "Blake I hate dancing!"

"Then why are you so good at it?"

The two laugh.

Just then Mel walks in and quickly notices the closeness between the two.


Bauer House:


Rick and Beth are out for the day. Mindy breaks in.

She starts looking through Beth's things. "Come on Beth. There is something here and I am going to find it if it's the last thing I do."



Matt is talking with Julie.

Julie is confused, "You look different."

"Well I feel different. Julie I think it's time we called it quits."

"Excuse me?"

"I've been talking to Felcia Boudreau about how I've been feeling latley and she really thinks she can help me. I just think this relationship isn't helping."

"Oh I see you want to pin all of your troubles on me?"

"No. Not that...."

"No that's it. Well you were getting into trouble before I came back."

"Julie don't do this."

"No. You may have forgotten but we've shared secrets. I have many of yours and you have many of mine. So if you want out, you'll have to wait until one of us dies."

Matt looks at her in fear.

San Cristobel:

Reva and Josh are in shock, "Oh my God! Cassie?"

She rolls her eyes, "Okay. Yes I'm alive. Now where is RJ?"

Josh hugs Cassie, "I don't understand. How?"

She pushes them away, "Stop. Okay? Now I need to see my son."

Reva looks at Cassie, "Sweetheart we heard about Brandon Spaulding."

"So you know who I am now."

Josh is confused, "Your Cassie."

"I am Cassandra Spaulding, CEO of Spaulding Enterprises."

The two of them stand in shock.


Bill's Car:

Bill is driving down the road. He is on the phone with his lawyer. He notices an accident. He pulls over to check it out. He quickly recognizes the car.

"Oh my God! Olivia!"

He goes running towards it.

Old Church:

Cyrus walks in, "Marina are you here."

Just then Guillespie walks in, "Hello."

Cyrus is shocked, "What the hell are you doing here?"

The two stare at each other.


San Cristobel:

Reva begins to notice the different woman standing in front of her, "What happened to you?"

"I'm fine Reva."

Josh tries to give her some water.

She grabs it and throws it at the wall, "I want my son now!"

Josh is upset, "Not now. He has been through a lot."

She grabs her purse, "I will get RJ back and I will fight Alonzo and get Will back."

She walks out the door then turns around, "You know it's nice, my tragic death helped reunite the love that is Josh Reva. Your welcome." She smirks at them and leaves.


Mel walks over to Remy and Blake, "You two having fun?"

Blake laughs, "You bet."

Mel smiles at her brother, "Remy would you get me a drink?"

Blake giggles, "How about you get me three?"

Remy laughs then goes to the bar.

Mel stares at Blake, "What are you doing?"

"Dancing Mel. Having fun."

"Blake what are you doing with my little brother?"

"He works for me."

"Blake Remy is very young. He is still mourning Tammy, what he needs right now is someone..."

Blake interupts, "Someone who isn't desperate and crazy."

Mel shakes her head, "No Blake I wasn't..."

"You know what Mel? For once in you life could you just step off you high horse and have some fun or something."

Mel takes a deep breathe. She hands Blake some money, "Tell Remy, 'Thanks' but I had to go." Mel walks out.

Remy returns and joins Blake.


Matt is upset by Julie, "You are blackmailing me?"

Julie is angry, "It is always about you!"

"Julie I have a daughter! I can't keep doing this."

"Well I'm sorry but you are to far in this to be let out now."

She gives him a kiss on the lips then stares deep into his eyes, "I'll see you at home."

She walks out. Matt knows he must do something to stop her.

Bauer Home:

Mindy finds a daily planner of Beth's. She flips through it then stops, No. Oh my God!"

She grabs her stuff and runs out.

Somewhere On The Road:

Bill is running to Olivia's car. She is passed out, "Olivia!"

He opens her door. He sees the bottle of alchol next to her, "Oh no Olivia!"

He heres sirens and throws it into the bushes.

Olivia begins to wake up. Bill notices she is fine. She passed out behind the wheel. But the car is trashed. He sees old empty bottles in under the seats.

He heres the sirens coming closer. He knows he has to make a choice.

The Old Church:

Cyrus grabs Guillespie by his shirt, "Why are you here in Springfield!?!'"

"Hey you didn't invite me to your wedding last year?"

"Stop the jokes!" He throws him down.

Guillepsie, "You have funny way of showing your feelings."

"Get out of this town!"

"Or what? You know what would Mom say if she saw this?"

Cyrus stares at his little brother.

Spaulding Private Jet:

Cassandra walks on. She talks to the pilot, "Is my gentleman friend on?"

"Yes he is in the back. He just opened a bottle of wine."


She steps in the back and smiles, "There you are."

Edmund Winslow pours her a drink, "Did you miss me?"

She walks over and the two kiss.



Guillespie takes down Cyrus

Bill confronts Olivia

Cassandra and Edmund plan

Jeffrey shocks Marah

Vanessa and Billy struggle

Julie gets ready to shake Springfield!


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