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Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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One of Joelle's neighbors slams the door in Sami's face as Sami rolls her eyes, saying she has questioned pretty much all of Joelle's neighbors and they know nothing, at least that is what they say. She then looks at Joelle's apartment down the hall and tells herself she didn't want to do this but it looks like she will have to break the law to try to find something to help Lucas. Her cell then rings. It's Will, who asks where she is, saying she has been gone for awhile. Sami tells Will she will be home soon and is just running an errand. She asks if he is ok. He says he is, especially with the guard outside the door. He just wishes she would come home.

Sami smiles and says she will be home soon, telling him not to worry. Will says it's hard not to with her being out along and everything that has been going on. Sami says she will be fine and says she loves him. Will tells her the same and they hang up. Sami then takes out a hair pin as she walks to Joelle's apartment, wondering if she remembers how to pick a lock.

As she fiddles with the lock, back at Sami's apartment, Will goes and sits on the couch but is startled by a noise. He turns around and seems to think it came from the fire escape. He walks to the window and sees nothing. He says that he must be going crazy and hearing things, something that has been happening alot since the summer. Will then goes back to the couch and turns the TV on. the scene then pans back to the fire escape as a mysterious figure climbs halfway up from below, enough to be able to view Will in the apartment. The figures watches Will as the scene shifts back to...

Sami, who picks the lock and enters the apartment. She is surprised to see the light turned on and wonders if someone could be there. She quietly walks around, taking out mace. She heads for the bedrooms and enters one. As she looks around, she hears a noise from the closet. She opens it and is shocked to see Kate. Both woman jump and scream and Sami accidentally sprays her with mace. Kate lashes out at Sami in pain as Sami can't help but laugh and asks Kate what the hell she is doing there. Kate says probably the same thing she is doing...trying to save Lucas. The scene then shifts to...


Philip and Alyson continue to wait for the tow truck. Alyson thanks him again for everything, including calming Sam down. He smiles and says it's nothing. She says she is sorry for snapping before when he hinted at their night together. She just thought things were awkward enough and that they agreed to leave it alone. Philip says he felt the awkwardness and it just kind of came out. He apologizes, pointing out he knew what he said before and he thinks it was for the best. Alyson wonders if it is, saying she didn't want to say anything but feels she should. She hopes she isn't doing the wrong thing admitting this but says she can't stop thinking about their night together. Philip is impressed he had that kind of affect on her. He points out he has been thinking about it too but that was expected. They went out to just have fun and let loose and neither was expecting it to go that far so it will be awhile before it's off their minds.

Alyson wonders if it could be more then that. She wonders if maybe there is a connection between them now...something more then they think. Philip thinks she may be reading too much into things but Alyson thinks they should do something to make sure there isn't more going on here. They both admitted they've been thinking about what happened and the awkwardness may go away if they make sure there is no possibility of something more. Philip thinks the awkwardness will always be there but then asks what she is saying...does she want to go out on a date or something? Alyson suggests dinner and getting to know each other more. Then, maybe that will give them some answers and put this thing to bed. Philip doesn't see the point but Alyson thinks he is just trying to avoid it and says she can see that he thinks she is on to something.

Philip is silent for a few moments and reluctantly agrees, saying they will just make it a night to relax, like the last time. Only this time no drinking as they don't want a repeat performance. Alyson smiles and says that sounds find and she thanks him for listening and understanding. She thinks they are doing the right thing addressing this. Philip nods and then says he sees the tow truck coming down the road. He gets out of the car and waves at the truck as Alyson smiles and the scene shifts to...


Marlena tries to bring Roman out of his hypnotic state but he he seems immersed in the past. Marlena tells Roman to think of happier times...to think of her and the kids. Marlena tells Roman to come back to her. She then counts down from 10 and tells him he will snap out of it. She counts down and once reaching ten, Roman's eyes flicker and he passes out. Marlena tries to revive him and, after some time, she does. Roman asks what happened. Marlena fills him in and says she thinks they should lay off this for awhile. The memories are clearly too powerful. Roman doesn't want to and demands they continue. He wants to get to the bottom of this ASAP. He thinks if they don't, none of them will ever have peace. The scene then shifts back to...


Sami helps Kate treat her eyes as a stubborn Kate says she doesn't need her help. Sami knows they hate each other and probably always will but reminds Kate they share a common goal. She reminds her of what they both said when Lucas was taking to the state pen. Kate says she remembers but that was just for show so Lucas wouldn't have to worry about them killing each other, even thought she would still like nothing more then a world free of Sami. Sami says she feels the same about her but thinks they could help each other. They both had the same idea breaking into Joelle's and two heads are better then one, especially in what could be a dangerous situation like this. They don't know who they may be dealing with and they both agree the police can't do anything productive to save Lucas.

Kate can't believe Sami is suggesting or would want a partnership, after everything they have been through. Sami reminds her they worked together against Nicole years ago. They could do it again for a common good...Lucas. They both love him and want to save him. She thinks if they combine their talents and work together, they could do this much easier and quicker perhaps. Kate then says:

Kate: Hmm...you do have talents. Changing hospital records, lying, scheming...
Sami: Ok...ok but let's point out your many talents. Lying, scheming, changing hospital records...wow...looks like we are one in the same. Like I said, we could help each other. Although, you do have me beat in other things like...
Kate: Ok. Let's not go there.

Sami then asks if they have an agreement. Kate thinks for a moment and nods, saying just until they prove Lucas' innocence. She is only doing this for him. After that...

Sami: Back to the status quo.
Kate: Exactly.

Sami then suggests they go to the hospital after they are done searching the apartment as Kate's eyes look really bad. Kate says she is fine. Sami says she is sorry about that. They both then stop and look at each other, both stunned that Sami apologized. Kate then says that was scary and demands she never do that again. Sami says they are agreed and, as they go back to searching the apartment, the scene shifts to...


Abby comes downstairs and says she is all packed. Jack tells her she is doing the right thing. Abby smiles. Jack says he is going to go finish packing JJ's things. He tells Abby he will transported back and forth via the police so he can still be with her. Abby nods. Jack looks at Max and says he is happy he will be there too. Max says he is too. Jack walks out as Abby admits she still thinks it won't make a difference if she is in a safehouse or not. If Lawrence wants her, he will get to her. Max says she may be right but at least it's something. It's an effort and it's better then taking a chance and remaining out in the open.

Abby shrugs as Max puts his arms around her, saying he will be right by her side the whole time. He then promises it will work out for the best. Abby hopes he is right and thanks him for everything. As they kiss...a mysterious figure lurks outside, pulling a gun out of his or her pocket. The figure cocks and loads the gun as the camera pans back up to show Abby and Max embracing inside and then the scene fades to black.




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Wow you did something that DAYS hasn't done in a long time, made Kate interesting. Instead of accusing or slapping Sami the two might just make a gruesome twosome. They can help each other out in this situation. I like seeing enimies helping each other because you know that they won't stay nice to each other for long.

And wow what a cliffhanger. I kid you not mySONtv has been having like the best cliffhanger endings recently. (Maybe it's for February sweeps.) I don't know what to expect because anyone and anything can go.

Very nice episode and I love how you have written long episodes that come out so quick. That's quite impressive.

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